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  1. CSU too high (keep beating them guys I love it)
  2. I wanna see Purdue, Utah, Kstate, and LSU win for the lulz
  3. Elon is a genius at engineering. But... Twitter isn't an engineering problem. It's a people problem, from users to advertisers to the workforce. Musk is unequipped to figure this out. I am too. Someone like my ditzy social butterfly cousin in law would likely do a better job than either one of us.
  4. good old pro segregation convert
  5. Middle class people get child tax credits
  6. It's nuts. It's a house. 9 year olds can use a phone, or walk out, or... anything. And it doesn't seem to have any partisan lean to it. It's just... nanny people.
  7. I don't know man. I know my cousins and I walked around a LOT more than my younger cousin, 10 years younger than us. I walked home ~ 1.5 miles in Denver when I was 11. Nobody cared.
  8. No, what I'm saying is that it isn't just an isolated "bunker mentality" by fundamentalist sects or by bad parents. It's a sickness at the heart of American culture and it is a sickness that is supported and enforced by do-gooder neighbors, by dipshit cops who never should have had the job in the first place, by DAs who want to tally another "win" instead of improving their community. It is broken to the point that I don't know of a fix. When I think about it I get depressed. The things I think were most formative to my development as a child now could land me a felon.
  9. I mean... I respect it. We didn't ahve the experience or ability to do it.... but if it worked or just fell incomplete, GREAT! he looks like a genius. We were fading after having led most of the game, going for the win was the right call. Hey now. we might have some weird and wild "so and so conference can't make its bowl obligation" scenario and Wyo could end up somewhere cool like Shreveport. For the life of me I don't know how this whole board hasn't nicknamed him Tater Bohl.
  10. Yeah you aren't doing yourself any favors lmao. the old "i can't be wrong, because i don't know anything about what i'm talking about" defense
  11. Well there is a "bunker mentality"... but it is also been rendered nearly impossible to raise independent children. https://reason.com/2022/11/16/suburban-mom-jailed-handcuffed-cps-son-walk-home/ Police arrested a mom for having her 8 year old walk half a mile home. In Texas. She got charged with felony child endangerment. She was called for it by her neighbor; the police felt like arresting her was a good idea; the prosecutor didn't drop charges. It is a failure of healthy society from the neighbor to the police officer to the prosecuting office to the legislators who wrote that law. None of the people involved should be employed and given there judgement on this, I have a hard time saying they are employable.
  12. It is wild to me how mediocre Messi's supporting cast is given Argentina's population and wealth.
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