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  1. We'll start to see this weekend. The team will begin to play the tougher MW teams outside Boise starting this week at home beginning with AFA, and their remaining road games are against New Mexico & UNLV Team is getting healthier with many important players starting to return from injuries or being allowed to play in recent weeks (Pritchard (LB), Eletise(OL), Levao(OL), Stovall(WR), Kaneshiro(DB), etc.) and Cole has thrown one or less INTs for 3 games straight while accounting for 4 TD's in every game but 1 this season (Washington).
  2. Lobos. That game was slow with penalties, turnovers and booth reviews galore
  3. The offense could move the ball at times but every time it did, it would also hurt itself at other times (penalties, fumbles, receivers not catching easy balls). After halftime the penalties and fumbles got cleaned up. Start of 1st half -Clean Drive, for Punt (-1 yard) - Fumble Drive by WR as McDonald was moving the ball up to mid-field (16 yards) -Clean Drive for TD (63 yards) -Penalties Drive for Punt (12 yards) - Clean Drive, for Downs (3 yards) - Clean Drive, for Punt (1 yard) -Fumble Drive by McDonald as he was passing the ball forward (13 yards) -Fumble Drive by WR on 1st down (4 yards) - Clean Drive, for TD (75 yards) 9 Total Drives: 3 Punts, 2 TDs, 1 Downs, 3 Fumbles, 6 Penalties
  4. Multiple along with Polynesian (Hawaiian/Samoan/etc.), Asian, etc.
  5. Good game Boise. Now get us some NY6 money. Hawaii made too many mistakes early to overcome (fumbles, penalties). But they also showed that the Boise D isn’t as impenetrable as it was to be believed. The Offense moved well when it didn’t shoot itself in the foot. Our Defense couldn’t keep up with the speed of Hightower, and Holani, etc. and didn’t seem like our Defense prepared for Cord at all. Will likely be a good rematch in December. As long as we can take care of business on our end.
  6. Solid Tier Boise Good With Flaws Tier Hawaii/SDSU/Wyoming/Fresno/Utah St/AFA Mediocre with bigger Flaws Tier Nevada/San Jose St/UNLV Bad Tier Colorado St/New Mexico
  7. Cordeiro to Mardner TD and a Stovall 2pt conversion
  8. If The G5 winner of the playoff gets a spot in the CFP all for it. Otherwise...LOL
  9. Pending completion in 2023 or so. they are deciding on the layout and waiting on EIS that is done next July
  10. Glad that Stovall is getting some serious playing time. hes too good to keep sidelined.
  11. Our secondary is just too slow to keep up with Boise’s receivers
  12. nice to see Cole get his first running TD this year
  13. Yup Defense put us out already. put in the backups put in Cordeiro and the rest. put this game in the past. Work on holding onto the ball and penalties. Get ready for AFA next week
  14. No defense. first team to score on us since Arizona in the third quarter