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  1. Yeah, they don't get anything locally. Very few D-1 recruits come out of Idaho, and when they do (high level), they usually go elsewhere. Boise has a top 70 High School recruit this year, but it's highly doubtful he stays in Boise. Attendance has been much better, so basketball is bringing in more money. The North Endzone football project is the next capital expenditure, but the next one after that will likely go to basketball. That one has the arena adding suites, which will really help with revenue.
  2. Boise's biggest issue is they are doing more with less. Their basketball budget is in the bottom half of the conference. It's been improving there and if that trend continues for the next couple of years, they'll be in the upper middle in that category.
  3. Boise doesn't have the greatest basketball reputation, but much of that is because it's been overshadowed by the football success. Even when they weren't good, they were still a consistent 16, 17, 18 win team. Leon has really made a huge jump in recruiting. He has some top level talent coming in. I suspect they'll be very good for the next 3 or 4 years, at least.
  4. I'm not sure why you'd leave Boise off of this list. They have two top 25 finishes in the last 8 years and been to the NCAAs four times in the last 10. They've EASILY been the most consistently good team in the league not named SDSU.
  5. In the top 11. Maybe one day we'll land a highly coveted Idaho recruit. It'd be cool to get this one, but it's likely Michigan. Seems like we've lost a few to Michigan lately.
  6. We usually make the short list... but don't get the final prize.
  7. Boise was what it is now... but at a lower division. Their winning % has remained pretty consistent over all of the divisions they've been.
  8. Idaho has very few 4 and 5***** recruits... but when they do, they almost never stay home.
  9. Oh wow, it's nice to see Tony Knapp do so well. Generally, once coaches move up from the Boise umbrella, they don't find success.
  10. Sir, you answered it exactly the way I intended it. It was a curiosity. I couldn't remember one and was wondering if I just forgot/missed one. Thank you, I appreciate your response.
  11. You are the best UNLV poster on this board. Honorable Mention to @4UNLV. So, it looks like it's never happened at the D-1 level, no? I'm suggesting, continually making hires like these might be the issue.
  12. So not in many of our lifetimes... and, I'm speculating, likely broke some rules to make it happen.
  13. Serious question, has UNLV ever had a FB coach hired away? I can't think of one off of the top of my head.
  14. I say you go read the post I quoted. If you think he was DC at Missouri more than one season, maybe you are the one that should go read his bio.
  15. They did. Whiting looked competent as the starting PG. Sada and Mozilla had the best games of their career. They had 13 and 12 pts, respectively, and were almost perfect from the floor. Early in the season, it looked like Sada wasn't going to continue much this year. But he's gotten better every game and it looks like he could be a significant contributor by mid season. 12 almost had a triple-double. He is playing with so much confidence this year.
  16. And they've won 6-7 games in a season, what, once in the last 20 years? I'm guessing you could count on your own hands how many times it's happened in their history.
  17. It's never realistic to expect UNLV to win 6-7 games in any year.
  18. So, the reason they weren't very good was because they had the reigning SEC COTY as their OC?
  19. No more divisions... you're in the SEC Mountain now.
  20. Mizzou won back to back SEC division titles the year before he was hired as DC and a year after that he was hired as HC. They were doing it before him.
  21. Not when his record was 13 and 20 in SEC games. Should we talk about his 5 loses OOC as an "SEC" team? WYOfan, you wanna help here?
  22. He was there for one season, and they went 1-7 in conference... coming off back to back division titles. You're hanging your hat on that?
  23. Do you really think any of us read these UNLV threads until something actually happens? I started posting in this one a half hour ago... I waited for the ridiculous "candidates" on social media pass by before their actual coaching hire made everyone's boner went uneventfuly flaccid.
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