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  1. It's a really decent staff. Most Hawaii fans I see seem to be happy with the staff Timmy put together. The OC at least now isn't a relative to the HC and has a lot of experience as an HC/OC at lower divisions which he put up good offensive numbers. DC has had years to learn under good DC's (Graham, Batoon, etc.). And most of the staff have some relation to the islands and know what its like to coach/live in the islands. The big question mark is the recruiting trail and how good of a recruiting class they can build if not this season then for future years.
  2. staff now looks like this. Only need WR, Safeties and DL coaches to complete the staff HC: Timmy Chang Asst. HC: Thomas Sheffield Offense OC: Ian Shoemaker QB: Ian Shoemaker OL: Roman Sapolu WR:? TE: Thomas Sheffield RB: Keiki Misipeka Defense DC: Jacob Yoro Safeties: ? CB: Abraham Elimimian OLB: Jacob Yoro ILB: Chris Brown DE: Chris Brown DL: ? ST: Thomas Sheffield
  3. officially official. Shoemaker in as OC/QB Coach
  4. sounds like its Shoemaker (the former OC of EWU before he voluntarily stepped down midseason last year for personal reasons).
  5. Rumors of Matt Mumme from CSU or Ian Shoemaker recently at EWU coming on board as OC for Timmy. Reportedly Dan Morrison (old JJ ‘OC’ coach) turned down the offer or wasn’t interested at least
  6. a number of coaching hires announced today Abe, Yoro, Cooke retained. Chris Brown (Bishop Gorman) coaching the DE/ILB, Roman Sapolu (Fresno St) coaching the OL, and Keiki Misipeka (Missouri Southern) coaching the RB. In addition to Thomas Sheffield making his way from CSU to join Timmy's staff at Hawaii coaching the ST/TE/Asst. HC
  7. So far from what I’ve seen mentioned. A number are getting announced today. HC: Timmy Chang Asst. HC: Thomas Sheffield Offense OC:? QB:? OL: Roman Sapolu (making his way from Fresno St back to his dad's home program) WR:? TE: Thomas Sheffield (confirmed coming from CSU) RB: Keiki Misipeka (coming from Missouri Southern as RB Coach, a local born that played in the early 00's and coached on the mainland) Defense DC: Jacob Yoro (retained staff) Safeties: ? CB: Abraham Elimimian (retained staff) OLB: Jacob Yoro ILB/DE:
  8. its definitely going to be the RnS. Timmy knows what works and makes fans in the islands happy which he will need to get support from those that were sidelined with the decision for his hire
  9. sounds like a zoom introductory conference (can't find a full official presser). but here is Timmy Chang's introductory statement on him accepting the job
  10. Official https://www.staradvertiser.com/2022/01/22/sports/sports-breaking/hawaii-tabs-former-warriors-qb-tim-chang-as-its-coach/?utm_medium=&utm_source=&utm_campaign=&utm_content=&utm_term=
  11. Nah more a “HAHA fans and boosters, I’m the Athletic Director and will choose who I want for the football coach!” move by Matlin.
  12. In the end Matlin got his guy even against what a majority of fans had wanted
  13. Sounds like we will find out the coach soon (it’s going to be Timmy being he’s an alumnus and Matlin’s golden boy)
  14. Mentioned something to the lines of the coaching search and his time as coach will be difficult as a result of the MW being a bottom 3 FBS conference. It wasn’t the AD Matlin who stayed hidden but the UH Spokesperson that spoke in the meeting
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