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  1. Correct his salary was double UNLV, now probably triple with lower cost of living and well heeled boosters
  2. We will not lose to Toledo, western Illinios, UNLV or AFA next fall.
  3. The most arrogant fan base I have ever encountered. When CSU played them in the Holiday Bowl 1994 they made it known we were beneath their stature. Eff em hope they always lose
  4. Parker is a big problem. To your face will tell you Bobo is a good football coach because he works hard. Will also say CSU can't beat cu because they spend 30 million more on football and fans are the problem. Fans like you who don't buy season tickets
  5. If you guys would create some sort of trophy you could win. The CSU trophy case is empty during the Joe Parker era. Three years as the AD no wins vs rivals, no MW championships, struggled to pull the trigger on 1M bball coach who did nothing but cash checks AND extended a dumb as a post football coach. Ideas for a csu umm trophy?
  6. Bobo's offensive system is the real deal. If Chapman had played for CSU he would have been all MW first team.
  7. I'm thinking CSU odds are too high. I hope you are right
  8. SJSU can get all kinds of talent locally. NMSU has no chance
  9. CSU looks to be one and done. The effect of chasing the title will be apparent in Vegas. Hopefully they still get an NIT invite. After Nevada I like Fresno and Boise to win the tournament. Maybe Nevada can get an @ large if they stumble
  10. Congratulations Nevada! Definitely they better team
  11. Great get for the AAC. The geography works for WSU & AAC better than the MW.
  12. Do you still think CSU will buyout LE?
  13. Yep he might have hit the CSU lottery thanks to the Coloradoan. 4.5 million buyout plus how many million for a breach of privacy. The only good news is the university itself not the athletic department will have to pay. Somebody within the university not only embarrassed the school, president and administration but may cost them more money than we care to think about.
  14. I will be interested what becomes of this.