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  1. Expect to see Cordeiro in the second. they have done the starter-closer thing with the two for the past few games
  2. Cole got away from what he was doing for most of the game.
  3. Hawai’i with the first points with a FG
  4. UCSB gave Texas all they could handle. Great season Hopefully we can continue to advance. Great to have the team MVP to begin the year back in Rasmussen. At least Coach Robyn got to the second round for the first time of her career and has continued the streak of having only 1 missed NCAA tourney appearance in wvb history
  5. Honestly if Rolo leaves its all in the fault of the UH higher ups failing to back him up for that pushing of a photographer incident. Supposedly that is the reason he is rumored to be upset with the school right now. My guess is if he leaves we end up promoting a guy like Brian Smith or even Rich Miano to HC. That's just how our AD operates... Matlin loves guys that knows and loves the islands or doesn't mind to staying here more than the pay itself than looking for up and comers.
  6. Lot of teams looking for coaches this year it seems in the MW. Tedford steps down, Tony Sanchez gets fired, Mike Bobo gets fired, Bob Davie gets fired
  7. according to footballscoops as of 5 days ago it sounds like hes done. But don't understand the wait to fire him. Especially cause their season is done https://footballscoop.com/news/update-at-colorado-state-where-change-is-coming/
  8. things definitely changed since the last meeting injuries have hampered the defensive side of the ball, but the defense has played a bit better in recent weeks, Cole and Chevan have been playing labeled as starter and closer for the last few games with either term used interchangeably between the two, receivers still doing their thing but new guys stepped up while others are losing steam, running game has been uplifted by better run blocking and Reed & Holly doing better not turning it over, Rolo & co showed they don't mind playing the long drive run down the clock game if need be, and most of all there will be freezing weather conditions If I was Harsin...I would throw some option into the gameplan. Would catch our defense by surprise and if the last two option teams they played against are any indication, it's very hard for us to stop them.
  9. Now this is surprising. Wow Re-Pete for Boise? when Harsin gets hired away...lol But nah sounds like he may enjoy the less stress of non-coaching
  10. Boise St AFA Hawaii SDSU Wyoming Utah St Nevada SJSU Fresno CSU UNLV New Mexico
  11. Army slices up the Defense with its option...
  12. Reed has taken over that RB1 spot from Holly
  13. Cordeiro down injured after the first down run edit: seems he’s to be walking on it on the sidelines