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  1. What's with people wanting to keep top secret stuff in their houses/private servers? I wouldn't want that shit. Who knows who might coming looking for it (besides, of course, the FBI)?
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    Wordle 420 6/6 Framed #155 https://framed.wtf
  3. I expect a "new war on domestic terror" will go as well as any "war on" whatever that the government has initiated over the last 50 years.
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    Wordle 418 4/6 Framed #153 https://framed.wtf Of course I didn't get that movie.
  5. The prosecution is not required to present exculpatory evidence, or any evidence that helps you. Save it for your own attorney.
  6. I'd plead the fifth as well, even if I did nothing wrong. You have a right to remain silent. If the government says you did something wrong then they've got to prove it in court. You don't have to help them.
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    Wordle 417 3/6 Framed #152 https://framed.wtf
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