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  1. Nice try- calling other cities in the conference shitholes does not make Fresno any better- it does just the opposite. In fact I believe most cities in this conference make Fresno look bad.
  2. It’s been a long time since the Aztecs have had losing seasons. Are you new around here?
  3. Flynn does not carry the team - he makes it better. His scoring is a reflection of SUD’s balanced scoring. They typically have four or more players score in double digits. Flynn’s assist to turnover ratio is sick.
  4. Let’s hope so. We need 2-3 top twenty teams year In and year out but the dregs need to step it up too. The bottom half of the conference is pathetic.
  5. My sister’s family lives in Greenville. They were invited to a dinner after first moving in. Among the entrees(with the bbq pulled pork) were rhubarb and sweet potato pies.I know, technically rhubarb is a vegetable and sweet potato’s are a legume but gads- no wonder obesity is a epidemic there.
  6. For me the prospect of no blue bloods, no teams from East of the Mississippi, throw in two mid majors in the Final Four would make this one of the best years in history.
  7. They do scan tickets at the gate.
  8. This analysis applies to the entire CSU system NOT SDSU specifically. Try again.
  9. The hotels will especially love all the empty rooms ( rooming at the homes of the other faithful) and the restaurants the empty tables. (They will meet for potlucks), The bars will have lots of room for the opposing teams fans and one additional benefit, the ybu side of the stadium will have no beer lines.
  10. It’s what he wanted. Rock’s said several times that his years as DC under Hoke were his most enjoyable. While he was a good HC, he far enjoys being a DC. It may have been a tough choice for him, it may have been to stay inline with his loyalties. I’m sorry to see him leave but enjoyed what he brought to the table.
  11. The conference needs to do better on broadcast rights. We’ve got market here but it seems as though the league wants to control everything. There are games that have been live streamed but would have gotten a better audience on TV by allowing a local station to pick it up and allow the station in the opponent’s city pick it up.