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  1. This Carolina team is almost as bad as last years Carolina team.
  2. Based on what? I don't get attached to players, I am attached to the team and everything that I see tells me that Jack is the better qb in every facet of the game. Hank is good, Jack's just better. We're fortunate to have 2 very good qb's.
  3. Who is clearly better in every facet of the game than the guy in front of them. And was also the higher ranked high school recruit. In fact Sears is the highest ranked quarterback recruit in the history of Boise State.
  4. They just gave Hugh Freeze a raise to $3million/year making him the 3rd highest G5 coach.
  5. He played one game for USC, one game for us and he was four for four in the opening quarter versus BYU before the dirty play. I don’t get married to players, I am a fan of the team first. Objectively speaking, Jack is better for the reasons I listed in the previous post. Hank is a good quarterback, Jack is better. We are lucky to have two very good quarterbacks.
  6. The threat is now up to 18 pages long on the AAC board.
  7. Interestingly enough, I feel the exact opposite way. Jack just has the “it” factor. Hank still has the same issues last night that he had all of last season, holds onto the ball too long, not quick enough with his decisions and too many errant passes. Jack is just the overall better quarterback in my opinion. Not to mention that Jack is the higher ranked recruit out of the two and in fact, the highest ranked quarterback recruit to ever play for us.
  8. Lol @ Not going to read, AKA Sticks fingers in ears and says, “la la la la la la la la I can’t hear you”.
  9. Here is a 14 page thread on the AAC board regarding Boisewithas supposed “inside” information, many, many posters disagree 100% with you: https://csnbbs.com/thread-910177.html
  10. Is that true? I’m not familiar with any outrageous claims that he has made previously here. What specifically has he said before that was totally off-the-wall?
  11. For many years. I don't recall a similar post making such a bold claim, but I could be wrong. If Boisewitha s is making this up, he'll have zero credibility forever. Why would someone willing do that to themselves? For what?
  12. Something this big? He said it will be announced after the fb season and we'll be joining the AAC for next season. I've been on this board as a lurker/poster for years and don't remember any post with this type of claim where the poster was so adamant.
  13. Wasn't my theory, that's what posters on the AAC board said; that Navy requested to stay in the West.
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