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  1. UNLV at SDSU

    Good game Rebs
  2. OT - Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers - 5 yr $137M

    Perfect. Brady says he wants to play 5 more years. With all that money in the bank, he will come back on a hometown discount to play for McDaniels again. Sign your first big contract for money, sign the next one for rings.
  3. SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

    Good game. The conference needs The Lobos to get back to the top 4. I hope this is the coach to do it.
  4. Matt Wells to Tucson to replace Rich Rod?

    Fair enough, I tied the two statements together. I’m not sure if you are just looking for neighborhoods in PHX or restaurants too. I have a bunch of restaurants I can PM for your next visit. But I’ll stick to neighborhoods here. Calle 16 in downtown PHX: This is 16th Street north of Washington Street. This is a Mexican American area that has great Mexican restaurants and art murals. Barrio Cafe is the most acclaimed restaurant here. Midtown/Central Ave: Drive north on Central Ave from Downtown to Bethany Home Rd. You’ll drive past Historic neighborhoods on both sides of central (Take a detour through the neighborhoods behind the museums). These nighborhoods have mature tree lined streets. There are plenty of restaurants along Central. If you like streakhouses, Durant’s is a classic that opened in the 50s. Arcadia: This is a popular neighborhood between the Bitlmore area and Scottsdale. It has good restaurants and a good vibe. It’s an older citrus grove neighborhood that has gone through a gentrification. Check out Wren Hous Brewery. Paradise Valley: A scenic and affluent neighborhood close to Camelback mountain. Many athletes and celebrities have houses here. as an extra: if you are in North Phoenix and want a quality bar, check out Magnum’s located at Union Hills and 7th St. For the Southwest character you’ll want to head up to Cave Creek (just north of Phoenix). There you can drink a beer and have some BBQ while watching live bull riding behind a bar. Downtown Gilbert is another option for a town with Southwest character. It’s an agricultural town that has grown. It has solid restaurants downtown. Also AZ Wilderness is a great brewery located in Gilbert (not downtown).
  5. Matt Wells to Tucson to replace Rich Rod?

    You state Phoenix lacks character and follow by saying Scottsdale is ok though. Nothing says character like steakhouses and plastic surgery. Sorry but you don’t know Phoenix at all.
  6. SDSU had 93,610 undergrad application for 2018

    93k ain’t nothin. Wait til the Raider’s new stadium is built.
  7. Nevada at Texas Tech

    Early. They were lucky that TTU couldn’t hit the ocean in the first 8 minutes of second half. Needed to protect the ball and not shoot 7 seconds into the shot clock.
  8. Meet the new bosses, same as the old bosses.

    We’re on to 2018
  9. Meet the new bosses, same as the old bosses.

    We’re on to 2018
  10. Meet the new bosses, same as the old bosses.

    We’re on to 2018