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  1. No, I know, man. Protests against business closures spawn heroic nurse counter protests, because protests are dangerous. Unless it's for racial justice. Then the protests are perfectly safe.
  2. I think its premature to say this is a harbinger. I think most schools are planning to go forward until the very moment (if and when) they are told they can't. There's too much money, too much pride, and too much desire to compete. Ivy League has its historic rivalries and not much else. They don't need the TV money because they're already rich and the athletes are there for their degrees as a priority.
  3. What will you say if they reach capacity within two weeks? What would you say if people start dying because of lack of access to healthcare, due to this capacity being taken up?
  4. Three weeks later: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-texas-hospitals-capacity-surge-cases/ FEAR PORN!
  5. Penn State @Desert Wolf then @Joe from WY
  6. I think secretly Dems hope Biden dies in office and his woman VP inherits the presidency. He's off his rocker and seems lost. Maybe they'll have Hill-Dog fire up the suicide machine.
  7. What is this "harm reduction"? Biden won't do anything better except raise taxes and make Liberals feel good about themselves. Do you really think Biden will fix anything? He is just as bad as Trump except he is blue instead of red. For +++++s sake he sniffs children and nibbles on fingers. He's gross.
  8. I see. I was looking at white, not counting Hispanic.
  9. 1 is false. The majority of school funding comes from the state. 2 is false. School vouchers are popular in lower income communities. https://fee.org/articles/the-strongest-support-for-school-vouchers-comes-from-lower-income-families/ 3 is false. There is no positive correlation between spending per pupil and educational outcome. Also, I'd be willing to pay more money if there's more accountability and increased competition. As of right now, it's spending good money after bad.
  10. A lot of folks talk about funding for education, but there's no accountability. I think vouchers are the answer. Make public schools compete for the money and I believe we'll see a difference. Right now, it's public education raising taxes to raise teachers' incomes so they don't leave for the neighboring district who's raising taxes to raise teachers' incomes. It's a race to the top, and yet education quality has stagnated. Yes I understand that teachers are underpaid. Then again, number one they knew they'd be underpaid when they were going for the degree, and number two, in many of these areas teachers are still paid higher than the average income level, and with benefits, and with pensions. Public education is broken. It's a prime example of how socialism dis-incentivizes innovation. So I'm not all about just forking over more money into a broken system with no accountability or competition. That's just my thoughts on education. The drug war absolutely has to end. It disproportionately targets people of color. It broke the nuclear family structure that some harp on. I would encourage investment through business incubation centers. Lower-rent facilities where entrepreneurs can launch their business. I would find corporate sponsors to fund its creation and let them take the PR gain from success stories.