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  1. That's not a bad game...
  2. jdw

    OFFICIAL 2018 Turd of the Week of the Year

    Ummmm, SGF, Liberty destroyed ODU, not the other way around....granted, it was a horrible loss, but just saying.....
  3. If he were to tell the truth, it would sound something like, "We're not happy with the performance of Coach Bobo and his staff. Unfortunately, there simply are not resources available to buy them out and start over. Oh, and by the way, we have this rather large-ish debt service on our beautiful stadium..."
  4. jdw

    Turd of The Week- The Final!

    Gosh, Warbow, I must have missed all those points the Rainbows scored on all those yards....especially after halftime.....
  5. jdw

    Turd of The Week- The Final!

    SDSU. Best kicker in D1 misses a chip shot in regulation and then the coaching staff gets cute in OT. The Aztec defense hadn't been all that bad all night, you're at home and you go for two? Then throw a fade to the back of the end zone when your run game has been effective? I'm a Rocky fan from way back, but WTH?
  6. jdw

    Hawaii at San Diego State

    Kick the extra point, make them beat your defense.
  7. jdw

    Nevada at UNLV - Battle for the Fremont Cannon

    That's a W for the Rebs on that drive.
  8. jdw

    Nevada at UNLV - Battle for the Fremont Cannon

    Mug, you forgot to put rum in Jobu's shot glass, didn't you?
  9. jdw

    BSU vs USU Game Thread.

    Gamecast on ESPN is a little vague. What the hell just happened?
  10. jdw

    BSU vs USU Game Thread.

    Problem is, that giant "Click" you're about to hear is all those Clemson fans turning off the video. BSPN wants to hang onto them for just onnnnne more set of commercials.
  11. jdw

    BSU vs USU Game Thread.

    Well, Game of the Year. Will it live up to the hype?
  12. jdw

    UTEP at UNM

    Vast difference in first vs. second-half stats. Don't like the slow start at all, but do like the fight they put up in the second. From that point of view, good learning experience. Need a good defensive PG though...
  13. jdw

    Turd of the week candidates

    USU. So much riding on the line, and to not go into Fort Fun with intensity is almost criminal.
  14. jdw

    USU at CSU and stadium feed

    I love watching games on TV when it's snowing
  15. jdw

    Fire Bob Davie!

    Write the check and we will