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  1. Game. Set. Match.
  2. Utaggies approves of this post.
  3. There are more than a few Aggie fans that came to that same conclusion a while back about her. Talk about burning your bridges.
  4. Thanks for your opinion. As always, I’ll take it into account.
  5. The web has a copy of Musselman’s original 2015 contract which I downloaded and reviewed. Performance incentives were lower in the original contract, had a lower cap ($120,000) and were tied to the APR. The attendance incentive aspect was completely separate from the performance incentives. It, too, was capped ($500,000) but was not tied to the APR. If the 2017 re-work of his contract follows the format of his original contract my speculation would be confirmed that Musselman’s performance incentives are capped (at $300,000) and are separate from his attendance incentive.
  6. You are wrong in your judgement — again. I don’t have a copy of EM’s contract. Do you? What I do know of it is what I read in Murray’s article on the provisions of the contract. I posted the link previously. You thought my info may have been made up. I doubt you even opened the links to view the info sources or you wouldn’t have made such a uninformed statement. Here’s what Murray’s article stated about a $300,000 cap on his performance bonuses: “Of note: Musselman is only eligible for the championship, coach of the year, NCAA Tournament and NIT bonuses if his program has meets the NCAA’s single-season Academic Progress Report requirement. The maximum in money earned for performance bonuses is $300,000 per season. If Musselman leaves Nevada for another job before May 1 following an academic season, he would forfeit all performance bonuses.” As I also posted I don’t believe the attendance incentive “bonus” is included in the “performance” bonuses cap. Nor do I think the attendance incentive is limited by Nevada’s APR as the performance bonuses clearly are. I say this because of the way the article framed the APR matter referencing only COTY, NCAA/NIT tournament, and championship bonuses BUT NOT THE ATTENDANCE BONUS, when he invoked the term “performance bonuses” and identified the cap. I could be wrong on that (as I admitted previously) but don’t think I am. I’d need to see the actual contract to know for sure. Even with your new understanding of a $300,000 cap on performance bonuses, which you feel also includes the attendance incentive, you jump to the conclusion that his 2019 salary is $1.3 million. You continually fail to explain why that is and how the attendance incentive resulted in $280,000 more in EM’s pocket above his $1 million base salary and the $20,000 that he earned for a co-championship and NCAA bid. Are you finally prepared to explain that or will you continue to dig a hole and throw the dirt over yorself?
  7. Actually I have aquite a few hobbies and do get out a lot. I had a great day skiing today and read some of the responses from your homies while on the chairlift. But please tell me you’ve got a better response to Mussleman’s purported $1.5 million salary than this.
  8. https://www.rgj.com/story/sports/college/nevada/2017/05/10/musselmans-deal-worth-1m-year-over-five-seasons/101517302/ I doubt that EM’s attendance bonus is considered a “performance” bonus. I could be wrong, but it would seem “performance” relates to NCAA/NIT wins, conference championships, and the coach-of-the-year accolade. If he hit all his marks in that regard he would max out at $300,000 anyway: COTY = $10,000 Regular season champion: $10,000 Conference champion: $10,000 appear in the NCAA tourney: $10,000 6 rounds at the NCAA tourney: $60,000 Final 4: $100,000 NCAA Championship: $100,000 Total = $300,000 Regardless, you are still saying he made $280,000 this year on his attendance bonus. Show me the math.
  9. Why is math so difficult for some of you Nevada fans? Here are the numbers. I have no clue which orifice you pulled yours from. So tag, you’re it. Now you provide the data that supports your contention that EM made $1.5 million this year. You can skip the incentives for anything other than attendance because I don’t believe there is any disputing that he only qualified for $20,000 of those. For 2018-19 EM received $10,000 for Nevada being the MWC co-champion and $10,000 for playing one round in the NCAA tournament. His base salary was $1,000,000. $1,500,000 (what you stated he made) - $1,000,000 (base salary) - $20,000 (incentives) = $480,000 (what would need to be made up from revenues associated with his attendance clause. Attendance clause: EM will receive 25% of any ticket revenues that exceed $1,431,000. $480,000 x 4 = $1,920,000 (the increase amount of ticket sales above $1,431,000 for EM to reach a pay check of $1.5 million in 2018-19 The ticket sales to achieve this would then = $1,920,000 + $1,431,000 = $3,351,000 Ticket sales in FY2018 (ending June 30, 2018) = $1,398,609 (from UNR’s annual report) % increase in revenues from FY18 to FY19 necessary to achieve $3,351,000 = $3,351,000/$1,398,609 = 240% increase Nevada’s increase in attendance from 2017-18 to 2018-19 seasons: 10,852 x 15 games (I extrapolated from the figure given in an RGI article, but which was written with one game remaining) = 162,780 (2019) 135,725 (2018) Increase = 162,780 - 135,725 = 27,055 The takeaway? I don’t know what EM’s final 2019 salary is because Nevada’s ticket revenue info for the past season hasn’t been released yet. But I am comfortable in saying what his salary isn’t. And it isn’t $1.5 million because that would mean Nevada increased its ticket revenue by 340% this past year. And that certainly didn’t happen, even with increased attendance and ticket prices.
  10. So, you don’t have data yet state that EM makes $1.5 million/year, because you’ve looked at ticket revenues. I provide you data and I’m the one off base. ???? Now there’s some great logic. Do you need me to also do the math for you?
  11. No he broke my fire extinguisher. I provided my data, now you provide yours.
  12. If you are going to post bad information don’t be surprised if someone calls you on it.
  13. You are kidding, right? The attendance figures are from the newspaper and include historical info. The revenues are as reported by UNR in their annual report. The contract details are well known and can be found in numerous locations on the internet. You may have heard about it.
  14. I looked at the most recent data. https://nshe.nevada.edu/wp-content/uploads/file/BoardOfRegents/Agendas/2018/nov-mtgs/bor2930-refs/BOR-15c.pdf https://nevadawolfpack.com/news/2019/2/27/mens-basketball-wolf-pack-shatters-lawlor-attendance-record.aspx https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.rgj.com/amp/101517302