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  1. Monster get. Crystal Ball has him going to Arkansas, but they haven't offered. I wonder if that would change if they did.
  2. That's what we all expected. And it's just another source recognizing what Boise has coming in this coming season. They also apparently have a silent commit that will be revealed in the next couple days. A 6'10" JC big. That was a big area of need for Boise. They needed a backup down low.
  3. Georgia Southern would be, at least, a TD favorite over UNLV... and I wasn't a big fan when they announced that. That's besides the point anyway... it's still not an FCS team. Really, is that the best dig you can come up with? A bowl team with a top-25 road win? BTW, that's irresponsible scheduling by UNLV. They are going to go 0-fer. Hard to build a program doing that. They need more peer programs on their schedule. That would be a great schedule for a Boise State. Playing three mid-level P5s and a 10 win G5 would be an awesome schedule... but not for UNLV.
  4. Looks like a really good pickup. He went 2-13 from the 3 against Boise this year. Not sure if they did anything special against him or he just had an off night. I just remember Diane being an absolute athletic freak and a beast.
  5. I don't know about DE. Putting Dimitri over there sometimes will help, but no one else recorded a D1 stat over on that side.
  6. Yeah, I agree with all of this. The DE is a concern. Back 7 is set. LB depth was a concern last year, but won't be this year. Injuries on the DL are the biggest concern. I expect less production getting to the QB, but that is an area where they are always near the top in the conference, so less production should still be decent production.
  7. Didn't feel it needed it's own thread, but the Boise DL coach (and co-DC) was interviewed on local radio today. Since that is the other area of concern I'll give his thoughts. Forewarning, he is a very energetic and positive guy, so there is a lot of high praise and coach speak. The guys that impressed him in the short amount of Spring ball: -DT, Scott Matlock. Not a big surprise. He got a lot of run last year, as well... and then didn't get much playing time behind 6th year SR David Moa. But they are expecting big things from him again and he should get the playing time to show it now. -DT Jackson Cravens. The Utah transfer who sat out last year. He's 295 pounds and SD couldn't believe how explosive and quick he was for a guy that size. He is going to be very productive for Boise. -STUD, Demitri Washington. Incredibly high on him. Had 4.5 sack as a FR playing behind an AA in Curtis Weaver. SD says that at some point (maybe not this year), he will be considered one of the best players on the west coast. He also said that he will be playing both STUD and DE. I think that is absolutely huge, as Boise doesn't return a single tackle at the DE position. They have a ton of depth at the STUD with Sam Whitney getting granted a 6th year for the former starter (starter ahead of both Jabril Frazier and Curtis Weaver). -Honorable Mention, NT Scale Igeihon. He technically didn't play in Spring Ball because of a small injury, but SD is really high on Scale. He said he will be one of the best players in the MW next year. Boise fans have been waiting for him to get his chance at more playing time after playing behind a veteran DL his first two years. He's a future NFL draft pick.
  8. Boise is the only school in the MW that doesn't annually pad their record with FCS schools.
  9. That can't be right, half of the Boise fans are calling for 8 wins or less from the Broncos. I remember a ton taking the under at 10 last year, as well.
  10. I was just getting ready to post that. I'm trying to think if Boise has ever signed a 1st Team AA. Anyone know the answer to that?
  11. Did you just start watching college sports? It is a monumentally HORRIBLE practice to take kids off scholarship because they didn't develop like you'd hoped. Good luck signing anyone in the future when you have a reputation for kicking off kids that underperform. Besides, Kole Bailey was the 3rd highest rated recruit in that class and the 13th highest rated recruit in the MW. He wasn't some local shlub that was thrown a bone. Sometimes recruits don't pan out. It happens every year.
  12. You mean the line that just won the league... again? That's beside the point anyway. You said this will be the most inexperienced OL since Boise went to D1. It clearly is not and I showed that. And that OL that you're betching and moaning about was an OT loss away from back to back to back MW Championships. They'll have growing pains, but they'll be fine. That OL in 2017 was the worst line I can remember... and they still won 11 games and the league. You Boise fans that are calling for the worst record in 20 years because of the OL are bat shet crazy. I see these posts every fecking year. You gloom and doomers are wrong every year.
  13. Basically the same line that just left... only two years younger with almost no experience. FR Ezra Cleveland, SO Garrett Larson, SO John Molchon, SO Eric Quevedo, and returning starter Mason Hampton. JR Andres Perciado got a start in there too as they jumbled around the line to get production. Archie Lewis was a returning starter but he missed the beginning of the season with an injury.
  14. I was not a fan when they scheduled an option team OOC. But the schedule worked out as well as you could hope. They get as much time as they want in fall camp to work on the opener and then follow that up with another option team. They're going to spend close to a month straight working on defending the option.