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  1. Agreed. Two really solid ones so far. One more would make that a lock
  2. Boise had a good defense when he had JWIII, Hutch, and Marks. When he has had the athletes, they were good defensively. It'll just be if he can get them to buy into that
  3. He already has a conference title under his belt... so he has shown he can do it
  4. That would make this the best LB class Boise has pulled in
  5. Harsin's classes always seem to come together late. Much different than Pete's strategy of locking them up early and holding on for dear life to keep them
  6. Mason is a huge pick up. Multiple P5 offers, including Michigan State. Boise doesn't beat schools like that on OL very often. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Mason-Randolph-134608/RecruitInterests/
  7. https://247sports.com/player/marco-notarainni-46058992/ Yep, another LB. I wonder if this means the coaches know that Lolani Langi is not coming back after his mission?
  8. People there do that Some people even like golf People are so weird
  9. The content is still accurate. Hunting and fishing is boring AF
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