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  1. Lol the kid had a legitimate fear for his life and was unable to retreat? No. the kid killed someone and when a good samaritan tried to subdue him, killed that guy too, and then +++++ing walked right by cops scotch free. jeezus +++++ing christ
  2. are you +++++ing kidding me with this shit? he sees a kid kill someone, tries to subdue him, and also gets killed? you are a piece of shit
  3. when your message is muddled into incomprehensibility then it becomes an issue. to my knowledge he's only ever done it to other posters humorously.
  4. wait you're pulling out the case where a few whackadoodles pulled out guns on each other after a night of drinking and one of them ended up dead?
  5. no. it isn't. And BLM makes a point of that as well.
  6. so "blacks burning shops" = domestic terrorism black people being murdered by the state = just... normal way of doing things?
  7. most stocks are popping off that's what happens when a currency is devaluing
  8. dude you are insane no. he messed around and got caught.
  9. lol he +++++ing waves at the same cops who are doing this:
  10. was he supposed to not murder people? yeah he got caught in Illinois what on god's green earth makes you think he was looking for police to surrender to?
  11. yeah @youngredbullfan I agree. White people were murdering black and brown people all the time when the country was far less segregated. It wasn't the white flight that radicalized them. It's just that tendency hasn't left America yet.
  12. fled the scene to surrender to the police? are you +++++ing deranged?
  13. I'd agree if he had actually answered it. Being unable to is pretty telling, no?
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