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  1. Well, in fairness it looks like they're both reading a teleprompter. It must have been emasculating for Mr. Kimmel, but sometimes you sleep in the bed you make.
  2. It's a loser's flag. I live in the south and I hate seeing that flag.
  3. There's also union people against increased immigration. It hurts their bargaining position, especially in right to work states, where you can just hire someone willing to work for less. There's also the legal immigrants who feel like they've worked hard at citizenship, and don't want people to sneak in and simply get it because they're there. But you're mostly right. Those same people (on both sides of the aisle) won't even discuss Social Security reform, even though it's desperately needed. Immigrants can help support Social Security. There will be a reckoning within the next two d
  4. It's plain to see we need more immigrants, with the U.S. birthrate now hovering around breaking even. Why not take those who want to come and work? Even if they are sending money home, they're still paying sales tax and in a lot of cases Social Security.
  5. I'd hate to be a nominee. The Democrat media will dig deep into the closet of whomever is picked, and then find anything to sensationalize.
  6. Why does this happen? Because being a victim is appealing to the point where people will pretend to be victims. I believe that people have two selfish motivations, to be special or to be a victim. Nobody wants to be average. It's not just these people, either. All those on the right who act like their dog's been kicked every time someone kneels during a national anthem are in the same boat.
  7. It's not just this. Everything the partisans do is OK for me and not for thee (nuclear option, debate rules, veto, etc). And then with a switch of administrations, we see people adopting the opposite principle. I hope others can see through this bullshit two-party charade.
  8. Not surprising to see McConnell saying they must fill the position immediately, while Obama now saying the appointment should wait until the election. Hypocrites, all of them. What is politically expedient is more important than any principle.
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