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  1. He is the Mormon Rebel Robert. We are honored here in Loboland to have him as an honorary New Mexican...as we would RR.
  2. WTH Aggies...first football...now basketball? Nice win. Congrats.
  3. Since we do not play SJSU this year...I propose an end of the year MWC Bowl (Toilet Bowl) to see who is worse between UNM and SJSU. Could be a good game.
  4. UNLV can get whoever they want...ie MM.
  5. Nice win Lobos...Iona is no...........
  6. Always appreciate your effort with this. Thanks for posting.
  7. Missed extra point....no big deal.
  8. I disdain forward progress.
  9. Unfortunately, it's probably not going to look a lot different at game time...except the lights will be on.
  10. Half inch of rain yesterday and about an inch of snow this morning. I love any kind of moisture in NM. My mantra this winter...early and often.
  11. This just sounds funny coming from you...at least your internet you. Coach Weir is a very smart guy. Multiple degrees in psychology. Almost completed PHD. Love to have him have a 'sit down' with you.
  12. Feel really bad for the young man. I'm confident that Coach Weir will make lemonade out of whatever 'lemons' he is dealt.
  13. Maybe a good game between Cowboys and Lobos.
  14. WYO needs to win the Boot. UNM needs to get the boot.
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