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  1. Worse that they were up 3. There is not a huge difference between 3 and 6. Touchdown still takes the lead.
  2. TG played well. But he misses open guys by 10 feet, he is just not comfortable in the pocket. He's always either back backpedaling or rolls out. I was hoping to see improvement from last year, but I don't see any. He's good enough to win most games in the MW, but we all are enamored by his ceiling, but we may be seeing his ceiling. He's been here two and a half years and I see limitations that aren't getting better.
  3. I respect your opinion and there isn't a definitive clear cut answer. But I'm team Mad Dog at this point. He's shown me enough to warrant a shot and see where it goes. If he flounders, then we know.
  4. I'm there. TG is a talent, but Mad Dog looks to me to be the better QB.
  5. I am. Give him a full game and see what it looks like. He seems really cool under pressure.
  6. It's going to be highly debated. I'd like to see Mad Dog play a full game. I think they'll stickk with TG. I just find it interesting that when TG throws to a receiver they're generally blanketed by a defender and Mad Dog seems to find guys wide open.
  7. I think Mad Dog has some moxie, along with the traits I listed above. He's driven the ball almost every time he's gotten in. I'd like to see what he can do in a full game.
  8. Avalos is safe for now. Still conference season to go. I've seen enough at QB. Taylen just isn't accurate and is not comfortable in the pocket. Mad Dog came in at the end of the U Dub and drove them down to the 10 before TOD. Came in against UCF and led them to what could've been the game winning drive. Came in today and led them to two scoring drives and a 2pt conversion. He's comfortable in the pocket, has a quick release, a cannon arm, he's accurate, and reads the field really well. I'd like to see what he does in a full game with TG coming in with some running packages, like they did with Ryp and Cozart. Unfortunately, that likely means TG transfers. But if he's not the right guy, then oh well.
  9. Yeah, they would have stuck with the call in the field if they'd called it the other way too. Unfortunate.
  10. Boise doesn't have any receivers, outside of E Mac, that can catch in coverage.
  11. I don't like dominating for 25 minutes only to go into halftime with a 3 point lead. Memphis DL really stuffing the run.
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