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  1. You remember the whole "at some point the solution becomes worse..." posts? My man, to be able to maintain electrical power, in winter, throughout the entire night, we'd have to generate three times the power even if storage is at 100% efficiency. Now that we've stored it, we have to account for inefficiencies. Let's say that we invent a fluid that gains 130 Celsius AND it is absurdly efficient - let's say 50%. Great! Now, we use this fluid to run a steam turbine. Steam turbines are at about 80% efficiency. Now we need 3/0.8/0.5=7.5 times the generation power for solar to work (this is ignoring any cloudy days, ever, by the way). From what I remember of probably this article :https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/a-path-to-sustainable-energy-by-2030/ (I bought it back in the day and it was easy to find, but I don't have a subscription) they required 100,000 square miles (!!) of solar to be covered to power the US, all in the Southwest. With our storage system, we now need... 750,000 square miles of coverage. This is also before transmission losses. That is an area three times the size of Texas; it's about 1/3 the size of the continental US. The ecological consequences of this are so severe it doesn't bare thinking about. You're killing every plant in this area. You're making the entire area denuded of erosion preventing vegetation, you're placing 750,000 square miles of impervious surfaces, and you're placing a ridiculous quantity of concrete and helical piers. This is an environmental catastrophe that dwarfs your global warming concerns, and guess what? Other countries are less able to do this. What about Russia, which doesn't have a massive southwest? What about Canada? What about China, which needs power for 5 times as many people? What about India, which gets monsoons? Hell, what about England? Stuff like this is why so many people support nuclear. There are already entire countries that base their power on it (France). It's safe (less deaths than any other power source by megawatt). It's cost competitive. While it isn't "renewable" there is a LOT of uranium and thorium in the earth and we've essentially stopped exploring for it.
  2. Lol that is not right. The formula given by your own link states that it weights the math score by a factor of 3. If you got a 730 math and a 650 verbal SAT score, then the score you'd use for the college of engineering eligibility index would be 710. Your math is wrong. The impaction index states that it is 800*GPA+SAT. That means that if you have a 4.0, then you need a 1500, not 1525, to get to 4700 for computer science as listed Local students get a .2 gpa bump in the index - equivalent to 160 points off of your SAT requirement You get "bonus points" for AP and honors classes, to the point that 8 honors class semesters would bump a 3.76 to a 3.95 (I played around with this calculator - https://www2.calstate.edu/apply/eligibility-index)
  3. So you're saying I have correctly identifying concentration camp privilege?
  4. Dude when you look up "concentration camp" literally one of the types of people listed are "refugees". Apply for refugee status? You're not a potential resident and eventually citizen, you're an undesirable we lock up!!!!!! as to the bolded... this is what most of the Democrats are saying and very, very few Republicans. (also, we installed the dictators and supplied them with arms to destroy an insurgency so... )
  6. "When an energy demand occurs, the fluid is pushed through a catalyst that converts the molecules back to their original form, warming the liquid by 63degrees Celsius. " So where is the power supposed to come from? That isn't anywhere near hot enough to use as a boiler for a separate water tank.
  7. People who have spent just a cursory amount of time looking up the history and etymology of "concentration camp"?
  8. Yes; holding their children hostage in separate facilities certainly leaves people able to "go back home whenever they want" and I am certain that they are speedily released with a ticket home, not held for a hearing (which takes so long I can't imagine how anyone can argue that it meets the "quick and speedy" requirement). It's a concentration camp. Just because the Mississippi is a river doesn't make the Snake not a river.
  9. yer gonna get half of halfman excited with talk like that
  10. They are concentration camps. So were the camps we put Japanese in and the Seminole. Just because we don't do the systematic slaughter later like the Nazis did doesn't make them not concentration camps. The concept and term predate the Nazis, their examples are just the most imprinted on the public consciousness because they were the most horrific.
  11. You don't even understand what you're talking about. You have zero idea what "scientific achievement" would even have to be achieved to allow us to use wind and solar. You don't even seem to know what energy storage is! There's "being a tyro" and then there is being so ignorant of a subject you don't know when what you're saying isn't even wrong. A paternal role? I'm not shielding women from you or consoling them, I'm calling you a stuck up asshole on your own merits. Cue "I have gay friends/friends who are women, so I can't be xxx" in the next post...
  12. Essentially, yeah, that's how little background knowledge is needed to know that wind and solar by themselves are deficient. Whether you are, sure. Whether you're not? Nah, some things are patently obvious. I may not be the best source for determining whether someone isn't racist, but I can generally tell if they are. Deciding for people that your comfort with being slightly homophobic and condescending towards women isn't being an ally.
  13. I don't think he lives in the trash city of Bend Genius. I'm somewhat certain that he lives in the very nice city of Bend Oregon.