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  1. and your power is 100% hydro anyway, right? so there isn't even an environmental angle to consider.
  2. I'm always curious as to where the numbers lead and between my job, my education, and the supernerd extracurriculars I did in high school I can crunch the numbers quick and can get relevant information pretty quickly too. there are so many questions that can't be approached with math so when you can do so it is satisfying to actually get an answer for once. I didn't know what I was going to find out with the fentanyl thing; if the numbers had agreed with you I would have posted that too.
  3. Also, right now basically all projects are way delayed and over budget. Nice to see the 10+ billion dollar level projects are seeing the same problems the tens to hundreds of millions dollar projects are, ha ha.
  4. I imagine depends on where you live. I've always lived places with cheap power and my current house is shaded by big oak trees so not the best idea here. But my BIL in San Antonio's rented house has them. My dad runs his whole cabin off of solar. Heats with a wood stove, cooks with propane, fridge is a dug out well, lol. In the winter it's enough to charge his laptop and have LED lights on until bedtime. In the summer it's enough to do that and run his woodworking equipment all day.
  5. hmm.... average water tower size... call it a million gallons... so 8 million pints of water... call it 16 million "drinks" fentanyl deadly dose (ingestion)... 2 mg https://www.dea.gov/resources/facts-about-fentanyl 16 million * 2 mg = 32,000 grams.... 32 kilograms that's roughly 1% of the total pharmaceutical production of fentanyl in 2005 https://www.emcdda.europa.eu/publications/drug-profiles/fentanyl_en be tough to do. that's part of what is so nice about water supplies. the amount it would take to poison it boggles the mind.
  6. Raids across Germany for a coup plot involving a noble and an EMP signal. What the hell
  7. next time hit up a twink instead of a bear
  8. Surprisingly good. I saw some tweets about people asking it about the "fastest marine mammal". It did... not handle that well.
  9. If I had a cheetah buddy you guys would never. NEVER hear the end of it
  10. so you're just gonna leave the whole "no wild cheetahs are not 'feral' because words have meaning" thing alone too huh
  11. boring unless they're gay unless you, like, look at what "most americans' feel convert, i say this with profound relief there are not enough "people like you" to be able to "hate people like you" when have you been nice? what
  12. I guess this is where I disagree with you. It was government who created the situation over hundreds of years, deliberately, with deliberate use of public funds, with planning sessions, with the resources of the state. It was the government who created a larger divide between black and white from the 1910s to the 1950s (really) in terms of mixed vs segregated communities. It was the government who created the conditions to have what we consider a typical 1st world community. To see that the government had the power to do all that, but then to say "well but the only thing they don't have the power to do is reduce systemic inequality", seems... wrong.
  13. I disagree that altering stratification will "happen at the citizenry level". I think that state investment - in infrastructure, in education, in business opportunities - would do far more for leveling and allowing upward mobility. Essentially 100% of wealth created for the middle class has been due to massive government subsidies and infrastructure spending. It is... not real surprising but also kind of depressing when the conversation changes as soon as white people 'got ours'.
  14. No, you can't. But you can certainly make it better and IMO it makes the country stronger. Having a state-created underclass is.... bad, historically.
  15. They also fund maintenance on existing roads. Roads and bridges have a pretty finite lifespan. Every 20 years or so you need to perform expensive work on them.
  16. Sure. It's "getting better all the time". I don't think it is crazy to say there is going to be a real long 'tail" of discrepancies though. Like... black people living in 'bad" neighborhoods that see less funding and more police enforcement because of racist policies for the first ~150 years a place was being built. Convert says "hey we ended overt systemic discrimination so everything is good". I don't think that is moral, and more importantly, I don't think it is good policy.
  17. We're watching Wednesday as well. Fun, and the girls can watch it with us which is nice.
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