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  1. CSU. Boise's problems might be fixable to a degree.
  2. AF Fresno Boise UNLV Sparty SDSU Wyo UNM Utag Nevada CSU Hawaii Problem is, aside from Air Force, this list is really liquid from week to week. Not a good year.
  3. In the postgame, Coach said he told the OC "It ain't good enough". Little unusual; Danny generally doesn't throw people under the bus, but he's not wrong. Granted it's LSU, but there were times in the first half on third and shorts where the playcalling was...interesting. I don't care who you are, you aren't beating SEC DB's and 'backers to the corner wide.
  4. OC in love with the appendicies of the playbook. Sometimes you just need to keep it simple.
  5. Y'all are going to win, but nothing is ever easy in Logan.
  6. A new contender arises, Hawaii down to NMSU by 25 at half. Edit: Trolling aside, Jerry Kill is doing a nice job in Cruces.
  7. Sho, I expect you meant "on their way" but this is just perfection.
  8. Look at your schedule, though. AF and BYU could suck, but you get Aztecs and 'Dawgs at home (likely without Haener). Competence on O would help a lot.
  9. I didn't think there was any way that kid was getting in. Nice effort.
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