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  1. Meh You could say that about any team that wins close. Of course it was an escape. I'm more concerned about the Broncos defense than I am about Greene.
  2. All I'm saying is if the Aztecs want to just tackle the Broncos' wide receivers before they get the ball, they should just go ahead. The refs ain't calling shit. lol
  3. Ball control in Boise Vs. North Dakota (both teams)
  4. Wow. That's a ringing endorsement of the 16th Amendment if I've ever heard one. Maybe we should reconsider that one, if we're looking at the 2nd Amendment and others.
  5. So, the poors will continue to get targeted unfairly under a compassionate Democratic administration. Because they're easy targets. Because they can't afford a tax preparer. Because they're not well-connected. No big whoop. Let's give the IRS even more money to target some more of those dastardly poors.
  6. The ACLU has it right. When gun laws are expanded, the ones who pay the price by increased arrests are normally minorities, and most of them are not doing anything other than trying to protect themselves. The left complains about police brutality, knows that police target minorities more than whites, but then you give them another whole section of crimes to +++++ with people of color. It makes no sense to me.
  7. Hope springs eternal in the human breast... I am more cynical.
  8. What a depressing game. Missed tackles, poor decisions by Green
  9. Yes but those are fringe, even though they are the ones that should be more credible. Instead we fixate on "grays."
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