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  1. @TheSanDiegan I would probably buy this one for $900 if I was going to purchase right now. Nordstrom’s Rack has Hamilton’s 50% off. Link
  2. I went back to re-read this thread. Your original post definitely made me smile. It feels like we might be at halftime at this point. Outside of a proposal, this has to be one of your most expensive questions asked.
  3. I would prefer not to. I was looking at these the other night. The Citizen Chandler would have been an option for $220. Link
  4. Thanks for all of the info and recommendations. For the sport watches I like the last three. I would probably choose between the Longines and the Ball, and pair it with the black Junghans Max Bill dress watch. I also like the Seiko Presage shown upthread for a dress watch. Are sport chronograph watches less versatile?
  5. I would like to keep it at a combined $1,000. But would consider moving that up to $1,500. I care about heritage and brand recognition more so on the dress watch. And I always like value.
  6. And I live and Phoenix. It’s meant to be. These things are monsters, 56mm. I missed it upthread.
  7. Well that fits the bill. If I go digital that will most likely be the one.
  8. Thanks for all of the replies. I am looking for a style of watch to be used for outdoor activities. This is when my phone won’t be on hand or out of signal (swimming laps, kayaking, hiking, jeep off-roading, skiing, fishing). I have other larger purchases planned over the next few years so I plan to buy two watches below $1000 for now with a higher end watch coming after the other goals are achieved. One will be a dress watch. I was trying to stay away from a Apple Watch or digital. But I could be talked into it since I will also have the dress watch to start.
  9. What type of watch would someone get for doing laps in the pool or rough water swimming etc. And of course, recommendations are appreciated.
  10. $414 today, pull the trigger and tell Macy’s that the check is in the mail.
  11. If she grew up inside the 495 that will be a tough task. Even if she goes it might be a short stint. No bubblers in ID
  12. You’re being smart by not competing with buyers that are acting irrationally.
  13. “It’s not me. It’s him right” Awkwardly looks at the camera
  14. This is a great thread. I am looking forward to getting back into fishing in the next few years.
  15. Just received dose 2. No issues this time after the first one put me in a daze for 28 hours. Looking forward to wearing a mask just to piss people off.
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