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  1. Nothing. They just had a promo video and I didn't see either in then.
  2. Top 10 MW recruits. The two Boise recruits in there had Boise sweating all the way to signing Day. https://www.mwcconnection.com/2023/2/2/23565032/2023-mountain-west-football-recruiting-class-top-10-players-boise-state-san-diego
  3. I can't see him making it to next season.
  4. Overreaction. Everyone knows SDSU has the most talented and deepest roster. They'll be at or near the top when the dust settles.
  5. Yeah, his game in Boise was over the top. I've never seen a coach pull a player just because the crowd was booing relentlessly every time he touched the ball. Regarding Rice Sr, understandable. Most would agree with you. He gets after the refs and has a whiney face when he does. Rice Jr will always catch flack being the coaches kid. I'm not saying it's never happened, but I watch every game and I can't remember him ever betching and complaining to the refs or over celebrating when he makes a shot. He's fairly stoic out there. The description of his shooting motion is actuate.
  6. Seems like I struck a nerve here. I'm sticking by it. Dude is a whiney punk. Go watch the Boise-USU game for exhibit A.
  7. While Boise ended with the most points, I tend to focus on the average per recruit since recruiting classes are different sizes. It that since, SDSU has easily the best recruiting class. They have a lot of studs with a lot of P5 offers. It's probably the best MW class I've seen since Boise's 2019 class. https://247sports.com/Season/2023-Football/OverallTeamRankings/?Conference=M-West
  8. It seems like we never get the high ranked Idaho kids. So I doubt it.
  9. Akin is the most hateable dude in the league.
  10. They are taking bad shots. They need to run some semblance of an offense. All one on one.
  11. I'm not sure why so many Boise fans think this. He's playing 33 minutes a game and Boise is a top 20 defense. To see how much having a single defensive liability hurts the entire defense all you have to do is look at every time Pavle enters the game. Bob Behler was asked who he thought was the best perimeter defender on the team, he answered Max. He's not going to be on the All Defensive Team, but he's nowhere near the liability so many fans make him out to be.
  12. Right now he needs to work at being more of a scorer. He does have a great jump shot and it seems to be unlockable. What does he have, like, five 4 point opportunities this year? With that quick high release, pump fakes would really open up drives to the basket.
  13. That's exactly what you get out of Boise. Starter points 16, 13, 13, 11, 10. Rebounds 6, 6, 5, 4, 4. Bench zero.
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