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  1. I am still waiting for the watercolor jokes. Seriously - looks great. I love that the conference is investing heavily in facilities.
  2. Such great games between the two. I was at the 1996 game. Froze my a$$ off.. I think we got nearly a foot of snow the night before the game if I remember correctly.
  3. In fact - I found this gem on You Tube. 35k plus for the Border War in 1994. 5k more than capacity. Enjoy. http://youtube.com/watch?v=5Z8zoYhmfMA
  4. Edited to include in my last post, but yes. I miss those Joe Tiller days when WYO would travel well to Fort Collins. It would help both programs immensely to get back to that type of environment - not to mention the attendance figures.
  5. The 40k number is a part of that calculation I believe. Hughes isn't large enough to move the CU game back to campus and I think they want to make that happen. Upgrading the schedule would also help a great deal and would help to justify the seating expansion in a new stadium. All of that is a part of the long range planning. I also remember the Tiller days when WYO would bring 3-5k down for the game. It would be nice if we could both get back to those days and help boost each others numbers
  6. Its supposed to be 40,000 I believe. Even so, I remember the days when CSU had no problem getting 30,000 plus in Hughes Stadium. In fact, I think CSU's highest game day attendance at Hughes was just over 39,000 in 1994 against Utah. A decade of losing has a way of killing off fan interest, but the program has shown it can generate support when fans have a reason to show up. 40,000 is a perfect size.
  7. Such a disappointing loss for the Rams this weekend. A great crowd turned out on Saturday and it seemed like things were setting up well for the rest of the year as a nice buzz had developed after the Alabama game. After that performance against SJSU I fully expect Boise St. to have about as many in the stands in two weeks as the Rams have.
  8. Memphis has to be one of the 10 worst teams in all of college football. Tenn-Martin? Wow.
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