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  1. How is that a lie? We have only had debt ceiling issues with a Democratic president and agenda. When Trump was the single most fiscally irresponsible President in history, there wasn't a peep. To ignore that is lying. Nobody is lying here but you. 1. You were exceedingly racist, a habit with you 2. I don't owe you shit
  2. The Confederacy had essentially 5 regions or so. You had the original south - basically Virginia and NC. You had the Upland South - KY and Tennessee. You had the Deep South - Georgia thru Mississippi. You had Louisiana, and you had Texas. The Upland South had a much different economy than the deep south and a much smaller slave population proportionately. You can still see the difference today.
  3. so its like seattle but with more housing issues? whistle pigs they also like to burrow into and destroy rockery retaining walls they also... die of smoke inhalation pretty easily in rockery retaining wall burrows It's wild because Idaho and WA/OR are getting divergently different politically but they are equally failing at the same challenge of having enough housing for their own economies. I am still blown away how shitty the WA gubernatorial candidates were. I don't get how Wyoming got more qualified administrators to run for 12 years straight on both sides
  4. Okay, so what of the above wasn't a fact?
  5. No some require pack out of "solid waste" in certain creek watersheds. I have hiked over the hill to the yes shit creek watershed more than once.
  6. if you play your cards right you might be able to evict a couple like this one day
  7. Because they did! I mean for +++++'s sakes the conservatives: Built an entire mailing list Changed the theology of a couple protestant denominations Changed voting laws Created an entire legal philosophy Created a society to promote that philosophy Built think tanks to watch and support judges Carefully crafted legislation to hone in on the fine points Carefully massaged their legal philosophy to fill up first elite law schools and then the federal judiciary so they had a huge talent pool to draw from Successfully focused on state level races t
  8. Oh no it isn't. It is an indictment on the democrats and praise to the organization and mission of the GOP. The democrats have good ideas and the GOP can get stuff done and that breakdown between those two rough factions in American government dates back hundreds of years
  9. The GOP can typically do more in government with no votes than the democrats with the white house and 1 chamber tho
  10. how would they not let it happen? I mean we've had decades since PP vs Casey and more since Roe v Wade. And the democrats did jack shit legislatively, on purpose, with a liberal court for most of that time. Why do you think they did next to nothing while the conservatives wrote up laws over and over to be stricken down? they don't care. it's a fundraising issue. the more in peril abortion is, the more power they have.
  11. Sure. It's pretty easy to have a financial rule, like, states that put in abortion restrictions under 28 weeks cease to receive federal highway funding. It ain't both sides. It is pointing out the democrats acting like a political party (and also being worse organized and less effective than republicans).
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