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  1. Spring Football Reports

    Would you like a reminder about how averages work?
  2. Spring Football Reports

    Neither Hars nor Pete did a lot of up-tempo,no huddle. At times they both would, but most of the time it is a lot of pre-snap shifts in an effort to try and create a mismatch somewhere. Both liked to run the ball more than throw, but like balance. They are both about efficiency and less getting in as many plays as they can. If that means 90 snaps, they'll hike it 90 times, if that means 60 snaps, they'll snap it 60 times. The flow and opponent is going to determine the pace more than anything. They averaged 70 plays per game last year which was 6th in the conference and middle of the road nationally, as well.
  3. Spring Football Reports

    Rypien takes a lot of undeserved heat for this. Despite being thrown in too early as a trFR he has never had more than 8 ints in a season and it's made out like he's some massive TO machine. There are certianly some areas he could improve on, but when he gets time he has been very effective. The OL is going to determine the ultimate success of this years team. If they can open some holes and protect Ryp the rest of the team looks set.
  4. Spring Football Reports

    Yeah, the offenses always got much of the credit, but the defenses were generally very strong... sometimes close to the best in the country in some areas. Most of those teams would hold opponents between 12-18 ppg. Harsin's have all been 20+ ppg, but this should be a sub 20 ppg defense.
  5. Spring Football Reports

    You started watching Boise after the Zabransky years then?
  6. Spring Football Reports

    Yeah, this should easily be Harsin's best team. I don't see this being Boise's best teams overall, but it should be up there with some of those "best" teams. It looks like a very balanced team that will be strong in all three phases.
  7. Spring Football Reports

    It's good to be excited about the incoming class... but if they are relying on significant contributions by the incoming class, that is generally a bad sign. While they have recruited pretty well recently, it is only marginally better than the middle schools. Heck, this year they are bringing in the 4th rated class. They just lose too much off of a team that wasn't that great last year.
  8. Spring Football Reports

    That would be surprising. They look like the 4th best team right now.
  9. Former CSU Coach, Earl Bruce passes

    I thought this was going to be about this guy:
  10. Phuck bsu

    Isn't the offseason wonderful?
  11. Fresno St

    That's decent.
  12. P5 is a football term. It doesn't apply to basketball. Wins over Gonzaga and Wichita carry way more weight than wins over Oregon State and Rutgers.
  13. I'm pretty sure Boise has played in one of these tournaments every year under Rice. That was a focus of his from day one.
  14. Phuck bsu

  15. Phuck bsu

    Have a nice day