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  1. Trump drove the GOP off a cliff. The party will be trying to distance itself from him for years and years to come.
  2. You're assuming everyone wants to live in multi-family housing. Most apartment dwellers aspire to own their own little plot of land. Developers key in on this and build these little plots of land. That's the market at work. You're saying that this is immoral. For the good of the People, we should tell people to sacrifice their dreams and just live in a 10 story building.
  3. It's their damn property. Like I said, I'm fine with zoning changes that don't take effect until after the owner sells, or a nonconforming use.
  4. It comes down to the planning portion of planning and zoning. We elect representatives to plan a zone map. If we don't like the zone map produced we should elect other representatives, or at the very least be active in planning and zoning meetings (which no one is).
  5. Against single family zoning in principle altogether? Why not let the people decide? It's their land.
  6. I'm fine with zoning changes as long as they allow nonconforming use (grandfather clause) that expires with a change of ownership. Even as I identify as a Libertarian, I recognize that zoning is important because your rights should end when they infringe on the rights of others. Also, places with no zoning have areas where there's trailers mixed with farmland, mixed with apartments and single-family dwellings. It hurts property values and therefore infringes on someone's rights when someone sets up a hog farm next to your home. I am not OK with telling people they can no longer own single
  7. Those guys were Republicans, by the way.
  8. I align about 90 percent with Libertarians. I have issues with some of their "all or nothing" platforms regarding regulations. However, a platform is an ideal. Having Libertarians in government (or even as President) wouldn't mean that all of a sudden the Fed is destroyed, K-Mart is selling meth over the counter, and people are pouring over the borders into the country. Having Libertarians in government would provide a counter-balance to the Republican-Democrat hegemony, which has led to the free-fall we've seen toward more government, more spending, more laws and less freedom. I don
  9. I wouldn't put much stock in this. There's geographical areas where people are upwards of 80 percent supporting one political party. Those geographical areas can number in the millions or the thousands, and in any case the members of that 80 percent can look very different from each other. I would place this in the area of stereotyping. Some stereotypes have a basis in fact (like most Republicans are white), but it is not a good way to describe any group of people with precision.
  10. So sorry to hear that, man. Stay strong and I know you'll come through it OK.
  11. Johnson and Johnson showing promise with their single dose vaccine. I wonder if their live virus method will hurt acceptance. After all that's how the zombie apocalypse happens, right? https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/01/13/health/johnson-coronavirus-vaccine-early-trials/index.html
  12. Obviously you'd want to keep being vigilant about a possible voyeur. But more likely, it's a prank/sick individual who has no idea where you live and has too much time on his hands. It's likely a one-time thing. I hope it doesn't continue, but if it does I'd contact the cell phone service provider. They should be able to track the number and block it, I'd think, and if you don't get anywhere with them, then contact the police.
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