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  1. utaggies

    USU hires Craig Smith

    Word is that what got Duryea fired is that he only beat BSU two of the three times they played.
  2. It appears that Stunner is the only one that understands that the MWC bylaws would need to be changed in order to jettison SJS or anyone else. There would need to be "cause" not simply poor showings in their sports teams for them to be "kicked out". But, there is always the airport option where MWC teams instead move away from SJS instead of trying to force SJS to move away from them.
  3. utaggies

    Utah State Fires Duryea

    This is not surprising at all. We lost to 3 in-state schools, gave SJS its only win of the year, were 3-3 against the three worst teams in the conference, were predicted to finish 8th in the conference and finished tied for 7th/8th, had a losing record over the last three years, lost to Big Sky teams and we were losing fans. The hire three years ago was widely seen as disappointing when the $100,000 "national search" determined that Stew's successor had been sitting next to him on the bench for years. Someone far removed from the program now needs to be hired. I hope we can keep Sam and Kobe. There will be many sharks in the water around them.
  4. utaggies

    Bracketology Today is the Day

    For a brief time ESPN’s bracket showed New Mexico, not New Mexico St., versus Clemson in a 12/5 match up. Clicking on the “NM” link even took me to the Lobos’ ESPN website. They must have discovered the error quickly because it has now been corrected. But for a while we had 3 MWC teams in the tourney!
  5. utaggies

    Malik Pope Paid - NCAA Probe

    If only teams which have produced a 1st (or 2nd, or 3rd or 15th) round draft choice in the last three years should be worried, I think my school is safe. If, however, this guy made any loans to walk-ons who now start, we will be in BIG trouble!
  6. utaggies

    Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Duryea in serious trouble? Only due to his coaching abilities. He was not a popular pick to replace Stew and his record has bourne that out. But considering USU's injuries this season and the fact that USU has done a bit better than predicted (thanks Fresno St.!) he will likely be given next year to see if he can raise his game — meaning a top 3 finish in the league. If not, he'll not have his contract renewed and will be bought out of his 5th year.
  7. utaggies

    Utah State @ New Mexico

    Halftime. Lobos uo 36-34.
  8. utaggies

    Rank 'Em: Mid-Conference Season Version

    Would that line of thinking then put us behind CSU?
  9. utaggies

    Wyo @ USU

    I think you give USU too much credit. After the Aggie comeback the game in the last couple of minutes hinged on Wyoming conducting a dunk seminar. USU had no answer because it has no big men that aren't injured, except Taylor. When Taylor picked up his 4th foul and had to sit out for about 8 minutes, he came back tentative so as not to foul out. The Aggies can't rebound with Wyoming and we have no depth. You can't rely on your PG getting 12 rebounds each game. Merrill played all 40 minutes and McEwen played 39. We're down to 7 players that have a pulse. Wyoming wins 8 games on a neutral court — at worst.
  10. utaggies

    Utah State @ Boise State

    Here's a newsflash. With or without a win at BSU, USU will not have a winning season. I would relish "extreme mediocrity" this season. We have three bigs and two guards that are out right now. Two of the bigs and one guard will not play again this year. We can dress 10 players but three of them would not be walk-ons at any top 5 MWC team. We have one non-injured player taller than 6-7 and only two taller than 6-6. With a complete contingent of players we were picked to finish 8th and 7th is probably our ceiling. IMO that is a bit south of mediocre. USU out-rebounding BSU by 5 tonight will go down as one of the great mysteries of life. I'm not complaining about the overall reffing. I don't recall the 2 fouls that you say went USU's way. There was not a disparity in fouls. But the Hobbs non-foul with USU up by 4 with 3 minutes left was a particularly important play at a critical time. It was an obvious missed call. It was a good game to watch. Merrill got a lucky bounce on a 3. BSU made a few last second shots. Hutchinson will need to learn to dribble to his left if he plans on playing at the next level.
  11. utaggies

    Utah State @ Boise State

    I disagree on the critical nature of the game for USU vs. BSU. Had BSU lost this game it would have been absolutely critical — RPI-wise, potential at-large bid wise, and conference seeding wise. Why was this game more critical for USU? We were double-diget underdogs. Would USU winning have made the difference between a #7 seed and #8 seed in the MWC tourney? I thought the game was called decently except for the Taylor block on Hobbs' shot with 3 minutes left. It was clean as could be.
  12. utaggies

