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  1. Congrats to Hawaii! Drove by the stadium last year while on vacation and it looked like it was ready for an upgrade.
  2. Stanford does have 36 sports (pac 12) and 32 club sports compared to SJSU's 20 in MWC and WAC.
  3. Considered all the schools below in the Bay Area... SJSU Stanford Cal St. Mary's Santa Clara USF SFSU, CSU East Bay, UC Santa Cruz
  4. Spartan Daily published a series of stories ... that contained 22 inaccuracies ranging from allegations of mishandled ... funds and endowments SJSU Media Relations formally submitted a list of inaccuracies to Spartan Daily in link below. http://blogs.sjsu.edu/newsroom/2019/sjsu-media-relations-submits-list-of-22-corrections-to-spartan-dailys-may-15-2019-published-stories/
  5. Spartans recognized in "Best College Sports Teams" category in the Mercury News' 18th annual Best in Silicon Valley 2019 Reader's Choice Awards. https://sjsuspartans.com/news/2019/6/16/general-spartans-recognized-in-best-in-silicon-valley-readers-choice-awards.aspx In 2018-19 - soccer - Mountain West women's soccer tournament championship and qualified for the NCAA Championship - golf - finished 19th in the NCAA Women's Golf Championship - golf - placed ninth in the NCAA Men's Golf Championship, Texas regional - Track & Field - qualified two male and two female distance runners for the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships preliminary meet - soccer - advanced to the Western Athletic Conference championship match in men's soccer
  6. The donors must be very impressed with SJSU's football lone win over UNLV 50-37 this year! Or SJSU's MWC win over New Mexico in basketball:)
  7. All private $$. Interesting other sports teams can get dollars else where but football facilities are all private donations.
  8. Impressive! SJSU raised $22 million in 20 months for new football center. More than $24 million raised to date. New football total cost: $40M Will break ground June 5th.
  9. SJSU to announce next phase campus village (plans call for ~$426M for phase 3&4) next to this new aquatic center. Economy must be doing really well since SJSU had its best fundraising in history. Presumably most schools are probably bringing in record $ also.
  10. After 3 years of constructions, the Spartan rec and aquatic to finally open tomorrow. Perfect timing with 85 degree forecast. Great new home for the swim and water polo teams. https://www.spartanrecreation.com https://app.oxblue.com/open/huntconstruction/SJSU