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  1. Congrats to Wyoming, great for the MW!
  2. All Blue Blood Final Four Duke vs KU. Duke wins
  3. Wow, a public castration. Now go lose so we can fire you next year cheaper
  4. Agree about Auburn. I defer to the Boise fans here concerning Harsin. Either way looks like he will be paid to go away.
  5. Likely, which MW team did they not play this year. NV, Fresno?
  6. CSU did not deserve the win. 11 penalties for 142 yards, two pick six touchdowns and a missed field goal is not winning football. In the moment of truth USU drove for the winning TD. The call was correct in the end too. He stepped out of bounds, the official threw his hat before the catch was made. No whining from this Ram only congrats to the Aggies.
  7. Interesting to note Miles and LSU settled their contract this week. Miles took 1.5 million and now its over.
  8. Congrats to SDSU and the fanbase! As a CSU fan I do understand to some degree after building our on campus stadium.
  9. I was planning on heading out to Reno next week to see CSU play Nevada. I enjoy going to different MW road cities for games and haven't made the Reno trip since Lubick was the coach. Off course now we have four years between visits. McElwain was the last CSU coach in Reno. Due to CSU suckage I'm not coming. Don't mind losing if competitive but this current CSU team under Bobo is lost. Watching them get rolled on the road is not worth it. Maybe next time I can meet some of the posters here. Congrats on your emerging team. Norvell has flushed away the polian. I saw this last yr in Canvas.
  10. I like it and love Hawaii ! They love their trophy games. CSU and Utah State have played 74 times since 1902 and we have no trophy to commemorate the series. This year marks 75 times and neither fan base realizes our history.
  11. Colleys is the matrix with no bias and only this year's games matter. It looks accurate
  12. I think the chargers leaving and winning the ballot initiative could be the best things ever for SDSU. Competitive football team in a new stadium in a large market with no pro competition is a dream scenario. I want all the MW teams to grow and prosper but SDSU could be giant.
  13. Fake news. Everyone knows CSU fan does not travel to Laramie
  14. CSUs game vs UNM is now officially sold out, 36500 tickets sold. Now SROs are being sold which will push the final attendance number towards 38K.
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