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  1. That whistler guy was very annoying, but I'm glad Vandy won.
  2. Props to you and everyone else who's kept us updated.
  3. WVU's head coach Mazey blew it (also the pitching coach). Normally he's real good with pitchers, but he left the starter in way too long, and the same with the reliever. Oh well...
  4. Duke's Bryce Jarvis pitched eight shut out innings @ West Virginia before they pulled him. The game had four reviewed calls, two at the plate and WVU's manager got tossed for the first time in over four years. It was a wild night in Morgantown for sure. But props to Jarvis, he was awesome.
  5. Oregon State has a great program and will be back on top again in the years to come.
  6. No repeat champions from Corvalis this year. I don't see it happening.
  7. The Mountaineers beat Fordham and set a new attendance record in Morgantown at 4,355. They'll play Duke tomorrow. The Blue Devils beat Texas A&M 8-5 today.
  8. I'm taking the Summer break off the board, but I wanted to share the good news because I know many of us are Jeopardy fans and are pulling for Alex Trebek. Best wishes! https://people.com/health/alex-trebek-pancreatic-cancer-near-remission/
  9. # 15 Bart Starr was and still is the best QB Green Bay has ever had. May he rest in peace. https://www.si.com/nfl/video/2016/03/02-6 Go Pack Go!
  10. Congrats to Nevada on getting past SUDS.