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  1. If somehow Sumlin does end up at UNLV, that’s at least a different hire than a HS Coach (Sanchez) and an Asst Coach (Arroyo). He got let go at Arizona after that 0-5 start and did decent at TAMU. But it would be his first G5 coaching job since Houston
  2. sorry I should have clarified a bit better, but fwiw, Top 4 conference champs still get their byes/top 4 seeds, the rest of the seeds 5-12 are up for grabs between the non-top 4 champs and the ones that got in as an at-large. So even if somehow all 6 of the Conference Champs in a very weird year are ranked behind the schools with at-large bids, the top 4 ranked conference champs still get the 1st round bye and top seeds #1-4, at-large gets the seeds #5-10, and the last 2 champs get #11 and #12.
  3. ESPN displayed an example using this year (they could of course be incorrect on their version), but from what they state the 6 Conference Champs are guaranteed an auto-bid but not automatically given the Top 6 seeds (Only Top 4 champs get seeds #1-4, Champs 5 and 6 do not) based on rankings.
  4. Top 4 seeds get bye's in the first round. Notre Dame highest they can achieve as an Indy is #5 Seed. Which the 8 remaining seeds would play the other non-Top 4 seeds. Notre Dame would be playing the #12 seed in the first Playoff game, then that winner plays the 4th seed in the following game.
  5. Yup can bring his son Bo back onto a coaching staff again. UNLV can for sure use the talents of Bo as OC. Todd still can claim he achieved a bowl status in all but 2 years of coaching whose worst season was at 5-7 while coaching 5 different programs over his 14 HC seasons.
  6. Colorado seems to really want Deion. Offering $5m+ to land the guy. Hopefully it works out well for both. We will find out either post-game Saturday/Sunday most likely
  7. Hawaii has had a .500 or better season in 4 of the last 7 years (losing records of Rolo's 3-9 2017, Graham's 6-7 2021 and Timmy's 3-10 2022) that includes a 2019 CG appearance since we dealt with Chow. Since JJ's first year in 1999 the Hawaii program has had a 158-153 record that includes the 4 seasons (3-9, 1-11. 4-9, 3-10) of Chow ball. If only we went through with the Koetter hiring instead of Chow back in 2012...
  8. Tom Herman just got named the FAU coach https://www.si.com/college/texas/football/texas-longhorns-tom-herman-coach-hire-florida-atlantic-owls-conference-usa
  9. While this probably hurts the use of the non-playoff bowl games that feels like would be relegated to something similar to the pay-in post-season basketball tournaments (CIT, CBI, etc.). It's nice to see expansion of the system to something more even footing for everyone in FBS (besides NLI deals, TV deals, and conference "prestige").
  10. Is it possible for Arroyo just to volunteer (non-paid) at other programs while collecting his 2 years of buyout money. Especially if he fails to find another job at a school willing to pay him north of $1m annually might as well enjoy a tiny vacation until that point.
  11. I feel like his time has passed, but June Jones doesn't get enough credit for what he was able to do at SMU. It's not like SMU was doing anything for a number of years prior to his arrival and had mustered just two .500 seasons or better over the span of 1987-2007. He was the only coach that SMU had at the time since the death penalty to get them to a bowl game 4 straight seasons and win 3 of the 4, with records of .500 or better in 4 of 7 seasons. 2008: (1-11) 2009: (8-5) - Hawaii Bowl Win 2010: (7-7) - Armed Forces Loss 2011: (8-5) - BVCA Compass Bowl Win 2012 (7-6) - Hawaii Bowl Win 2013: (5-7) 2014: (0-2) stepped down after
  12. For Hawaii, although I want Timmy to shake up his coaching staff, such as Shoemaker getting the shoe and bringing in a guy like former longtime Hawaii-player/coach Brian Smith (Ohio-Passing Coordinator) or a guy like Craig Stutzmann (Utah Tech-OC). Both who are offensive-minded coaches to help get some excitement back on Offense again, that both are RnS coaches. Timmy feels like too much of a good person to do something like that. But a 3-10 season definitely should call for some changes somewhere no matter what they've had to go through when taking over the prior regime
  13. came true in the end in the unexpected way to the season that started off 4-1
  14. Many Hawaii fans felt it was going to be a bad year and a long rebuild after the Graham debacle and hiring a coach a week prior to NLI day. So if you lost to us when we were replacing more than half our team that means you're either dealing with replacing half your team yourselves or your team is bad/lower division
  15. wow that is a surprising turn. On the brink of a bowl game for the for one of the few times in the last couple decades and gets bought out. Thought he was doing enough to turn it around. Especially with the buyout they had
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