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  1. Love how fans of two teams that don’t play in the mountain West conference hijacked this thread. Anyway, it’ll all be a moot point because UCF will probably be in the new watered down ACC within the next two years anyway.
  2. I don’t agree with this at all. The top G5 is guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. A team that is savvy at marketing will ask prospective recruits if there’s a better chance of making the playoffs at a middle of the pack P5 team like North Carolina State or Texas Tech or at the top G5 team that is guaranteed a spot every year? In other words, the odds are much better to make the playoffs as a top five team, where they really only three, four or five at the most teams that have a realistic shot versus dozens and dozens of P4 teams. Same with the portal. Would you rather be a back up on a mediocre team that has no shot of the playoffs or a starter on a team that has a very good chance of the playoffs?
  3. There’s only 4 “power” conferences now, so yes, the top G5 gets in
  4. 100% correct. She’s a women’s basketball phenom. She would also never score a single point in a men’s game unless she was fouled in the act of shooting and got free throws.
  5. If your last sentence was correct, then why does she not play for the Iowa men’s basketball team? Surely they could use her help.
  6. She’s a women’s basketball phenom. She wouldn’t score a point in a men’s D1 game and would have almost, if not every shot blocked.
  7. A decent high school sophomore would shut her down. Any decent YMCA player would shut her down. And she is a phenomenal women’s basketball player.
  8. Serena Williams who is muscular and strong and athletic and the GOAT in women’s tennis got destroyed by the 203rd ranked player from Germany, Karsten Braasch. Oh, he also beat her sister Venus on the same day.
  9. Not a chance. This is just years and years of leftist woke indoctrination for people to believe this absurdity.
  10. Would not score a single point in any men’s D-1 basketball game, regardless of the opponent. Unless she was fouled in the act of shooting and made her free throws. This is an absurd post. The USA women’s dream team with Lisa Lesley, and Sheryl Swoopes used to scrimmage against boys high school teams from Dallas back in the day and would get blown out by 20 to 30 points every game.
  11. https://x.com/BJRains/status/1756406772036943909?s=20 Boise State is doing all it can to keep offensive coordinator Bush Hamdan sources tell @BNNBroncoNation . He does not have a finalized deal with Kentucky yet
  12. Ugh https://x.com/PeteThamel/status/1756385048880676897?s=20
  13. They brought in Dillon Gabriel at quarterback and return many top receivers and running backs
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