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  1. or just punt and say guess what, in america school begins in January now. That's right. Summer break is just between semesters of the same year. yall got a semester off.
  2. I don't know man. Pretty much every other species of megafauna had been hunted or driven to extinction due to competition with humans. We've taken up the most biologically productive land and keep taking more and more of it. I don't really see a reason how a 300 lb herbivore could possibly remain hidden with how much territory we've used. They'd starve at this point.
  3. Everybody sees the rewards people have. Seeing the work and the sacrifice is a lot harder.
  4. I mean if you want to refer to each individual governing body as "the state" then there's thousands. If you want to refer to it as the subdivision that is described in the constitution that forms the basic building block of our federal system, there's 50. It's usually pretty easy to tell which one someone is talking about from context.
  5. Lol and is the Donbass in Asia now or some shit? Russia has the same foreign policy goal it always has, dominate as much of Europe and Central Asia as it can afford.
  6. You can watch the livestream and the comments are hilarious. Range from the ideologically consistent agreeing with him to the "conservative means racism" crowd losing their damn minds in real time.
  7. He was abrasive and could easily ruin the board for a few hours but he'd tear stupid things apart with zero remorse and infinite stamina.
  8. This is all contingent on the idea that human level intelligence is sufficient for interplanetary colonization
  9. I know when I was a renter my fiscal priorities included leave valuable shit behind to screw with my landlord
  10. you step in shit every time you post numbnuts
  11. my sandals aren't made of dog shit maynard. they are soiled with dog shit. That is clear both explicitly and from context. stuff like this does not help your case
  12. some dog shit on my sandal seems to know a lot compared to you maynard