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  1. Lmao tough guy. Sometime in the next 84 months, you'd better be ready. Downtown Portland is COMING TO YOU
  2. So how do you separate them? Do you think that lawyers are better at separating them than doctors?
  3. Scounty, what gay people do you talk to? What are these people frustrated with "this month in particular "? Where's the reply?
  4. I didn't want you to. Why would I want that? I looked at your links and asked specifically of all the items what bothered you. You couldn't say it, over and over and over. What do you think the "activists" are that hijacked the LGBT movement? What gay people shook their heads in disgust when they could marry and said "that's it, we got it too good"?
  5. That's a good article that illustrates a point that many on this board have had to reiterate over and over. I think you're looking at too narrow a perspective when you say echo chamber. There's a lot of people who all dislike the cudgel of this ruling. But the people who dislike it are diverse in why and what they'd like to see. Make a thread on " what's your ideal abortion policy" and see how much echo there is.
  6. I mean, yes. Microsoft provides 20 weeks paid maternity leave. So does Amazon. Nike gives 8 weeks. All on top of what the government provides in fmla
  7. When do you think you're engaging? You had some gay panic links that you couldn't call out what worried you about them when asked over and over and over. That's about the most "engagement " I've seen from you.
  8. What topic? What lie? When do you think you've engaged?
  9. I mean, you're bitching about me points and supporting my argument by not addressing a single one. You're kind of a lightweight on here though
  10. Nah. It's cause the people are racist. Scounty is absolutely right here. The stuff is vile. People on my tl have been condemning it thank goodness but there's way yyyyyy more than u thought there'd be
  11. Born, why do you think it's an "echo chamber"? I mean... look at the intellectual heft here. First, there's you, who still has not answered whether he wants less abortions or to punish women. That single question led you to have such a hissy fit that you won't respond to any of my posts, and call me to resign as a moderator because of it. You have Bob, who came on here to post aphotoshop of Clarence Thomas nuts in liberals face. You have sdsu fan, who wilts at the face of any counterpoint. You have Lawlor, who is lukewarm for it but doesn't want the smoke. That's fine, I'm like that in a lot of threads too. There hasn't been a single cogent response to "how are you going to reduce abortions though". There's been no acknowledgement of laws that make treating ectopic pregnancy illegal. There's no recognition of in vitro requiring the destruction of fertilized ova. The point that in nations where abortion access increased, abortions themselves fell has not been addressed. These are all very difficult questions! And there's no attempt to wrangle with them, unlike the heavy, heavy effort made to reconcile with abortion itself. There has been no self reflection to see if the cure could be worse than the current situation. So with that, why do you think the sides of the argument should be construed as "equal"?
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