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  1. I hope you're a big guy. A .50 Barrett might break my shoulder.
  2. jfc why didn't i think of this earlier Gonzaga had Baylor on the schedule, perfect preparation for, uh playing Baylor. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to Corona Virus, so Gonzaga only got preparation in not showing up vs Baylor
  3. Might wanna research Nuremberg more, lawlor
  4. it's been pretty clear that you guys are just deranged. no need to worry about whether your trigger is biden or aoc or trump or harris or
  5. lol. sure bud. tell me how "it was in the training" is a good defense for murder.
  6. No one knows. Weird, it's like the people in charge of investigating them had some kind of stake
  7. I'm gonna have to bring you back a long, long time ago, slowhiteguy, to a time when America was on top of the world, when we had the globe by the balls, and when we were united in beating fascists. that time was 1945-1946 where it was pretty conclusively demonstrated that just following orders while committing horrific acts was not a valid defense.
  8. It's an extensive thread, I'd recommend reading it if you haven't already.
  9. pretty tired and a little bit of a headache, had to stop and take a little break on the couch from working. But I quit coffee for a month yesterday so it might be that too. at any right, not going on a run tonight like I planned
  10. idk exactly. that was talking with a lumber mill up here. we source a decent amount of stuff from them, especially engineered timber.
  11. good cause I can't lift my stabbed arm over my collarbone today
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