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  1. Captain Cook's infamous ship. http://www.foxnews.com/science/2018/09/19/archaeologists-find-captain-james-cooks-hms-endeavour-solving-one-greatest-ever-maritime-mysteries.html
  2. crixus

    Sorry guys

    Next time, get Frank Cannon on the case.
  3. crixus

    Sorry guys

  4. crixus

    OT - Taurus SHO

    If you can get a good deal, go for it Jeff. Conan O'Brien drove this Taurus for twenty years.
  5. We beat WYO last year in San Jose, but I think the odds are in the Cowboys favor in Laramie this season. The game is Nov. 3rd, so it might be snowing there by then.
  6. crixus

    Volleyball 2018

    MWC play begins this week! Go Spartans!
  7. crixus

    Ken Burns Vietnam

    My Dad did two tours in Vietnam with the Marine Corps. I still have a letter that he sent me from over there when I was very young. Part of me wants to watch the documentary to see what he went through. And another part of me doesn't because that war affected him more than Korea and WWII did (according to my Mom). He died of a heart attack just three years after he got back from his second tour in Vietnam. I heard many years later they had Agent Orange dumped on them while fighting in the jungle, but the Marine Corps hushed it up. I don't know if it's true, but one of my Uncle's told me that and he was a Marine stationed in Vietnam as well. I didn't get to know my Dad very well in those three years before he passed away because he kept everything to himself. But I could tell that Vietnam left a negative impression on him and his fellow Marines. Semper Fi.
  8. crixus

    OT: Football Helmet Files

    MG's Helmets was a great website. The helmets were larger and looked better than The Helmet Project. But MG got burnt out and quit. Here's an example of MG's Helmets that I saved. And here's The Helmet Project. MG's Helmets still comes up on the web, but it connects to Fanatics store site. Thankfully, The Helmet Project is still up. http://nationalchamps.net/Helmet_Project/
  9. crixus

    Psychotic Reaction

    This song was a hit back in 1966, before my time but it's still awesome. The band is Count Five from San Jose, CA. http://countfive.com/
  10. crixus

    MWC Bowl Projections: Week 3

    Good luck trying to sleep in a house with a thousand cats.
  11. crixus

    MWC Bowl Projections: Week 3

    It's at Chase Field in Phoenix this year. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheez-It_Bowl
  12. crixus

    MWC Bowl Projections: Week 3

    On aisle 7, between the popcorn and cookies.
  13. crixus

    Rank Em

    Ranking our winless Spartans ahead of any of those teams isn't right. They've all won games and we haven't. And until we do we deserve to be #12. There's no such thing as a moral victory. Scoring some points against Oregon doesn't change reality.