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  1. No, that isn't what I was going for. "Hispanic" isn't a race. It's used as a placeholder, generally for "mestizo", in American English, which is some weird shit. "Hispanic" doesn't mean "brown", it means "native tongue = Spanish." "Latino" is short for "Latin American" which means "Speaks Spanish or Portuguese west of the Azores". There's a lot of brown people who speak Spanish, but there's a hell of a lot of white people and black people who speak Spanish, too.
  2. over. he wants to be here. but his racism can't help but come out
  3. he's gone for a month. well a month minus a week I guess. he'll probably respond to you then
  4. I mean, Latin America has a longer and more complex history with race and whiteness than we do and they've grappled with it less, in most cases.
  5. Pressure treated. If you don't want to do that, get an electric auger or a bobcat with an auger attachment and drill yourself some piers. But man you live in Virginia. This is for a shed. you don't need to embed your concrete to frost depth. just stick ~6" of 12" diameter sonotube on the ground and mix up some concrete. bam, instapier.
  6. could be worse, he could be running up hours while doing law work
  7. because the local police chief stated that he had just left a crime scene minutes before?
  8. Andy Ngo isn't "logical". it's just the fascist point of view, modesto. That's the one he'll hit every time.
  9. Colleges of engineering, medical science, law: see kids this is why people make fun of you for switching to political science sophomore year
  10. ... why did [ quote] sdfs [[\quote] sadfasdfsa sfasdsdaf [quote} canby [/qmote] nest instead of break
  11. I mean, the point was that prior to coronavirus being politicized, it was leftists driving anti-vax more than the right prior to trump. And that wasn't a "blind assertion", it was built off of outbreaks of diseases that are part of our typical vaccination program, polls, and anecdotes. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/23/health/anti-vaccination-movement-us.html
  12. sorry forgot you prefer "dodehahedrally destroyed"
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