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  1. ShoichiKUN808

    CBS Sports 2018 College Football Hot Seat Rankings

    Unless Rolovich goes winless (including losing to an FCS team) in 2018. He will get another shot in 2019 since he’s working through a lot of changes like back to the RnS along with new QB. Our AD is very price conscious with coaches. And unless Rolo fails completely and attendance starts sliding to under 15k. He won’t be fired yet. If he has another losing season in 2019, he will be gone though.
  2. ShoichiKUN808

    Hawaii 2019 Recruiting

    UH Picks up 3* LB/DB Tiger Peterson 6'0ft, 199lbs, https://247sports.com/Player/Tiger-Peterson-46043053 http://www.hawaiiwarriorworld.com/football/kamehameha-db-commits-to-warriors/
  3. ShoichiKUN808

    Returning Production - Tackles, Yards, OL Starts

    The reason why Steele has Hawaii ranked so low in nearly everything is because just how unknown the team is as well as going by last seasons record. New Offense Philosophy(Back to the RnS), New DC(former co-DC from FAU with local ties), New QB(either a True Freshman that knows the RnS or last year's part time starter that many wanted to start over Dru), New Starting RB(they were stuck behind DSJ), Mostly New OL(Rolo recruited heavily on both sides of the line), and the list goes on. The team is returning their top WR John Ursua. Who was on pace for 1200+ yards, 10+ TD's before his season ending Injury midway through the season. He probably would have been at least 1/4 and maybe even 1/2 of our Offense last year by himself if he didn't get injured. The only thing Rolo needs to have for the team to be decent is for his QB, and his WR's to have a good connection. Along with a Defense that doesn't give near 40 points every game...Even with meh OL's and an average RB, the RnS has been successful especially with a mobile QB (which both QB's who fans want to start (Chevan Cordeiro or Cole McDonald) are). Personally, depending on how well the QB gets settled, I can see either them be a surprise in the conference, or experience a lot of growing pains.
  4. ShoichiKUN808

    Hawaii 2019 Recruiting

    If you aren't on the island of Hawaii (Big Island) there is little if no issue at all. Also St. Helens is a composite volcano which is something much more destructive and has a bigger explosion than something like the Big Island's shield volcanoes. Mainland press astronomically overblown it. An image from a few weeks ago, so the lava flow does look a little different but same general idea.
  5. ShoichiKUN808

    MWC Football OOC 2018

    I think most of those predictions sound right. With Hawaii, it will be interesting to see what happens. Rolo did load up on a lot of JC transfers to compensate due to the attrition from transfers/graduation this past year especially on both sides of the line. But if Rolo has the team ready by the end of Fall Camp I can see the team surprising some people. On the other hand, if the team struggles to learn the new concepts from the new DC and his 4-2-5 Defense which he ran at FAU, or the RnS still is a WIP between the WR's and QB connecting I can see some growing pains. The team still has solid depth at slot and returns their star player who missed half the season last year along with an experienced solid LB core. The real questions are the OL, QB, outside WR's and how the Defense as a whole plays with the new DC. If the transition to a new QB is smooth I can see some success for this year's team. Having Navy at going to Hawaii I think could go either way. Although our DC didn't seem to have much success against them last year when he was the co-DC at FAU (Loss 42-19 to them). Navy would have to go back to 2011 to find any recent footage of how Rolo called his RnS, and there will likely be some changes since that time. I agree on an L with Army though, but I think the BYU game could be a close tossup as by the time we played them last year team emotions/effort was at an all time low and it seemed like the coaches/players just wanted it to be over.
  6. ShoichiKUN808

