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  1. It is a whole 3 milliliters.
  2. Come on now. The human body has about 120,000 drops. She has probably 60 drops of blood
  3. happycamper

    Is this fair?

    Right, that puts you in the top 99.5th percent of men at the least. Between FBS and FCS there are right on 250 teams. 85 schollie athletes for FBS, 63 for FCS. That's 18,000 kids. You, as a linemen, were in the top 20% of strength for that group. That puts you in a peer category of 3600 people of your age group. In 1980 there were 10.7 million men between the ages of 20 and 24. That means that for all div 1 football players, they were 1 in 594. For linemen, that is 1 in about 3,000. https://www2.census.gov/prod2/decennial/documents/1980/1980censusofpopu8011u_bw.pdf Not in swimming. Not even close. Not in gymnastics. Probably not in soccer although I admit that this is just based on hearsay that is misunderstood by people who actually can understand soccer. I would be curious to see the matches in tennis and golf and volleyball. I tried to look it up for rowing and slowly determined that rowing is a nonsense sport with high school students being exactly as fast as college students. Steph couldn't until he was a junior in college, IIRC. Where did I argue that? Blues, you're again falling in to the trap of comparing the best of men to women but even harder. Reggie Miller was probably the 10th best basketball player of his time. That means he was literally one in 400 million for men. That is not the comparison that is going to make sense.
  4. happycamper

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    It is still well-acted with powerful characters and an interesting story line. Christ Catcher wasn't even unique of its time. "The king in yellow" has an unreliable whiny baby narrator too. It also doesn't suck
  5. nah fam. The lower pressure of the atmosphere means the ball is deflated just the way Brady likes it.
  6. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA you think we'll score touchdowns
  7. happycamper

    trigger warning: liberal woman sings parody

    Not runners, are you guys?
  8. happycamper

    I give Donald Trump an A+

  9. happycamper

    Is this fair?

    Blues I was a mediocre to crappy distance runner... Trust me, for the 800 and up, the entire girls varsity would annihilate the average guy, would beat the "average" guy on track, and the best girl on the the distance teams was generally in the top 4 or so of the best distance guys. If our XC team had been co-ed it would have been 2/7 or 3/7 girls (depending, you ran on the varsity team by being in the top 7 the previous meet so there was always turnover in spots 5-7). Blues, you went to college to be an offensive lineman. That puts you in the top 99.9th percentile for men in strength and given that you were a multi sport athlete it puts you in the top 98th percentile for men in speed. Comparing yourself to the average woman doesn't make any sense. You always make these comparisons as if you are the average man. You aren't. The average man is a LOT weaker and slower than you are and is roughly comparable to the ~85th? percentile for women (obviously comparable to lower than that for distance and higher than that for upper body stuff).
  10. happycamper

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    No. The democrats have decided to be a far more ineffectual version of the anti-everything republicans of 2008-2012. THANK YOU waahhh wahh wahh I like this girl and hold her hand but she's probably going to nail a jock. Oh also I was gonna nail a prostitute but backed out because neither of my heads work wahhh wahh what about ducks and f bombs in graffitti wahhh I can't connect with anyone If I wanted to read that crap I'd subscribe to ph
  11. happycamper

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    I have not. I think my time in that area predates them. Honestly my bar and taproom experience is a lot more Wyoming heavy than CO heavy.
  12. I did too People called guys like Mccain "rinos" because... they aren't dixie crats? I never got that.
  13. happycamper

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    I did simply read what is posted. I also didn't imply anything. I have not been coy about my arguments. They aren't subtle.
  14. If there were what people call rhinos in congress we would probably be spending less I would argue not the republicans. They are in control of one man.
  15. happycamper

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    How about you stop explicitly stating that others are too stupid to take advantage of a boom economy before you mention anything about emotion?