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  1. Boise has been top 35 NET the last two years and shouldn't be worse than that this year.
  2. Was unaware of Moors. He was a solid backup. Boise played small ball last year, but it was out of necessity, not choice. They won't have that issue this year. Deggie will get to play his more natural 4 spot.
  3. You'd put Amzil over Mushila? I think Mushila is going to be a player.
  4. They will. They'll be preseason favorite. I'm certain of that. I don't think they win the league, though. Unless they make some more additions late.
  5. I'm more high on UNM than you, but the rest we agree on.
  6. Yeah, Strong looks like he'll contribute immediately. I don't know Evans so that much, but seems like he'll be behind Cartier, Joel Scott, and Moors. The FR might have a hard time finding minutes early.
  7. A lot of us aren't sleeping on UNR. But there have definitely been a handful of teams that, on paper, have significantly improved.
  8. While I do have UNM in my top 3. I do feel they have upgraded significantly to go with an already solid core. Definite title contenders. However, according to fans, there are six teams that are going to finish in the top 3... my maths doesn't compute.
  9. Yeah, I'm not buying that graphic. I see UNR being an NCAA tourney caliber team.
  10. That's where Boise sits. The 2nd guy off of the bench last year likely won't be in the top 10 this season.
  11. Who are the 2 and 5 you speak of? Also, the FR. Fill me in.
  12. I'm not sure SDSU will even be the best team in the league this year.
  13. The top end of the MW seems a very crowded group this off-season.
  14. "Rant-speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way." Your use of the word "rant" takes a lot of liberties.
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