    Top QBs for 2018

    Sounds good regarding Hawaii's QB competition. Whoever settles in the RnS first likely will be the lead QB in the season opener. The RnS doesn't usually have much success in a QB's first year since the time of JJ as the Offense takes a bit of time for things to become instinctual for a QB and takes a lot of reps between them and the receivers. Timmy Chang's record (2000 3W-7L), Brennan's record (2005 5W-7L), Alexander's record (2008 4W-5L), Moniz's record (2009 4W-6L). The only outlier is Dan Robinson (1999 9W-4L) when JJ first arrived. If going by what I have seen posted from other Hawaii fans, many are hoping the hometown QB Chevan Cordeiro, wins the job. His experience in the RnS Offense and local fans witnessing his success at St. Louis as the starting QB along with a lot of praise from his coaches (whom coached Tagovaiola, Mariota, Chang, etc.) is likely a large reason for the hype, even if he lacks college experience and wasn't in for spring camp.
  7. ShoichiKUN808

    Athlon ranks all 130 starting quarterbacks for the 2018 season

    I remember reading somewhere people comparing Brown to Mayfield... I believe he is a grad transfer walkon, the news sidestruck Rolo when he heard that Dru was considering transferring before this past winter. He didn't expect to have to go into Spring Camp with a new QB. But many Hawaii fans (including myself) wanted to see someone else at QB and wanted to see more McDonald actually throwing the ball. Since Dru's main criticism is he had a weak arm, and once Ursua went down midseason the passing game vanished completely even when Collie was still there, which is why Rolo hunkered down on the running game with DSJ. I think thats part of the reason many Hawaii fans are lenient in giving Rolo at least another year with all the changes he did/just happened this offseason. -Get a Coaching Staff that has more Experience and seems to get along better -Get someone better than Collie was at the opposite slot from Ursua (Cedric Byrd) -Get a new starting QB -Return of the RnS (which many local fans were wanting) -New Defensive Coordinator with Experience with some success recently (FAU with Kiffin)
  8. ShoichiKUN808

    Athlon ranks all 130 starting quarterbacks for the 2018 season

    For Hawaii QB McDonald it makes sense. He's likely had enough combined game experience for maybe a full game at best with all his snaps combined. And most times he was just handing off to the RB Saint Juste or having designed runs for himself. Very hard to judge or rank a QB anywhere remotely high with that kind of experience. With a new Offense and Brown (to the love of many Hawaii fans) transferring out, the QB position is still open going into Fall Camp.
  9. ShoichiKUN808

    Orlando Sentinel Countdown

    I agree that the ranking is about right. Especially because there is a lot of ?'s about the 2018 team. This years Hawaii team will look A LOT different. On both the Offensive and Defensive sides of the ball. Rolo has fully dedicated to the return of the RnS with all the QB passing and shovel passing to RBs and blocking for RB's that comes with. Along with the negatives of making a dedicated switch to a different Offense. Most Hawaii fans feel a lot of growing pains will be underway and I think many expect either we will see a lot of fast 3-in-out's or we rack up a lot of points. -New current projected starter QB, Cole McDonald is more in the mold of a Kaep/Moniz-esque QB that can beat you with his legs and is hard to bring down. But what he needs to learn as a passing QB in the RnS still is a bit away from being competent. Right now many fans are thinking a true freshman will win the job (Chevan Cordeiro) as he was a RnS QB in HS. -WR wise, Ursua is back to near 100% after missing the last half of the season last year, while new incomer Cedric Byrd is looking better than who he replaced that went to BYU (Dylan Collie). Still need a solid outside threat or two though for the RnS to really work. -RB wise, they will be blocking more, but also getting more passes thrown to them. Rolo said the RB's will still get the ball a lot some way or another. -Defensively, the new DC at least talks the part of a real DC and has some experience at the job which we lacked last year under Suianoa. He brings in multiple fronts but looks like a base 4-2-5. Will be similar to the Ole Miss under Freeze and FAU's Defense last season with Kiffin.
  10. Coincidentally I seen an Oregon State recruiter(was in full attire) in downtown Honolulu the same day this came out...lol
  11. Yup. Not expecting anything to come of this though. Since Rolo became coach and even prior. Oregon State would usually offer players we recruit in the last month before signing day, but also coaches have as well at least recently started leaving our program to begin coaching there (Legi Suianoa, Kafense Hynsen, Jake Cookus). Kafense even had an Oregon State shirt on, if I remember correctly, when he was supposed to be on a recruiting trip to recruit a player to Hawaii. Where that player ended up committing to Oregon State once Kafense announced his intent. Many Hawaii fans have seen Oregon State using our program as a way to harvest players/coaches more than any other school. Has been the case since Mike Riley was coaching there.
  12. ShoichiKUN808

