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  1. I would guess there are most likely a lot of moving parts at the moment. You have MWC presidents discussing the next move they might make, AAC presidents talking about the moves they have to make, and several schools caught in between talking with both of them as well as each other. Right now it feels like both CT and Aresco are delivering the same message in different ways. CT is basically saying, "we have several schools just dying to join," and Aresco is saying, "we can take lesser known programs and elevate them." Both in effect trying to communicate from a position of power that they
  2. He’s writing as the chair of the board of directors.
  3. Realignment definitely isn't done yet as, at minimum, the AAC must pick up at least one to remain an FBS conference or at least two to be eligible for a CCG. I also don't think the CSU AD and SDSU ADs comments regarding Texas, the AAC needing a couple, and the CUSA realignment proposal are unrelated. The wheels are still very much in motion.
  4. Cheers for the compliment! DMG has a better shot below than what I posted.
  5. I'd agree that UTSA isn't ready for a full membership. That said, they're not going to leave CUSA and throw the rest of their MBB/WBB and Olympic sports down the blackhole that is the Southland. Either they get offered full membership, or they don't come at all. Currently they're straddling phase 2/3 of their 4 phase master plan. If they continue following that plan, they still need to build new baseball and softball stadiums before they even start thinking about a new arena and on campus football stadium. These are things that could be 10-20 years away, or even more. The CSU AD interview
  6. Not sure if you were saying both football only, or UTSA football only, but either way it doesn't really matter. You're not going to get either school to go that route.
  7. The number I've seen thrown around for SMU is $70m+, and that would make sense since the departing 3 from that conference are all around that amount.
  8. I can't speak for all Texas schools, but the only regionally attractive AAC school to North Texas is SMU. Tulsa barely moves the needle despite sharing a conference with them quite a while ago (and briefly for one year between CUSA/AAC) and regular scheduling. We've played Tulane once, ever.
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