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  1. utaggies

    MW Preaseason Media Poll

    I hope we’re not surprised by finishing behind SJS.
  2. utaggies

    MWC Highlight Videos

    Thanks for posting these!
  3. utaggies

    Rank em

    1. Fresno St. 2. USU 3. SDS 4. BSU 5. AFA 6. Nevada 7. Hawaii 8. CSU 9. NM 10. Wyoming 11. UNLV 12. SJS
  4. utaggies

    Rank Em

    Correction. It is an advantage to SDS and FS that they don’t have to play USU this year.
  5. utaggies

    Rank Em

    1. SDS 2. USU 3. FSU 4. BSU 5. Hawaii 6. Nevada 7. NM 8. CSU 9. WYO 10. AFA 11. UNLV 12. SJS
  6. utaggies

    USU vs BYU Friday Night Game

    I can only imagine how big the BSU/BYU rivalry would be for Cougar fans if the two teams had played more than the 8 times or if they’d ever been in the same conference. I suppose USU can also claim Nebraska as a rival as they’ve played the same number of games and with about the same degree of success that BYU has had with BSU.
  7. utaggies

    Utah State: Don't Waste This Opportunity!

    And it looks like the BYU fans are waiting and have their game faces on.
  8. utaggies

    My Rankings are the same as last week

    1. BSU 2. Fresno St. 3. USU 4. SDS 5. Hawaii 6. UNLV 7. AFA 8. Nevada 9. WYO 10. NM 11. CSU 12. SJS
  9. utaggies

    Rank Em

    Ah yes. Thanks. I’ll put AFA at #8 just after CSU and ahead of Nevada.
  10. utaggies

    Rank Em

  11. utaggies

    Rank Em

    1. Fresno St. 2. BSU 3. SDS 4. USU 5. Hawaii 6. UNLV 7. CSU 8. AFA 9. Nevada 10. Wyoming 11. New Mexico 12. SJS
  12. utaggies

    Rank em.

    1.BSU 2. Hawaii 2. Fresno St. 4. USU 5. SDSU 6. CSU 6. Wyoming 7. UNLV 9. Nevada 10. AFA 11. UNM 12. SJS
  13. utaggies

    Grand Canyon University expansion

    Yeah, UVU is coming up in the world. Before you know it they'll be stealing BYU coaches. BTW, how is the Cougars' recruiting going in replacing its rugby coaches?
  14. No, it would have been the Boston sportswriters. They carried on a war with each other for nearly 20 years.
  15. I didn't take it as a dig at all. And you are absolutely right, the Spectrum ain't what it was a few years ago. Losing will do that. But changing student population and their disconnect from tradition also contributes to less attendance. Why Wyoming and CSU don't have better attendance puzzles me, especially the latter given the season they've had. As to Rahe, he is only looked at as marginally better than Duryea. USU's next hire will likely come from outside of the family.