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  1. Ah, where I grew up we just called them prickers or thorns. Never knew they had another name. Thanks
  2. Ok, for us non Boisians What on earth is a “goat head”?
  3. So we didn't get the Poly kid from SoCal that hits like a MAC truck? Rumor was he had academic issues, maybe this was true.
  4. Hey, the 1990's called, they want their sports comparisons back. P.S. MC Hammer on line 2.
  5. Absolutely! They have one of, if not the worst offensive lines in the nation. Take advantage of that especially with Dream Weaver and Moa Constrictor back there. Do not allow your playcalling to be dictated by fear.
  6. The game is this year, over Labor Day weekend. I think you are a enamored with the name "Florida State" on the front of the jersey, instead of the talent, or lack there of inside of it. They are horribly bad. But again I have no faith in Harsin against any team that can remotely play defense until proven otherwise.
  7. You're forgetting that Oklahoma State plays in the big 12, almost every team in the conference has a bad defense because almost all of the offenses are so explosive it skews the numbers.
  8. That mediocre OSU would've killed FSU last season, they're dumpster fire bad. That being said, I have zero faith in Harsin beating any team with a pulse on defense. But we should blitz Blackmon early and often with their matador o-line.
  9. DeAndre Francoise just got kicked off the team! With Dream Weaver and the Moa Constrictor both returning and the fact that Florida State has quite possibly the worst offensive line in college football I expect a ton of pressure on them in our game. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25915212/florida-state-dismisses-qb-deondre-francois-team
  10. No doubt about that. Harsin is a great recruiter.
  11. We have had the top rated recruits in our conference every year that Harsin has been head coach and have been picked to win our conference every year at Harsin has been head coach.
  12. They were talking about this on ESPNU radio the other day and they said it is a fallacy when people argue that recruiting rankings do not matter because historically speaking Super Bowls are overwhelmingly made up of four and five star players. So rankings actually didn't matter in the long run.
  13. Or perhaps it tells you that the coach who routinely recruits the best players consistently underachieves with said recruits.
  14. I have absolutely no idea what UCF has to do with Harsin abandoning our famous offense. lol