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  1. Yup. A true freshman played phenomenally for Iowa State last year and was third in all of college football for yards per attempt. His runner up choice was Boise State.
  2. Why not? Auburn is putting a true freshman out against Oregon. Too much 1990s college football mindset going on.
  3. Now you’re just being a prideful douche. I already gave an example of how you would have been correct by pointing to half man half Broncos post. Can you not clearly see the difference between his response and yours? Anyway on an unrelated note something has happened to you in the last several months, maybe a divorce or a job loss, steroids? Because you’ve been become a complete jerk and you used to be a pretty nice guy. What is wrong? What’s going on in your life?
  4. Look at halfmanhalfbroncos quoted response to my post on the previous page. His response was completely correct. Your post was incorrect because you did not specify/separate the correct part from the incorrect part, You merely wrote the word “incorrect” when half of my post was in fact, correct. Hope that clears things up for you.
  5. The poster I quoted said “we are going to be Florida State at their place”. I responded, “the game is in Jacksonville and I believe that we are favored“. And you quoted that and wrote “incorrect“. To which I responded, “the game is in Jacksonville“. Your quote of incorrect was in fact, incorrect. If you had correctly stated, “yes, the game is in Jacksonville but Florida State is favored” Then your quote would be correct but since you simply responded with the word word “ Incorrect” without clarifying which part of the sentence you thought was in fact incorrect, that leaves the reader to believe that you too thought the game was at Florida State which makes your post of the word “incorrect” in fact, incorrect.
  6. Completely irrelevant to the statement? What does that even mean because it actually was part of the statement that you quoted: Incorrect. And it's actually moved towards Florida State
  7. The game is in Jacksonville and I believe that we are favored.
  8. It was a great catch. Neither foot was in bounds.
  9. You guys have a great offense, no doubt. But dare I say that those players are “part of a system”. I guarantee you that if all three remain healthy, Evans, Hightower and Shakir will be in the NFL.
  10. Evans, Hightower and Shakir very well be the best trio in the nation, P5 or G5. And then CT Thomas and some of the other guys coming off the bench. I fully expect all three of those guys to be NFL wide receivers. The embarrassment of riches is phenomenal!
  11. No, I mean Tyler Eiguren, Just returned from his Mormon mission in Spain. He committed to Utah but is now at Boise State. Cravens actually played for the Utes.
  12. I actually think it’s an interesting idea and outside of the box thinking. I lived in California for nine years but now live on the East Coast, Southeast to be exact, for the past 12 years and although I am a football junkie and stay up and late watch late-night games, I am the exception. The PAC wants their games televised for an East Coast audience and also for the highlights to be shown all day and not just late at night when most of the country is already asleep. Plus another added bonus would be that the game would be over by one or two in the afternoon and the fans would still have the whole day to go out and do whatever they want.
  13. I think you may need to get your sarcasm detector recalibrated