    MWC releases additional TV information

    Our Tier 3 tv rights holder Spectrum likely is holding their breath that no more games are taken up by ESPN/CBSSN and it stays at 4. Unless a miracle happens and Rolo has his team performing well in the inaugural return of the RnS with a possible Freshman QB and renewed interest brings more sales to offset any more games getting taken up. Away Games (ESPN Networks/CBSSN): Colo St, Fresno and SDSU Home Games (CBSSN): Navy The less games getting picked up from ESPN/CBSSN/etc. the better it is for Spectrum as they have more games to show in their tv package, along with the price per game goes down with it as well. I only hope Spectrum has a plan for being able to stream games online easier especially for those on the mainland...
  13. ShoichiKUN808

    Spring Football Reports

    according to what I have read from our beats writer and others that have watched practices regarding our return to the RnS and all. WR's looking good going back to the RnS. New JC Transfer Cedric Byrd will likely have a lot of playing time opposite of John Ursua in the slot. He supposedly is one of the fastest on the team with good hands, route running and an amazing second gear. Something the Offense lacked last season especially after Ursua went down. Ursua is being held out of Spring Practice still recovering from his leg injury so other guys like Tullis and Noa are getting some chances. QB wise, will be interesting to see. The RnS was used in small parts of Rolo's Offense since he arrived but never as the base Offense. Incoming Freshman Chevan Cordeiro has been seen at practice doing mental reps as he isn't allowed to practice yet with the team. He likely will be striving for that starting spot and is the arguable favorite with his 4+ years in the RnS Offense under Cal Lee(former Hawaii assistant under JJ/Mack) at his HS. Currently seems the #1 QB is McDonald, followed by early freshman enrolled Moussa and then walkon Uahinui. (Not deep at the QB spot with Brown transferring, Gallup retiring, and Tuileta playing vball). RB position is wide open with DSJ graduating. Rolo still wants the position to be involved (so likely no blocking 70%+ of the time like during JJ and more close to Rolo's OC years under Mack). I expect to see a return of the shovel pass and more passing to the RB in general. Right now looks like Freddie Holly/Miles Reed are the speedsters with Aufaga/Keliiliki being the big backs. Defense, its hard to read. Our DB's seem to be getting at least a pick or two every practice. But hard to tell if its the QB's fault or our secondary improving under new DC Corey Batoon. We will have a Defense like FAU/Ole Miss(under Freeze) though with multiple fronts and our lineman won't be stationary much of the time. Overall, I think many Hawaii fans just are enjoying Rolo going back to the RnS and finally has a seasoned coach as a DC. Don't think many are expecting a winning season with all the attrition, most seem to just want exciting football again and don't mind some hardships along the way.
  14. ShoichiKUN808

    Week Zero 2018: Hawaii at Colorado State?

    Was wondering how Matlin was going to get a game in Week 0. Didn’t seem like Army or BYU were budging. Moving a conference game is a good option. Opening in a new-ish stadium and be one of the first games to open the 2018 season. Along with getting a bye week during conference season. I don’t expect a win unless DC Corey Batoon gets the Defense performing quick and our Offense starts hot going back to the RnS. Just too many unknowns. I’m just intrigued to see the RnS again and who the QB will be.
  15. ShoichiKUN808

    Bob Davie Suspended

    Wonder if this ends up in him getting fired? With an interim coach for the next season?