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  1. Not sure. They could hire from within. When Dickey was hired, they didn't find someone in the first round and had to start over from scratch. Fans started to get worried. Then when it was announced that it was Dickey, he was almost no one's first choice. He turned out to be the right hire, so I'm not concerned that they will find the right guy again.
  2. Every day is national potato day. Who doesn't love potatoes? Besides Dr Atkins and that Keto guy.
  3. For the last 15 years the local Barnes and Noble calls me the day these come in. It's my official notice that college football is right around the corner. We are officially in the home stretch.
  4. Their statement for what they are looking for is exactly Dickey's strengths. They would be stupid to not hire the guy. He's a superstar and the best AD Boise has had. If he leaves, he's left the place much better than when he arrived and left a clear blueprint vision of the future for the next person... if it comes to that.
  5. Boise adds another transfer big. Boise frontcourt is loaded. https://x.com/BJRains/status/1803917294596428121?t=FVr_IdJ_9qPRu7M0I0AiLw&s=19
  6. Speak of the devil... https://x.com/cffmwachsman/status/1800536841868722458?t=ojPz77_mvoeLjO_1mEqBiw&s=19
  7. He puts a lot of stock into many things that some don't. For example, he has a separate power poll versus his rankings prediction. One he uses his strength calculations and the other he adds their schedule, +/- TOs, and other things to predict where they'll finish the season. While I don't always agree with him, there is no doubt that he provides more information than any other preseason rag.
  8. Phil Steele has been leaking out info from his rag that comes out in a couple weeks. It looks like he's going to be high on Boise. I love the amount of info he packs in his magazine. One thing I generally somewhat disagree with, is that he tends to overemphasize his "PSS" rankings, which are his high school player rankings. I'm guessing he's putting a lot of stock in Boise bringing in a 5**** QB and WR. https://x.com/SuperWestSports/status/1800278746022449634?t=RNX5nEVaNbgi89ratkXWAg&s=19
  9. Yeah, Liberty have up 30 ppg in their last 8 games... against piss poor competition.
  10. Odds to win the conference. Basic thoughts with these, reading Athlon and Lindy's, there seems to be a consensus that CSU is going to be pretty good this year. Most believe they'll be the 4th or 5th best team in the conference. https://x.com/CFBHome/status/1798547285972025538?t=9NYfojs13UVFF9fFQ-ZRew&s=19
  11. Great pick up. https://x.com/BJRains/status/1798068045812019223?t=XHMsUeDnuBR7H3BLc_sMoA&s=19
  12. Boise the GOAT of preseason championships.
  13. MW team odds of making the playoffs. https://x.com/SuperWestSports/status/1797426098378285266?t=MjdWMV9biIGnLlvSuwK5mw&s=19
  14. It seems Fresno still carries some good reputational currency. Surprised teams like UNLV or Air Force didn't receive odds. https://x.com/bmoorecfb/status/1797720419429949899?t=4fsHj-WAj4qHxB3AjOjLYA&s=19
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