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  1. jdw

    MLB Playoffs

    If the Dodgers don't score two in the seventh, Kershaw probably comes back out. He'd already thrown 98 pitches, probably a bit left in the tank, but if you trust your bullpen, why? As it turns out Baez throws 17, the rest 15.
  2. jdw

    Air Force at UNLV

    2-26. Fairchild won six times as many games
  3. jdw

    Air Force at UNLV

    Sorry, the "Former UNM Football Coach Who Shall Not Be Named" is already in the clubhouse, far ahead of the field....
  4. jdw

    BYU vs USU. That was an outrage!!!

    Agree, Android, you are playing well. That said, the BYU of yesteryear might have been beaten, but never blown out. Sitake might be the problem, but it's more likely independence and it's effect on recruiting.
  5. jdw

    MWC Early / Updated Lines...week 7

    "Good Lobos" cover . "Bad Lobos"? KCS offers up a Heisman-candidacy type day.
  6. jdw

    BYU vs USU. That was an outrage!!!

    Y'all do realize this was a fishing expedition from the first post, using the tried-and-true "Rebel Robert" brand of argumentation? Stunner, Robert does it better....
  7. Geoff Grammer‏ Remember in 2020 the Mountain West Tournament will be played one week earlier on the college hoops calendar (it won't finish the weekend of Selection Sunday) because it didn't want to compete w/ other tourneys and the CONEXPO convention that shot prices through the roof last time Geoff Grammer added, Jon RothsteinVerified account @JonRothstein Sources: The Mountain West is planning on playing conference games during the first week of December during the 2019-20 season. 9:09 PM - 7 Oct 2018
  8. jdw

    OT: Gameday Thread Week 5

    I honestly don't think so.
  9. jdw

    OT: Gameday Thread Week 5

    That's as close to guaranteed as you're going to get.
  10. jdw

    OT: Gameday Thread Week 5

    ODU whips WeeVee Liberty kills ODU Liberty at UNM today. Lobos nervous...not.
  11. jdw

    OT: Gameday Thread Week 5

    The Hamburglers have to outscore you, there's no "D" in "Lubbock".
  12. jdw

    Memphis vs Tulane

    Hmmm, make that "Very angry giant wave heads". I wasn't expecting this...
  13. jdw

    Memphis vs Tulane

    That is a phrase worthy of praise. Well crafted!
  14. jdw

    JOSH ALLEN - Lighting up the Vikings 17-0

    Hey! It was the New Mexico punter who kept them in the game! (Yes, I'm joking, though Bojorquez did have a nice game).
  15. jdw

    Opening Lines for Upcoming Weekend

    Coach Davie said on the radio this morning that Tuioti was cleared. That 6 is too low.