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  1. crixus

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    Someday we'll know why... https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/trump-is-a-putin-fanboy-someday-well-know-why/2018/07/16/f2b1ef66-892d-11e8-85ae-511bc1146b0b_story.html?utm_term=.ce806e01c8ae
  2. crixus

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    Schwarzenegger is not impressed with Trump. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/like-a-little-wet-noodle-arnold-schwarzenegger-is-not-impressed-by-president-trumps-meeting-with-vladimir-putin/ar-AAAbOHu
  3. crixus

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    Let me guess who you'll blame when this finally get's leaked (pun intended).
  4. crixus

    Is MWCBoard ready to jump the shark?

    Thomas knows I'm kidding. He and I have joked around back and forth over the last month. He's got a better sense of humor than most of the Trump supporters here.
  5. crixus

    Is MWCBoard ready to jump the shark?

    Living in that prepper bunker gives Thomas way too much free time. And he spends it here 24/7/365.
  6. crixus

    Mac and Cheese

    Happy National Mac and Cheese Day!
  7. crixus

    Trump: "I'm a very stable genius"

    The words Trump, stable and genius do not go together.
  8. crixus

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

    Just for fun, from the Japanese X-League.
  9. crixus

    Peter Strzok hearing

    Trey Gowdy is a troll. He's a tool for the alt right that has taken over the once proud GOP. Lincoln and Reagan must be rolling over in their graves.
  10. crixus

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

    Kansas State @tdmonkeys It's your turn.
  11. crixus

    Missing boys found alive!

    I'm really happy about this rescue. It was a combined effort, several nations working together, including the USA. Great job! It's awesome that they all survived.
  12. crixus

    Great Website

    I found this classic on Internet Archive. Grateful Dead - Live at Spartan Stadium, San Jose State - April 22, 1979. Look for your college and see what pops up! https://archive.org/details/gd1979-04-22.aud.severson.minches.91346.flac1644