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  1. This year should tell the tale. Year One was overachievement by any standard and Year Two got nuked when Jaquan went down and there wasn't a PG to step up. This season, plenty of parts, even after culling the currently oversigned roster. On the OP: Who's in school September 1?
  2. It is good for a chuckle, but he averaged half-a-mil a year so I don't think he's complaining too much. Beats the heck out of grinding in a cubicle.
  3. Even more embarrassing if Sparty-Lite wins. Remember, this is Oregon State.
  4. jdw

    Noodles !!!

    <looks left and right> whispers, "Nevada!"
  5. jdw

    Noodles !!!

    You know, it's funny, But Craig really is a hell of an assistant. He and Steve have pretty good chemistry. People will scream "Nepotism", but Kory's good people and has always been more of a student of the game.
  6. I had forgotten, Sean, thought he was WAC-only, but the MWC formed in July '99, in time for his senior season.
  7. His sophmore year, for reasons only known to Craig Neal, Mathis only played 64 minutes, 23 in the second semester. UNM probably made the argument that those few minutes and his academic progress were grounds for granting him the redshirt season he never got. Given that football players can now play four full games and still redshirt, it's not as crazy as it sounds. Remember, at the end of the day the NCAA can waiver pretty much anything it wants to. I'm just amazed that a G5-school player got this one....
  8. That might be a game where team ball matters. Stay close and close out late.
  9. Nice set up for the Hamburglers (Texas Tech).
  10. Meanwhile, across the world, channels are changed, websites are loaded and pencils are prepared. That and lots o' alcohol.
  11. As a Lobo fan, I always hope for UNLV to be good, too much history between our programs in the good old days. That said, don't throw too much shade at Marvin. He did what he was hired to do: put out the dumpster fire and recruit a credible product to puit on the floor. He did that, but that was his ceiling. Time for someone else to take the next step.
  12. Didn't cling hard enough...
  13. Oh, just wait, ECA, it gets worse. Bob Davie wants to add a bit more passing and modify the triple (whick people were crying for). Does so and then the cries begin, "We're passing too much!". I'm being a bit facetious, UNM is having a problem finding a decent, consistent QB, but the phenomenon is real.