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  1. the secret 7th part of rankulator is that playing wyoming is worth 3x any other team
  2. As opposed to setting a precedent of "it's fine to nuke neighboring capital cities"? No convert. How they think is they'll push till someone stops them.
  3. the principles that minorities are often subject to more severe policing not because of the individual feelings of police officers and prosecutors but because of how the system is structured and due to legacy economic issues? yeah those principles permeate elementary school teaching
  5. Where is all the legislation on ANYTHING?
  6. Birds expect to lose many offspring. So maybe the number of birds on earth vs the number of deaths reflects that, instead of say pre modern humans which even in a bad year would only expect to lose ~10% the total population as infants?
  7. it took me 12 pages and what, 5 months? to realize that "feral cats need to be put down, not fed" can also be read as a pick up artist treatise
  8. OK convert. What part of their methodology was bullshit? Which of the 500 studies they used was bullshit? How were their fieldwork methods flawed? How were their biomes mistaken? How does the Pitfall vs Winkler vs Fogging sampling methods compare?
  9. he put the existence of people asking for asylum in everyone's face? ... where people treated the lost, confused migrants like they were humans? seems to me like humanity was shown as real and "crocodile tears" were shown to be actual concern. lots of people care lol. nativism is pretty strong in american politics right now. doesn't mean it will "fix" anything but people sure care what does this have to do with asking for asylum from a failed communist state
  10. Bob I guarantee there is mounds of proof of various populations of ants increasing or decreasing across almost every species of ant across broad swaths of the world. That is exactly the kind of thing biologists research. It is easy to do, easy to replicate, and provides a lot of data, plus provides a pretty good system for minting new MS/p PhDs. Just because you apparently know exactly zero about basic research doesn't mean it isn't happening lmao so you complaining about them blaming "everything" on climate change is really you complaining about any change ever being described as affected by climate change? sounds like a mental issue
  11. yeah bob. heat helps cold blooded insects. increased carbon dioxide helps insects. what wild things will those tiring scientists come up with next!?!?!?!?!?
  12. so you're arguing 1 - never count anything so we don't know if they are dying and 2. you can't count basic shit? Bob you realize the census doesn't count everyone right? and uses estimates? and that the calorie count of your food is found the same way? and your power bill? and the national gdp? and sports analytics? which is absolutely possible and is, frankly, pretty easy, to within an order of magnitude. I mean... for one, yes. Something that is "unquantifiable" is "how much better sex is than pooping" or "what is good about art". something that is objectably "quantifiable" is "how many of something there are". that is literally what a quantity is bob. for that matter, the actual number can be ascertained, fairly closely - certainyl to within an order of magnitude.
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