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  1. No one expects the Incarnate Inquisition!
  2. Okay, so if ESPN is right, USF turns around and plays Nevada again on the sixth?
  3. Another way to look at it...foul count. Rebs shoot four FT, 'Bama 19. Doesn't necessarily win it for you, but it made a large difference. Edit: To expand on this, I don't mean UNLV got hosed,just that a young team needs to defend better and go to the hoop more aggressively.
  4. If Cordeiro's head is on right and you give him time? He will hurt you.
  5. The New Mexico Lobos say, "Hold my cerveza".
  6. As a joke, I was going to post "Let's see how Nevada is going to screw this up" just before the timeout. Just as a joke, 'Pack! C'mon man!
  7. Ummm, Spaz...there are no other FBS games today. The only other one scheduled was Rammies vs. the Birds and we all know what happened there. If Utags had lived up to hype, that wouldn't have been a horrible TV game.
  8. ph, serious question. I'm actually kind of intrigued by the "scrumptious bunny" schtick. Where'd you come up with it?
  9. Boise plus 7 and the over. Broncs should be healthier this week.
  10. Not to be a BYU-homer or anything, but a BYU-MWC matchup is far more likely than Washington being available to play.
  11. Mug I certainly don't have any insight into this, but I'd think that it's aimed at the civilian population. They don't have any organized method of tracking and testing like college and pros.
  12. LM59 you can't be that far gone....sarcasm!
  13. That's us, the Typhoid Mary of college football
  14. jdw

    N F L

    That would be your Lobo alumnus Jason Sanders on the 50-yarder for the Dolphin win.
  15. jdw

    N F L

    Okay, how's this buried three pages back when Wyo Poster Boy really is having a good game against a team with a pulse? Edit: Okay, let me revise and extend my remarks. Josh is having a monster game, but Seattle is epically bad today.
  16. This ain't Bob Davie's Lobos.
  17. 49 at sea-level. I'll take it.
  18. Nathaniel Jones, true freshman out of St' John's Bosco...Lobo recruiting/
  19. Nah Robe, not good...yet. Improving though.
  20. Center thought it was offside and snapped it (as you're supposed to). Problem is Lobos were back. Cordero thinks free play and launches....
  21. Legit call. When I saw it live thought it was a pass, but nope,
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