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  1. mundyc3

    New Mexico at UNLV

    So the biggest concerns going into this season is now one of top attributes in 3pt shooting?
  2. mundyc3

    New Mexico at UNLV

    I feel like Woodbury is stealing back minutes from Hamilton.
  3. mundyc3

    New Mexico at UNLV

    Would love to go but can't find anyone that wants to pay the price to go to a UNLV to be surrounded by empty seats.
  4. mundyc3

    New Mexico at UNLV

    How did the Lobo's get a future picture of our attendance?
  5. mundyc3

    UNLV at Air Force

    What is it 39 points from three so far for the Rebels?
  6. mundyc3

    UNLV at Air Force

    Not having a big man sucks.
  7. mundyc3

    Ok which MLB team is coming to Vegas?

    Angels might be the team. They declined the option on their lease and they've said publicly that they want a new stadium whether is it in SoCal or elsewhere.
  8. mundyc3

    DRF Interview

    Thought this was going to be a discussion of the context of the interview... I was wrong.
  9. mundyc3

    UNLV at New Mexico

    Why the hell is Blair, Coleman, and Coupet getting minutes over Woodbury?
  10. mundyc3

    UNLV at New Mexico

    Was at the Knights game so only saw the last three minutes. Proud of the Rebels being able to close out a game.
  11. mundyc3

    UNLV at New Mexico

    Knight time but after I'll probably catch the rest at NYNY
  12. mundyc3

    New Hot Seat List?

    Underachieving bunch for the Rebels is a stretch. Problems are more about off the court than on it. Menzies teams always compete very hard and hardly ever look out of a game. But it is about money and putting butts in seats.
  13. mundyc3

    Wyoming at UNLV

    Wtf is Coleman doing in the game.
  14. mundyc3

    Wyoming at UNLV

    Ntambwe is our best player by a large margin. Still don't get why Trey doesn't play more. Team looks better with him on the court.
  15. mundyc3

    Wyoming at UNLV