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  1. I heard UCF won a national title once. I will say that Boise was given their title and didn't give itself one... that's a little different
  2. 1) It absolutely wouldn't warrant special treatment, and was a ridiculous statement to begin with 2) They won a JC National Championship and a 1-AA National Championship... hence "multiple" national championships... which is a completely accurate way to answer a ridiculous statement with ridiculous, yet true, answer
  3. Then that makes sense why Boise gets special treatment
  4. Detroit is a much better city than it gets credit for. It's really been revitalized. I was super impressed... although my expectations were low going into it
  5. Nope. They have basically played all of their easiest games up front. They've done well to barely beat some of the worst teams in the league. Road gets tougher from here on out
  6. If they go 1-3 in their next four games I'd consider that a win for rebelfan
  7. That should definitely be considered before a decision is made
  8. No you couldn't. They are not similar in any regard
  9. Agreed. Houston is the biggest shethole the US has ever produced
  10. While different, Logan and Laramie would have more similarities than Laramie and any other MW city.
  11. Won the NFC South and also 37 games in his first four years at UCLA? He probably has children too, so likely did that also
  12. That one was fecked up. They choked, but the the refs homered them like banshees