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  1. "The obvious" what? And, holy hell dude, what do you think a "nonpartisan take" would look like?
  2. No, those difficulties are entirely because of how shitty the entire conference is playing year in and year out
  3. I mean... not that much different
  4. 1.4 mil gross a year is "poor"? Christ I should have gotten in to accounting!!!!!
  5. I've posted that a lot of the media has been frankly terrible at covering this whole thing and that impeachment is counterproductive and damaging to democracy (and just stupid... but those first two are more important than just stupid). I do think it gets ridiculous to be totally against an investigation because third parties who you already disagree with are speculating in ways you disagree with. I think that ESPN's coverage of the NCAAT is pretty stupid at times, that doesn't mean I don't like the NCAAT... I needed something to be a step up in weaselness between "lobbyist inventor" and "Michael Cohen" otherwise the sardonic humor of the statement would fall apart
  6. "Completely agreeing with everything Jack is saying" seems to be the only thing you ever consider "honest". Dude... other people honestly believe things that are different from what you believe. It isn't dishonesty or a conspiracy; it's like people are different or something.
  7. Objective? I have no skin in the game, I've said and still say that impeachment would be the worst possible end to the Trump presidency, and overall I've remained mum on this investigation cuz, well, there's been a lot of nothing and now more nothing. What, do you think that you have an objective point of view or something?
  8. What, you're butthurt because I constantly call out democrats for their responsibility in segregation and racial housing disparity?
  9. LOL. Yes, please dig up my support for the "dem tribe" instead of just attacking your tribalism. Please. Ah, yes, because of my well known penchant for posting, ever, about the investigation prior to its completion and my well-known resistance to Kavanaugh. You do realize that there is a record of what people say on mwcboard, right?
  11. Given the FBI's history between Hoover, involvement with MLK and whatnot, my overall impression of them was "dirty but competent". They sure have not seemed real competent in this - or at least not competent at investigating political issues.
  12. I mean, I hold them all accountable by not watching any of them. Not really sure how much more I can do than that I agree that certain segments of the media were complete partisan blowhards with no facts but lots of IMPORTANT STATEMENTS on this investigation (and probably on other important stuff but I can't deal with their nonsense) but I don't really know how you punish "wrong and stupid and partisan" other than through starving them of ad revenue. Sure thing skip, as soon as you make an argument for why
  13. What are you talking about? You're digging your own grave. You have completely ceased to even use the window dressing of talking about the special counsel or even the much broader topic of "any problem in America". I've been discussing your disingenuous, lazy posting style... so you are disingenuous and lazy. Dude, attacking a posting style isn't attacking the poster. It's attacking the posting style and often acts as a proxy to their argument. Given how you never offer any argument and instead just bring up increasingly unrelated items in an attempt to stall out any discussion whatsoever that criticism your team, attacking your posting style is entirely appropriate. If you actually think that you are providing arguments in your posting, you are not as smart as I thought.
  14. I save truly personal attacks for irredeemable dipshits. NC is there and jackrabbit is getting there; he finds it ok to attack people's families when he can't mount an argument and when he truly steps in it, he's too much of a coward to acknowledge anything. I tend to attack posting style more than actual posters. You're a prime example; my attacks mean you're lazy and irritating. Other posters deal with it by ignoring you; I deal with it by attacking your posting style. You have chosen "disingenuous" and "vapid" as your style. I don't get why; you're a smart guy and when you try you make good points, you just seem to be unwilling to put in even the bare minimum to contribute. Your smart is being erased by your lazy posting style.
  15. Nah, I attack poster's arguments and posting style all the time. When I'm tired of dealing with bullshit, I lead off with it. Exhibit A is this thread; pointing out your bullshit and insincerity WAS the argument. Your vapid comments about the investigation are a sideshow and about as meaningful to argue as "Cheyenne's wind is easier to deal with than Gillette's wind".
  16. Well, yeah. The Trump weasels included "the dude who invented lobbying" and "a traitorous general" and "Michael Cohen".
  17. The evidence was pretty compelling and they found a heap of crimes done by people involved in the Trump campgain while working on the Trump campaign...
  18. @modestobulldog to investigate "Everyone" as in "every department" as a kind of audit, not "every citizen".
  19. Because that is what the conversation is about. See, this is why I call you disingenuous. There's a conversation about a specific investigation and your retort is "OH YEAH BUT APART FROM THAT THERE ARE PROBLEMS IN AMERICA WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING ABOUT THOSE!!!!!!!!"
  20. What the hell are you talking about? Illegal activities were investigated, persons of interest around those activities were investigated, wrongdoers were charged, and the special investigation was wrapped up much more quickly than the norm of this type of investigation. Bam, open and shut. How was this "one political side"? Wait, so you think the investigation was fine but didn't like the coverage? You realize that the special counsel doesn't control CNN right?
  21. Jack, what the f*ck are you talking about? A "legal coup"? Jack, we had evidence of crimes committed by people close to the President. We convened a special counsel, investigated people around those crimes, put some shady mother+++++ers in prison, and determined that the President wasn't involved in the crimes his underlings were doing. How is that bad? How can you bitch about "drain the swamp" and "deep state" and then complain when a task force finds the deep statiest and swampiest people on the planet and puts them in prison for crimes, meanwhile steering clear of indicting any elected officials?
  22. I know what I'm spanking it to tonight!
  23. So you completely agree that legal immigration has caused demographic changes that are making the America we know and love go away? Yes, the issue is definitely not "Nevada Convert is also an extremist". Convert, Republicans were fine with it for 70 years because all of those immigrants provided workers, consumers, and entrepeneurs. It was when the Republicans decided to swallow the racist union vote that they became a problem. You might want to review how people like GW and Reagan treated illegal immigration vs say Obama. I mean, no, Convert. Those 4 people mentioned convinced me that they're racist because of racist stuff they've said. It is totally indistinguishable from how Hillary and Bill convinced me of their racism based on stuff they said and laws they enacted. Racism doesn't have a party line; you just have a team. Wait, "Europe is racist" is news to you? JFC convert it's 2019. The internet is right there. Ah yes, the "people of color will depress home values and ruin the neighborhood" argument, AKA "why it is ok to have anti black covenant laws", also the justification for redlining. Convert the above is unambiguously racist. So.... You think that demographics and culture are the same? As in, your ethnicity defines your culture? You think that immigrants to the US won't be utterly assimilated by our cultural behemoth - unlike, say, the English and the Irish and the Germans and the Swedes and the Finns and the Dutch and the various slaves and the Italians and the Croats and the Poles and the Serbs and the Chinese and the Japanese and the Mexicans living in what was ceded in the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo and the French and the Filipinos and the Vietnamese and the Iranians and the Ashkenazi? Is Central American and Indian/Pakistani culture just so much more powerful than all of those other nations listed? You think that culture is static? You think that segregation of culture is a beautiful, wonderful thing, and that culture is tied to ethnicity? You have no faith in American exceptionalism assimilating immigrants, despite literally the entire history of this country as well as our foundational myths? You think that socially conservative, religious people fleeing their homes so they can run a business in peace and who just want to be able to have capitalism in their lives are not compatible culturally? Convert... re-read your comments and look in a mirror.