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  1. Our institutions are fallible and the 2nd Amendment is needed.
  2. A total of 23 million people entered the Visa Diversity Lottery in 2018. That's crazy. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Diversity-Visa/DVStatistics/DV AES statistics by FSC 2016-2018.pdf About 50,000 per year are admitted. I think that number should be doubled.
  3. Boomers aren't retiring the way other generations have. A lot of them are sticking it out in the workforce until they die/can no longer work (I think like 20%), because they haven't saved enough. Edit: Here's a link. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/07/19/retirement-social-security-baby-boomers-generation-x-to-go-broke/39689685/
  4. How much does a loaf of bread cost in Costa Rica? Monthly expenses, like power/housing/groceries?
  5. Speaking of Trump supporters: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/u-m-student-kathy-zhu-stripped-of-miss-michigan-world-america-title/ar-AAEzLOO?ocid=spartanntp And she's Asian. This was a weird story to read.
  6. Oh. Well they should just raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Problem solved. I kid.
  7. How is the CEO being vocal in an individual employee's place of business, by donating to a political group?
  8. I don't understand this post. First, how could that even arguably create a hostile work environment? If you're an attorney you should know there are specific parameters of what a hostile work environment is, legally. Second, how does supporting a traditional marriage make a gay person's life hell? Why does supporting one lifestyle "make" another person suffer? I'm of the opinion of live and let live. If someone wants to donate to support gay marriage, that doesn't make anyone's life hell, either.
  9. In this thread: "We’re talking about saving our +++++ing species." or "The planet we'll be fine. It's us who is +++++ed if we don't act. "
  10. Also I have a larger issue with the conclusion that global warming will somehow make the Earth uninhabitable for humans. I don't believe that for a second.
  11. I don't disagree that the melting of the tundra is adding methane. My problem is the correlation/causal relationship between carbon dioxide and global warming. I think there's many factors that go into the chaotic system that is our global climate which we can't completely comprehend. Pointing to one input and its correlation with warming, and then saying this is definitively the cause is where I have an issue. I do believe carbon dioxide contributes to the warming.
  12. https://www.yaleclimateconnections.org/2018/11/isotopes-point-to-the-culprit-behind-climate-change/
  13. I was not disagreeing with that at all. I was disagreeing with "hundreds of thousands of years of human history." Another point that could be made in favor of man-made global warming, that hasn't been made in this thread, is the ratio of carbon isotopes in our atmosphere that only come from burning fossil fuels as opposed to natural sources like volcanoes.