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  1. I know I say this every year, but I really appreciate this. @MAD MACGYVER
  2. 16 of Boise's 19 bowl games have been played against teams that are currently P5. Including 7 of the last 8. Seven of them were bowl games that weren't affiliated with the conference (including two of the last three and three of the last five). They are still the only G5 to ever get an at-large NY6. They'll be fine, bruh. It's crazy how little basis is behind the vomit coming out of your mouth.
  3. Boise consistently gets bowls they aren't affiliated with so that they can get a good match up. Thank you ESPN
  4. That's probably why The Athletic just hired a beat writer to cover Boise State. One of only 33 schools to have their own beat writer. If we looked into the other 32 schools with a beat writer, I bet they are all has-been too.
  5. No. They were never good at football. Terrible attendance. That really goes forall of those eastern schools. Rice, SMU, and Tulsa. It never felt right being in a conference with them. All of them spent the bulk of their existence in the basement of the conference.
  6. Isn't Tulsa the SJSU of the AAC? I guess every league needs one.
  7. Yeah, that looks way better. Air Force was way too low. Utah State is a tough one. I have them at 6-7 wins... so 6.5 seems about right. I'd probably go with the over if you put a gun to my head. Boise at 9.5 looks way better than 10. That's tempting, but I'd probably stay away from that one too.
  8. Why are you bringing this TAACF shite to this board? Certainly there is some circle jerk board where you don't come across as an ignorant homer, isn't there?
  9. There is absolutely no possible way that would ever happen. Why in the world would a monopoly wanna share with a bunch of garbage schools when they don't have to? If there was even one school worthy, they would just take them. You weren't even good enough for Boise and SDSU to stay, but now the SEC wants ya?
  10. It definitely shoulda been
  11. That's not accurate. The way it turned out, yes. But all it would've taken was UCF losing in their conference title game. It wouldn't have mattered that they had one loss. You have to win your conference to be eligible for the automatic bid. They could have gotten an at-large, but that wouldn't have affected Boise or Fresno. Either would have been the highest ranked G5 in that scenario.
  12. Boise: - Injuries... especially at certain positions. After a crazy injury riddled season last year, there are some positions that get inexperienced really fast after the starters. They could take some hits at DL, WR, RB, TE, and Saftey. Probably would be ok with minimal OL injuries. But CB and LB gets really inexperienced after the starters. Especially LB where they lost three contributors to transfer. Curtis Weaver just lost his back up for the season to injury. After him it's going to someone who has barely played. He would be a tough one to lose. I also think it would be tough to lose Cord. I think he's capable of being pretty good this year. The others might be ok, but not what Cord is at this point. - DC. Avalos was a stud. They went with co-DCs, which is great. One who was here and knows the system and another that just got here. Schmedding was a DC for five years and had good results at EWU. Which gets me to another issue from last year. Boise only nabbed 7 INTs last year. They did have a ton of injuries back there last year. EWU was #1 in the FCS in defensive TDs, #2 in INTs, and #3 in total TOs. I think he could improve in an area where they were weak last year, but with new blood, ya never know. -Schedule. This is only a concern if they do end up making a run for a NY6 Bowl. It's a weak schedule. There are certainly multiple tough games, but their highest over/under win predictions on their schedule are 7 for both Florida State and Utah State. Everyone else is under that. So in the end, it's possible they'd only have wins over teams barely over .500. That FSU game is really big, because they really won't have any other chances at statement games. Boise is typically in the conversation until late in the season. It could be over after the first weekend.