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  1. He did not have a QB that could run the spread. Baker was more of a drop back type. I will withhold judgement until the end of the 2021 season.
  2. Yep- it was difficult to penetrate and the wind was blowing their shots all over the place except into the basket. The faced Syracuse’s zone in that game.
  3. Haggler was one of my favorites. May he Rest In Peace. I too felt that he won the fight against Sugar Ray.
  4. At that time I felt the lower weight classes were getting their due. Some of the heavies have been among the best not so much lately. I believe that boxing has lost the appeal it had going into the 90’s and before.
  5. Nice article- it’s too bad UNLV is too impatient to build a program and in between has made some mediocre hires. Seems tome there’s a head coach at Oklahoma who is doing better than fair. Rice could recruit but he could not coach. Sometimes it’s difficult for the fans when they become spoiled by an HC like Tarkanian. We saw that here when Don Coryll moved on in football and UCLA with Wooden.
  6. I got a kick out of reading this then and did after the fact as well. Many posts were dead on others not so much.
  7. Aren’t the Lobo fans hoping for Pitino? 😂
  8. Your hopes. Not sure that’s a likelihood though unfortunately.
  9. It sucked even more last year because many believed they could make a run deep into the tourney.
  10. Sorry can’t agree with that. The reality was they were prepared for Starkel and not his back up. BYU put up 24. A QB makes SDSU much better. The QB that got the most starts was the 3rd stringer.
  11. Ohio State hired Jim Tressel whom was head coach at Youngstown State. That worked out pretty well for them.
  12. Because that’s what he loves. In this case he can move home, do what he likes and help one of his star pupils. Those are things that matter to Rocky.
  13. I thought Nash was one of the reasons you guys won the game. Congrats!
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