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  1. Convert, it's pretty obvious that I value executive experience, foreign policy experience, and legislative experience the most highly when it comes to President qualifications. That said, how is "studied history, politics, and economics" not EXACTLY what you want a Pres to study?
  2. Goddamn guys it isn't mandatory to have a stick up your ass 24/7. Since this is apparently your first day on a message board, a smiley = joke.
  3. That doesn't make you not flippant about alcohol related deaths. I've lost 2 uncles to suicide, if I had treated suicide as you are treating alcoholism I'd hope that someone would rebuke me.
  4. I bet if you started a thread dedicated to just the USU fans it would go real well
  5. Yes, they were. As was immigration. Choosing to not be informed is not a debate strategy.
  6. I really don't get this argument. We had effectively open borders for 200 years. We have had the Central American nations right there for our entire existence. Economically, it hasn't been the poorest coming here. It has been those with family here, and those who are pushed here by political reasons at home. That's still true. 40 years ago, the economic difference between Central America and the US was far more stark than today - and yet, we have more immigration today due to the level of conflict in those nations. I mean, when the historical record disagrees with your argument... find a different angle? It's also pretty clear from the historical record that the US has a percentage of foreign born people that causes nativism and reaction, and we are at that level now, and have been at that level multiple times in the past, with effectively the same reaction. IMO trying to keep the number of foreign born people under that number is a pretty reasonable policy goal.
  7. I get what you're trying to do dude but being so flippant about alcohol deaths isn't cool either.
  8. Convert, what the +++++ are you talking about? We haven't had someone run for president who I would consider "qualified" for actually doing the job of President since probably Bush I, and before that probably Nixon. We're not talking about how well someone is going to do the job - that has obviously not been the point of Presidential elections for a while. We're talking about electability. In terms of actually getting the job, less insider experience seems to play better with voters. How is this complex?
  9. Yes, you definitely have a covert posting style that is easy to lose among other posters, and it's not like anyone was constantly checking IPs of about every poster for socks in 2009
  10. Tier 1 - CSU, Air Force - very much in that order Tier 2 Football - Hawaii, USU - also in that order, to a lesser extent. I wish we could make Hawaii a permanent cross division rival. Tier 2 Basketball - UNM
  11. Two days after, it looks like the stone structure is intact. I don't know what kind of stone they used. From preliminary looking, the only stone that is mentioned is limestone, which unfortunately can change chemically with high heat (I mean, that's how we make lime). There may have to be significant testing to ensure that the stone itself is sound. Given the construction of the cathedral (flying buttresses), I imagine that not having a roof diaphragm for the time being will not be the disaster it would be in other buildings, but I hope they get something temporary up there somewhat quickly. It would help workers if the structure were enclosed again as well. @Jimbo_Poke do you think a false ceiling that aesthetically resembles the original with modern construction methods for strength, or do you think they replicate the original roof framing?