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  1. Three more and we can end this damn drought.
  2. Probably not much different than having Muss whom most people despised.
  3. This should also help keep existing players from transferring. He had a great run at UNM. I like how he built his teams with some key parts coming from overseas. He knows the conference and the region. I don’t think you could have done any better than this hire.
  4. He won’t do it with smoke and mirrors like Muss either. You won’t ever see 5 5th year seniors in one class.
  5. Otzelberger to Texas Tech rumors starting to come out of Minneapolis. Word is Beard is looking at a payday from UCLA after this run. Texas Tech has Otzelberger as their target if this goes down.
  6. Maybe you guys will hire Dutcher. Because you’re the best and all.
  7. What is Dave Rice’s obsession with Hodad’s? I should have looked for him in there last October. Has he ventured North for an Awful Awful? I can’t wait to find these answers and much more in the next 20 pages. Edit: Because they didn’t want to call them cow burgers. Edit: Oh Edit: I hope my Rebels2k3 doesn’t get pissed at me too for bringing up burgers.
  8. Thats me. I’m confident Dutch is neither. Although he could last a long time with decent success. I have no idea what he will end up doing in regard to success. But I am certain that he is no Carter. I’m not judging him until after his fourth season. Also not worried about it if he ends up leaving. Because the cupboard won’t be bare if he does. We are past the 75% transfer stage. Don’t get me wrong. Transfers are vital when you have to build from the ground up. Fisher did it and Muss is doing it. Here is were we are different. SDSU is coming off a long term growth under one coach over 18 years. The arena has sold out for many years in a row. The current coach has been with the program the entire time. He’s not going anywhere. We’ve only had two coaches over the past 20 years. Muss is the 4th over this time. The coaching turnover is the biggest difference. Also we’ve done it in a stronger conference than the WAC. We also finish seasons stronger than starting them. Here is is where we are similar. We’ve both had multiple teams in the Sweet Sixteen. We’ve both had teams end the year in the top 12. We’ve both have had player succeed in the NBA and start on championship teams. We both have a community that gets behind the basketball team. (We just ran into some people from Reno saying how fun this year has been up there. We both thrash UNLV. Im not an SDSU fan that thinks we are something we are not. I like playing in this conference. I like the geographic rivalries w FSU, UNLV, Nevada and BSU. I like the basketball rivalry with UNM. I enjoy the history we’ve had w the mountain schools (although it’s an odd alignment). I know we don’t have any P5 invites right now. Although SDSU West could change that in the future. I think Nevada is where SDSU was in 2008/2009 but in a weaker conference now. Except you pulled off a great tourney run. Our 2006 squad was a dribble off the foot away from making a run. So it’s exciting To see what happens from here.
  9. Nice 👍 I like our new rivalry. It was fun for a few seasons in football too. Hopefully you’ll get back there in football also. And don’t tell NevadaFan (he forgot), But back in 2004 in the Pack glory years, I was living in Reno while my wife went to UNR (I mean Nevada). So I’ve been a fan for a while. Great place to live. That’s the main reason I don’t think Muss is going anywhere. The family has moved around a ton. This is their second stint in Reno. His wife seems to love it there. He’s earned a lot of money already. Unless a dream offer comes up, he’s staying. And for multiple reasons, no dream offer is coming.
  10. At Peterson gym? Did Nevada win 2 out of 3? I don’t need more time
  11. I appreciate you bringing your A material. One season Nevada might even win 2 out of 3 against the Aztecs.
  12. What does TJ have to do with a graph of 2013-2018 Tourney credits. The Diegan literally said he was bringing it back to the present.
  13. Hey any Aztecs fans out there worried if Dutcher leaves??? Any MWC fans? Are there multiple threads about it on this site? If Nevada is SDSU’s equal, what’s with all the angst and why are there so many threads about your coach leaving? Aren’t coaches lining up to replace him?