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  1. I don’t want you guys to get your hopes up. Penix was second in the nation in passing yardage with almost 4700 yards and they’re playing in Seattle and our secondary is not good and that’s being diplomatic. Again, if we keep it within 21 points, I will be pleasantly surprised. It’s the UCF game that is make or break for me.
  2. I’d be shocked if we kept it within 21 points. Our secondary is going to get lit up like a Christmas tree. But I’m OK with that as long as we win the rest of the games on the year.
  3. I think we get utterly destroyed to open the season at Washington but if we run the table, then, yes, we have a good chance. Because Washington is really good, like possibly top-five good. I think our top competition will be Tulane, UTSA and Coastal. But we can’t afford to lose our home opener against UCF. That is actually our make or break game. I just hope we don’t embarrass ourselves in Seattle.
  4. This awful. I think they're going to pronounce him dead. Heartbreaking.
  5. How many teams did we play that could actually throw the ball? I'll be shocked if we keep the game within 21 points. Shocked.
  6. Yup. I'm expecting and anticipating a blowout. The UCF game is the one that will tell me what direction Andy is taking this program. My concern is that he's boring and lacks creativity.
  7. We are gonna get curb stomped. My way too early prediction is something like 55-17. I hope I'm dead wrong, but i don't think that I will be
  8. So you believe that something came from nothing? You've got way more faith than me brother, atheists are people of great faith; Faithiests.
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