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  1. The MW was never at risk of being at 7 members even with SDSU and Boise State leaving. Fresno, Nevada and Hawaii joined the year prior, with invites being given and accepted before any announcement of Boise St and SDSU leaving for the Big East, which left the conference at 8 members. The MW Wyoming AFA New Mexico Colorado State UNLV Fresno State (invited 2010, joining 2012) Nevada (invited 2010, joining 2012) Hawaii (invited 2010, joining 2012) Boise State (invited 2011, joining BE 2013) SDSU (invited 2011, joining BE 2013)
  2. the minimum for FBS status is 8 active football member schools. The WAC was allowed an exemption at 7 but it needed to get back to 8 in the near future The WAC/Benson had hoped to keep us (Hawaii) on board and even offered the school to "double-dip" in tv revenue (PPV + Conference) as the longest remaining standing member of the conference. Which would have allowed the conference to stay at 8 member schools (Idaho, NMSU, Texas State, UTSA, Utah State, SJSU, Hawaii, La Tech along with non-fb schools like Denver and Seattle) with possible additions of football schools like Lamar and Liberty
  3. Hmmm. doubt it happens or how legit the guy is but this will definitely create a ripple if it did happen
  4. Replace "In" with "Guar" and some modifications to the logo. Simple and easy fix I like the name change
  5. https://theathletic.com/2725688/2021/07/23/sources-texas-and-oklahoma-to-inform-big-12-of-exit-next-week-with-plans-to-bolt-for-sec/?source=emp_shared_article snippets from the article by Bruce Feldman thanks to a member on csnbbs (not sure if anything else of the article was stated since don't have access) Texas and Oklahoma will send letters to the Big 12 on Monday informing the league that it does not intend to renew its grant-of-rights agreement upon expiration in 2025, multiple sources told The Athletic. Such a move is the next necessary step in clearing a path for the
  6. Not sure if it was mentioned. But the rumor of Kansas having talks with the B1G got shot down by Brett McMurphy on Hawaii sports radio this morning. Said it could be in the cards but no talk has started yet
  7. Yup agree on that. If the state had been a bit closer to the mainland or a faster mode of transportation existed maybe. But 6 or so hour flights for all sports puts a damper on any real chance
  8. If the PAC12 somehow showed Hawai any interest. The state would go through any hoops needed as well as the school itself to get the NASED project on a fast track towards completion. More revenue for the school means less reliance on the state during hardships. As well as more tourism dollars (which is one of the main drivers of anything getting done in the islands) for the state since the PAC12 fan bases usually travel well
  9. may be another season of musical chairs of conference realignment yay
  10. Hawaii deserves better. Won against Nevada and Fresno last year with Grahams first year transition year with most of the core players back. But the division is tough so really mostly anyone can take it. Offense will look better or at least different this year as Graham adjusts the offense to more of what was seen at ASU and Tulsa. Defense has a lot of depth as well.
  11. There was talk of old sewer pipes in the existing Aloha Stadium causing a delay in the teardown of the existing stadium along with the time to decide who wins the bid to construct NASED. The Hawaii Bowl should be fine, if anything they move it to War Memorial on Maui or even find a way to just move it on campus at Ching Complex temporarily. I expect 3-4 year build time. So opening either in the ‘25 or ‘26 season. The stadium is the priority under the new stadium plan. So the buildout of the surrounding area will be done after.
  12. work on remodeling Ching Complex has started. So far work on the field has started, as well as I believe the metal bleachers that were originally opposite the main building have been moved to the North(?) endzone Ching Complex
  13. Since the existing Aloha Stadium is being demolished and replaced “eventually” and the new Aloha Stadium is still a few seasons away. In addition to the Stadium Authority giving short notice earlier this year to the school that no fans would be allowed to attend games for next season due to safety concerns. Meet Hawaii’s Temporary new Home Field until that time TC Ching Athletic Complex. Will hold 9k (from 3.5k existing) for this season with possible plans to be expanded in phases to hold around 15k. TC Ching Complex had been around for years but was mainly used for track&field,
  14. Wyoming finally got rid of the offense of Vigen congrats
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