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  1. ACU does have a pulse, 3-point loss at Drexel, 4 points to Pepperdine, but you guys need to be on cruise control by the second half.
  2. You know...there are places one can go that one should not. Extend Bobo!
  3. Right now, with Boise's injuries, it's still Cincy>BSU. If you get healthy and win out, it's a much more viable argument. You have USU, AF and possibly SDSU left. Cincy has Temple, Memphis and their CC left. BSU has more brownie points left on the table, have to be perfect though.
  4. qwel, I'm talking four years to the NCAA's with visible progress each year. Given how bad you are right now, that isn't unreasonable. This year is a write-off. Year Two your best players may well be freshmen. Year Three they're sophomores. You're expecting second week of the Tournament with underclassmen?
  5. UNLV's first task is simply being competitive in conference. He can do that in a year or two. Year four will be key though, he's going to have to make some noise. One other consideration: with the new meta of transfers, a team's outlook can change greatly quickly. Is Coach flexible enough to take advantage of that?
  6. I'll make it worse for you...Cincy is tied with USF at 17 mid-4th.
  7. That's the frustration for Lobo fans. This team shows flashes of competence all the time then lose discipline and blow up. That's on coaching.
  8. Ok, Mugs, remembering I'm the guy on the other side of the field, but WTH were those last playcalls?
  9. It's still the Dolphins, though...
  10. jdw

    BSU @ BYU

    Semi-serious question: Why was Romney a walk-on? Not a terrific arm, but gets the job done and has good presence.
  11. OK, pay close attention, I don't say this often: Go Kansas!
  12. jdw


    Ah, watercolors...my day is complete.
  13. Vandy over Mizzou, that's why you play the games....
  14. I really hope you have a LOT of rum and cigars.