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  1. Coastie's Corner Rules

    1. No trash talking 2. No cursing 3. This forum is set to honor one of the most respected posters on the board and we have created it in his honor. BE RESPECTFUL 4. Stay on topic We appreciate your cooperation in keeping this forum respectful so that Coastie's name is associated in the way that it should be. Thank you Mug B2M ECA I4H
  2. Sweet I can get my own reality show. Man afraid of snakes. .. lol
  3. Is there a sign up sheet that let's everyone know when they can pursue personal vendettas? I think blast is completely in the wrong as well but I'm not lumping in his timing as an issue. We're all supposed to have thick skins around here, none of us should have gotten that wound up over some pathetic moron that has nothing better to do than continue to prove why he was banned. I am all for you having your own opinions on this, I'm not arguing with you to prove you wrong, I'm only trying to explain my own opinion. I don't really every expect my opinion to change anyone else's.
  4. I don't disagree with you at all. Perhaps right wasn't the correct word. I think the nature of this very board prohibits forced timeouts unless a certain line is crossed. I think the board does have a collective voice and it has spoken out pretty clearly in this thread, I take issue with the suggested actions that the admin should be doing instead of simply letting them do their job as they have all along. I think if they needed help they would ask for it. It isn't like we haven't had a moderator viewing this thread. In this instance I agree with shark. Mysfit shouldn't be the one deciding who is worthy to post. I agree with her that blast needs to step away but its been suggested to him and he has refused. Forcing him to do it without cause is detrimental to all of us. What happens if happy or Ian decide that your posts have two much academia in them and that you need a time out to knock that shyt off? Silly I know but where do we draw the line?
  5. That d is always getting me in trouble. .. thanks for the correction. I agree flan is great.
  6. I agree with him. I don't think that it is our place as members to be inhibiting other members right to post. This situation is different in that jack told a banned member to leave, not a member in good standing. If the ban hammer was swung every time someone disagreed with you, you'd never be able to post.
  7. Does that make you a flandship then?
  8. Sure you can say that, your school is a flag ship. .. lol
  9. Do it in Oregon, if you drag your feet till the end of the year, you can get high here as well. Besides Oregon is much better than Colorado. .. lol
  10. That's the bytch of a community. When you act like an asshat everyone sees. You can't call unfair when you are the one who presented yourself to the community at large. I would venture to say you have garnered far more haters from this single thread then you every had with your moronic position on school branding.
  11. All he is doing is creating a position that he can stand on to deflect how jack was the one who refused the challenge. It's a pathetic attempt to save face that ultimately is going to color how he is viewed from this point forward. He was at best a minor annoyance with boat pictures, he has now moved firmly into fvcktardville.
  12. If you are the only one who believes this then perhaps it is you that is wrong. Perception is a powerful thing, you can deny what your "yes" comment really meant until you are blue in the face, the reality is that no one else sees it that way, and your just coming off as a bad loser. You continue to post novel length replies that say the same thing. Saying it over and over again doesn't make it any truer than the first time you posted it. If that worked RR would have had UNLV in the SEC by now.
  13. Exactly like anyone would expect him to honor this agreement. He would just come back and claim to have trolled both you and bsutop and then complain about how it wasn't fair. Any honor he had left he lost it with this thread. For as much shyt that k5 gets I have no doubt he would honor a bet. That's true for almost everyone that frequents this board. It is the hard core trollers that seem to be all talk. Blast is in good company with okm, CT etc.
  14. So this is your quest to act like an admin by telling another member to quit acting like an admin? Except that it's really all just a joke and your trolling just to see who you can get to bite, even though it shatters any credibility you might have had? Oh but you don't care what anyone online thinks about you, you will just go to these asinine attempts to show how much you don't care but we're the ones who don't get it? I can understand that logic, I mean my 8 yr old does it all the time.