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  1. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    They caught lightning in a bottle with the right coach at the right time. They built on that, so that is good, but now the expectations are unrealistic. Reality is, that since Tark, UNLV has won two conference regular season championships in the 26 years since then. Both under the same coach (one in the WAC, one in the MW). To put that into perspective. Boise, which many would consider a poor basketball school, has had 5 conference championships in that time, under four different coaches (One in the MW, one in the WAC, one in the BW, and two in the Big Sky). Not that UNLV fans should stop demanding excellence, but they really need to reevaluate their place in the basketball hierarchy.
  2. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    This feels like it should be @Broncomare's signature.
  3. Boise State recruiting 2018

    He apparently killed it in drills/practices at the Poly Bowl. Hopefully he is as billed. He is coming in at a postion that Boise has sent three straight players to the league as a 2nd rounder or better. That should contiue with Weaver. Hopefully Emmsley (a Bronco legacy, btw) continues that trend.
  4. Boise State recruiting 2018

    Riley Smith seems like he is in the bag barring some unforseen push by a power school, but it seems that the staff is holding out for Purdy.
  5. Larry Eustachy Says It’s About the Players

    No seriously, you're really on an idiot roll today... which is completely amazing, because you've set that bar fecking high. Didn't you just say that if UNLV had Muss they'd be in 1st place? No fecking shet?! You mean the guy that took a bottom half team and made them a champion in two years and also has the best team currently? Wow, how do you think UNLV would do with Calipari? Or Few? Or Krzyzewski? Seriously, you have to be able to see what a moronic statement that is, right?
  6. New Mexico at UNLV

    I would love nothing more. I posted at the beginning of the season on the Boise board that this was the season that the Broncos needed to win the conference. Most of the power teams are down and Boise has a veteran team capable of doing it. It gets more difficult for Boise every year after this one. Boise has had a small window with the MW being down. Reality, Boise being on top in football is good for the conference... Boise being on the top in basketball, isn't... but I'll take it every chance they can muster it.
  7. RealRPI Predictions

    The matchup is interesting. The teams have different strengths. Hard to tell who will impose their will on the other.
  8. New Mexico at UNLV

    I'm guessing it's because some posters were fairly condescending towards the MW and, more specifically, Boise. I certainly don't speak for everyone, but I'd venture to say that the vast majority of Boise fans think highly of UNLV and the vast majority of it's fans. UNLV still represents a good win for Boise, even in their down years. There's respect there.
  9. New Mexico at UNLV

    Only this season?
  10. New Mexico at UNLV

  11. Nevada @ San Jose State

    Tricky. A blown achilles is one of the more nasty recoveries.
  12. Nevada @ San Jose State

    What makes you say that? BTW, what's wrong with him?
  13. Utah State @ Boise State

    That's really the difference between this years team and some of the past teams. Sure, defense and rebounding is better, but it has been their ability to close out games that has led to the best start in 30 years. They probably should have lost the UTEP and Grand Canyon games, but pulled them out. They've won close games @Oregon, @Fresno, and home against USU and SDSU. The only one they let get away was the Wyoming one.