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  1. What have the Spartans done facility wise?
  2. Didn’t all of his activism stuff start after he had lost the starting job?
  3. Coincidental. Those years with the losing records they would have sucked either way. There was a sprinkling of good years in there but those were the exception not the norm.
  4. Play one on the conversion gets negated by Rolo’s Time out - good call. Play two- a player lines up in the backfield negating a interference call in the end one. But to go for two a third time- absolute stupidity.
  5. I nominate this one for turd of the week.
  6. How dare they pay to get athletes attend schools that wear their product! Only Nike is allowed to do that!!
  7. It’s a tough call. I thinknuou’re Write unless FSU comes out and blows them out of the water early which no one has.
  8. Welcome to the club- only we’ve been without our entire starting backfield.
  9. The team that wins that game is the one that gets away with the most nut punches or chop blocks.
  10. They also left Tezino off. Rypien is still having nightmares of him.
  11. They're paying rent to SDSU and Boise.
  12. It seems you guys get more than your share of lemons there- is it the administration or the coaches. For one of the first times in memory you guys actually hired a bad coach. Houck wasn't ready, ,maybe Sanchez isn't either but what choices do you have?
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