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  1. He has no respect within the athletic department. He will not be there long. He's a "sky is falling" AD who is in WAY over his head.
  2. I like this. 1) You totally do care. You're showing that right now. 2) Boise gets a deal that pisses all others off in the conference... so it could be worse. 3) Happy never going to an Access Bowl? They've never missed when deserving, and got in as a two loss team over a one loss team. Oh wait, you're projecting something that hasn't happened, and has never happened and translating that into "never"? Yeah, if that's the case than, no, I wouldn't be fine with that. 4) Oh, your twitter reporters? This is making a lot more sense now. 5) Curt is a fecking pawn who doesn't make any decisions. He will not be there for the long haul. I wouldn't be placing all my chips in on that guy.
  3. Awesome... that's the first time I've ever heard that about UNLV. It's good to hear it's finally gunna be true this time
  4. So someone tried to make something out of nothing and other people shared that nothing. Cool
  5. This is so wrong on so many levels: 1) The athletic department has little to do with that decision. The President does. 2) Boise paid the Big West millions of dollars to NOT be on the AAC. 3) To make long term decisions based on a one time committee decision is the most reactionary long term plan since Idaho fecked themselves in their own A-hole by moving to D-1 just because Boise did it. 4) Dude, Boise State has had some of the best Olympic Sports in the conference for years. They were tops for the Director's Cup in the G5's this year and are always top-3 in the MW. For someone in the athletic dept, you know very little about the athletic dept. 5) Anyone who actually had any real inside information wouldn't be sharing on this message board right now. That's a lot of self important bravado right there. 6) There will be more realignment and they ain't comin' for the MW. Let's all make a horrible long term/long distance decision based on schools that won't be there in a few years. 7):
  6. The front end of the one-n-one was big. Not sure about the "open" shot you are referring to. Definitely a guy in his face with time running out. He had to get it off quickly. Not a bad shot, but it was a tough one. I thought the pass right before that where Alston pump faked, he should have just gone up with it.
  7. Call it both way or don't call it at all. Bragg did way worse than that just minutes before. And I'm sorry. Jawing? Weak. No problem with Bragg not getting a call, but then don't call it on the other side. Two point technical ends up being the difference. That's just stupid.
  8. Maybe, but he was clearly fouled with no call. He doesn't miss three feet left otherwise.
  9. Yeah, he's a great shooter. Can you give me one time he's hit a game winning shot, despite getting many chances? Or better yet, do you feel good with him shooting when the game is on the line? He's just not that guy.
  10. Give it to Alston and let him go to the basket. At least there is potential to get a foul call.