    Utah State @ Boise State

    BSU's ability to hit the big shot with the shot clock expiring was the difference. How USU can stay in games w/ most of their bigs injured perllexes me. Also, it's amazing this was a 4-point game with Koby having another substandard night. Merrill is a player.
  13. utaggies

    Utah State at UNLV

    The Aggies finished the UNLV game on a 9-0 run. They finished the OT win against Fresno St. on a 10-0 run. How they are doing it is a mystery. Last year's starting center is injured and hasn't played at all this year. Our other center is out indefinitely with a back injury. Our starting forward is out for at least 2 more games, probably more. Our 6th man is also out for probably another month. A guard twisted his ankle during warm-ups and was out for the game on crutches. We are left with 1 player over 6'-7" and 2 players over 6'-6". This from the team that was predicted to finish 8th with a full contingent of players. You tell me how we won these last two games because I have no clue.
  14. utaggies

    OT: What is New Mexico State's future

    I have no problem with the use of using the collective "we" regarding one's team or conference. But my point was that neither BSU nor SDS was part of the "we" whose decision it was to accept USU and SJS into the conference. "Your" team couldn't vote. "Your" team was already an outsider with no vested interest in the MWC. As a USU fan I don't say to a Wyoming fan, "We should never have invited Nevada into the conference." Thanks to MWC Tex for saving me a lot of time in responding to your poorly thought out comment about the survival mode that the MWC was in when it invited USU and SJS. Look — I've got no beaf with either you or "your" team about its actions to leave the MWC nor its return. BSU is my second-favorite MWC team. I'm from Boise and cheered for BJC, BSC and BSU for years. Nothing I said was disparaging. BSU's and SDS' decisions were based on self-interest, which is what drives conference affiliation decisions. It's just the way it is. But "One for all and all for one" is a fairytale. The collective interests of the conference are WAY secondary to self-interest.
  15. utaggies

    OT: What is New Mexico State's future

    We???? Neither BSU nor SDS were part of the "we". Allow me to recall to you how things went down. In Dec. 2011 BSU and SDS notified the MWC that they would be leaving the MWC for the BE. Both agreed to park their Olympic sports in the Big West. As a result, in May 2012 USU and SJS were invited to join the MWC as replacements. Neither BSU nor SDS had a say in that vote as both already had a foot out the door. But having made the decision to go to the Big East, by Dec. 2012 the deal had almost completely unraveled. Football members in the BE began to bail, projected $ for their television rights began to drastically drop, and they couldn't come to any agreement with BSU on a sweetheart deal for the Broncos to retain broadcast rights for their home games. The final straw was the basketball-only schools bolting to form a new conference. By the end of 2012 BSU agreed to return to the MWC, abandon the Big West, pay exit fees (with help from the MWC) to the Big East and get the sweetheart deal it sought from the MWC. With BSU's reneging, SDS was left hanging. But BSU had thrown the Aztecs a lifeline when the Broncos negotiated their own return. The lifeline was that before the MWC would seek other conference members, it had to provide the right of first refusal to SDS. If the Aztecs had not made a decision by Jan. 31, 2013, the MWC could seek others to replace it. It was reported that some MWC members preferred other candidates, including BYU. On Jan. 16, 2013, SDS elected to return to the MWC and was voted in by the MWC members. Exit fees had to be paid by SDS to the Big West but none were owned to the Big East due to the fact that the conference couldn't come up with any other western team to be in the conference with SDS after BSU left. SDS returned under the terms the MWC offered, with no BSU-like sweetheart deal. As you can see, USU and SJS were invited to the MWC precisely as a result of BSU and SDS leaving for "greener pastures" — which never materialized. Inviting those two schools was not short-sighted at all. It was a matter of desperation and survival. If there was any short-sightedness, it was on the part of SDS and BSU — particularly the former. SDS mistakenly thought it had BSU-like leverage. It didn't. Neither BSU nor SDS had a voice or a vote on the admission of USU/SJS to the MWC. Interestingly, both SJS and USU voted to extend invitations to BSU and SDS to return. You are welcome.