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  1. Of course! How did this not come up sooner? I can really see UCLA and USC being giddy with excitement at the prosepct of sharing their division a Cal State AND Hawaii and UNLV! This is DOA.
  2. X-cuse me while I pick myself up off the floor and wipe the tears from my eyes... WYO's Athletic Department and Programs are far more like USU, CSU, AFA, UNM, SJSU, Fresno St., Nevada, UNLV, et. al., than they are like B12 or B10 programs. Are you joking? You need to lay off the hallucinogens and psychotropic drugs. UW has a middle of the road MWC level overall budget AND they rely heavily on institional support as a primary funding mechanism for their programs. They are so MWC, they put the MWC mountains on their dad-gummed field!! As long as we're into projecting wi
  3. I agree. Not much of an NBA guy. Much prefer college basketball. I enjoy going to a handful of baseball games every year, but Baseball is a dying sport. April to August is a good time to get ouside and pursue outdoor interests. Until football training camps begin in August, it's a good time to go pursue interest beyond spectator sports.
  4. Haha! You noticed that too? Dave Rice was as close as you could get to a polar opposite of Stew Morrill. I was amazed that he made it out of Logan alive after the one year stint he did as an assistant under Stew. He fit much better under the Dave Rose system (or lack therof) at byu. But at the end of the day, the problem with "Rat Ball" (very little structured offense and let's not worry so much about defense) at a place like byu is that it is never going to really work. Sure you might make the NCAA tourney and some NIT brackets from time to time, but that is about the extent of
  5. I would not mind seeing the Raider franchise try to distance itself a wee bit from some of the gangsta and thug image. I think there are more $$ out there held by real Football fans looking for a team to cheer for than there are $$ out there with gang bangers and thugs looking for a team to cheer for. Most of those types don't actually end up being very loyal or committed fans. They buy or steal the jersey and the hat, but that is about it...
  6. Would love to see it happen! It seems like a match made in heaven or hell or something..., but it just seems like it is meant to be. For a lot of years, the Raiders organization has been held back by: 1. Being stuck in crumbling dumps of stadiums. 2. Playing in an area of town in Oakland, then LA, then back to Oackland, that many people hardly would dare park their car. I think this will be great for their franchise and great for Vega$ if they can get a shiny new stadium built on the south end of the strip. I believe it can also be good for UNLV and the MWC if managed wel
  7. Regardless of how you feel about Matt Wells, the reality is that there are probably less than 20 FBS schools that spend less cmpensation $$ on their pool of assistant coaches than the Aggies. So we are getting about what we paid for. Wells has had to rebuild his staff basically every year.due to assistants departing. Some of that may be relationship issues with the Head Coach, but mostly I think it is guys chasing enough money to survive in the coaching profession. I think he could have done a better job if we had been committed to putting and keeping quality assistants around him.
  8. When did college football players trade in their desire to win football games for a desire to grandstand, bring attention to one's self, and generally act stupid? I'm not happy about a few Aggie instances from Saturday, but BYU is far from having "clean skirts" in this regard. I do think it has improved under Sitake. It was almost insufferable the past few years under Mendenhall. Just play hard and win. We don't need the other crap.
  9. 2nd Half points for 2016- Points For USU = 108th in FBS (few teams score less after halftime) Points Against USU = 109th in FBS (few teams allow more after halftime) It is pointless to spend any time even looking at other problems until you fix that..
  10. I'm sure you don't care, but Hawaii holds a substantial lead over either of those schools in this poll.
  11. Really would just like to kick out Dre. Asstecs are fine.
  12. Two years, ago, it was not readily apparent that we would be one of the leading FB programs in the league. I think fans at a lot of schools were concerned about the burden of adding more mediocre football teams to a league full of mediocre football. Now it is fairly clear that that we are winning on the field, in the classroom, and in infrastructure improvements so fans at some of those schools are more concerned about their own status and progress and less worried about what is happening at Utah State. Thus the "crickets"...
  13. Fair enough. I'm a FB guy much over basketball. FB always seems to drive the bus on these conference affiliation discussions. I put basketball just a notch above track and gymnastics... We stunk in year 1 but ended up being pretty competitive in Basketball this past year. We'll do fine in the MWC. Did people in the conference not like us in Basketball? I did not notice.
  14. I'm just joking. 50 posts per is fine.
  15. Really? That would be awesome! Would that make the board like awful to read? So maybe not...
  16. Very disappointed. I felt like more hated us before when it was 125 pages. Hardly worth commenting about now...
  17. Well, considering that we represented the league in the inagural MWC CCG and won a bowl both years, I guess we can say we are not doing too bad holding up the reputation of the league. That seemed to be the big concern before we arrived. Many posters from schools like UNM, CSU, FSU, SUDS, UNR and Hawaii did not think we would add to the competitiveness of the league. I could take that from the BSU crew, but from some of the rest of you, it was a little "over the top". In reality, we ain't won the league yet, so we're just fighting for scraps like the rest of you. That's my take.
  18. Thanks for reviving this. We got a real shot to get to 125 pages!
  19. Since we have never been a doormat in the MWC, I'm not sure how we go back to being the doormat. Not sure where Phil gets his info. Here is what I see as far as guys that played all the time in the regular rotation this year. Offense WR/TE: Butler/Natson/Swindall/Andersen/Houston OL: Whimpey/Vavau/Logan/Fisilau RB/QB: Keeton/Garretson/Hill Defense DL: Larsen/Nielsen/Kamani-Matangi/Seefeldt/Aliifua LB: Fackrell/Z. Vigil/N.Vigil/MacMillan DB: Stewart/Suite/Morris There are some holes to fill with some really good guys moving on, but I would not call it 7 returning st
  20. Unlv runs an offense? News to me...
  21. Looks like this hase become the new "Why is Utah State so hated on here?" thread. No consistent topic... Rambling... Wandering... But only 11 pages??? Come on Rebs!
  22. I can agree with that. I think he was a pretty solid assistant coach at Utah State.
  23. I lived close to Rice when he was in Logan. Nice guy, but I was underwhelmed by his leadership and communication style. He just didn't come across as a dynamic, quick-thinking guy with a big strong personality, like most college coaches that I know. I was surprised when he got hired at byu and even more surprised when he got the UNLV HC job. I think he is a good recruiter, but I was always a little skeptical about his X's and O's. I'm not a big fan of "truck and chuck" basketball. That seems to be all he knows. And I've always been skeptical about his ability to really lead a team
  24. Not trying to read too much into it, but Clune always seemed like a bit of an outsider on Matt Well's coaching staff. I think he pushed hard for the DC job when Aranda left with Andersen. When he didn't get it, I think it was the beginning of the end for him at Utah State.
  25. Football. Then BSU. Fresno. SUDS. WYO. CSU. UNM. UNLV. and Nevada. That'd probably do it.
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