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  1. Agree...tis the season of pardons and commutations. Do I need to get a certain somebody involved?
  2. Yeah...I thought of posting that it was a good game for some.
  3. One more thing. I'd love to see a shot chart. Seems like all of Nevada's made shots were either a layup or three pointer.
  4. I don't think the admin will pull the trigger. Yet.
  5. Congrats Rebels. I thought this was going to be a good game.
  6. Wow...nice win Rebels. I thought this was going to be a game. oops...wrong thread.
  7. The Lobos had a bunch of talent to begin the year, but injuries and suspensions took four starters off the court...two permanently. Not many teams could weather that storm. Having said that, even when all the pieces were there, and even while racking up wins in non-conference, this 'team' did not look like much of a team. Won on talent alone. You'd think that with all of Dr. Weirs psychology degrees, he would have been able to meld this group into a cohesive unit. That was my hope anyway.
  8. No...not much of a plan on offense and lazy defense. Yes, Dr. Weir will be back.
  9. Just got home. Nevada and the MW are fortunate to have Alford...and Neal. Congrats on the win Wolfpack. Prior to tonight's game I made a commitment to go to Vegas. Still gonna go...but this team of pretty talented players is not much fun to watch. Bad body language from most and as we all know, very poorly coached. I don't see another win this season. Maybe the play-in game.
  10. I'm sure there will be plenty of boos. Not from me. I will be at my seat on the ramp with access to the coaches and I will welcome them home I have a lot of appreciation for what this coaching staff did for Lobos basketball. This will not be a fun night for Lobos fans, however, as threes will be raining from the boys in blue.
  11. I believe you guys are headed in a good direction with your first year coach. Gonna be awhile for us.
  12. UNM fans usually travel well to LV for the MW Tournament. Not sure that will be the case this year if I am an indicator. I do not remember the last time I missed a tournament. (including Denver and before) I might not go this year along with hoards of "everyone's a Lobo" folks. Relief for some of you. I'm sure the MW tournament will survive without us.
  13. The Lobos are MW darlings for sure.
  14. UNM continues to make it easy on opponents. Selfish offense...matador defense. Today was UNLV's day to take advantage. This old grey wolf just ain't what she used to be Congrats Rebels.