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  1. Good thing we won the cold war or we'd have the state dictating acceptable political learning in universities
  2. Lmao you made fake accounts. You'd been losing for 3 days. This is why no one votes for you. Ya basic
  3. I don't make up my mind. I skew things so people vote one way or the other - "rigging" - but people themselves choose to vote. And you chose to cheat and you also lost so... cry harder bro
  4. 1. you were already losing 2. you cheated, which is "the definition of rigging it" 3. it's my deal. I rig it every year you whiny baby. real troll champions overcome it
  5. no let's say... yes. but you only get wins for fbs teams if you go that route
  6. @CV147 you are up @SJSUMFA2013 on deck
  7. Step 1 - we get 10 people step 2- I randomize the names step 3- you draft CFB teams in the order of your draft, snake style, in terms of how well they'll do step 4 - we keep track of the teams and the winner is the person who picked the 13 teams with the best win percentage
  8. @son of a gun @NVGiant @smltwnrckr
  9. Billings Bob Cgzpack Wyo16 smltwnrcker desert wolf are in for group 3 so far (tentatively group brown and gold given the players) Time to hit up frequent posters @Aslowhiteguy @soupslam1 @UNLV2001 @Nevada Convert @COUSIN MAYNARD @tailingpermit @TheSanDiegan you guys in?
  10. originally it meant them furriners talk stupid they say bar bar bar bar lmao it would be like if today we called all foreigners "chingchongdingdongs" because that's what Chinese sounds like to us
  11. It's a snake draft. You get 10 in a group to pick college football teams - 13 per poster so 130 total teams. We keep track of their wins and losses and at the end of the year, the person whose selected 13 teams has the best winning percentage wins their group it is super fun (unless someone just isn't picking then you want to murder them)
  12. A salty ph in the troll derby? this thing is looking up!
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