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  1. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I have no idea what’s going to happen to the big 12. The TV contract will probably be cut in half and if Kansas goes to the Big Ten and the PAC raids a few teams, who knows what’s going to happen? Either the big 12 or the AAC will be dead.
  2. I don’t think they can afford to be independent anymore. Now that all of the P5 conferences are going to 16 teams. Plus it’s in their contract that they have to join the ACC if they join a conference. The ACC is already at 14 teams so if they add Notre Dame, one of West Virginia or UCF would be next.
  3. Why would the PAC or Big10 want any of those schools?
  4. If WVU joins ND to the ACC, the Big12 is down to 7 teams. They're gonna invite, in no particular order, Cinci, Houston, UCF, BYU, Memphis, SMU and us. The AAC will be dead.
  5. UCF is the biggest school in the country in the 3rd most populous state. Memphis, while having nice people is a flat out dump. I see Memphis maybe joining the Big 12, UCF to the ACC.
  6. Agree, and a Big 12 without Homa and Texas is too.
  7. Notre Dame, WVU and UCF won't be too bad "scraps" for the ACC.
  8. A pony for you too? I disagree with you, ok?
  9. I disagree with you, you seem triggered by that fact. Perhaps a safe space with an emotional support pony may calm your nerves. A Big 12 without Texas and Homa is a G5, one worse than the AAC (in my opinion).
  10. I don't know about that. Kansas football is historically bad, so bad that adding their hoops team might not make up for it. What value does Kansas add to the Big 10?
  11. When they lose Texas and Homa, they will be worse than the AAC, a lot worse. Football is the $$$ maker in college sports, Kansas hoops isn't keeping that conference relevant.
  12. When Texas and Homa leave the Big12 has zero negotiating leverage, zero. Because at that point the conference is worse than the AAC.
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