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  1. happycamper

    OT: Patriots Loss to the Dolphins

    Yes, responding to people on a forum explicitiyl made for communication is "not giving up on this" because of ego. Bro, if you think this is ego and don't think Brady and Gronk are cocky, you're a dumbass. No wonder people shit on the patriots, it isn't the organization it's the dipshits like you. Thanks for giving me a reason to actually dislike them
  2. happycamper

    OT: Patriots Loss to the Dolphins

    I'm aware of the difference dude. You think this is "feeling passionate" happycamper and not "calling dipshit out on mouthbreathing posts" happycamper?
  3. And what drain is there? I mean looking at the extremely bleak economic situation that Japan and former Soviet countries are looking at because of basically our demographic pyramid but no immigration any drain caused by illegal immigration is ameliorated by the macroeconomic benefits of not having a keystone shaped demographic chart.
  4. That is understating it as "about the same" level of immigration for us is higher than for many other nations.
  5. happycamper

    Does trump pay too much for sex ?

    Remember when you were a kid, and each quarter was precious? And you knew about all of the pop machines and which ones cost 25 cents still and which ridiculously overpriced ones cost 75 cents like a bunch of assholes? And now that you have a job, who gives a shit I'm thirsty here's 2.29 mr gas station man gimme my goddamn red flavored dew even though it is like 1/5th the price per unit at the supermarket? Maybe it's like that, you have a shit ton of money, your dick's hard, here's 100 grand ma'am yeah it's cheaper at home but your pussy is here I'll take it
  6. Yeah they're about right wing populism instead of pluralism now. It looks like the democrats are flirting with populism themselves. Not fun
  7. happycamper

    Kevin Hart

    Kevin Hart dodged a bullet of a wasted evening Need more explaining?
  8. happycamper

    Arguing outside of MWCboard

    It is a lot better, more fun, and more interesting conspiracy theory than 99% of what you hear elitist
  9. happycamper

    Nevada @ 7 in latest AP Poll

    Who is graham couch and what are his whack rankings with GU at #1 and Tennessee, Texas Tech, and Auburn unranked?
  10. happycamper

    OT: Patriots Loss to the Dolphins

    You're so brutally honest you can't call a skinny slow 6th round kid saying he's the best decision of a franchise in a pretty good position "cocky"? Bud do you have the capacity to google words?
  11. happycamper

    OT: Patriots Loss to the Dolphins

    You heard it hear people. Cockiness is ONLY POSSIBLE when done speaking in a public setting with the media recording it for that purpose. Hatred for the pats? Dude, I'm not a die hard anything pro sports fan. I enjoy watching the pats lose right now because they are on top and "same team winning all the time" is boring. If the pats sucked and the Miami had been winning super bowls, I'd have enjoyed a patriot victory. I can't summon the energy to hate the patriots. Yes, your belief that ANY criticism (or even description, which is what "cocky" is) of patriots you like is because of "hatred" makes you divorced from reality. Your belief that Tom Brady and Gronkowski are not cocky is a belief that is divorced from reality. hell your assumption that anyone who isn't a pats fan is automatically a die hard hater who obviously cares negatively as much as you nuthug positively is divorced from reality.
  12. happycamper

    OT: Patriots Loss to the Dolphins

    Lol dude. That's the utter definition of cocky. A 6th round QB who is unlikely to play a down before he's cut and who can't run saying he is the "best decision ever"? That is cocky. Being full of yourself enough to treat each interview as a joke? That is cocky. It doesn't make them worse players - in fact it probably makes them better - but it doesn't make them not the word that was invented to exactly describe that kind of behavior. Liking a team doesn't mean you have to be completely divorced from reality. I'm a Broncos fan and when he was with the team, I'd have been the first to tell you that Talib was a hotheaded dipshit.
  13. happycamper

    OT: Patriots Loss to the Dolphins

    "‘Hi, I’m Tom Brady. And I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.’” Thanks, 6th round pick nobody "No one makes scrambled eggs better than me" Thanks giant man Also just about every quote he has when being interviewed Do you pay attention to sports? "Brady and Gronk are cocky" is about as hot a take as "Bortles is not a good quarterback" and " tyreek hill is fast"