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  1. mundyc3

    Fire Sanchez

    I am finally 100% in on the fire Sanchez bandwagon. That was inexcusable.
  2. mundyc3

    Raiders say Sam Boyd is Beneath Them

    San Diego or San Antonio should be the only other options in my opinion.
  3. mundyc3

    UNLV recruiting

    Arizona it is.
  4. mundyc3

    Sphere Las Vegas

    This venue will deal with different promoters than T-Mobile Arena. It shouldn't be stealing many acts away, just adding to what already comes to Vegas.
  5. mundyc3

    Smart marketing by UNLV

    Knights home games on two of the days. Makes sense to try and get everyone else.
  6. mundyc3

    McCoy goes undrafted

    When you see Menzies history of developing bigs, yes none of this is on him. He is a frustrating player.
  7. mundyc3

    McCoy goes undrafted

    McCoy didn't work hard and had no idea how to play defense. None of this is on Menzies.
  8. mundyc3

    2018 NBA Draft

    No McCoy. What a joke.
  9. mundyc3

    MLB in Vegas?

    MLB would work best Blue Diamond / Las Vegas Blvd, so much land and easy access plus close enough to the strip.
  10. mundyc3

    MLB in Vegas?

    Arizona is retractable roof which any stadium here I expect to be.
  11. mundyc3

    MLB in Vegas?

    I feel they will brand it for Summerlin and still play.
  12. mundyc3

    OT: Vegas Golden Knights & NHL Playoffs Thread

    Just setting the story up for a true Cinderella finish.
  13. mundyc3

    UNLV recruiting

  14. mundyc3

    OT: Vegas Golden Knights & NHL Playoffs Thread

    Nice of you to cheer for the Knights. Lol
  15. mundyc3

    OT: Vegas Golden Knights & NHL Playoffs Thread

    Going to the game in LA tomorrow.