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  1. Jack, a primary justification for slavery was "it's better for the minorities". Old white guys deciding that a politician they like anyway is also good for "the minorities" is firstly historically a great tell for bad for the minorities and is also gross in a lot of ways. If you don't like bureaucrats in Washington deciding what is and isn't good for you, them who are you to do the same thing?
  2. Laramie is definitely the hub of outdoor recreation for southeast Wyoming and is more fun to stay in than Cheyenne, especially in the summer. As ts said, Saratoga is a nice resort style town with hot springs near by, the snowies are by Laramie and Medicine Bow Peak is a fun hike with Vedauwoo there too if you want an afternoon of easy hiking/bouldering without wearing yourself out. Laramie is also a good place to stay because the next nearest travel level recreation areas in Wyoming are a ways away, to exceed the opportunities near Laramie you'd have to hit up Buffalo to the north or the Lander area to the northwest. I'm not a great resource for fishing though about all I can remember is "hit up miracle mile on the north platte". @Jackrabbit is a good resource for that.
  3. Nah I don't believe in quality losses, as I alluded to above. I do believe in playing great teams. You play the top 10, even as #1 you gotta expect some losses (and if they're not happening your sked is almost certainly softer than you thought when you set it up), and early season losses teach you a lot. Quite a bit of virtue there.
  4. Convert. If gas didn't out-compete coal most of the time, it wouldn't have massively eaten coal's market share over the last 20 years. Just... use your brain a little bit. Jack, why don't you ask some "minorities" you know what they think?
  5. Well, yes, there is. A lot of virtue, in fact. Is it a resume booster? probably not. Is it a good thing to have happen? Yeah. It is.
  6. LOL Trump's the president! As president you promote monsters all the time and even if you care you often can't help it. Come on modesto you know you walked in to this one.
  7. Got it. That's far more advanced than I thought it would be; I assumed it was just sos*winning record. Sorry @TheSanDiegan. I still think Gonzaga has a better resume because the committee is going to see "beat oregon beat north carolina beat arizona" and get a massive hardon even if that was exactly as difficult as "beat iowa beat creighton beat BYU beat utah beat GCU (they still good...?).
  8. You think that SOS is a "metrics based reactive data modeling" analysis? Really? Furthermore, you don't think that SOS uses the mean of the teams played?. You don't know that a schedule playing some of the toughest teams and lots of trash provides a lot more useful data for ranking (resume) then just playing a bunch of teams in the middle (for the purposes of something like NCAA basketball anyway? Finally, you don't know that the committee uses qualitative analysis? Good to know. I knew that Gonzaga played a lot better name teams than SDSU and given MW OOC I just assumed that SDSU had a typical OOC, Thanks!
  9. So why don't you apply your knowledge to something this basic? It's patently obvious that for a given strength of schedule simple mean, a top heavy schedule provides a better resume even if you only look at the numbers, let alone all of the qualitative criteria that the committee uses.
  10. God damn I hate talking with people who think they understand math but don't get what an average is. Congrats on figuring out how to sort by strength of record. Not sure how you think this disproves anything that I explicitly pointed out about the peril of just using a simple mean or why playing several excellent teams and many trash teams would be a stronger resume than playing just many trash teams.
  11. You call getting an impeachment trial "winning"? Jesus Christ convert if Trump had a legal team that didn't come in any room to "yakety sax" he'd never be in any impeachment peril to begin with. God damn it is amazing how you twist your vision of the world around your bronzed deity.