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  1. Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    With a new Defense under Batoon and our Offense going back to the RnS as the base Offense. It will only lead to positive things for this team. We have many veteran WRs even with Collie transferring out and makes sense since our RBs next season are all pretty raw. Rolo knows the RnS as well if not better than anybody else on his staff and was mentored by one of the original creators Mouse Davis when he was given the OC reins back in 2009 under Coach Mack. He used it to great success with the Pistol formation he learned during the coaching sessions with Ault which led to the (10-4 record) 2010 season. Our Defense has way more years of experience than before. Corey Batoon who coached all over the east coast (Ole Miss, Ark St, FAU) and had his secondary performing well especially last season at FAU under Kiffin. Along with Mark Banker coming as the LB coach (Stanford, SD Chargers, Nebraska, USC, Oregon St). Both bring way more experience to this staff which lacked with Legi and Duggan.
  2. New Hawaii Coaching Hires

    Like these hires of Banker, Batoon, Allen, Logo and Weber. gives us another coach with Samoa ties and all over the country. All coaches have a lot of experience and help offset the younger sided staff that existed prior.
  3. Hawaii has its new DC

    Well Batoon needs to bring two guys (at least if nobody else is let go/leaves) if he doesn't move someones coaching position, and I have a feeling Batoon wants some control over the secondary with as much experience he had back there and how poor we were there last season. I doubt Yoro is leaving as he seemed to be one of the main recruiters for the early signing period and don't see Abe getting let go either. Unless he asks one of them to do double duties. CJ Johnson the grad assistant at FAU is a possibility to take over the LB job if he follows Batoon to the islands. He's young though and like Duggan when Lempa came, doesn't have much coaching experience.
  4. Hawaii has its new DC

    He'd still have to as there are 2 Defensive Coach positions available DL Coach: Out: Legi In: ? LB Coach: Out: Duggan In: ? I could see Yoro (Safeties Coach) moving to be the LB Coach as he has experience as LB Coach (2009: Western Montana, 2010-14 Pacific). Batoon takes over as the secondary(safeties) coach, and leaves Abe with the CB's. Then he just needs to find a DL coach.
  5. Hawaii has its new DC

    Well can't get any worse than under Legi... In Passing situations Batoon's secondary did a lot better overall. FAU 2017 Defensively: Passes Intercepted: 20 (Tied for 2nd) Passing Yards Allowed: 3230YDS, 6.54YDS/ATT, 230.7YPG (74th) Team Defense Passing Efficiency: 114.72 (23rd) Hawaii 2017 Defensively: Passes Intercepted: 9 (75th) Passing Yards Allowed: 2983YDS, 8.93YDS/ATT, 248.6YPG (100th) Team Defense Passing Efficiency: 160.06 (125th)
  6. Hawaii has its new DC

    Hawaii got its new DC Corey Batoon who was the CO-DC alongside Chris Kiffin who is Lane Kiffin's younger brother at FAU. Batoon has been with younger Kiffin at Ark State, Ole Miss and FAU. Will be interesting to see what he can do as the main DC. I really like this hire. Hopefully he can correct a Defense that was in the bottom 10 in the nation in most defensive categories... He likely follows the Dave Wommack Land Shark Defense (4-2-5 scheme). Going by the FAU Defense this past year. https://247sports.com/college/ole-miss/Article/Breaking-Down-The-Landshark-D-37856578
  7. RANK ‘em!

    9 to 12+ Wins Boise State Fresno State SDSU 7 to 9 Wins CSU Wyo Utah State 4 to 6 Wins AFA Hawaii Nevada UNLV UNM 0 to 3 Wins SJSU
  8. Returning Starters for 2018

    couple corrections I noticed just glancing over.
  9. The not too early 2018 football prediction thread

    If rumors and “talk” locally is to be taken seriously. There is talk Rolo is going to more of the 4-wide RnS/RPO that is closer to what he used during his final two seasons as the Hawaii OC back in 2010-2011 under Mack. Likely more 70/30 pass/run, rather than the 50/50 of this season. Makes sense though, we have a lot of receivers with experience (Ursua, Collie, Noa, Stubblefield, Timoteo, Armstrong-Brown, etc). Ursua being the main playmaker before his injury. While with DSJ and Tuiasoa having graduated the RBs behind them are young and have either been sparingly used or not at all and/or coming off RS seasons. Rolo has always stated he wants the ball in the hands of his playmakers (this past season was Ursua and DSJ) and he knows that he doesn’t have any known RB that has proved themself means he likely will go to the air more next season. Like how he went to the ground once Ursua had his season ending injury.
  10. Hawaii 2018 Recruiting

    New commit. Good add in a position of need Jovan McConico 3* 6’0 185lbs, S/CB, Garfield HS, Washington
  11. SJSU OC Becomes OC of Kent State

    That’s interesting... not like he was that amazing with SJSU to begin with lol
  12. Hawaii 2018 official signing class

    Late night international(Canadian) signee. Nick Mardner
  13. Early signing day

    Yeah it’s Welch. He was a surprised pickup. He announced he decommitted on Twitter yesterday from Navy only to sign today with Hawaii. Rolo recruited DL/DE very hard (7 of 14 signees played some DL/DE) and seemed to make it a point of getting local recruits (up to 4 so far that signed) after getting shut out last season. Most Hawaii fans are very high on both Moussa and Cordeiro. Moussa is more of the pocket passer that can run if needed, while Cordeiro is more the running QB that can throw and knows the ins and outs of the RnS being with Cal Lee at St Louis. St Louis QB Coach Passas the local “QB guru” that mentored Mariota, Tagovailoa, Chang, etc. has said Cordeiro is up there with the best he’s coached. There’s been talk that Rolo is going to go back to a more RnS 4-wide Offense like that was seen during his tenure under Mack in 2010-11 next season. Especially since we are breaking in new young RBs.
  14. Early signing day

    Lot of good surprises with this early signing class from Rolo. Even flipped a local player that was a Navy commit that had offers from Syracuse and Vandy.
  15. Hawaii 2018 official signing class

    Huge add with Welch. One of the top players in the 808. Rolo had him flip from being a Navy commit. Had offers from Syracuse, Nevada, Army and Vanderbilt. Early signing class is half made up of players that played DL. Can see where Rolo is targeting.