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  1. Spring Football Reports

    according to what I have read from our beats writer and others that have watched practices regarding our return to the RnS and all. WR's looking good going back to the RnS. New JC Transfer Cedric Byrd will likely have a lot of playing time opposite of John Ursua in the slot. He supposedly is one of the fastest on the team with good hands, route running and an amazing second gear. Something the Offense lacked last season especially after Ursua went down. Ursua is being held out of Spring Practice still recovering from his leg injury so other guys like Tullis and Noa are getting some chances. QB wise, will be interesting to see. The RnS was used in small parts of Rolo's Offense since he arrived but never as the base Offense. Incoming Freshman Chevan Cordeiro has been seen at practice doing mental reps as he isn't allowed to practice yet with the team. He likely will be striving for that starting spot and is the arguable favorite with his 4+ years in the RnS Offense under Cal Lee(former Hawaii assistant under JJ/Mack) at his HS. Currently seems the #1 QB is McDonald, followed by early freshman enrolled Moussa and then walkon Uahinui. (Not deep at the QB spot with Brown transferring, Gallup retiring, and Tuileta playing vball). RB position is wide open with DSJ graduating. Rolo still wants the position to be involved (so likely no blocking 70%+ of the time like during JJ and more close to Rolo's OC years under Mack). I expect to see a return of the shovel pass and more passing to the RB in general. Right now looks like Freddie Holly/Miles Reed are the speedsters with Aufaga/Keliiliki being the big backs. Defense, its hard to read. Our DB's seem to be getting at least a pick or two every practice. But hard to tell if its the QB's fault or our secondary improving under new DC Corey Batoon. We will have a Defense like FAU/Ole Miss(under Freeze) though with multiple fronts and our lineman won't be stationary much of the time. Overall, I think many Hawaii fans just are enjoying Rolo going back to the RnS and finally has a seasoned coach as a DC. Don't think many are expecting a winning season with all the attrition, most seem to just want exciting football again and don't mind some hardships along the way.
  2. Week Zero 2018: Hawaii at Colorado State?

    Was wondering how Matlin was going to get a game in Week 0. Didn’t seem like Army or BYU were budging. Moving a conference game is a good option. Opening in a new-ish stadium and be one of the first games to open the 2018 season. Along with getting a bye week during conference season. I don’t expect a win unless DC Corey Batoon gets the Defense performing quick and our Offense starts hot going back to the RnS. Just too many unknowns. I’m just intrigued to see the RnS again and who the QB will be.
  3. Bob Davie Suspended

    Wonder if this ends up in him getting fired? With an interim coach for the next season?
  4. Hawaii 2018 Recruiting

    10 players had signing day today (6 *** players, 4 ** players). OL: (5) 3* Alex Dalpe,6-4, 290, Long Beach City College 2* Ernest Moore, 6-8, 305, City College of San Franciso 2* Gene Pryor, 6-3, 312, College of the Sequoias 3* Solo Vaipule, 6-2 1/2, 300, Centennial High 2* Thomas Wade, 6-7, 250, San Clemente High DL: (1) 3* Justus Tavai, 6-3, 290, El Camino College S: (1) 3* Manase Time, 6-0, 205, Golden West College WR: (2) 2* Scott McLeod, 6-3, 225, Saint Francis School (will grayshirt) 3* Jonah Panoke, 6-0, 183, Saint Louis School (will grayshirt) Ath: (1) 3* Michael Washington, 6-0, 160, Monrovia High
  5. NLI Signing Day - Wednesday, Feb 7th

    Hawaii loses out to UVA for Aaron Faumui after they had a last minute push over the weekend...though we did gain a surprise LOI from 3* WR, Mike Washington who is perfect for the RnS with his speed. Rolo focused on the OL/DL in this signing period with a majority being players in the trenches. The class overall looks good, very disappointed about losing Faumui though...
  6. Hawaii 2018 Recruiting

    Lost Aaron Faumui to UVA per report Disappointing loss.
  7. Hawaii 2018 Recruiting

    Might lose Aaron Faumui due to last minute push by Virginia over the past weekend. Surprise LOI from Mike Washington at WR https://247sports.com/Player/Michael-Washington-46041144 others that signed so far Alex Dalpe, OL: https://247sports.com/Player/Alex-Dalpe-46052413 Gene Pryor, OL: https://247sports.com/Player/Gene-Pryor-46052235 Thomas Wade,OL: https://247sports.com/Player/Thomas-Wade-46040708 Justus Tavai, DL: https://247sports.com/Player/Justus-Tavai-46052416 Solo Vaipulu, OL: https://247sports.com/Player/Solo-Vaipulu-85412
  8. Hawaii 2018 Recruiting

    updated op. Three new commitments http://www.staradvertiser.com/2018/02/06/sports/sports-breaking/warriors-get-commitments-from-two-jc-linemen/ Ernest Moore, 6'1 301lbs, City College of San Francisco, OT (unranked) Justus Tavai, 6'2 297lbs, El Camino College, DL (unranked) Alex Dalpe, 6'4 290lbs, Long Beach City College, OT (unranked) https://twitter.com/alexdalpzz/status/960970062923362304
  9. Hawaii 2018 Recruiting

    great add
  10. Top MWC signees

    there seems to be a mistake on your list. Max Barth seemed to have been added to Hawaii's line of players. But he should be under SJSU.
  11. Hawaii 2018 Recruiting

    Newest addition. JC Transfer (3 years to play 3) Injured prior to 2017 causing him to use his RS. Golden West College, Manase Time, 6'0 205lbs, Safety https://247sports.com/player/manase-time-46045737 had offers from Hawaii, Colorado State, Utah State, Iowa State and Washington State (per 247Sports).
  12. Hawaii 2018 Recruiting

    Huge add. now all that needs to be done is pen to paper on LOI day. Not every day does a G5 school beat out 4 good P5 schools.
  13. What is your school's student newspaper?

    Hawaii has the Ka Leo O Hawai'i (The Voice of Hawaii) shortened usually to just Ka Leo. Started in 1922 http://www.manoanow.org/kaleo/
  14. Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    This morning interview with Rolo (which was discussing Dru's transfer). Makes me can't wait to see how this Offense is. During the late JJ days and when Rolo was the OC under Mack. The average (over 13 games) was around 4000-5000 yards passing, 600 pass attempts. With about 1000-1500 yards rushing, 300 rushing attempts. Rolo said he was taught by the OC he took over with Mack (Ron Lee) that the best way for this Offense to perform is when the RB gets around 150-180 yards a game (shovel passes, handoffs, etc.). With a passing game that the QB isn't afraid to sling it around all game long. Hawaii fans are getting what they wanted towards the end of last season hopefully it works out. Dru Brown not starting anymore (check) New Experienced Defensive Staff (check) Return of the Run-And-Shoot Offense with Rolo calling plays (check)
  15. Hawaii 2018 Recruiting

    New commit OT Thomas Wade 6’6 245lbs, San Clemente HS https://247sports.com/player/thomas-wade-46040708