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  1. Graham definitely seems to know what he wants his offense to look like. A ton of speed (mostly WRs) got added. Even let back on the team Stovall. Definitely opened that Texas pipeline as well will be interesting to see how his implementation of both RnS concept and Air Raid works together. But he’s shown to be pretty successful at having “average” teams at least. If his teams can at least improve a defense that hasn’t been successful in while he can get some good success. Hopefully with the lack of practice sessions the team can get ready by opening
  2. Backing up Tannehill definitely is a good position for him will have a legit shot to make the roster
  3. my company is getting ready to close offices and have us all work from home. Will be interesting...seeing as I have no idea how paperwork will get processed if they have nobody processing it at the mailing location
  4. This will be an interesting time for ESPN/CBS Sports, etc. what are they going to even show? Documentaries? Unless we are going to see more sports like Archery, Bowling, Billiards, etc
  5. youtube...twitch...netflix...hulu...vrv
  6. non-sport events that focus mostly on digital distribution of info/entertainment
  7. China and S. Korea have started seeing a decrease in new cases due to how each of them have been handling the virus (which is different in both cases). Hopefully, its a sign of things to come with the rest of the world.
  8. I think the offseason is here for all programs. Unless schools play in front of empty stands like other countries have done with their sports games. Wonder how this all effects some of our programs that haven't even begin spring training for their football teams...
  9. no march madness...is this the first time its ever been cancelled? this will be an interesting time. At least i have other stuff I can follow
  10. This was known way before this year/today. A series of schedule changes ended up being we play NMSU twice. Wisconsin wanted to change/cancel, Army wanted to change/cancel, etc. Left us looking for a new school when most teams didn't have openings that week.
  11. Rolo couldn't get away from playing Fresno somehow even if at Wazzu
  12. Cole McDonald runs the fastest 40 yard time of this year's QBs. He also placed 1st in the vertical jump
  13. Will be interesting seeing Colorado run the triple option lol
  14. This board is solid. Big West has a board but it's not that active. We are lucky we aren't with most of the other conferences on that csnbb forum