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  1. jdw

    Air Force at SJSU

    Didn't cling hard enough...
  2. jdw

    SDSU going to the spread

    Oh, just wait, ECA, it gets worse. Bob Davie wants to add a bit more passing and modify the triple (whick people were crying for). Does so and then the cries begin, "We're passing too much!". I'm being a bit facetious, UNM is having a problem finding a decent, consistent QB, but the phenomenon is real.
  3. jdw

    TyranosaurusFlex Adds Mugtang for 2020

    Heh, I meant for Pres/Vice Prez. All that nationwide coverage...it's genius!
  4. Call BS on that, Cherry. UNM, in fact most of the G5 teams in the West, pretty consistently have done bodybag games since TV money got stupid.
  5. jdw

    TyranosaurusFlex Adds Mugtang for 2020

    It's the announcement event for Mugtang/Tyrannosaurus 2020.
  6. jdw

    Game Thread: Alabama vs Clemson

    I'm just freaking fascinated with Skycam. No replays, but no commentary as well..... http://www.espn.com/watch/player?id=17423c56-0446-4f2a-9fa8-2352b6dce3c0
  7. jdw

    #6 Nevada at New Mexico

    Lobos literally changed their base offense and defense over Christmas to fit the team better.....
  8. jdw

    New Mexico at Air Force

    Eh, I'll take it, especially given they've apparently changed their offense and defense over Christmas. Still pressuring in the back court to cut into the shot clock, but then dropping back into a 2-3 zone. On offense, doing everything they can to get the ball inside to Bragg. That's where the majority of turnovers came from, bad entries. Props to Bragg though, he didn't score a lot, but played with four fouls for what seemed like forever and was effective on D.
  9. jdw

    Fire Dutcher!!

    Aggies lost by three to Kansas in Phogg Allen, you're going to be 'dogs, but a loss won't make you putrid.
  10. jdw

    Fire Dutcher!!

    Don't ask me to explain the Cowboys I've got problems of my own....
  11. jdw

    Fire Dutcher!!

    If you're going to be bad in the MWC this is probably the year, unfortunately.
  12. One of the truisms of life is that kids want to get away from home. If a kid gets a comparable offer from another school that is somewhere different and nice, you're probably going to lose them, nothing wrong with that.
  13. jdw

    Nevada vs South Dakota State

    Mug, I don't watch a lot of 'Pack hoops. Is the three shooting normal?
  14. That's not a bad game...
  15. jdw

    OFFICIAL 2018 Turd of the Week of the Year

    Ummmm, SGF, Liberty destroyed ODU, not the other way around....granted, it was a horrible loss, but just saying.....