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  1. Poor thread. We actually like this coach. UNLV has done much better than expected and you can see clear progress. Unlike other years where we think next year is hopeful, I fully except this team to be very good under Coach Otz.
  2. Even though we lost, I walked out of that arena a proud Rebel. I haven't seen this effort or a team as well coached since the Kruger days. Rice had an inability to communicate and Menzies seemed to accept mediocrity. With TJ, it feels he fights every minute to make his players better every game. Some guys of course take longer to get the message, but they fight hard for each other and their coach. Man I am excited for the future.
  3. Kobe was a main reason of why I am such a huge sports fan. His determination and self-criticism to be the best was unparalleled. I watched the NBA because of my enjoyment of seeing him almost perform magic on the court. Countless games you would watch and think that there is no way Kobe will let the Lakers lose the game. From the love I had for basketball it helped me learn to love other sports I hadn't previously. Thank you Kobe, you were my childhood legend. RIP
  4. Should give the $750m back if UNLV can't play there.
  5. Jesus Christ is this the Boise network? I have been listening a tiny bit and only time I hear about the Rebels is when they say the score.
  6. I'll credit the 28-12 run on me missing those first 5 minutes being down 8-0. Haha
  7. By a large margin. Menzies openly wanted to play an antiquated form of basketball that is not successful in mid-major or higher college basketball. TJO is just adjusting to his team in front of him and is not playing to his style of basketball. His team has been somewhat competitive in every game with exception to this one. I feel he commands a room much better than Menzies did.
  8. Man people are overreacting to this game. Saying Menzies is better and TJO is a bad hire. First season with a bunch of slow players that can't shoot play a team that shot the lights out and got hosed. Relax. This team wasn't supposed to be good and they still are 1-0 where it matters.
  9. I really expected to see Vitaliy Shibel take Dembele's limited minutes. I was disappointed.
  10. Well not the way I wanted to wake up in Germany.
  11. mundyc3

    UNLV hoops

    I am in Denmark right now but I am so happy to be back on the MWC board to actually be excited for my team. Menzies played a very boring brand of basketball that doesn't translate today. Otz seems to have these kids with the right mentality. See how it works with real teams.
  12. It's all about 2021. Stocking assets to make a big splash with pre-expansion draft trades as Vegas is the only team exempt. Ya Gusev would have been nice but trading away other big guys to sign him for two years when he will likely bolt in free agency is a hard sell. You can try to trade Reaves and Holden, but you'd have to trade early round picks to get that done. This isn't a trade for today, it is only about keeping the ball rolling 2021 and beyond. Do I think it is a good trade? No absolutely not, but Gusev had them in a chokehold that he would return to the KHL if his salary wasn't met. At the end of the day, $4.5m AAV is a whole lot.
  13. Tillman is a Rebel. https://lasvegassun.com/news/2019/jul/29/utahs-tillman-transferring-to-unlv-basketball/
  14. Wish he was reclassifying but I guess still room for a grad transfer.