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  1. My life, as I know it....
  2. Stunner, nice troll, four pages! Serious answer is, while yes, UNM is the flagship school as a Tier-1 research establishment, politically, the Ags and the Lobos are nearly even in-state. In a state that is dependent on federal spending, oil and gas and ag. The latter two have good years and bad years. The current governor is doing everything she can to damage the oil and gas cash cow, soooooo I won't be expecting education at any level in NM to be getting more funding soon. To be fair, the Leg spends what it can and already funds UNM Athletics quite a bit more than NMSU. The difference, which makes UNM a mid-MWC player is in fundraising; people are actually, given the economic conditions, pretty generous. Drop football? Not yet, but pay attention. I think we'll overperform a bit this year, the schedule is in our favor, but next year it's brutal. We'll see.
  3. The Association is a player-driven league. I can't blame Kawhi or Paul for taking what they wanted, the system makes it inevitable. Now, does the NBA occasionally look more like the WWE than basketball? At the end of the day it's a business competing for dollar dollar bills. Whatever works.
  4. Dodgers. Three days, three walk-offs, three different rookies. The Superior Lifestyle not helping the Rocks today.
  5. Context? If she's the only competitor that had mention made of her weight I'd be okay with a little problem about that. Seriously bothered? Nah.
  6. I am by no means a Mike Locksley fan, but damn. His son Meiko is murdered and two years later Kai goes full idiot. No parent deserves that. The Miner players need to stage an "intervention" with the foolish one.
  7. jdw


    As far as I know, legal as long as the student-athlete meets the requirements. All he would be doing is becoming a walk-on and they are not barred from academic schollys. Remember, there are few, if any, academic scholarships that provide the benefits of a full-ride.
  8. Uninformed question, but wouldn't the tax burden be brutal as well?
  9. jdw


    Remembering that he wasn't supposed to get another season at all, I'm ambivalent. Always hate to lose a shooter, but glad to know the defense will be better. That's not a criticism; you have to keep a 40-ish % shooter on the floor, but it came at a cost. Bo's still two over the limit, but the active rumor is one player will accept an academic scholly to help.
  10. This year should tell the tale. Year One was overachievement by any standard and Year Two got nuked when Jaquan went down and there wasn't a PG to step up. This season, plenty of parts, even after culling the currently oversigned roster. On the OP: Who's in school September 1?
  11. It is good for a chuckle, but he averaged half-a-mil a year so I don't think he's complaining too much. Beats the heck out of grinding in a cubicle.
  12. Even more embarrassing if Sparty-Lite wins. Remember, this is Oregon State.
  13. jdw

    Noodles !!!

    <looks left and right> whispers, "Nevada!"
  14. jdw

    Noodles !!!

    You know, it's funny, But Craig really is a hell of an assistant. He and Steve have pretty good chemistry. People will scream "Nepotism", but Kory's good people and has always been more of a student of the game.
  15. I had forgotten, Sean, thought he was WAC-only, but the MWC formed in July '99, in time for his senior season.