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  1. Yep, a very unpopular move. It did give the athletic department $3.1 million to help dig out of a whole, though. He's batting 1.000 since then.
  2. The Boise OL has been a concern for years, but it shouldn't be this year. Barring injuries, it should be the best they've had in quite some time.
  3. Boy-C nasty. They'll be good, but tecs will have the best D in the conference.
  4. That dude couldn't even win the poop-stink West division. How could he possibly win the SEC Mountain?
  5. Dude, 4 years in a row I've picked the surprise team in the conference and that team went from a losing season to double digit wins and I've never, not one single time, ever crowed about it. Have some humility, bruh. BTW, SJSU is the surprise team this year and Air Force will win the SEC Mountain.
  6. Bills learning the path to the Super Bowl is drafting MW players. Shakir had 5 catches for 92 yards in just 2 quarters. And they also have what's-his-name from Wyoming.
  7. Yeah, I think he's gunna contribute immediately.
  8. That's happening more and more. Boise has been winning some recruiting battles lately.
  9. They have a good shot at landing PG Jordan Ross. If Leon can pull that off, this would be the most excited I've been about the hoops team future. They'd be set for years. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Jordan-Ross-145677/RecruitInterests/
  10. I love his look. His video is great too. Leon's recruiting has really taken a big leap in the last few years.
  11. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Andrew-Meadow-149182/RecruitInterests/
  12. RJ Jones commits to Kansas State. Damn.
  13. RJ Jones making his decision tomorrow. I feel it's gunna be Kansas State, but hoping for the best.
  14. How about they go .500 in the Big Sky before they think about replacing Boise and SDSU in the MW.
  15. That is a huge pick up. With the late departs of Smith and Tyler, the depth at RB was a big concern. To get a starting quality guy to play #3 is big.
  16. I'm not so sure about them being spent. They finished the season strong, winning the regular season outright in a tight race and becoming one of a small handful of MW teams to follow that up with a MWCT championship, before losing to a good Memphis team. Depth is great when you have it, but it isn't necessary. Those really good UNR teams mostly rode with 6 guys and their starters played close to 35 minutes a game. They won three straight championships with that model.
  17. In the 2 years he was on the team, Boise was 13-10 when he played and 32-6 when he didn't. That dude, while super talented, was a cancer. They were WAY better without him even with the shorter bench.
  18. Fresno 126th. Anyone, anytime, anywhere... as long as they're under .500
  19. Tiller picks up a Cal offer. Boise needs to be shopping for another QB. Said he's still committed, but he's listening to schools... which makes that statement an oxymoron. He's actively recruiting on social media, but so was Houser last year... until he wasn't. He would be the 5th QB commit to renege I'm recent years if he does flip. https://247sports.com/college/boise-state/Article/Boise-State-QB-commit-CJ-Tiller-talks-new-offer-from-Cal-Bears-football-recruiting--190853944/
  20. Another commitment. DL with offers from Wazzu, Colorado, Kansas, and some upper echelon G5s. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Michael-Madrie-144308/RecruitInterests/
  21. Top 5 for Jordan Ross too. It would be massive if Leon can somehow land both.
  22. Boise in RJ Jones top 6. I still think he ultimately won't come to Boise, but they're still in it. He'd be the biggest get in Boise history.
  23. This team will elevate if Agbo and Nganga step in and deliver. I think Keene, Kobe, and Whiting could be key contributors, as well. Pavle showed he could be a potential solid bench guy. They have a really solid core with Shaver, Deggie, Naje, Max, and Milner, but they need the new guys to be key contributors to be an NCAA team. If Agbo is an Akot/Abu level transfer, Nganga can have a Deggie like impact, and Keene is the 2nd coming of Jessup (like many have compared him to), they should roll. That assumes a lot about people that we largely have never seen play in college.
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