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  1. Two teams from the same conference should not face each other in the championship game. The semifinal yes but this BS of two conference mates facing each other should not be allowed to continue. All of the while teams that play a non conference cupcake in the late season should be awarded a loss automatically. Another case of the rich getting richer at the expense of the rest of college football. I will not be watching.
  2. The Aggies won the game fair and square.
  3. Whatever you say buckwheat.
  4. They had 17 plus players out including all of their tight ends, a starting wide receiver ( he would dwarf your db’s. Was coming g on at the end of the season and also blocked two punts) and some others as well. Tge tightends are an important part of tge ball control offense and special teams. No list was published but it has been reported to be between 17-20 players. As I said in another comment that the shortage of players (poor execution) and Utah State playing a good game was too much for tge Aztecs to overcome. You can add the poor penalties commuted. It is what it is. The Aggies won and
  5. Among all of the players missing were every tight end, back up quarterback (the qb who played the fourth quarter is the 4th string QB), a defensive lineman and ALL of the tight ends. They moved offensive lineman around to compensate for tve TE’s however when someone gets moved that opens another position. Your coaching staff took advantage of many of those opportunities as they should. I am not making excuses for SDSU’s poor execution- only that SDSU wasn’t able to overcome those shortages coupled with the Aggies playing a solid game. The other issue was tve stupid penalties. Hats off to tge
  6. 20 players in one game?? Sounds like whining to me. Try cheese with your whine.
  7. It’s facts. As I said this was predictable. 20 players including all of their tight ends. Credit to Utah State.
  8. Any team missing 20 players due to covid protocol would be seriously hindered. Not making excuses- it’s a fact. If I lived near Vegas I would have been placing my money on Utah State.
  9. Coincidental. Those years with the losing records they would have sucked either way. There was a sprinkling of good years in there but those were the exception not the norm.
  10. Yep- the Aztecs crapped the bed against your dog dukies. Oh , wait you guys crapped the bed against Hawai and Boise. Guess what? The Aztecs did not. Enjoy the game next Saturday.
  11. No- that says something about coaching and adjustments. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap. Your whine is much better with cheese.
  12. I’m wondering if Sears has any regrets about backing out of his commitment with SDSU earlier this year with the coaching change?
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