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  1. Castle Ram

    SDSU West leading big

    I think the chargers leaving and winning the ballot initiative could be the best things ever for SDSU. Competitive football team in a new stadium in a large market with no pro competition is a dream scenario. I want all the MW teams to grow and prosper but SDSU could be giant.
  2. Fake news. Everyone knows CSU fan does not travel to Laramie
  3. Correct shine the boot up after you clean the musket
  4. Castle Ram

    Rank Em

    CSUs game vs UNM is now officially sold out, 36500 tickets sold. Now SROs are being sold which will push the final attendance number towards 38K.
  5. Castle Ram

    Rank Em

    Only if he beats UNM
  6. Castle Ram

    Rank Em

    "Season ticket sales in 2017 reached a school-record 15,477, an increase of 40 percent over the 2016 total of 11,054. The inaugural season of the new on campus stadium also set all-time attendance records for average attendance (32,062 per game) and total attendance (192,369). The Rams sold out their total allotment of tickets on four separate occasions last season, including Oregon State, Nevada, Air Force, and Colorado in the Rocky Mountain Showdown at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver. " Sold out the ticket allotment means 36,500 plus SROs. Saturday is homecoming and yes it will be pushing 38K https://csurams.com/news/2018/5/14/rams-saw-eighth-largest-per-game-football-attendance-increase-in-2017.aspx?path=football
  7. Castle Ram

    Rank Em

    The good news is we settle it on the field. Do you attend games? I'm trying to schedule coming out to Reno for the game. When does Gangi get back?
  8. Castle Ram

    Rank Em

    It's very interesting game. 38K attending and CSU is trending up. UNM will need its best effort of the season to win.
  9. Castle Ram

    Rank Em

    You think CSU loses @ home vs UNM and 38k attending. I dont
  10. Castle Ram

    Rank Em

    Utah State moved up in my rankings.
  11. Castle Ram

    Rank Em

    1. SDSU 2. Boise 3. Fresno 4. USU 5. Hawaii 6. CSU 7. NV 8. WYO 9. AFA 10. UNM 11. UNLV 12. SJSU 13. byu
  12. Castle Ram

    USU vs BYU Friday Night Game

    I'm pretty sure this loss removes byu from MW title contention. Good win Utah State!
  13. Castle Ram


    1. Boise 2. SDSU 3. Fresno 4. Hawaii 5. CSU 6. Nevada 7. Utah State 8. SJSU 9. UNLV 10. WYO 11. AFA 12. UNM
  14. Castle Ram

    Do You Read Your Rival's Homer Board?

    NO I have never visited any of the other MW boards unless a post has been linked here. This site gives me a great feel for the other teams and fans. The posters here usually offer the best not some of the stupidity from extreme homerism present at each fan board.
  15. Good: we beat an SEC team in 2018. Any other MW teams not named Boise beat an SEC team while in the MW? Bad: we may not win another game in 2018 Ugly: very dysfunctional team with Bobos health, new coaches, young players and transfers