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  1. I don't know man. Cops didn't used to have +++++ing APCs and swat teams and specialized snipers. From conversations with my dad, cops have not gotten better in the last 40-50 years. If anything, they are more removed from the citizenry and more apt to act like an occupying force.
  2. Yes, it was definitely treating people with "kid gloves" that made cities across the country ready to erupt
  3. you're on a message board whose primary function is to talk about football and basketball...?
  4. I'd make a comment about SJSU academics, but given how generally well educated the SJSU posters are except for you, I think it is pretty clear that this is a personal problem
  5. she isn't aware that it is short for latinoamerican? you live in civilization and enjoy all of its benefits and then proclaim yourself above it. You're a leech. Or, if you prefer, a welfare queen.
  6. yes. "latinex". I have never heard it said in Spanish which... probably says something.
  7. do you know why they went with the consonant abortion of an x when they could have just used a non gendered vowel like e or i and like have it actually pronounceable in Spanish?
  8. guys, stealing a horse used to be a capital offense just like murder
  9. I gave you a beer cheers because bourgeoisie fat cat #1 has refused to give us the people's drink, Vodka