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  1. Holani was healthy for the last few games. Plough's offense was a hodge-podge of uninspiring blah with zero ability to make half time adjustments.
  2. And yet the one that needs to most be replaced still has a job. Lowest scoring ppg in 28 years. ugh
  3. Stetson Bennett was originally the 4th stringer. Your post is silly.
  4. I don’t understand your post. He was first team all state and offensive player of the year in high school. His numbers were phenomenal. He was a freshman this past year.
  5. True, or a young guy could step up and light the world on fire. If bigtime programs can play youngin's, so can we. Hank is who he is at this point.
  6. Very impressive Hudl highlights. He looks better than Hank in literally every facet of the game. Of course it’s highlight films from high school so no idea how it translates. But he gets off three passes in the time it takes Hank to get off one. Really hope there’s an open competition this year. https://www.hudl.com/profile/10213476/Sam-Vidlak
  7. Trying to have a civilized conversation and discussion, it runs the risk of saying “I was wrong“ or “I don’t know“ from either party or both. Interested?
  8. Thank you for the civilized conversation. I really hope we can keep it this way. Because again, we’ve got to get away from this “us versus them” mentality. We are all human beings at the end of the day. So a couple things, if it’s been less than 14 days since your second vaccination, you are considered “unvaccinated”, do we agree on that? Second of all, I don’t believe what you claimed is the case anymore, at least not in England and Israel and a lot of other places. It’s OK for us to say that we were wrong or we don’t know. I say it all the time, so I’m used to it. I was married for 17 years,
  9. I’m hoping to have a nice conversation without name calling and belittling but at what point are “breakthrough“ cases no longer “breakthrough“? 90%? I hate that things have become so tribal and we can’t just admit if we’re wrong about something or just say “I don’t know“? I feel like sometimes we’ve lost our humanity.
  10. The words are literally right there, they're not vague. Several posters in here were claiming "separation of church and state" because Graham was apparently acting like a religious bully. While it may be uncouth and un Christ-like it doesn't violate any laws, even if you disagree with it. Secondly, I don't care what the Supreme Court ruled, for crying out loud they somehow decided that killing innocent pre-born babies was a constitutional "right". The Constitution is the law of the land. Anyway, just ask yourself this when getting worked up over a religious person in a public position: did Co
  11. Correct. That is the establishment clause. It has nothing to do with separation of church and state. It simply says that the government cannot establish a state religion like the example I used earlier; the church of England. Any politician or public employee can claim any religious or not religious affiliation. it just cannot compel someone to do it. Secularists often cite that phrase when they flip their lid when people propose prayer in school or even a moment of silence. But neither one of those things establish a federal religion. It’s not vague, it’s fairly explicit “Congress Shall make
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