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  1. maybe I missed this on here but did the MWC not win the Bowl Challenge? https://www.ncaa.com/news/football/article/2022-01-03/2021-22-conference-bowl-records-scores-updates-through-college-football-playoff
  2. Keep it up SUDS....keep our streak alive.....5-0 here we come!
  3. I wish you did...our conference looks like a joke......29 - 6 for choo-choo
  4. Mandel of The Athletic did an update, says AZ Bowl wants BSU . Here are his picks for the MWC plus BYU
  5. we have been turned into mashed potatoes.....now comes the gravy
  6. doesnt seem like BSU made any adjustments at the half
  7. Sanibel is awesome! Did you go to the UCF game? I was there!
  8. you're in S FL right? Im in Miami but dont live in SoFla
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