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  1. jdw


    Why'd you let Wendle bat? I'm okay with it, but... ...and then Adames?. Thank you very much!
  2. jdw


    Okaaaaaaayyyy...in the 8th I let the bottom of the Ray order try to hit 99+...and I have someone ready for Diaz.
  3. jdw


    I'd have let him pitch to Margot. May makes me nervous, but he does bring the heat.
  4. Without the Lobos, this week I'm a Boise fan. Bring it, haters!
  5. Indi and Wake Forest. As the inimitable Bob Davie once said, "I love foobaw!"
  6. "...One thread to rule them all, and in their man-caves bind them," Apologies to the ladies of the board, but the line works too well.
  7. jdw


    Nevermind, go to the pen and think about bringing Kershaw back for Game 4 on three days rest.
  8. jdw


    78 pitches, let him throw the 7th then Urias.
  9. You guys need to chill on the BYU hate. Devote your energy and hatred where it really belongs...Fort Fun!
  10. Better, of course that's almost a given. Coach says every position except punter is up for grabs and I don't think that's too much of an exaggeration. O-line will be solid, but QB and running back is an issue. Last year's starting QB Brandt Hughes (lost first game with a shoulder injury) has reinjured his shoulder and is done. That leaves us with Tevaka Tuioti and Trae Hall. Tuioti has the tools but can't stay on the field due to injuries. Hall is a RS-SO that got a bit of action last year and looked decent. Running-back by committee for now, will probably be okay. Defense is
  11. Lobos begin hitting tomorrow. https://www.abqjournal.com/1504072/unm-football-team-cleared-for-full-contact.html
  12. Lobos might be a bit ( a bit) better than 11, maybe squeeze into that 7-10 range of Spaz's. Defense will be better with Rocky and Danny on the sidelines. Offense without injuries might be a surprise, need to find a running back. Offensive line is competitive. I think the thing for everyone is prep. Gov is making noises that if UNM and the MWC can provide a reasonable testing regimen, she'll have her Public Health Officer relax restrictions. So far, very few teams outside of the top of the list seem to have knocked the rust off even after a few games. How's the MWC do starting in late Octo
  13. Offensively they look pretty solid. I do want to see their D stop somebody with a pulse.
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