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  1. utaggies

    Grand Canyon University expansion

    Yeah, UVU is coming up in the world. Before you know it they'll be stealing BYU coaches. BTW, how is the Cougars' recruiting going in replacing its rugby coaches?
  2. No, it would have been the Boston sportswriters. They carried on a war with each other for nearly 20 years.
  3. utaggies

    USU hires Craig Smith

    Word is that what got Duryea fired is that he only beat BSU two of the three times they played.
  4. It appears that Stunner is the only one that understands that the MWC bylaws would need to be changed in order to jettison SJS or anyone else. There would need to be "cause" not simply poor showings in their sports teams for them to be "kicked out". But, there is always the airport option where MWC teams instead move away from SJS instead of trying to force SJS to move away from them.
  5. utaggies

    Utah State Fires Duryea

    This is not surprising at all. We lost to 3 in-state schools, gave SJS its only win of the year, were 3-3 against the three worst teams in the conference, were predicted to finish 8th in the conference and finished tied for 7th/8th, had a losing record over the last three years, lost to Big Sky teams and we were losing fans. The hire three years ago was widely seen as disappointing when the $100,000 "national search" determined that Stew's successor had been sitting next to him on the bench for years. Someone far removed from the program now needs to be hired. I hope we can keep Sam and Kobe. There will be many sharks in the water around them.
  6. utaggies

    Bracketology Today is the Day

    For a brief time ESPN’s bracket showed New Mexico, not New Mexico St., versus Clemson in a 12/5 match up. Clicking on the “NM” link even took me to the Lobos’ ESPN website. They must have discovered the error quickly because it has now been corrected. But for a while we had 3 MWC teams in the tourney!
  7. utaggies

    Malik Pope Paid - NCAA Probe

    If only teams which have produced a 1st (or 2nd, or 3rd or 15th) round draft choice in the last three years should be worried, I think my school is safe. If, however, this guy made any loans to walk-ons who now start, we will be in BIG trouble!
  8. utaggies

    Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Duryea in serious trouble? Only due to his coaching abilities. He was not a popular pick to replace Stew and his record has bourne that out. But considering USU's injuries this season and the fact that USU has done a bit better than predicted (thanks Fresno St.!) he will likely be given next year to see if he can raise his game — meaning a top 3 finish in the league. If not, he'll not have his contract renewed and will be bought out of his 5th year.
  9. I didn't take it as a dig at all. And you are absolutely right, the Spectrum ain't what it was a few years ago. Losing will do that. But changing student population and their disconnect from tradition also contributes to less attendance. Why Wyoming and CSU don't have better attendance puzzles me, especially the latter given the season they've had. As to Rahe, he is only looked at as marginally better than Duryea. USU's next hire will likely come from outside of the family.
  10. I wouldn't say the Spectrum is yet "empty", but we did lose an average of 2,000 people/game from last year to this year. Conversely, Nevada gained 2,400 from last year to this year. Still, USU is ranked 5th in home attendance this year, at 6,872, behind the usual suspects, SDS (12,196), NM (11,769), UNLV (9,916) and now Nevada (8,923).
  11. His hire was not enthusiastically greeted. Stew was mailing it in the last two or three years he was coach and most believed a significant change, i.e., someone outside the program, was needed. The AD (Barnes) had one foot out the door when he hired Duryea -- he left for Pittsburgh and now he's taken the AD job at Oregon St. So he didn't care. Not many were interested in following a legend at USU. So we got stuck with Duryea -- and with a 5-year contract! He's in over his head. While his recruiting has been better than expected, he is not an XXXXs and OOOOs guy, he has no fire and he is not a motivator. USU will see how he does in year three (next year), but I believe that unless the team shows marked improvement, i.e., no worse than 4th or 5th, a winning overall record, being "competitive" in conference games, winning more than 1 conference game on the road, and not losing to teams we shouldn't lose to (see UNLV, AFA, Weber St. and Indiana St.) --- he'll be gone. Duryea has sucked the air out of a once-proud basketball program. Attendance at the Spectrum is waning and overall interest is at its lowest ebb since Al Gore invented the internet.
  12. Anything has got to be better than this past miserable season. We lose only one starter and have our two very good freshmen guards back (one the conference FOTY), a couple of red shirts we could have really used this year, and a couple of decent recruits coming in. But our front line, with the exception of Jalen Moore, has been a train wreck. So having two starting bigs return is deceiving. I look for us to finish anywhere from 4th to 8th. Defensively we are still weak. If Duryea repeats the disasters of his first two years, he'll be unemployed in the 2018-2019 season -- at least at USU.