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  1. Yeah, it was one of the smallest home crowds I've seen in decades. New AD obviously switched from turnstile to sold
  2. The MW would be in a really strong position with the AAC losing (potentially) UCF, Cincy, Houston, and Memphis. They would likely be top of the G5 even without Boise. My guess would be that UNR and Fresno would top the list for Boise when it comes to OOC schedule, so they'll be able to keep those games if they wish. Having said that... nothing has happened, so I'll believe it when I see it
  3. Nobody said it did. With 10 past NY6 Bowls leaving for a P5 (if that were to happen), access becomes easier for the rest. But celebrating paying less taxes because the household income went down isn't really a "silver lining"
  4. There is an important fact missing from that silver lining
  5. Yeah, like it or not, the MW and Pac are kinda tied at the hip. A stronger Pac helps the MW
  6. That stretching out at the goal line always burns teams
  7. Unrelated, but interesting... Colorado up 7-3 on atm in the 4th. With Oregon's win over Ohio State earlier this could be a good weekend for the Pac
  8. Should be game over. AF up 23-3
  9. It's frustrating watching teams shut down the option, knowing that won't happen when Boise plays them
  10. Yeah, you should how a coach with D-1 coaching experience. Signed, Colorado State
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