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  1. kingpotato

    Rank ‘em

    It's fun having Fresnofan back.
  2. kingpotato

    Rank ‘em

    He's garbage. Everyone told me.
  3. kingpotato

    AP Poll out

    SEC Mountain representing
  4. kingpotato

    Rank ‘em

    It would humor me greatly if Fresno finished ahead of Boise in the rankings, but the MWCG was on the Blue because of H2H.
  5. kingpotato

    Rank ‘em

    Fresno was outgained, out FD, lost the battle on both sides of the line of scrimmage, and lost while winning the TO battle. It was obvious that Fresno's vaunted defense was built by feasting on garbage offenses. Boise didn't even have their biggest weapon on offense and three defensive starters and beat them.
  6. kingpotato

    Rank ‘em

    Good to see you finally jumping on my baggie train.
  7. kingpotato

    Rank ‘em

    But is this case they did.
  8. kingpotato

    Coaches Poll Out

    Fresno just outside. MW should have 3 teams in the top-25 if they can beat SDSU next week. That's pretty good. That Boise-USU game shaping up to be a monster.
  9. kingpotato

    Great game Boise

    That was mostly a joke about Fresno fans/players/media having their panties in a bunch over Harsin suggesting that Boise "physically" beat them last year.
  10. kingpotato

    Idaho State at Boise Game Thread and Stream

    I'm cautiously optimistic about this team. RJ looked really good in his first game and will be a player in this league. Haney looks much improved and has finally added some low post moves that aren't a jump hook. JJ will be All MW (2nd team-ish). Dembley was the talk of the players and coaches over the summer so it'll be cool to see what he can do. Derrick Alston looks really improved and should get some minutes in the rotation. I don't agree with Rice about it being a deep team. I see a 7-man rotation with Alston being the 8th, and he'll have significantly less than the rest. Hopefully Jorch RS. He isn't going to get much PT and this team will return everyone except the bigs next year, so he'd be much more significant next year.
  11. kingpotato

    Great game Boise

    Yep, massive amounts of crying. I didn't read it until after the game, so it was obviously very amusing knowing the end result. There are always terrible calls. Unfortunately in this game most of the big/questionable calls were game/momentum changing decisions. But they were nowhere near one sided. In the end, Boise controlled both lines of scrimmage, and that's why they won. They lost the TO battle to a favored top-25 team and still won. That is the most yardage Tedford's Fresno team has ever given up to a team not named Alabama and the most sacks they've ever given up.
  12. kingpotato

    Great game Boise

    With all the talk about injuries, there were a few that were questionable that ended up playing and it was huge. Lui at NT being the biggest. He's a LOS mover and Boise doesn't have anyone who can do what he does. Having Hatata back helped, and even a limited Miles was good. That is all three on the DL that haven't been playing... and it showed. I feel much better about the USU game with them back. I'd feel really good if we could get Hightower back, who I believe is the biggest offensive weapon on this team. Maybe not the most important, but definitely the biggest playmaker.
  13. kingpotato

    Top MWC signees

    Unless there are multiple defections, I can't see any way it won't have the highest player ranking average.
  14. kingpotato

    Great game Boise

    This is how you do it @rudolro
  15. kingpotato

    Great game Boise