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  1. Cole revealed he was suffering from internal bleeding after the SJSU game (it was a hidden injury from even the public) that kept him off the feet for most of the week for Wyoming, said he was playing injured most of the year and as he stated... https://247sports.com/Article/Cole-McDonald-Hawaii-quarterback-gruesome-injury-2018-133476479/ We will see just how improved he plays this year as he is deemed healthy and still has a plethora of talented receivers to throw to. But pretty sure if he puts up bad showings fans will turn on him pretty fast for Cordeiro or one of the true freshman. Reports are saying he(Cole) is looking solid from spring to fall camp though.
  2. one of the "big backs" that June Jones liked to use to keep the Defense off balance and be like another OL in the backfield to protect the QB. That was West Keliikipi in the clip who was 6'0 280. Others like David Farmer, Reagan Mauia, Nate Ilaoa (was the 'smallest' of those type of backs) and others were the big bruising backs during his tenure. https://hawaiiathletics.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=7292
  3. Hawaii's Depth Chart Revealed (Page 10 Link)
  4. There will be a ceremony with family of Dick Tomey taking the field. Along with a dinner that is planned for honoring Dick Tomey that was either this past week or sometime this week.
  5. We still going to be RnS next year. Rolo said he’s designed plays to work against the 8 man Defense that we seen played against us as the year went on which was the big thing that McDonald struggled against. Along with saying he is implementing more plays to throw to the RB.
  6. The Rams made it all LA Rams feeling. Jumbotron was playing Rams stuff, stadium had “Los Angeles Rams in Hawaii” plastered around the stadium. Rams cheerleaders made it down and did their routines at halftime, etc. They played up former Hawaii/Rams player Pisa Tinoisamoa during the week. The least they could have done was have a few of their big starters play a series or two like Dallas.
  7. I can see Sanchez and Davie. I think Brennan gets at least another year or two.
  8. Barely ever use FB nowadays, it’s all IG with a small bit of Twitter. Glad that Hawaii has Spectrum to rely on.
  9. Most Hawaii fans would be okay with a smaller stadium. But some like myself thought the capacity would be around the 40k range. During the JJ and Mack years, I don't remember seeing a game less than 30k in the stands and we would average around the mid-upper 30k mark, with few big opponents bringing in 40-50k. The conceptual projected plan for the new stadium per what the Stadium Authority accepted by the consulting firm Foley and Lardner a few years ago does call for temporary seating up to 40k. But the provision to do permanent expansion doesn't seem as easy unless they close the area by the jumbotron (it has a pool though...) Link to Conceptual Redevelopment Report
  10. Yup, unfortunately the Chow effect will have a lasting effect on the program. It was his effect on attendance that our new stadium will only have a capacity of 35k. The architect the Stadium Authority hired ended up coincidentally using the more recent years data from the years Chow was coach as well as Rolo's first season here as to why they decided on 35k rather than more capacity. If they had used a larger sample size of 80's,90's,00's, etc. they would have seen it is more an anomaly than the norm for the program. We are stuck with building a 35k capacity stadium because of Chow. He is Von Appen level if not worse with regards to program destroying for many Hawaii fans.
  11. Chow Era did us in. After that 1-11 2013 year...we basically went from average 30-40k with occasional 40k+ games, to averaging 20-30k with the occasional <20k game... Rolo still has work to do with the attendance front. If only our AD at the time Ben Jay had fired Chow that season instead of continuing to believe in the guy for another 2 years.
  12. Hawaii isn't taking any TV money from the conference. We are giving away our share of that tv money to other schools because they complained we would double-dip like our time in the WAC since our Tier3 deal is lucrative for us. We had two options upon accepting the invite, pool our Tier 3 deal with Roots,etc. and participate in the tv contract, or keep our Tier3 deal but won't participate in the contract until other members catch up where we then get equal to the average everyone else gets, we chose the one more beneficial to the program. We don't even participate in that "extra" revenue that is given to schools that appear on National TV. The only money we get from the conference is the CFP revenue that is divided as part of being a member of the conference (only considering the FB part of that membership). The school is essentially an Indy school with a MW tag that can compete for the MWCG and gets a scheduling alliance along with that. We'd probably try to do the same thing if we went the way of an indy school. Since we already have an automatic bowl tie-in. The MW gets a bowl tie-in for their member schools, more tv money that includes Hawaii's share that came from the Division/MWCG creation along with travel subsidies that schools have taken advantage of (there are reports of some schools being talked to about not using the charter flights that were part of the travel subs and instead pocketing the extra revenue), in addition to 'Week 0'
  13. The program has no requirement to becoming a coach. The school only has a preference of the candidate either coaching or playing for the program but that’s not that important. Coaches have gotten in or nearly were in otherwise. We would have had Koetter instead of Chow if it wasn’t for his controversial past and our President/BOR having an issue with it when our AD pushed him through to get hired. Our current AD looks for coaches that will be dedicated to the program and has a love and knows the islands.
  14. Hawai'i isn't getting booted. The conference needs bowl games and members actually get more money from the tv deal because our portion of that deal is shared with the rest of the schools (at least until everyone not named Boise can catch up to our own deal). Since other schools in the MW complained that we would be "double-dipping" like we did through our time in the WAC and we didn't agree to the terms of pooling our Spectrum revenue with Roots, etc. to be shared to everyone at the time of joining.
  15. At least for Hawaii, we seem to be still sticking to our same deal with the MW. Per latest reports regarding the new deal. We will keep our $2.3m~ per year deal with Spectrum (up for renewal next year). We will still lose out on the conference tv money like currently occurs until the MW average per team matches/makes above what we make from our deal. We then will be able to take part of that extra revenue.