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  1. Game Thread - Fresno State at SJSU

    Congratulations to the Fresno State alumni and real fans. Your Defense put the hurt on Josh Love and your Offense looked pretty good. To the miserable FresNeck trolls, we still lead the Valley Rivalry series 3-2. So you have at least another year to stew on that. Now it's time to watch my Dodgers beat Arizona. The Blue Crew are leading in the top of the 5th inning. Good night.
  2. Game Thread - Fresno State at SJSU

    It's a perfect day for football here in San Jose. Go Spartans! Beat FresNeck!
  3. Game Thread - Fresno State at SJSU

    I've been walking around our beautiful campus taking pictures. It's great to be back at the old alma mater. Time to head to Spartan Stadium and meet up with friends at the alumni tent.
  4. MLB Playoff Schedule

    Los Angeles beat the D-bags 9-5 in game one. Go Blue!
  5. RIP Tom Petty

    Tom Petty was really funny too. I loved his character Lucky on King Of The Hill. Good stuff.
  6. Game Thread - Fresno State at SJSU

    I saw a bet like this one on a different message board, so I thought I'd propose it here with one of you FresNeck trolls. If SJSU wins you'll never post on this board again. And if FresNeck wins I'll never post on this board again. Oh what the hell, I've got a big box of American classic novels that I've been neglecting for too long. And taking time off from message boards will give me more time to read. So my last post will be Saturday, whether we win or not. Nothing against this board, but there's 25 classics waiting to be read. Go Spartans!
  7. MLB Playoff Schedule

    The D-Bags beat the Rockies in their one game playoff last night. So LA will be playing Arizona beginning Friday. Go Blue!
  8. RIP Tom Petty

    Joe: Was It Your Last Dance With Mary Jane? RIP Tom Petty. Thank you for over 40 years of great Rock 'n Roll.
  9. I wish someone could get that point across to this clown.
  10. Running list of racism....

    I agree!