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  1. Congratulations Cowboys on the 59-46 victory.
  2. At the half...Spartans 24 Cowboys 24.
  3. I think we'll beat Wyoming, but not until the game in San Jose. I hope it's a close one tonight in Laramie, we haven't been in a close game since OOC play.
  4. I agree that both sides act like kids, and that's why I've been an Independent since 2000. But Trump did promise that he'd make Mexico pay for the wall. He should keep his promise (it still boggles my mind that some people actually believed him) or shut his giant hole.
  5. Dick Tomey is a great guy and I really hope he pulls through. Best wishes to him and his family.
  6. crixus

    Basketball Attendance

    @soupslam1 Some of the athletic funding at SJSU comes from... http://www.sjsu.edu/saf/
  7. crixus

    Bucket of Mac & Cheese

    I believe it's ready to eat. Just open the lid and dive in!
  8. crixus

    Happy 60th!

    I saw on Twitter that Sade Adu turned 60 today.
  9. I agree with you. And I'm pretty sure Zion will complete the season with Duke.
  10. crixus

    Bucket of Mac & Cheese

    The 20 year shelf life did it for me. I had no idea that Mac & Cheese could last that long, even in a sealed bucket.
  11. crixus

    Ok which MLB team is coming to Vegas?

    I agree, Tampa makes the most sen$e.
  12. crixus

    Bucket of Mac & Cheese

    Chef's Banquet bucket of Macaroni & Cheese. At nearly 27 pounds, it contains 180 servings and has a 20 year shelf life. A Prepper's paradise!
  13. Trump fed the Clemson football team like a divorced Dad who has weekend custody of the kids.