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  1. There is more to this story, should be something to revisit let’s just say, after April
  2. Let’s just flipping UTEP and NMSU, they fit geographically, if Cusa dies we should earn an extra 4-5 million more yearly from the college football playoff money payout. Just get UTEP to give us the Sun Bowl and tell them and the new mags they’ll only get 1 mil/year until our new tv deal.
  3. I was at the game but I don’t know how to rewatch it,but I really don’t know what calls you are referring to can you jog my memory?
  4. It must be so embarrassing to lose to a pretender but I think you should be blaming your oc and dc and not the refs
  5. Pretty funny stuff, I truly felt the refs were pulling for Hawaii with all the missed pi and holding calls and the bogus targeting call that took a touchdown off the scoreboard for the Aggies
  6. I think it could be beneficial to invite only UTEP at this time to the conference. I believe there are at least a few reasons why adding UTEP is a good decision for the MWC. Exposure, playing games in the Central TIme Zone (93 TV market) and in Texas cannot be a negative for the league, we already know that CSU and Air Force desire to play games in this time slot. Adding UTEP could push BSU to the West division which they and other western division schools supposedly desire. UTEP has a historically good basketball program which should help the overall NET and other basketball metrics. UTE
  7. I’m confused how Hawaii is a contender in your mind???? Please explain
  8. Utah state is a pretender but CSU is a contender? You do realize how bad vandy is right? Makes a lot of sense, especially since the Aggies have already beaten the Academy????? USU has now most likely played the toughest games on their schedule and now have had a bye week to rest up and get some of their injured players back. At this point it’s not unreasonable to think that the Aggies run the table or finish 6-2 in conference, but maybe that’s not good enough to be a contender??
  9. I believe adding Tulsa and SMU is a win on so many levels. It would put Boise in the West division which makes them happy, it keeps USU in the mountain which keeps us happy, it gives the entire conference a better recruiting and television presence, it also makes it more sensible to add Wichita state and possibly Gonzaga which should really please SDSU. I think it is the best move that is a plus for every single school in the conference. It also protects us from future AAC predation out west and stability if/when Boise leaves. It would firmly put us as the top G5 conference and arguably the
  10. AAC is a threat, like the Sith, or Sauron. They just don't go away unless you completely destroy them. They may not have convinced anyone from the MWC to leave this time. But what happens a few years down the road? If Boise and Memphis go to the Big 12 will the AAC not come back again at CSU and AFA? For this reason I think the MWC needs to kill off the western part of the AAC to discourage any future growth in the west. This means convincing at least SMU and Tulsa to join. While we are at it why not get Wichita State and Gonzaga? These moves would guarantee us the top Group of 5 conf
  11. No hype for Utah State, just the way we like it!!
  12. I don’t think Gonzaga comes unless we are adding more quality bball programs, Tulsa, Wichita State, and st Mary’s accomplish this
  13. To be build a premier basketball conference while at the same time performing a paralyzing blow to the AAC, and cementing itself as the top G5 conference. We do this by adding SMU, Tulsa, Wichita State, Gonzaga, and St Mary’s. By doing this the MWC will be an annual top 5 basketball league with 5-6 tourney bids each March. That’s a lot of extra tourney credits, tv money will also be significantly higher. Adding these new tv markets and brands to our league and footprint would be huge. This setup will reduce cost of travel in Olympic sports and will allow travel partners in basketb
  14. Nevada Utah State/Fresno State Boise State SDSU San Jose State Air Force Wyoming New Mexico Hawaii CSU UNLV
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