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  1. I think you may need to get your sarcasm detector recalibrated
  2. Who are you arguing with? The guy was saying that the BSU bigs are not good. You were kind of just reaffirming his point without realizing it.
  3. No, everyone did not know that. I already posted the reasoning. Several players have gotten NCAA waivers simply because their coach changed; see Tate Martell as Exhibit A. He wanted to be a Zag, he's from Washington. If he didn't have to sit out a year he would be. Anyway, I'm just repeating myself at this point. You don't believe me, I don't care. He's a good get for you guys, congrats.
  4. I told you 100% what happened; Gilder and Jenkins visited on the same weekend supposedly they both committed because we thought they would both be eligible for 2019 and when it turned out that Jenkins was only 2020, we backed off. Again, I could not care less if you don’t believe me
  5. Because his coach left; see Tate Martell as exhibit A. The NCAA is giving out waiver exemptions like ecstasy at a rave.
  6. He visited the same time that Admon Gilder did, at the time we thought that he would get a waiver for 2019, both supposedly committed but when we found out that he won't be available until 2020, we backed off. I couldn't care less if you don't believe me, but I heard it straight from a very high ranking Zags insider.
  7. Not sure why you quoted me and not the guy who was skeptical about Jenkins, are you agreeing with me? Jenkins is a phenomenal shooter and dropped 35 on Memphis.
  8. Matt Mooney, the best grad transfer in college basketball last year that led Texas Tech to the national championship game transferred from the summit league and had better numbers at Texas Tech than he did at South Dakota.
  9. Hearing a lot of conflicting reports with him, may be reclassified to 2019, may be a 2020. But it looks like Derryck Thorton formerly of Duke and USC will be signing with us next week. Not a fan of his at all, can’t shoot and can’t drive to the rim to save his life; possibly the most overrated five-star high school player ever. Oh well.But the reason we soured on Jenkins is that we wanted him for 19 and it looks like it won’t be until 2020, at least with us it would not have been that would’ve blocked some very high profile recruits potentially coming in.
  10. I think you guys might be getting a surprise commit shortly in David Jenkins who was a heavy lean for us but apparently we may be landing someone really big and didn’t want to run the risk of losing him because we signed Jenkins instead. The rumor is we may be getting Deishen Nix and having him re-classify to 2019.
  11. lol @ leftists thinking that “white supremacists” are a big deal in this nation in 2019. 100 moronic Aryans and SJW’s need a safe space but Farrakhan packs in 15,000 at his meetings and not a peep, because CNN and MSNBC didn’t tell you to get “woke”. I swear critical thinking is a lost art.
  12. Yup, that dynamic offense put us on the national map and we inexplicably dumped it.
  13. I was there. I drove down from Greenville with my next-door neighbor who was a Georgia alarm and my other next-door neighbor who is a Penn State alum. Before the game or the Georgia fans are talking smack big-time to all of us Boise State fans and then after the game they all came up and shook her hand and said “you guys are legit”. I think that was our best team ever. But that was when we ran a high powered, multi shift, multi formation dynamic offense. Now we run some nondescript hodgepodge that you can find on dozens of college campuses. Harsin’s record against P5 teams has been less than stellar. Florida State is flat out terrible though; Willie Taggart is a fantastic human being but an awful football coach. I’m expecting a score something like 13-10.
  14. Ah, where I grew up we just called them prickers or thorns. Never knew they had another name. Thanks
  15. Ok, for us non Boisians What on earth is a “goat head”?
  16. So we didn't get the Poly kid from SoCal that hits like a MAC truck? Rumor was he had academic issues, maybe this was true.
  17. Hey, the 1990's called, they want their sports comparisons back. P.S. MC Hammer on line 2.
  18. Absolutely! They have one of, if not the worst offensive lines in the nation. Take advantage of that especially with Dream Weaver and Moa Constrictor back there. Do not allow your playcalling to be dictated by fear.
  19. The game is this year, over Labor Day weekend. I think you are a enamored with the name "Florida State" on the front of the jersey, instead of the talent, or lack there of inside of it. They are horribly bad. But again I have no faith in Harsin against any team that can remotely play defense until proven otherwise.
  20. You're forgetting that Oklahoma State plays in the big 12, almost every team in the conference has a bad defense because almost all of the offenses are so explosive it skews the numbers.
  21. That mediocre OSU would've killed FSU last season, they're dumpster fire bad. That being said, I have zero faith in Harsin beating any team with a pulse on defense. But we should blitz Blackmon early and often with their matador o-line.