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  1. He's had a good preseason, focus is strong.....
  2. Okay, I can see the connection then. A lot of this UNM staff worked at ASU for Herm last year.
  3. Recruiting staff is young and hungry and actually pretty creative. Nice job so far but it's a long way to signing day.
  4. ph, I'm not going to do your research for you. You would do well to Google a bit before you start pulling factoids like the above out of your nether regions.
  5. Welcome to the new normal. Half your roster is going to end up being transfers because half your freshmen are going to transfer. Free Agency at it's best (or worst).
  6. Carolina PG transferring to UNM. Question is, will his knees hold up? Worthwhile gamble. https://www.abqjournal.com/1453228/former-unc-tar-heel-announces-transfer-to-lobos.html
  7. The reason I brought it up is that the "Bos have a pay game at USC. That's minus a mil if it doesn't happen.
  8. Question, and this isn't a troll: Is the Newsom administration going to be willing to allow large gatherings (football games) in the Fall?
  9. Jeff, you linked to Igglephans? Are you trying to win next year's Derby? (Note: I love Igg's for it's chaos).
  10. If this plays out, it's going to be fascinating to watch. There's been a lot of talking about how this will "kill the g5 because the P5 will pick us clean". Will they? If the rule is passed, every D1 athlete is a free agent. Absolute F****** chaos. Personally, I'm not a want to see the world burn guy, but could be fun.
  11. It gives "open floor plan" an entirely new meaning. (In truth, I think that's ProView Productions In Albuquerque)
  12. Starts about 44 minutes into the file. Don't hate me, Mug!
  13. https://nypost.com/2020/04/06/saquan-singleton-joining-new-mexico-from-hutchinson-cc/ Helps.