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  1. Kelly's pitching has been fair in these playoffs, but not great. I can't remember any losses being his direct fault. I'd have to look it up to be sure, but I'm tired.
  2. I heard talk of this back in 2015 when Trump first announced his run for office. If he loses this election the interest in him will fade fast, like yesterday's news.
  3. Yes, and the '81 series winner (over the Yankees) too. Tommy was the man!
  4. It was more fun back in the Lasorda days.
  5. Wow! You're sure in a crappy mood today.
  6. There's a college football game too, App. State's playing.
  7. There's an NFL game tonight.
  8. It's over 14,000 feet tall and volcanic to boot. I love Mount Shasta, it's my favorite mountain in America. I find it kind of spooky at night under a full moon. It attracts a lot of people that are involved in mysticism (which I'm not). And the Native American tribes in the area say it has spiritual powers. Here's a picture of it from Lake Shastina. I didn't take the picture, but I've got a Google Photos album full of them.
  9. By that time I'll qualify for early retirement. So I'll cash out and sit on the front porch and await the Big Show.
  10. Well, like I said. I don't blame Dave Roberts for last night's loss. I just hope his history of poor pitching management is behind him. On Monday's Tuesday's Around The Horn on ESPN the LA reporter (Ramona Shelbourne) talked about it too. I personally like Roberts and hope he's got it worked out and stays in Dodgerland for a long time. *Tell your wife to hang in there, I've been a Dodgers fan since Lasorda first took the helm and I still bleed blue.
  11. The only notable athlete from my High School was Conrad Dobler, known as being a troublemaker and named Pro Footballs Dirtiest Player by Sports Illustrated. He played college ball at Wyoming and then for the Cardinals & Saints.
  12. Read my post again and the article I just linked to it (above). I didn't blame Roberts for game 2 against the Rays, I'm talking about his very documented history. I did an internet search on the topic and found a slew of articles on his poor pitching management decisions. It's common knowledge to Dodger fans and is talked about all the time on sports radio and TV here in SoCal. Here's some more articles. https://www.google.com/search?q=dave+roberts+history+of+poor+pitching+management&rlz=1CCZBMY_enUS684US684&oq=&aqs=chrome.0.35i39i362l3...3&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF
  13. Hopefully Dave Roberts has finally learned how to manage his pitching staff. He has a history of mental gaps in pressure situations pulling pitchers at the wrong time, etc. https://www.dodgersnation.com/its-time-for-the-dodgers-to-move-on-from-dave-roberts/2019/10/10/
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