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  1. Good for Falcons and MW...IMO.
  2. Not sure of their ranking, but they lost their next game in the Pit against Arizona.
  3. My eyes see a pretty challenging schedule..."so far". I think Rebels will be up to the task. You have a fine coach.
  4. Leckner and Dembo plus Brandenburg...nice. I was there in the Pit to see the win against Gonzaga in 2002. Different group, but talented. Didn't see the 1943 championship.
  5. I've been in my current business for fifteen years. The last three years have been my best ever...by a bunch. Coincidence? I think not.
  6. My dad, one of the greatest of the great passed in 2012 at 87. The last six years of his life he lived with me and wore out the 'shotgun seat' in my truck. He was constantly by my side during those years including many trips to Vegas to cheer on our Lobos. He never really required a lot of care. I cherish that time and applaud your willingness to give back to those who have given much.
  7. It is already happening and could very well happen here, by your own admission. There's just not enough ICUs , ventilators etc to treat everybody. Decisions will have to be made. I do not wish ill on any part of the world's population. I believe all lives are valuable, but some may become 'less valuable' by necessity. That could be the reality if expert projections are come to pass.
  8. Survival of the fittest. Natural order of things. Just imagine if the homeless population gets infected. Win, win.
  9. Just a FYI for those in or within close proximity of ABQ. Lovelace downtown (Martin Luther King) is now offering drive up testing everyday from 7 to 7.
  10. NM reported its first cases today. One in Bernalillo and two in Socorro county. Older folks...recent travel. NM state high school BB tournament happening this week in the Pit and other venues. Usually a big draw. No change in procedure announced thus far.
  11. Coming back from Vegas prices along the interstate were $2.59 and up. Crossed the border into NM (Gallup)... $2.00 or less.
  12. So...I'm confused. Are you a "grand parent"? (as in really, really good parent) Or are you a grandparent? If so...I stand corrected.
  13. Said nobody who's a grandparent...
  14. Seems like he did less with more this season. Tough job for anyone...but sometimes it's just time for a change Best of luck AFA.