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  1. Since it's a made up conference, if say they're one of the flagship schools
  2. That's not certain yet (but probably). Either way, he'll be eligible for all of the conference games
  3. Boise is actually more "left coast" than two of those schools... just sayin'
  4. New Mexico's problem is that they couldn't keep their teams together. Whether it be transferring out, suspensions, or getting kicked off the team. They've had no consistency
  5. This is true, but the four transfers all have multiple years of D-1 playing experience and all have been playing with the team for a year now. Kigab was able to come in and contribute immediately after sitting out a year. He was widely considered the weakest of the incoming transfers.
  6. That's a great schedule. Only one team outside of the top 200 and all others 151 or better.
  7. They would have been fine if he left, but this is definitely good news. The athleticism and depth is unprecedented here in Boise. They'll compete with SDSU for the MW Title.
  8. My guess is that Shaver, Rice, and Dennis will get less than your prediction and Akot, Doutrive, Milner and Naje will be higher. Akot, he was said to be the best player on the team last year. Rice said he made the biggest one year improvement of any player he's ever coached (coach speak, for sure, but it isn't all hyperbole. There is truth to it). Especially considering Alston made the biggest one year improvement of anyone in the country two years ago and Hutch went from 6 ppg to 18 ppg in one year. I really think he, Alston, and Doutrive will be 1, 2, 3 in minutes played. Doutrive, by most outlets, he was considered the best "get" of the transfers. Kigab was considered the weakest and he came in and averaged double digits right out of the gate. I think that him being able to play both the 1 and 2 will keep him on the floor a lot more. Thats also why I see Dennis and Rice's minutes dipping. Naje, he's the biggest wildcard. He's the first JC 1st team All American Boise has ever landed. But he also has a body type and skill set of several other players on the team. He should get minutes off the bench, but could provide a lot more if Rice decides he can rotate into the 5 spot like he did with RJ last year. He does have a solid low post game. Milner, he is a high upside guy but low on experience. He should get 10-15 minutes spelling for Armus, that is unless they choose to go small ball. They do have the overall length and size to probably make that work. Kuzmanovic, I'm not sure what to think of him. They really could use another shooter, but I'm not sure who's minutes he would take. There is already not much to go around.
  9. He didn't mention Mladen Armus either. This is going to be a new look team for sure. https://twitter.com/JonRothstein/status/1275869855376461829?s=19
  10. You're absolutely clueless to everything
  11. How could it not be, "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die."
  12. Well, if it were about a big swinging deck then @madmartigan should win
  13. I'm not sure I encompass the coastie award. I'm kinda a deck