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  1. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    Because we've been paying attention and have an understanding of the situation that am outsider wouldn't. Both initiatives failing is far from a "nightmare" scenario. It can be argued it would actually be preferable to both initiatives. If both initiatives fail in order for the land to be sold it would have to be designated surplus land. Once it is designated surplus land the city charter has already established who gets first crack at the land. SDSU would be number two behind government agencies responsible for low income housing. It won't cost SDSU $7M to run that stadium as a majority of that $7M figure is for the city employees that run the place's salaries/bonuses/pensions. The actual cost to keep it running is closer to $2.5M last I looked into it. That's why SDSU fan isn't too worried. The worst case scenario right now is playing second fiddle to a small time league in a too small stadium surrounded by a bunch of condos. While that would suck it wouldn't be the end of the world.
  2. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    No, he's a different kind of nuts. Let him lash out while he can. Soccer City is dead in the water. You know it. I know it. He knows it. Hell, even Citizen Landon knows it. Why the he'll else would he come out of retirement to play in Mexico during what is the most pivotal time of the process?
  3. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    Lmfao, the city attorney stated the exact opposite. Pardon me if I take her legal advice on the issue over some message board soccer honk. Yes, they were negotiating on building a stadium. Not developing the entire property. Seriously. Keep up.
  4. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    What color is the sky in your world?
  5. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    Not when it's etched in the stone of the initiative genius. FFS. For somebody who portends to be so intelligent on the subject you're pretty effing clueless.
  6. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    Curb stomping indeed...
  7. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    That space is designated by the initiative to become condos if the NFL decides not to show dipshit. I figured a mensa like you would know that...
  8. Tamale Season...

    Wife made about eight dozen last week. I think we have a dozen or two left...
  9. White Supremecists and Police

    Just look at this thread...
  10. White Supremecists and Police

    Scumbag broke into my neighbors house. Mother in law heard the commotion. I told her to call the police and I went and unlocked my shotgun and went outside because she thought it was our house he was breaking into. I scared the shit out of the guy and he took off running. The police arrived a minute or two after I got outside and caught and arrested the POS. Sounds like you need to move somewhere where there's an actual police force and decent DA and not a Barney Fife running the show...
  11. White Supremecists and Police

    Lol, sounds like you should be more angry with your local DA. You realize the police don't prosecute people right?
  12. White Supremecists and Police

    Lol, more perception is reality...if anything LEOs are punished more severly for breaking the law and rightly so.
  13. White Supremecists and Police

    That's because you're a fuktard.
  14. White Supremecists and Police

    The difference is rap music glorifying what was going down in LA during the Rampart days and that leading to the everyday suburban kid growing up with that perception of LEOs. Perception is reality...except it isn't.