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  1. I'll be at Harrah's if any of you fools want to meet in the parking lot to throw down.
  2. Irony bruh. I know it's hard for you to grasp so I'll break it down for you. If they just wanted Boise's home games, why didnt they just buy Boise's home games? They wanted MWC games. Boise wanted their games excluded from CBSSN. Fox doesn't give a shit which MWC teams it broadcasts. It just wants the best matchups it can get.
  3. The scene tomorrow is going to be insane.
  4. Not when it comes to tourney credits. That's real money. Not imaginary Boise value.
  5. Which one? That guarantee is Boise's doing, not the network's.
  6. Yup, it's a little better under the new deal but is still pretty restrictive
  7. I believe that's exactly what they're doing dipshit. He's essentially saying equal revenue sharing is optimal but if you donkey +++++s want to keep these shenanigans going we're going to keep our tourney credits...
  8. Nah, we love the MWC now. It's the greatest conference ever. The perfect conference. Let me tell you.
  9. Bitch slapped into reversing themselves? Do you think it would be smart to have a legal battle this close to the beginning of a new deal? It starts this year. If the MWC was bitch slapped on the end of the special deal in six years what do you call what happened to Boise's demand for more money?
  10. Lol, Boise said they should get a pay increase in proportion with the TV deal increase. The MWC voted to remove their 1.8 million bonus in six years and shoved that up Boise's asses. Boise agreed to exactly what the MWC wanted in the end dummy.
  11. You sound like an arrogant Boise State fan.
  12. Yes they did dummy. The MWC planned to give Boise the extra 1.8 for this contract anyway. So Boise went from wanting a proportionate increase in money to agreeing to the 1.8 that the MWC already agreed to give them. A lot can happen in six years. You're a fool if you think they won't revisit this before the next contract.
  13. Not really. That vote was for an action six years from now. They can vote again before the next contract and we'll be right here again in six years.