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  1. No, it was the anti-Semitic stuff that put him over the top for lifetime ban
  2. Audiobooks

    They are awesome. Since this thread, we've listened to "The Name Of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss... highly recommended.
  3. Immigration Reform

    Several million what? Per year? Overall? Are you talking about removing a major metro area, or are you talking about reducing immigration so much there's millions of people leaving each year?
  4. Trump will be proposing gun control legislation

    You do know how amendments work, right? I see them being mostly dead. Attachment to gun rights is heavily tied to certain demographic trends that are evaporating. Furthermore, even if you posit a civil war, isn't that even more of a reason to actually give a little? The last time we had a civil war it was the urban industrialized portion that won, decisively, killing something like 1 in 5 of every white man of military age in the South. Today, the "urban, industrialized portion" has, proportionally, far more power than it did then.
  5. Trump will be proposing gun control legislation

    Uh... no one gets guns. Did you read my whole post?
  6. Maybe. She's pretty as is and it works for her; kinda like Jennifer Gray after she got her nose job, she might have been "prettier" but she was way less memorable and for me less attractive. Ha, I feel like sometimes the guys in their late 20s who choose to date such young girls are the less mature ones in the relationship
  7. Nah... I look back at pictures on facebook of girls I hit on in high school and my reaction now is "oh wow that was a little girl". For the hair thing, who cares?
  8. So, what do you think of the death penalty?

    So? You could always Socrates his ass I think it is more. Appeals are not cheap. I like that idea in theory but in practice, I feel like there would be coercion. Besides... part of their sentence is the fact that they just have to sit there waiting to die, I think.
  9. Military recruiting issues

    I think that part of this is that they consider guys like that to be marginal today because they wash out a lot more and they cost more to get ready. But... come on, guys. You work with the tools you have. It is probably time to admit that it costs more to get the average American ready for duty and that more Americans are going to wash out and just accept that as our demographic reality.
  10. Immigration Reform

    Um... nothing. Our population is tiny compared to theirs.
  11. Trump will be proposing gun control legislation

    I feel like giving - even a little bit - will alleviate the pressure building for serious gun control in this country. The NRA has decided that gun rights activists are going to have to die on every single hill possible in the face of kids mowing down each other. It has resulted in no gun control but I feel like this "take no prisoners" attitude will lead to a repeal of the 2nd amendment in the next 50 years.
  12. Military recruiting issues

    Probably. I still give it the suspicious eye look when 50 years ago we'd take people who were caught attempting armed robbery and stick 'em in the Marines and then today talk about no qualified candidates.
  13. Military recruiting issues

    Hmm... I think a large part of this is the increase of diagnosing issues. I mean, take the 10 Vietnam draftees deemed to be fit to serve and I sincerely doubt that all 10 are deemed fit to serve in today's army. Furthermore, I tried to go the OCS route and was deemed not fit to serve because of an adult asthma diagnosis. Now, I run all the time, I swim, I work out, I self got a 90 ish on the physical fitness test; the only "medication" I take is claritin. I was diagnosed with allergic asthma one summer working in cheyenne when I was coughing in my sleep.
  14. Trump Fatigue

    Jack, I have been long-winded and explicit in what I feel like is good policy, what I feel like is bad policy, and why. The next thought out policy proposal you give is your first. Dude re-read your own posts for the last of the decade. You haven't had your shit together on this board since you started. You may be good at your job, you may be personal in public, you may be a good dad in a stable marriage, but dude, you suck at internet messageboarding and not only have you so thoroughly poisoned the well that posters from cplosgrad to smltwnrcker to old sd dude make fun of you, you also seem to have no self awareness of what you post or how you come across.
  15. Immigration Reform

    I don't know, Jack. Why is Wyoming's biggest export industrious, clever, and entrepreneurial young people?