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  1. utaggies

    Rank um basketball

    Not that there is pretty funny!
  2. utaggies

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    You are living in an alternative universe, Skippy. But then BYU IS an alternative universe. Now run along back to your bubble while the adults here derermine if anyone wants to extend an invitation to BYU to rejoin the MWC. We’ll whistle for you to come if we need you.
  3. utaggies

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    SDS’ results were pretty pedestrian this year. The Massey composite has them at #74, which is below the average FBS team. That does not scream “they can beat anyone” to me. More like, “they can lose to anyone”, which they proved in a couple of instances. If BYU portrays a similarly nasty demeanor as you towards USU, the Cougars may bery well fall short of the 75% of the votes necessary for the inclusion of new members to the conference. You’ve clearly lost Wyoming’s vote already and are working towards losing USU’s. In spite of you trying to curry favor from BSU, Nevada, SDS and FSU, you cannot afford to lose another vote. Three MWC schools voting thumbs down to BYU continues you down the long path of independent mediocrity for some time with the likes of peer institutions like Liberty, New Mexico State and UMass.
  4. utaggies

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    I hear this argument a lot: “USU was lucky that it didn’t have to play Fresno St. or SDS.” There is no question that Fresno St. was very good this year. But I believe the Aggies would have given them a game of it. But SDS? What are we to surmise from their home losses to UNLV and Hawaii and a very close shave win at home against SJS? USU beat all three of those teams by an average score of 59-23 —- and the games were not as close as the scores would indicate what with USU scoring all of 13 points in the 4th quarters of the combined games. I apparently missed the part where jackmormon says that USU is now an elite power. I did read where he says that USU’s record against BYU since joining the MWC is respectable now that the 2 for 1s and 3 for 1s in BYU’s favor have been done away with. And it’s likely to get much worse for the Zoobies going forward. You should be nice to the Aggies. BYU is going to need our vote when it applies for MWC admission.
  5. utaggies

    Boise St basketball is doo doo.

    Any USU fan could have told you that it was a mistake in hiring Tim Duryea to be an assistant coach. And like overnight all of his bad juju left USU and was transferred to Boise St. The results are stark on both sides. We lose our best player from last year and are still light years of where we were. The Duryea effect is kinda like that Venom dude infecting the body of an unsuspecting host. He takes over and nothing thereafter is controlable. It’s out of your hands now until he is excisded and infects another program. You guys just didn’t know what you were in for.
  6. I gotta say that I viewed NMS as more of a rival than Nevada. Probably because we were together in a conference longer and because our fan bases got into it quite a bit. Reggie Theus added quite a bit to the equation, too.
  7. utaggies

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    Ya gotta love our wonderful Cougar guests. It appears, though, that we’ve struck the perfect deal. No one wants BYU in the MWC and they don’t want to be here. The only thing better would be for all MWC teams to quit playing them. We wouldn’t want them to feel sullied. I hear New Mexico St. would be willing to playnthem home and away. If not them, perhaps Liberty.
  8. utaggies

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    It will be interesting to see how the negotiations go between BYU and ESPN next year. No one knows for sure what the current contract is paying the zoobs. Likely between $5 and $6 million per season. Plus the provision that ESPN will provide a bowl for BYU on its network should the zoobs be bowl-eligible. That’s what bumped BYU to the tater bowl. BYU didn’t “steal” a bowl from Wyoming. ESPN was contracturally required to place the zoobs. IMO BYU is destined for continued sports mediocrity if it stays independent. That’s absolutely fine with me. Would I be OK with them coming back to the MWC? I’d prefer that the zoobs weren’t invited. I don’t think they’d bring many more $ (<$500,000/school?) if they were invited and they bring a whole lot of baggage. They can’t be trusted. They would bolt at the first opportunity. They sew discord. Their fans are intolerable. They’d expect privileges and accomodation. And absent BYU’s conference affiliation with the MWC our schools are already playing them. The zoobs desperately need MWC teams to fill out their schedule. So what’s the point?
  9. utaggies

    Last time MW ended season with 3 ranked teams?

    He may have closed the deal to convince (and pay) BSU to return to the MWC, but SDS required no convincing (nor any payment) to do the same. SDS had absolutely no other choice but return and was fortunate to have the conference vote to take them back.
  10. utaggies

    Utah State set to dominate the MWC

    When was the last time the Aggies beat UNLV and Hawaii. The answer is the last time the two teams played. That is not the same answer SDS can give.
  11. utaggies

    If Memphis beats UCF, the MWC champ will get the NY6 game

    Think about this for a second. If Fresno St. win the CCG it would have 2 losses. If BSU wins the CCG it would have 2 losses. If USU wins the CCG it would have ... (wait for it) 1 loss. Ain’t no way a 4-loss Memphis St. team jumps USU let alone Fresno St. or Boise St.
  12. utaggies

    Boise State vs. Creighton

    If you would have asked us we would have told you! USU hires a coach with a personality, excitement, who engages with the fanbase and can actually coarch and the makeover has been extreme. He is the polar opposite of Tim Duryea. I’m not saying that Smith can soon compete against Duke, but with USU losing its best player a couple of days after Smith’s hire, having a season-ending injury to a key recruit as well as another starter, plus a couple of other defections — Smith wasn’t dealt a very good hand. I believe the Aggies were picked justifiably #8 or #9 in the conference. Our current trajectory now appears to be much better than that.
  13. utaggies

    MWC Early Lines...week 13

    BSU opens as a 3-point favorite. http://www.vegasinsider.com/college-football/matchups/
  14. utaggies

    Rank ‘em

    USU BSU Fresno St. Nevada AFA Hawaii SDS Wyoming New Mexico UNLV SJS CSU
  15. utaggies

    Rank 'em

    Fresno St. USU BSU SDS Nevada AFA Hawaii Wyoming New Mexico CSU SJS UNLV