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  1. The U.S. military is not made of robots, my dude. Are intellectuals from Columbia University enlisting?
  2. "Because people would rise up in defense of our government in such measure that it would take a nuclear weapon to overthrow this government that everyone is so satisfied with." That's the canned answer for you.
  3. I guess "Mission Accomplished" on his end, right? So stupid. He needs to walk this back.
  4. This is stupid. Universities will always be bastions of liberal/progressive thought. Diversity in philosophy is not higher learning's interest, and hasn't been since probably 1960. If you're a conservative/libertarian you just have to suffer through their propaganda, play along for good grades, and be true to yourself underneath. No I'm not kidding.
  5. If we're thinking of this in "4-D chess" perspective, is Biden doing this to purposefully inflame right wing extremists in order to enact further restrictions on political opponents? It kind of fits a playbook, being as it was so unwarranted and inflammatory out of nowhere.
  6. If Joe Biden was a smart man, which he isn't, he would acknowledge that tyranny was and continues to be a threat to our system of government and way of life. The "blood of patriots" quote was from Thomas Jefferson, of course, who lived through a revolution and whose philosophies framed our Constitution as a bulwark against the same tyranny.
  7. The President of the United States just threatened the very same type of people that went to Washington, D.C. and mounted a nearly successful insurrection (according to dramatic reenactments). Why do this? It is not warranted. I hope Biden's controllers get him to issue a clarification pretty quickly.
  8. Why would nukes be needed to overthrow the U.S. government?
  9. For the record, the Viet Cong needed neither F-15s nor nuclear weapons to defeat the U.S. military. All they had to do was make the losses unacceptable. Democrats, and Democrat presidents especially, have to stop this kind of militaristic rhetoric. Why sabre-rattle against your own armed populace?
  10. Joe Biden just admitted that he would use nuclear weapons on American citizens.
  11. It's the Parthenon in Nashville. Pretty rad.
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