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  1. utaggies

    Air Force vs Utah State

    What about Bob? (He’s probably never heard that one before)
  2. utaggies

    USU @ FSU

    It’s more than Queta. The team is clicking as a unit. The ball movement is amazing. There are 4 guys that can take the 3-pointer. Miller, a RS freshman, is coming into form after last year’s injury which gave him his freshman year back. Merrill is having to play PG as the cupboard there was empty after Koby’s departure. But players are not standing around watching Koby try to do amazing things. Merrill is still the go-to guy bit defenses can’t key on him entirely because of Queta and our other outside shooters. USU leads the league in FG%, adjusted FG%, rebounds, assists, blocked shots, FT%, is 3rd in steals and is 2nd in A/TO. Not all of those stats are because of Queta — although he has something to do with us leading the league in blocked shots. 😉
  3. utaggies

    USU @ FSU

    I don’t think it’s a matter of hating USU. Last year we finished tied for 7/8 place in the conference and lost our best player (and 3 of our top 7 players with Isby leaving and Dargenton’s graduation) and we fired our coach. We had essentially the same team coming back (with the exception of Miller coming back from his injury), a new coach and system, and a newcomer in Queta that no one really knew anything about. There was nobody that saw this season coming. Me included. Queta has become all-world, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and Coach Smith has instilled confidence and enthusiasm in this team. And this team is getting better as the season progresses.
  4. utaggies

    MWC 2nd Act Starts This Week

    I’d say USU is doing considerably better than its predicted 9th place finish.
  5. utaggies

    Fresno State Wrestling knocks off #11 Wyoming

    There are 76 D1 wrestling programs in the country. That’s essentially the same number that sponsor D1 lacrosse, hockey and rugby teams. There are only a few less schools that sponsor D1 bowling than wrestling. Soccer, track/field, swimming, volleyball, softball, baseball and tennis are sponsored at the D1 level much more than wrestling. While wrestling holds no interest to me, clearly for Wyoming fans it is a “thing”.
  6. I have the same comment to you that I had for the Wyoming dude. How was the attendance at the AFA’s bowl game this year?
  7. Perhaps you did’t catch the part of the OP which was about viewership not attendance. I don’t know how many tickets were purchased by USU fans. Do you? But whatever that number was I am confident it would have been larger had we not lost nearly our entire football staff to Texas Tech the week before our bowl game was announced. Regardless, USU and Wyoming have played in two New Mexico bowls each. The average attendance in the games Wyoming played in is 25,330. In the two games USU played in the average attendance is 27,056. Game. Set. Point. As to the TV ratings, perhaps they would have been better had the game not started 30 minutes late due to the Kansas b-ball running over, or had the game not been over well before halftime or had the game not had a 2:00 ET start on a Saturday before Christmas. I don’t know. There are lots of factors that go into all of these things. What I do know is that we got a nice trophy for the biggest blowout in the history of the NM Bowl.
  8. And that was dozens more than the Wyoming fans that traveled to its bowl game.
  9. utaggies

    Rank um basketball

    Not that there is pretty funny!
  10. utaggies

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    You are living in an alternative universe, Skippy. But then BYU IS an alternative universe. Now run along back to your bubble while the adults here derermine if anyone wants to extend an invitation to BYU to rejoin the MWC. We’ll whistle for you to come if we need you.
  11. utaggies

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    SDS’ results were pretty pedestrian this year. The Massey composite has them at #74, which is below the average FBS team. That does not scream “they can beat anyone” to me. More like, “they can lose to anyone”, which they proved in a couple of instances. If BYU portrays a similarly nasty demeanor as you towards USU, the Cougars may bery well fall short of the 75% of the votes necessary for the inclusion of new members to the conference. You’ve clearly lost Wyoming’s vote already and are working towards losing USU’s. In spite of you trying to curry favor from BSU, Nevada, SDS and FSU, you cannot afford to lose another vote. Three MWC schools voting thumbs down to BYU continues you down the long path of independent mediocrity for some time with the likes of peer institutions like Liberty, New Mexico State and UMass.
  12. utaggies

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    I hear this argument a lot: “USU was lucky that it didn’t have to play Fresno St. or SDS.” There is no question that Fresno St. was very good this year. But I believe the Aggies would have given them a game of it. But SDS? What are we to surmise from their home losses to UNLV and Hawaii and a very close shave win at home against SJS? USU beat all three of those teams by an average score of 59-23 —- and the games were not as close as the scores would indicate what with USU scoring all of 13 points in the 4th quarters of the combined games. I apparently missed the part where jackmormon says that USU is now an elite power. I did read where he says that USU’s record against BYU since joining the MWC is respectable now that the 2 for 1s and 3 for 1s in BYU’s favor have been done away with. And it’s likely to get much worse for the Zoobies going forward. You should be nice to the Aggies. BYU is going to need our vote when it applies for MWC admission.
  13. utaggies

    Boise St basketball is doo doo.

    Any USU fan could have told you that it was a mistake in hiring Tim Duryea to be an assistant coach. And like overnight all of his bad juju left USU and was transferred to Boise St. The results are stark on both sides. We lose our best player from last year and are still light years of where we were. The Duryea effect is kinda like that Venom dude infecting the body of an unsuspecting host. He takes over and nothing thereafter is controlable. It’s out of your hands now until he is excisded and infects another program. You guys just didn’t know what you were in for.
  14. I gotta say that I viewed NMS as more of a rival than Nevada. Probably because we were together in a conference longer and because our fan bases got into it quite a bit. Reggie Theus added quite a bit to the equation, too.