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  1. It's just a colloquialism... He's been being treated like he could he was some sort of prima donna since he was 7. You think he's gonna start thinking he needs to pay for stuff now?
  2. We encountered Emery quite a bit for several years as part of the AAU basketball circuit in and around the state of Utah and Las Vegas when he was high school age and younger. He's one of the more whiny and entitled young athletes I have ever seen. Not surprised at all that he would be milking the system for anything he can get his hands on. Sad that he is already divorced. Not too shocking, but it is sad just the same. Dude could curse a blue streaek better than most sailors and he would do it quite often Once an entitled brat, always an entitled brat.
  3. whoa Oregon State pulls the trigger

    I don't believe that I would proclaim GA as an unbelievabe football coaching talent. However, given the right resources, I believe that he can do much better than we have been doing since he left. Dude has a good ability to motivate young men and to help their progression in becoming good people. At the end of the day, isn't that what we all claim that it is all about? And he knows how to win in the environment that exist Utah State. 1. He draws kids from places like Florida, California, and Texas that will fit with the environment in Utah 2. He may have a better coaching reputation and connections in the Poly community that any coach not named Kalani Sitake 3. He understands Utah High School Football and has countless connections and friends throughout Utah. 4. He understands Utah kids well and works well with these kid's desires to do things like serve an LDS church mission. He also utilizes these older kids well to bring stability, toughness, and leadership to the team. 5. Lastly, I think he understands the critical importance of balance and surrounding himself with talented coaches that can carry their load. I'm not saying he wants to jump back in, but I would support him if he does.
  4. Just for fun... GA becomes 2nd time HC at USU Wells canned and David Yost finally gets to be the OC with Mike Sanford SR. as Special Assistant/Advisor. KS steps down under heat from BYU He takes over at Utah State as DC. Maile and Shaver retained.
  5. "Nobody likes BYU"

    Utah State enjoys playing them in FB and BB. We have a lot of history and familarity with them. I really could not care less if they want to be in the MWC. At this point they are not and I doubt they would want to come back AND I really doubt very much that they could get the votes if they did want to come back. I think they are best as a traveling revival / circus with no bearing on actual conference politics or decisions. Let those that have a reasons that they want to play them arrange some games. Let those that have no interest avoid them altogether. Seems too good to be true. Everybody wins.
  6. bad tv year for BYU

    When you are playing 6 MWC teams in a season plus ECU and Umass, and 5 of those games are on the road, I honestly do not get the point of the indy schedule
  7. True. I'm not on the site much these days. So what is the plan for SUDS football? I must not have heard anyone clearly articulate the direction they are going.
  8. Does not the City of SD own Qualcomm Stadium? Without pumping any money into it, cant they use the existing stadium, as is, without improvements? I suppose within a couple of years, SUDS will need to decide what their long term plans are going to be. Either: 1) Start into the modifications to make Qualcomm a suitable home for the next 20ish years. 2) Find a spot for a new stadium site, Get plans drawn up, Do the Environmental Impact Study, Get Crackin on Construction. But for now, can not they just move forward with the Q? It's far from the perfect college stadium, but honestly, it's a darn site better than what many programs in the conference have today.
  9. X-cuse me while I pick myself up off the floor and wipe the tears from my eyes... WYO's Athletic Department and Programs are far more like USU, CSU, AFA, UNM, SJSU, Fresno St., Nevada, UNLV, et. al., than they are like B12 or B10 programs. Are you joking? You need to lay off the hallucinogens and psychotropic drugs. UW has a middle of the road MWC level overall budget AND they rely heavily on institional support as a primary funding mechanism for their programs. They are so MWC, they put the MWC mountains on their dad-gummed field!! As long as we're into projecting wild hyperbole, I wnt to go on record as stating that Utah State is more like Cal, UCLA,and Arizona, than than we are like UNM, WYO, or CSEwe.
  10. I agree. Not much of an NBA guy. Much prefer college basketball. I enjoy going to a handful of baseball games every year, but Baseball is a dying sport. April to August is a good time to get ouside and pursue outdoor interests. Until football training camps begin in August, it's a good time to go pursue interest beyond spectator sports.
  11. OT: BwhyU going down

    Haha! You noticed that too? Dave Rice was as close as you could get to a polar opposite of Stew Morrill. I was amazed that he made it out of Logan alive after the one year stint he did as an assistant under Stew. He fit much better under the Dave Rose system (or lack therof) at byu. But at the end of the day, the problem with "Rat Ball" (very little structured offense and let's not worry so much about defense) at a place like byu is that it is never going to really work. Sure you might make the NCAA tourney and some NIT brackets from time to time, but that is about the extent of it. That approach can work with the right group of very quick and athletic kids that can just boat-race opposing teams. I really thought Rice miight stick at UNLV because of their history of being able to pull in those kinds of kids, but at the end of the day lack of defense catches up with you. I really don't ever see that rat ball approach working at byu. Despite having a team with guys like Mika, Haws, and Emory, who had great success in AAU ball, they are forgetting that those guys had great success at the AAU level specifically because they played tenacious defense and they had enough structure to their offense to get the shot they needed at crucial points in the game. However, at this point, Rose has had enough success, I just can't see them canning him for many years.
  12. Raiders to Las Vegas confirmed

    I would not mind seeing the Raider franchise try to distance itself a wee bit from some of the gangsta and thug image. I think there are more $$ out there held by real Football fans looking for a team to cheer for than there are $$ out there with gang bangers and thugs looking for a team to cheer for. Most of those types don't actually end up being very loyal or committed fans. They buy or steal the jersey and the hat, but that is about it...
  13. Raiders to Las Vegas confirmed

    Would love to see it happen! It seems like a match made in heaven or hell or something..., but it just seems like it is meant to be. For a lot of years, the Raiders organization has been held back by: 1. Being stuck in crumbling dumps of stadiums. 2. Playing in an area of town in Oakland, then LA, then back to Oackland, that many people hardly would dare park their car. I think this will be great for their franchise and great for Vega$ if they can get a shiny new stadium built on the south end of the strip. I believe it can also be good for UNLV and the MWC if managed well. I also think a beautiful outdoor stadium built right for the Vega$ climate has huge potential with concerts, moto-X, truck/tractor pulls, etc., Because it is a such a great entertainment destination, the Raiders in Vega$ will be a huge attraction and they will build a huge national fanbase quickly and make tons of money. I can see tickets quickly becoming a pretty hot commodity.

    Regardless of how you feel about Matt Wells, the reality is that there are probably less than 20 FBS schools that spend less cmpensation $$ on their pool of assistant coaches than the Aggies. So we are getting about what we paid for. Wells has had to rebuild his staff basically every year.due to assistants departing. Some of that may be relationship issues with the Head Coach, but mostly I think it is guys chasing enough money to survive in the coaching profession. I think he could have done a better job if we had been committed to putting and keeping quality assistants around him.

    When did college football players trade in their desire to win football games for a desire to grandstand, bring attention to one's self, and generally act stupid? I'm not happy about a few Aggie instances from Saturday, but BYU is far from having "clean skirts" in this regard. I do think it has improved under Sitake. It was almost insufferable the past few years under Mendenhall. Just play hard and win. We don't need the other crap.