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  1. https://app.leg.wa.gov/billsummary?BillNumber=1509&Year=2019&initiative=#documentSection A bill to just split eastern Washington from western Washington is in the WA legislature - see above.
  2. Yes, it is acceptable to solve multiple problems
  3. Yeah, it's cause all of us are scarred
  4. Convert, estrogen and testosterone have nothing to do with you lacking a brain
  5. Convert, the only people I wanted to ban but didn't were roswell coug (thanks mug) and badwillhunting (thanks Ian, I believe). Nobody wanted you banned; you're the easiest punching bag on this board. IIRC there was a poll to ban you, and it came back 50/50. On this board with the culture we have and especially had then that is an especially damning indictment of how little you are respected on this board. So what does your behavior prove? You remember events differently than every single poster on this board, you fabricate circumstances out of whole cloth (see above), and you insist that any post that disagrees with you is obsessed, and any time a troll derby is even mentioned you are so triggered you post multi-paragraph posts explaining why everyone else ACTUALLY remembers things wrong and only geriatric Convert has the crystal clear memory of... literally being voted the worst poster on the board over frickin Bluerules in his prime. I mean, Phil Steele is still a pariah here, moral victories are still considered a toxic thing to mention, and new posters are recommended not even to have "Convert" in their user handle. Does that sound like it was really only a fraction of the board? Seriously, do you get mud on your socks and scream at the world for not being covered in carpet?
  6. Convert, if it isn't just you being an idiot, then why do no other posters side with you? The gang of 7.6 billion just holds you down every time you log in?
  7. Convert, I was the only moderator in this board for 5 of the first 7 years you posted here. The only other mods? Utenation and ian for Heisman, with one year overlaps at either end. Until mug bought the board, there was no owner oversight of banning or really of moderation at all. Are you seriously this stupid?
  8. Literally all you do is whine about how others on this board treat you. You don't recall going to every single utenation post and minus oneing it?
  9. Wait, you felt the need to go back to my comment to another poster and write an even more inane response? (Hint: people run with their feet).
  10. And when was the last time you played your cute little "buuuut what about xxx" game the other way? At some point you just become transparent.
  11. He's not censoring the existence of Alabamans to an entire state. The more you argue stuff like this, the more it seems like you agree with them but are too cowardly to state it outright.
  12. I think this may be your best work yet, convert. I can't tell if it is supposed to be a put down, defending rogues honor, defending that guy's honor, defending the honor of bikers in general, or just a riposte, I can't tell why you bothered to quote a post whose primary thrust was to rib rogue about biking, I can't tell whether you think this would mean anything to anyone, and I don't get the scenario in your head where one person runs past another and somehow can't hear them. Congrats, this is by far the most ive thought about any of your posts
  13. I would worry about it more without facebook providing hundreds of shining examples of internet/real life duality. Also, I passed a bicyclist going up a hill. I was running. Feet>Pedals
  14. Thanks, guy who cannot stop whining about other people's words
  15. Bruh your "first string" got their degrees 6 years ago
  16. Yes, using LBGT as the pejorative is bad. see you in a week.
  17. What topic? The idea that one day you're legally tied financially to someone?
  18. "about 24 hours" I cackle gleefully
  19. That is a lie. The purple team tries to be the most deliberate team every year. Also, in.
  20. I don't have the time. Nobody is stopping you from making your own nomination thread. Right, all of whom were mostly done with this board well before 2010. Cool it with the homophobia.