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  1. thespywhozaggedme

    Come Home Kellen

    I have absolutely no idea what UCF has to do with Harsin abandoning our famous offense. lol
  2. thespywhozaggedme

    Come Home Kellen

    Watching that video reminded be that our offense used to be a thing of beauty, poetry in motion; A mult-shift, multiple formation, creative, dynamic high powered offense, no bland boring rpo like every other team out there.It simultaneously got me fired up, but also sad because for some reason that none of us will ever be privy to we completely abandoned the offense that put us on the national map and got us all the way up to #3 It breaks my heart watching that clip to see that we were # 3 in the nation at one time. now....a hodgepodge of bland, boring ineptitude. sigh
  3. thespywhozaggedme

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    Exactly, that's why I think the staff should at least give Hooper a look-see at lb. We're super thin there, he and his bro played it in high school and his buried on the depth chart at tight end.
  4. thespywhozaggedme

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    Well, we just signed the juco kid, so they mustn't have been too pleased with him during his redshirt year, plus Bates, Collingham and Pistone are all returning, so right now he's 5th on the depth chart.
  5. thespywhozaggedme

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    I wonder if they've considered moving Hopper over to lb? His brother is one that just signed with Florida and he's kinda buried on the tight end depth chart.
  6. thespywhozaggedme

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    Both of who?
  7. thespywhozaggedme

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    Man, he's a big boy! Thanks
  8. thespywhozaggedme

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    What do you base this on? And he's not even a grad transfer.
  9. thespywhozaggedme

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    To be fair, KB is standing very upright, where as Harsin legs are very bent. On a side note, who's the guy between Harsin and Bachmeier?
  10. thespywhozaggedme

    Are Boise State HC’s turning down openings...

    That plus the fact that he shats the bed at least once a year against an inferior opponent every single season.
  11. thespywhozaggedme


    Yup, he transferred to the University of British Columbia and has now had a pretty good career in the CFL.
  12. thespywhozaggedme


    Taylor Loffler
  13. thespywhozaggedme

    Best MW QB in 19?

    I had never heard of #'s 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 for 2014, not quite 1/2 but pretty close. You can lie on this board and say you know them because no one would know otherwise, but I was just being honest. But hey, if that's what you took away from my post, cool. P.S. If you're gonna be a douche might wanna make sure that you spell follow correctly, the "a" is nowhere close to the "o" so you can't claim typo.
  14. thespywhozaggedme


    And Andrew Woodruff
  15. thespywhozaggedme

    Rick Pitino to UCLA wow

    Clickbait thread title at it's worst. Boo!