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  1. ShoichiKUN808

    Tell me your Good Bad Ugly for your team after OOC

    For Hawaii: Good - The RnS Offense still can do damage. Byrd, Ward and Ursua showing their stuff along with McDonald being a surprise. Bad - Opponents are gathering film on how to Defend the RnS. Either with good pass rush or with a 3 man front leaving the other 8 to defend the 4 receivers. Rice, Army and even Duquesne have been using it to some success. Still issues with the Offense and ways to attack the Defenses being shown. Ugly - Our Defense allows through too many big plays and Passing Defense has been way below average.
  2. ShoichiKUN808

    duquesne @ hawaii

    We are likely nearing the total amount of turnovers of the prior 4 games in just in the first quarter....
  3. ShoichiKUN808

    Redbirds @ Rams

    Was that a joke? wrong Illinois school...
  4. ShoichiKUN808

    Fire Colorado State

    The border war is looking like a great matchup. going from a decent team the year prior to this...
  5. ShoichiKUN808

    hawaii @ army

    Cole should have run it. Had a wide open lane to the 1st. deserved to lose for how we played most of the game. Offense was never really in sync for a majority of the game. Wide open guys being overthrown or dropping balls, Defense letting huge conversions and plays. Credit to Army and their Defense. Duquesne and @SJSU coming up. Two games that will help us get back in sync and work on things. So at least we “should” be 5-1 come October.
  6. ShoichiKUN808

    hawaii @ army

    Our secondary will be targeted all season. Army has something Navy didn’t, a good passing QB. Everyone will do what Army and Rice did...drop 8 against our Offense. That has been the way to stop the RnS.
  7. ShoichiKUN808

    hawaii @ army

    Expecting to lose this game. McDonald and the Offense needs to do a complete u turn to even win this. McDonald has had a horrible game even when he throws to open receivers. at least Duquesne is next week to get things back in order hopefully. The loss will also bring back the team from any reality of Top 25 and being big headed.
  8. ShoichiKUN808

    hawaii @ army

    Home field cooking on that spot.
  9. ShoichiKUN808

    hawaii @ army

    McDonald is misfiring all game outside of the 1st drive...receivers failing to catch the catchable balls...both huge factors in the RnS.
  10. ShoichiKUN808

    hawaii @ army

    The penalty helped the Defense immensely
  11. ShoichiKUN808

    hawaii @ army

    McDonald seemed off in the first half, many passes were going high/out of reach. Hopefully he returns back to form next half.
  12. ShoichiKUN808

    hawaii @ army

    The freezing the kicker play worked
  13. ShoichiKUN808

    hawaii @ army

    Team needs to regroup at half. Offense still not running smooth, and Defense giving up too many big plays.
  14. ShoichiKUN808

    hawaii @ army

    All Defense has to do is hold them when it’s third and long...every time outside of first series it’s a huge third down that’s given up
  15. ShoichiKUN808

    hawaii @ army