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  1. I believe it was part of the negotiated contract to keep them in the league. If they change the rules, would that not be breach of contract?
  2. Why do you care what I find interesting? Don’t be controlling. No one likes controlling people.
  3. I don’t. This is a message board and found the topic interesting. Is that ok?
  4. No. Closing is when the legal docs are signed and money has been transferred.
  5. It’s literally the exact same premise, hence my analogy. If BYU is literally putting up big 12 logos in their facilities before they have joined the big 12 it is just like a homeowner trying to move into a house that they have not closed on yet. It is the exact same thing. Tell me how it’s not.
  6. That’s wrong. They’ve signed the contract on the house. They move in when they close, which is next year.
  7. Have we not had this conversation ad infinitum? I am awesome and admire my awesomeness.
  8. i’ll give you an example. I work in real estate, more specifically, new home construction. Occasionally I will have buyers ask me if they can start moving their things into the house before they close. I have to explain to them that, no they cannot, because until they close, it is not their house. Make sense?
  9. you just made my point for me. “Impending” is the keyword. They are currently in the big 12 as much as they are currently in the SEC. Why would they put up big 12 logos now?
  10. It is a legitimate question though. They are not in the big 12. Why not put up an SEC logo then. It doesn’t make sense.
  11. Fixed for joke accuracy. By citing a reference, you negated your own joke.
  12. What do you mean? Many sports leagues have salary caps.
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