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  1. That's a terrible number for Hawai'i. They had a good team returning and both home games were against Pac12 teams.
  2. Yeah, the best coaches always lull teams to sleep with 5+ years of vanilla offense so they can break out the good stuff against Tulsa.
  3. The class they just had isn't pulling away? Thanks Nostradamus.
  4. I will say this about the complaints with the OL. They were missing both OTs and both will be playing in high round NFL draft picks. Another OG had to switch positions to play out of position at OT (his third different position he's played in three games). Also, the two that filled in were FR making their first start. With all of that, it's not acceptable, but more understanding why they struggled a bit in pass protection. OL is the hardest position to play early and Boise had two FR there. A couple of small bonuses with that is the experience being gained for next year. OL and DL will be the biggest concerns going into next year, so the more PT they get this year will help in the future. Also, I think Molchon has increased his stock tremendously. That's a lot of versatility he is showing scouts. I think he could turn into one of the long term journeymen type guys in the NFL.
  5. Me too... and I'm more worried about this game than any of the past ones.
  6. They'll get a lot of votes if they beat Boise this week. Maybe not enough to get in, but it should be close.
  7. How do you think Clemson will do this year.
  8. Because they lost late on the road to a top-25 team? And, come on, you're crowing about something that everyone knows already? I guess the obvious ones are your only prediction victories.
  9. What a stupid fecking picture. Only show the worst seats in the stadium and nothing sideline to sideline. Dumb.
  10. No. I'm down for playing Idaho, but never in Moscow. FBC schools don't play at FCS schools.
  11. Your mom said you were her least favorite child
  12. Now we're talking. 20 unanswered points. Air Force rolling