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  1. 2019 University of Nevada team and 2020 Aztec team. NCAA team rank and NBA draftee selection. I’m seeing a pattern here.
  2. Feagin averages 7.8 points. Wetzell’s having a monster year but doesn’t have to be replaced with equal production. Flynn will be back. We’ve got 8 players earning non-garbage time minutes that will return next year (nine with Flynn). If you’re hoping for a big drop off, you’ll be disappointed.
  3. Only 3 Seniors on the team (2 Starters). Things appear to be headed in the right direction at UNLV. Hopefully we’ll have the old Big Three plus your rival to lead the conference soon enough.
  4. It’s Saturday. Shouldn’t you be kissing a part-time RE Agent’s A$& right now?
  5. They should come to an amicable agreement that has Boise play one more season in the MWC while giving them time to negotiate with other conferences.
  6. Tomorrow nights UNLV vs Nevada game says “hold my beer.”
  7. Can’t win it every year. And yes we are extremely spoiled. Went from the curse just hoping for one World Series win to 2 decades of absurdity. I was laughing with my friend that every Patriots fan under the age of 26 will be in tears and shock if we lose Edit: Older Aztecs fans should be able to relate to this
  8. Well that’s what happens when you win at Utah State! #Dontbreaktheglass🧯 @TheSanDiegan you gave me unearned credit😀
  9. This has been an especially fun this year since nobody saw this coming.
  10. Hawaii won the West this season, Fresno won the MWC last season. I am in no way suggesting that Nevada is anywhere near San Jose State. edit: If it makes you feel better, had SDSU been added then SDSU and San Jose would also have been a downgrade from Utah and TCU. Of course we would have been an upgrade over BYU. Edit 2: I just remembered we play San Jose today and we will be lucky to only lose by single digits.
  11. Are you under the impression that Nevada has replaced what Utah or TCU brought to this football conference. Did you notice that I didn’t mention Fresno, Hawaii or Utah State?