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  1. I've never heard them referred to as NMU before. Aren't they UNM?
  2. Instead of insulting, why not make cogent counterpoints? If the game takes place and neither ND nor us loses, I will wager that the ratings will be through the roof, one of the highest non playoff game since the cfp playoffs began. I'll make you a username bet, if the ratings are top 3 non playoff game, you have to change your username to whatever I choose, if they're 4th or below, the opposite, deal? Also, do you think most of the nation will be rooting for ND vs Boise State, if so why? Try to make points without condescension and name calling, thanks.
  3. I hope I did not jinx it. LOL. Looking at Notre Dame schedule, I would be shocked if they did not win out. We still have a few more obstacles but the tv ratings would be enormous.
  4. If both teams win out that is pretty much guaranteed to be the NY6 game. I think the ratings will be through the roof, almost equal to the playoffs. Both teams have national followings and just as many people tune in to watch Notre Dame because they hate them than those that tune in because they love them. We will we will be a huge underdog, and most of the nation will be rooting for us.
  5. Jaden de Laura, the stud quarterback out of Hawaii just committed to Washington state today. That was Richardsons best offer along with ours, so I doubt he goes there now which increases our chances a lot. A new reel just got put up on his hudl and Max preps page and it is really impressive. I wonder when he’s going to make it an official trip to Boise.
  6. The wording in that tweet is really weird; “operating procedure”? Why not just say he needs to have an operation on his thumb?
  7. I watched most of those guys highlights and Richardson his head and shoulders better. In my opinion of course. He’s got a rocket for an arm and extremely accurate and can really scramble too. He does have a Washington State offer but they have like 35 quarterbacks on the roster
  8. Of course it is because we are directly competing with UCF for the coveted G5 NY6 spot. They keep destroying opponents by 30+ points, a few of whom will be ranked and we win a few squeakers in the mold of the Marshall game, I can very much see them jumping us.
  9. UCF now only 2 spots behind us in the AP. If they destroy a very good Cinci team Friday night at Cincinnati in front of a national audience by 25+ points and the unthinkable happens and we struggle vs UNLV Saturday night and only beat them by 7-10 points don't be shocked if they jump as us early as this time next week. Gotta keep your foot on the gas pedal in this era of cfb. You can still be a "good guy" and run your regular offense. No one is trashing Huepel or Ryan Day, they had their starters running their regular offense well into the 4th quarter despite being up by 30+ yesterday.
  10. We just offered this guy: https://www.hudl.com/profile/5652836/Carl-Richardson This guy is super impressive and totally under the radar. A more accurate, better footwork Josh Allen.
  11. I thought the blue carpet does go all the way to the stands now, no?
  12. Curt Apsey, the AD was on Caves and Prater today and said that they're lining up donors now and he hopes to start expansion "sooner rather than later". Very exciting and unexpected news! http://www.ktik.com/2019/09/24/ucf-bsu-bsu-ad-curt-apsey/
  13. Mom is. He's 1/2 Filipino, like my gorgeous daughters. And UCF's qb is full Filipino.
  14. Now up on ESPN: https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27691709/ucf-beefs-schedule-boise-state-byu