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  1. Time for my Aggies to deliver. The old Terrible seed story is over. Best seed ever, gotta make hay this year,at least game 1.
  2. If mwc teams don’t suck in OOC games next year, we will all do better next year. In conference games will rank higher if mwc teams stop losing to Brown.
  3. Yeah, the aggies away record is abismal 😜
  4. In tweets she deleted. Do some homework.
  5. Just hoping my clock face glass doesn’t get smashed.
  6. No different than most loud mouths here. You feel good about calling out players just to be tough with no facts, yet I call out a coaches wife for her lousy posts, or comments and a coach that relishes publicity and his own showmanship? Get over it. Hope muscle mouth and his crew lose. Where will they be when the seniors all leave?
  7. She bitched about not taking kids to USU thanks to wild bill without a shirt, then pulls that stunt. Arrogant, clueless bitch.
  8. But did they have a coach take off his shirt and his wife sign his naired chest. Sorry, but that was an embarrassment.
  9. These message board jerks say what ever they want about players so I expect idiot comments on this board. They could be quadriplegic and still be called out by some on here. Big clueless mouths.
  10. Screw the jimmer comment. He couldn’t guard a trash can. Shot crazy shots, but that’s it. Assists? Hah. Rebounds, your kidding. You some closet zombie?
  11. Stunner, #1 dipshit. If it’s such an advantage, why do other schools not do it? If there were Mormon kids god enough, why not send them out on a 2 year strength, maturity and athleticism mission and reap the rewards. They may be smarter, harder workers and more mature, but better athletes? Idiot comment by an anti-Mormon wacko.
  12. I find it odd the twitter universe is ragging on court storming, which was handled quite well, and giving Carolin a pass on his anger issue.
  13. Now you've done it. No one calls Jack a BYU fan. The fur has been thrown in the fan. That is worse than calling him a right wing wacko. 100 pages now guaranteed.