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  1. actually FAU is in the West Palm Beach media market to be precise
  2. If they couldn't get more $ from TV partners to expand then there is not much more they could have done.
  3. From another published and well read online subscription source: Asked if expanding to more than 12 members is on the table, Thompson said it is, though he deferred that decision-making to others. “What can we do to make this league better?” Thompson said. “The next step is for us to consider our future. Is more members better? Do we stay at 12? I don’t have an answer to either of those questions. The first catalyst was staying together. Now we’ll sit down, the athletic director group, debate options present, potentially, something to the board, and the board will determine.” Football options, non-football options and possible scheduling adjustments Options to pursue could include non-football members like Gonzaga and Wichita State. Gonzaga, which nearly completed an undefeated national championship season earlier this year in men’s basketball, is set to lose its biggest West Coast Conference rival BYU to the Big 12, while Wichita State joined the AAC and has since seen major basketball programs UConn, Houston and Cincinnati depart the league. Football options could include expanding into Texas for Conference USA teams like North Texas, UTSA or Rice, giving the league a new source for football talent and reaching more major markets and the Central time zone. While some observers have brought up SMU, it’s believed the Mustangs are happy in the AAC. If football success is key, FCS powerhouse North Dakota State could be a potential option for the Mountain West. Thompson said all options could be on the table. “It gets back to somewhat geography and travel,” he said. Thompson also said other changes have been discussed within the Mountain West internally for months, from abolishing football divisions to adding nine conference games. “The worst thing that could happen to the Mountain West is a 7-5 division champ upsetting an 11-1 team from the other division,” he said. “We’re looking at that. We’re looking at maybe going to nine conference games. If we’re going to potentially lose non-conference opportunities to the alliance or the Big 12 or the SEC, how do you replace those games? Are we better off playing conference games and you don’t pay a guarantee and your fans might have more interest in a conference game? Those are the types of things we’re looking at.”
  4. from CBS...Big 12 is dangling dollars to keep OU & UT....sounds like a familiar strategy round here lol Big 12 making last-ditch efforts No one can say that the Big 12 is going down without a fight as its two most powerful programs get set for greener pastures. In one of the last-ditch efforts by the Big 12 to keep Texas and Oklahoma in the fold, league officials have discussed potential structures which would see the Longhorns and Sooners receive extra revenue should they ultimately decide to stay in the conference, according to CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd.
  5. Anyone know if this this thread is close to breaking view or reply records?
  6. I do recall many on this Board were particularly against USU coming in. With the exception of SUDS, it is true that MWC FB is being dominated by the refills. Granted SJSU has been a FB disaster. Id say on the whole the current MWC @12 with a CCG is pretty awesome and will be even better after BYU comes to its senses and returns along UTSA or UNT. Sorry UTEP, no amount of nostalgia will ever get you in.
  7. TY Rebs....Spuds doesnt need Fresno help to host. PS - SUDS, where your fans?
  8. Years ago the Big East expelled Temple for being so chittie. It's time drop the hammer on Sparty. Aggies you justified your invite to the MWC. TY for being asset.
  9. Can you guys help us host the MWC championship by beating SUDS next week? Thanks!
  10. I saw Hair being interviewed last night outside BSU Stadium by local radio. He seemed pretty low energy. In fact when I watching was when he was discussing this matter. I think I had read in the Statesman not that long ago that the new MWC bowl deal was likely to be in AZ. Dont hold me to that.
  11. Fresno moved up to spots to 21 in the AP. Lville dropped two, to #8 but of course they are leaving the AAC after this season. Northern Ill of the MAC was prev unranked and they are now 23. I had high hopes for us this year but things aren't going as well as I'd like. I hope Fresno BCS busts on behalf of the MWC.
  12. agree...seeemed way more full. The little bit of the bows I saw, stands were thin during pans.
  13. there is no case....Alliance can still happen....no new TV contracts were produced....simply no case.
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