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  1. kingpotato

    Fresno Will Win the MWC - Book It

    I didn't think so. I have always been a Hawk fan. I have a history with him even before he came to Boise, so I've always wished him success. I think him and Davis is a phenomenal match. I hope he does well.
  2. kingpotato

    Fresno Will Win the MWC - Book It

    Yeah, I think they will. Does it add anything to the game having Hawk there or does that mean nothing to vandalfan?
  3. kingpotato

    Chip the Buffalo shot himself

    I was gunna save that for week 4 gifs
  4. kingpotato

    Fresno Will Win the MWC - Book It

    Mark it down. Davis will beat Idaho this weekend. Ooo, that was fun... I see why people do this.
  5. And it might get worse next year. They lose a lot of playmakers on defense next year. Especially if Ghaifan declares early
  6. kingpotato

    Turd of the week, Week 3

    Yeah, I'm not totally sold on them. They played pretty well against Boise, but even with have no time to throw and no running lanes the Broncos still put up over 400 yards of offense. The QB played well, but Boise got to him often, they just had a hard time wrapping him up. Plus, he had been mistake prone and inaccurate in the first two games and was neither against Boise. It wouldn't shock me if they ended up being a 7 or 8 win team. I hope they are a top-10 team. They could really end up there, but I'm not convinced just yet.
  7. kingpotato

    Turd of the week, Week 3

    This could be Okie Lite's best defensive team. They are currently leading the country in sacks by a full sack a game over the #2 team. At least, I hope they are that good and not that Boise's OL is that bad.
  8. kingpotato

    Turd of the week, Week 3

  9. kingpotato

    Turd of the week, Week 3

    The divisions look a lot more even than they have in years.
  10. kingpotato

    Turd of the week, Week 3

    No worries. They'll still be in the top-25 when Fresno loses to them.
  11. kingpotato

    CUSA Attendance is struggling

    I hated having pUNT in the conference when they shared a conference with Boise. They are SJSU to me. There is SO much competition in the Dallas market. San Antonio is still a big market with very little competition.
  12. kingpotato

    Turd of the week, Week 3

    Well, too be fair, he dislocated his elbow against Troy and isn't returning punts as of now. One of his muffed punts wasn't his fault and the other he ended up recovering it. Boise is still a little banged up. Octavius Evans still hasn't played yet. Tyler Horton missed the OSU game and Moa has only played a couple series so far this year. With the bye week hopefully all of them will be back for Wyoming.
  13. kingpotato

    Is a 12-1 SDSU our only hope for the access bowl?

    Just looking at how people nationally took that game, most gave OSU all the credit for looking good and Boise didn't take a big hit for losing. To lose by 23 and still be in the top-25 in the coaches and 27th in the AP shows it didn't hurt them tremendously.
  14. kingpotato

    Turd of the week, Week 3

    Their QB was better than I expected, but I have a feeling he might have just had a good game. I hope he's that good and they are a top-10 team. Their DL was obviously very, very impressive.
  15. kingpotato

    Turd of the week, Week 3

    The Special Teams was horrible. In fact, it's been terrible all year. It was supposed to be a strength going into the season, but in 3 games, 2 missed FGs, no big punt/kickoff returns, two muffed punts (one turnover), 2 blocked punts, and averaging a whopping 28 yards per punt. It's probably the worst special teams in the country right now.