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  1. What about a scenario where Trump has no issues but someone in his circle dies?
  2. Perfect, lower the expectations and enjoy it. I hadn’t heard anything about it when I started watching. I figured it was just going to be a money grab. It definitely was not. I was hooked about 5 minutes into episode 2.
  3. I just read the first three segments of your review. My impression of it so far. The Good: what you wrote in The Good Section. The Bad: The other sections. Now it seems like we are close in age. Your’s is the first negative review I have come across from people our age. If you approached watching this with the intent of critiquing the the crap out of it. Then you only have yourself to blame for why you’ve missed it.
  4. Since his name is listed right there. Why don’t you give him a call, have a conversation, and listen to what he has to say. America will be an even greater country if you did.
  5. If you have a regular sized Weber Kettle you can buy a Slow n Sear that will set you up to use it as a smoker
  6. You are going to have a hard time finding anything that will keep a consistent heat while just leaving it.
  7. ... Ok starting NOW! If I make this shot the Celtics win the championship... If I make THIS SHOT the Celtics win the championship
  8. Apparently you don’t understand the “overall death rate” that you brought up... keep in mind, you asked to be corrected.
  9. What’s funny is this “overall death rate” calculation used my Modesto would say that the death rate has gotten worse every month. While he keeps showing that it’s not as bad as the experts originally claimed.
  10. It’s July 11th. That article is a bit early. Let’s see what happens in July after the month is over. There is no reason for a lot of homeowners to not take advantage of free no-consequence forbearance in this time of uncertainty. With that, Forbearance continues to decline. Housing prices are stable. Homeowners have equity.
  11. Just below swatting that mosquito on my leg. I am of a similar opinion of CV147. This will be resolved or mitigated with technology over time. That or 2-3 straight years of pandemics.
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