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  1. Him coaching the program was before my time, but he is an important part to Hawaii Football history. Classy move to honor his impact to both programs. https://247sports.com/college/hawaii/Article/Hawaii-SJSU-to-remember-Dick-Tomey-with-Legacy-Trophy-UH-Rainbow-Warriors-San-Jose-State-Spartans-football-rivalry--132563388/
  2. Spectrum won't be happy with the amount of games being picked up by other networks. Arizona (CBSSN) @ Nevada (ESPN-Networks) @ Boise (ESPN-Networks) AFA (CBSSN) Army (CBSSN) @ Washington (P12N - likely) Oregon St(P12N - likely) Gonna squeeze every bit of tv money out of their PPV subs. Only 6 games left to pick from.
  3. John Ursua to the Seahawks (7th round)
  4. Rolo being #1 on the Hot Seat...? the guy had his team go to 2 bowls in 3 seasons, for a team that had to go through the Chow depression years. That's pretty good. Had to deal with a full on reshuffle last year and still got the team to a bowl. At most Rolovich would be middle of the pack. He's not perfect, but for the salary he's paid he's undervalued.
  5. Alford moves a few states over back to the MW
  6. Congrats to SJSU! More Universities are starting eSport programs in the US. It's already been huge for a long time in SK. The money in eSports keeps on growing.
  7. Hawaii starts real late compared to you guys lol. Our's starts March 29th...so another month to go. Can't wait to see what Stovall can bring to the RnS. Should be a solid replacement for Ursua. As long as our oline actually can hold for a few seconds and give our RB's some holes and QB some time to throw should be an interesting season...
  8. Not all schools have to give up their Tier 3 rights, Hawaii keep ours but aren't allowed in on the conference tv revenue, because some member schools called it unfair that we would be able to keep our Tier 3(and not pool it together with ROOTS, etc.) and take a piece of the conference revenue. Would have bumped our tv revenue to around $3.5-4m annually. But yes, all schools should be allowed their own Tier 3 rights. If all MW schools get Tier 3 rights, it will likely mean we can finally take a piece of that conference tv revenue we deserve and not lose potential revenue every time ESPN/CBS decides to pick up a game.
  9. I believe there are some MW members not supportive of the travel being a full member would bring. Slappy got the gist of it. Although we aren't really struggling financially more than any average school, mostly our current AD wants and school president are being a lot more frugal with funds. MW travel is a lot worse than BW travel. On top of the travel subsidies difference. MW doesn't support mens vball while BW does. (it is a money maker for us) MW women vball is a wash compared to BW. (another money maker for us) MW baseball is usually worse than BW baseball (another money maker for us) the sports get to have a close distance of travel, as its only to Cali for conference play. In regards to Football, we had the fans for independence and fans for joining the MW. The MW fans won out in the end due to conference affiliation, and renewing/keeping old rivalries.
  10. Hawaii just signed Lincoln Victor, ATH Projected as a Slotback 247: .8499 Composite, 3* https://247sports.com/player/lincoln-victor-46049570/
  11. Signees for the 7 remaining scholarships. Travon Killins. CB 6ft 170lbs https://247sports.com/Player/Travon-Killins-46050372/ Djuan Matthews DL 5ft 11in 280lbs https://247sports.com/Player/Djuan-Matthews-90145/ Tavion Allen. DB 6ft 170lbs https://247sports.com/Player/Tavion-Allen-93303/ Boone Abbott. QB 6ft 2in 175lbs https://247sports.com/Player/Boone-Abbott-46059578/ Caden Hilborn. OL 6ft 5in 285lbs https://247sports.com/Player/Caden-Hilborn-46045986/ Mekel Ealy. WR 6ft 3in 180lbs https://247sports.com/Player/Mekel-Ealy-46042988/ Final scholarship for this season looks to be going to Lincoln Victor a WR https://247sports.com/Player/Lincoln-Victor-46049570/
  12. I'm liking our schedule for 2019. 8 home games, finish season with 5 of last 7 at home. Start with 3 of first 4 games against P12 teams (2 home, 1 away) . Outside of @ Washington, I think Rolo has a chance to win against the other two (Oregon St and Arizona). Overall a good challenging schedule. None of Rolo's coaches have gotten poached (yet) and none were really flop hires so far. If McDonald can get back to his level of play he was at before he was injured, or Cordeiro uses his experience from his RS year to good use, the Offense and team should be fine. Date OpponentAug. 24 ArizonaSept. 7 Oregon StateSept. 14 at WashingtonSept. 21 Central ArkansasSept. 28 at Nevada*Oct. 12 at Boise State*Oct. 19 Air Force*Oct. 26 at New Mexico*Nov. 2 Fresno State*Nov. 9 San Jose State*Nov. 16 at UNLV*Nov. 23 San Diego State*Nov. 30 Army
  13. Haha, our school's AD would definitely choose going indy over that conference. Would be the same reason we decided to either go Indy or MW rather than stay in the WAC once Nevada/Fresno were leaving. The travel. We don't have an issue scheduling PAC12 schools at home and at least a few members of the MW would likely have scheduling deals with us. If anything we would just fill in any opening in the schedule with members of that conference.
  14. Nothing specific but I would guess that would be the case as they have said they plan to make it an entertainment district. "In addition, Raij says there would be enough space left on the property to build commercial and hotel facilities through private-public partnerships, generating up to $1.5 billion in economic activity. The stadium would use that revenue and be self-sustaining and not rely on state funding. Stadium manager, Scott Chan, says the current stadium would have to be maintained and operate throughout the construction period." http://www.hawaiipublicradio.org/post/new-aloha-stadium-concept-unveiled Supposedly, the U-shaped bowl concept design has a planned area for future possible expansion which is located under the jumbotron in the concept images. Along with existing expansion to 40k for special events. The full report on the development plan for the new Aloha Stadium has a few more concept pictures of the design and plan for the area. Found here: A few more images of the concept. You can see where the old Aloha Stadium would have been situated (the circular area of buildings next to the new stadium).
  15. It's not really a matter of "if" its really just a matter of "when". Most if not all of the state lawmakers do agree the current stadium needs to be replaced, as yearly maintenance has been forecast over the long run to cost more just replacing it. The issues has always been where will the new stadium be built (at the existing Halawa site, near UH-West Oahu in Kapolei, or somehow near/on UH-Manoa's campus), how will it be funded (some lawmakers and members of the Stadium Authority went to tour CSU's stadium and talk with officials to learn how the stadium was paid for and built, when we played them this past season), along with the size of the stadium itself. It's the reason the Stadium Authority laid out the master plan for redevelopment to get the ball rolling and are currently in the middle of an Environmental Impact Statement. The Stadium Authority currently is doing the minimum needed to keep the current Aloha Stadium safe & operational, as they fully do plan on replacing it in the next few years. I think its more in the hands of Disney/ESPN than the players and coaches for the Pro Bowl. Seems like a majority of NFL players/coaches rather have it in Hawaii.