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  1. ... Ok starting NOW! If I make this shot the Celtics win the championship... If I make THIS SHOT the Celtics win the championship
  2. Apparently you don’t understand the “overall death rate” that you brought up... keep in mind, you asked to be corrected.
  3. What’s funny is this “overall death rate” calculation used my Modesto would say that the death rate has gotten worse every month. While he keeps showing that it’s not as bad as the experts originally claimed.
  4. It’s July 11th. That article is a bit early. Let’s see what happens in July after the month is over. There is no reason for a lot of homeowners to not take advantage of free no-consequence forbearance in this time of uncertainty. With that, Forbearance continues to decline. Housing prices are stable. Homeowners have equity.
  5. Just below swatting that mosquito on my leg. I am of a similar opinion of CV147. This will be resolved or mitigated with technology over time. That or 2-3 straight years of pandemics.
  6. Going to be so mad at AZ if the NFL season Is cancelled and I have wait to watch Pats v Bucs Super Bowl.
  7. I see it’s amateur week north of the border. Looks like normal summer weather to me. Nice cool breeze off the lake early in the week.
  8. The Little Nugget and Baldini’s are my two local favorites.
  9. Not to mention all of those protesters in MN, NYC and Seattle
  10. Far to early to proclaim a strategy will work for the long run. One thing learned is that the assumptions that appear to be correct often are not 60 days later. Whack-a-Mole is working right now and allowing most states to re-open. But it’s allowing the infections to be prevalent at a much higher number in the south. So if a second wave does hit in the fall, it COULD be much worse than originally anticipated. If that happens all the moles head will pop up at once and we we won’t have a big enough mallet.
  11. The attitude here is unreal. A good percentage of people still not wearing masks. 23 students and 8 employees at a Boy’s School just tested positive
  12. AZ ICU beds are 90% of capacity. A record 88 daily deaths and a record 4,878 new cases today. Time for me to hit the road. I don’t usually like to go to Stanislaus County in the summer. But It’s 2020.