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  1. crixus

    Hitler's Teeth Dispel Myth

    I'm glad that evil bastard never made it out of Europe. It figures that f*cker took the coward's way out.
  2. crixus

    What's the elevation of Laramie?

    That's the motel, thank you! I've been distance running and cycling since I was in High School. I've been doing it for so long that if I don't run or bike Monday through Friday I feel guilty about it. I remember that I ran through your campus and then back out and on to the street behind it before heading back to the Best Western. So if you add all that in it was close to 6 miles round trip. When you've been running for as long as I have you form a built in odometer.
  3. crixus

    Mass Zombie Overdose

    That synthetic sh*t will kill you. If you must get high, use the real stuff.
  4. crixus

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Who is UCSB's arch rival? I'm guessing it's Cal Poly since they're in a neighboring county.
  5. crixus

    OT: Vegas Golden Knights & NHL Playoffs Thread

    Yes, the only team to do it in the NHL and congrats on that. I saw on ESPN that the Cleveland Browns did it in the NFL and the Rockets and Bucks both did it in the NBA. I'm a Sharks fan and always will be, but I hope the Golden Knights win it all. Las Vegas went through hell last year and a Stanley Cup will help lift people's spirits.
  6. So Hitler didn't make it to South America after all. The History Channel milked that theory for more than two decades. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/05/21/hitler-teeth-test-dispels-myths-nazi-leaders-survival/627831002/
  7. crixus

    Mass Zombie Overdose

    I had never even heard of K2 until I saw this story. And in 2016 an even worse K2 mass overdose happened in NYC. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/apparent-k2-overdoses-brooklyn-leave-25-people-hospitalized-article-1.3999312
  8. crixus

    What's the elevation of Laramie?

    No way dude. The motel was on W. Curtis St. next to I-80 (near where the 310 in red is). I found the location, but I don't remember the name of the motel.
  9. crixus

    SDSU to remain the Aztecs

    Here ya' go kalua pig.
  10. crixus

    Petty, vindictive and authoritarian.

    This was very similar to the 2nd article of impeachment against Nixon - Using the office of president & influence to harm perceived political enemies. I agree with you UNLV2001. Trump is feeling the heat and doing anything he can to distract people from his FBI investigation. He's obviously paranoid like Nixon was.
  11. crixus

    What's the elevation of Laramie?

    I think you're right. I stayed at motel in Laramie next to a truck stop by the freeway (I don't remember the name) and ran from there to the WYO campus and back. And I didn't feel much more winded than I normally do after a run, and I live in San Diego which is just above sea level. I don't know the exact distance, but I'm guessing it was around 6 miles? I crossed a bridge over the Laramie river along the way and back so maybe you know where that motel is.
  12. crixus

    What is Behind the Shootings in Chicago?

    I heard on KNX news radio that less than 5% of the World's population lives in the USA, yet 42% of the guns in the World are here in the USA.
  13. crixus

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    My favorite Dodger (Justin Turner) played for Cal State Fullerton. Congratulations Titans!
  14. crixus

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    In the pre-season coaches poll SJSU was picked to come in dead last and miss the MW tournament, while FresNeck was picked to come in third and make the tourney. In the past three weeks the Spartans have gone from last place to third, and that's a quick turn around for any team. And SJSU finished with a winning conference record while our arch rival Bulldogs did not. As you know it's the conference record that matters when it comes to conference tournaments. The Spartans made it in when nobody thought they would, and that's a good reason to be happy. It obviously bothers FresNeck fans, so the Valley Rivalry is alive and well. http://warrennolan.com/baseball/2018/conference/Mountain-West
  15. That happens when there are heavy rains in the Bay which leads to flooding. It happened last year too (pictured), but fortunately it gets cleaned up by the city and volunteers like you. Even though I don't live in San Jose anymore I thank you for helping. I remember my first semester at SJSU, it rained off and on for over a month. I grew up in San Diego where it might rain for a week or two at most, so I was starting to get depressed. Fortunately it only flooded once when I lived up in the Bay Area.