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  1. I agree with this. I just think that while we've cobbled together a way to protect the minority and share power, we do so at the expense of actual governing as that gets caught up in power plays. I feel like while this is a part and parcel of the unfortunately interesting times we're living in, the structures we have aren't helping.
  2. Oh we are. But the Senate is built on purpose for minority rule. Which... is a pretty good argument for the filibuster. IMO it's a better argument for making every state have 3 senators and having a single multi member election for all 3 senators in the state.
  3. Ideally for me with ranked choice voting you'd break the Gingrich style party system and have a "mushy middle" again. IDK if that would actually happen, but it isn't happening now, so
  4. Do you mean more problematic than multi member districts, or more problematic than our current system?
  5. I don't like minority rule. I think our current political system is almost set up worse for majority (party) rule. One party having a majority is not in line with the majority of people. If we could get, say, ranked choice voting and multi member districts and splinter our politics into even 4 main parties, great! a simple majority would require compromise with at least some spectrum of political votes and the cabinet would also represent that. we're not there now though.
  6. Soup are you +++++ing kidding me here?
  7. Standard Oil 2: Social Media Bugaloo
  8. hey jeff remember when steve aztec was banned?
  9. hey jeff remember when muggy banned roswell coug for being that little bit too goddamn racist?
  10. lollolololol "TOTALLY NOT HEDGE FUND MAN # 45" "omg u guys this is totally over and do you see how high it is now is actually a perfect time for all you uneducated idiots who had to settle for state school I mean us smarties to short the stock ourselves!" Although.... it is probably not a terrible time to short the stock ourselves
  11. FRIDAY!? What the +++++ are they thinking!? man if ANYONE had had a crazy call on gamestop a month ago they'd already be screwed
  12. I mean... it isn't really that much of a meme play, right? A smart investor found an overshorted stock and just... got enough of it bought to raise it. Which a smart shorting investor should be exceptionally wary of. While this thing is funny for Melvin, it seems to me like the calls for regulation are silly. Investment involves risk. This is a nice little object lesson to shorters (us included really).
  13. So, what is happening? people are buying up stocks that are heavily shorted to +++++ hedge funds?
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