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  1. On the KNBC LA news tonight they said that 65% of the fans at the Rams home game will be Niners fans because LA residents sold their tickets in droves again. Cooper Kupp is amazing, but I think the 49ers will win the NFC Championship game. Their defense can really dominate. As far as the AFC Championship game in concerned, I've got the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes arm and scrambling ability will lead the way to victory over the Bengals. I'm not a Chiefs fan, but I really like watching him at work.
  2. Peter Robbins, the original voice of Charlie Brown took his own life. May he rest in peace. https://news.yahoo.com/peter-robbins-voice-charlie-brown-101013194.html
  3. Your post say's scores for January 25, 2022 but there's no scores showing. So here they are. Colorado State 77 Nevada 66 Fresno State 65 New Mexico 60 Boise State 65 Wyoming 62 Air Force 63 San Jose State 53
  4. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/33145769/former-boston-red-sox-slugger-david-ortiz-lone-inductee-baseball-hall-fame-barry-bonds-roger-clemens-miss-again
  5. In another move, this one on the east coast. Stony Brook, Monmouth and Hampton will all join the Colonial Athletic Association. The CAA recently lost James Madison, but they'll pick up these three programs beginning this July.
  6. You didn't ruffle any feathers and I don't take orders from ECA. You're still the college baseball guru, IMHO. I just hope SJSU has a winning season. We haven't had one since joining the MWC in 2013.
  7. Will San Jose State get it's first MW win tonight vs Air Force in San Jose? Yes, I believe they will. Go Spartans!
  8. I think Cooper Kupp is deserving of this season's MVP. He won't get it though, it'll go to either Brady or Rodgers.
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