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  1. It is a thing. Step sister step brother, step mother step son, less commonly step father step daughter. And not only is it a thing, it is to porn as Marvel is to movies. I think that on the main page of redtube that 3/4 the feed is step banging. It's weird as hell.
  2. If you train your mind and your body you can get it under 70 seconds. Few are capable of that kind of focus
  3. I figured it was because it's the only way the viewer could plausibly place themselves in close contact with someone that hot
  4. Some of the porn is - get this - not step+++++ing
  6. You explicitly equated the two multiple times, as I showed. Blues, if you aren't choosing to follow the consequences of your statements, you will clown yourself.
  7. A degree that isn't a BS has no science. No other degree, or even life experience, provides scientific background Unqualified because no formal education in science (that you presume, anyway) comparing not having a BS to not being able to add or subtract; comparing no formal education in science as being scientifically illiterate to having no formal education in engineering and being unable to be an engineer reinforcing the above reinforcing the above It's all you did, blues. This was an unforced error. You clowned yourself as soon as you started posting.
  8. Blues, again, you're not making an intellectually honest or even intelligible argument. Someone without formal schooling can absolutely become an engineer - and I informed you that there is a formal mechanism in place to license those people. Someone without formal schooling can absolutely be scientifically literate. Your argument essentially discounts the possibility of men like Faraday. Your central thesis appears to be that it is impossible to be scientifically literate without a degree in science - something that is ludicrous on its face and puts far more value on a BS than is really merited. You follow this up with the idea that a history degree without apparently a BS in geology is like "becoming an engineer without being able to add or subtract", a comparison that is even more ludicrous on its face. I explicitly stated a reasonable comparison and how, with that comparison, your central thesis is invalidated. It was never worth your time to be so stupidly spiteful.
  9. I mean, that's not really true. It's the easiest way for thousands of people with a range of self-motivation, focus, and direction to get a background in science. An individual person with a goal can pretty easily outpace a university student, it just takes more individual work. And yeah. You can absolutely start from essentially zero as a drafter and learn everything you need to know outside of school - the only paper trail there is to follow is years worked and then passing the FE/PE. Uh huh. Yes, blues, despite your protestations that only people with a science background can get history degrees, you are special and everything you talk about, you know about.
  10. Okay, but blues, you can learn that by... reading. Universities are not the only repositories of knowledge, they're just the most efficiently set-up for mass education. Blues, for one, he's literally studying history. He knows what happened. You might have had to be a genius to predict the housing crash in 2008 but you sure as hell don't have to be one to point out factors that caused it. For that matter, your analogy is totally off. People without engineering degrees absolutely can become engineers; many states have a path for it established. It requires a minimum amount of experience and of passing the same tests, but people do it. That pretty much invalidates your strange "only science degrees give even an iota of scientific understanding" criticism you seem to have developed solely to dog one of the few members of the board still willing to call out your bullshit.
  11. you can be an art historian without being picasso... this is a weird ass take
  12. communal yer, bob. What, you thought yer mom and I was exclusive!?
  13. Funny, that is my EXACT phrasing after leaving all yer mom's houses