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  1. If UNLV and UNM can ever get back to this SDSU level the MW will kill it. There are a shet ton of us rock solid programs that can gravy train this shet.
  2. Hopefully UCLA is not overrated and SDSU is just that good
  3. Great showing. SDSU reafirms that they are the team to beat this year
  4. Not a visually impressive game. But in the end it was their first game, double digit won, against a decent opponent. Take away: this is probably more of Alford's UNR team style in the future. That was more similar to his UNM teams. Big guys down low, feed the post, play good defense.
  5. If they can get better post play they could be ok. Not gunna be the high scoring team of these past few seasons
  6. That should do it. Good start to the season
  7. It does seem, like it or not, Sheffield will be the guy. He has taken every shot down the stretch
  8. Their post play has been atrocious. They are getting deep down low and just can't finish
  9. UNR keeping the bison at arms length. Let's them get it close, but pulls back away. They are one small run away from this being over
  10. I think trFR Tre Coleman looks pretty good so far
  11. That's what I'm noticing too. Thought Cambridge could be that guy. I missed the 1st half where he seemed to be ok, but he's been invisible the 2nd
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