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  1. Ahhhhh, NCC, you may wish to consider that you are being played.
  2. The subject isn’t about how many natties Gonzaga has won. It’s whether or not being in the MWC would have toughened them up to better be prepared to win a national championship. It wouldn’t have. The Bulldogs are doing just fine where they are.
  3. Participation ribbons indeed. Please give me the value of those ribbons. Since 1999 Gonzaga has earned 58 NCAA basketball units totaling $88.5 million. One unit is accorded for each NCAA game, up to a maximum of 5 units/year. Over the same period the MWC teams (including their tenures in different conferences) have earned 70 units totaling $97.6 million. I believe that in 3 more years Gonzaga will have exceeded the whole of the MWC in both NCAA units and earnings. FWIW, this is the tally on MWC teams: USU: 11 units (not including 2020) ($15,522,000) SDS: 16 units ($23,658
  4. You have a good point. But back to the premise of Gonzaga joining the MWC to toughen themselves up for March Madness — Wisconsin, Ohio St., Michigan, LSU, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Georgetown, Syracuse and Florida should probably do likewise.
  5. Here’s Villanova’s resume over the same 23 years as Gonzaga: NCAA appearances: 16 Sweet 16: 7 Elite 8: 4 Final 4: 3 Finals: w2 Championships: 2 Villanova has more natties but I’d still give Gonzaga a slight nod for its more impressive body of work.
  6. And yours is an uninformed statement. Gonzaga is a perennial force in the NCAA tourney. Butler is not. You may say that Gonzaga is a poor man’s Duke (or Kentucky, or Kansas, or North Carolina or Michigan St) — but there is no other team that has come close to Gonzaga’s tournament success in the last 23 years.
  7. Here is my response from the Aggie board” “Well it prepared them enough to win 5 games in the tourney this year. I thought I’d compare Gonzaga’s NCAA tournament success with the seven “Blue Blood” basketball programs since 1999, when Gonzaga first went to the NCAA tourney.Appearances: 22Sweet 16: 11Elite 8: 5Final Four: 2Finals: 2Championships: 0In the same period this is Duke’s record:Appearances: 21Sweet 16: 16Elite 8: 8Final 4: 5Finals: 4Championships: 3In the same period this is Kentucky’s record:Appearances: 19Sweet 16: 13Elite 8: 10Final 4: 4Finals: 2Championships: 1In the sa
  8. In response to the same comment on the Aggie board I did some research. Since 1999 only Kentucky, Michigan St., North Carolina, Duke and Kansas have had more overall success than Gonzaga. The WCC is no impediment to the Bulldogs.
  9. Each NCAA basketball credit is worth about $285,000 in 2021. If both USU and CSU join SDS in the tourney Wyoming’s share will be $57,000 even if neither team wins a game. Feel free to advise your athletic department to refuse the payment if the Aggies and the Rams get into the tourney.
  10. If you think things are bad under Rice then hire Duryea. Afterwards you’ll gain an appreciation for Rice.
  11. Apparently the 3-ball is unnecessary against UNR.
  12. The Pack is certainly capable of winning this game. But I wouldn’t bet on the Aggies repeating its performance of scoring only 3 baskets the last 15 minutes of the game.
  13. There is some deference due the Ags for them being the 2-time defending champions, don’t you think?😀
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