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  1. Yeah that was me. I think we need more people. The ratio of worker to Social Security beneficiary has shrunk considerably, as has our birth rate.
  2. I don't know if I would talk using poor grammar and punctuation.
  3. I agree it's great when a government does nothing, except the government keeps requesting larger and larger budgets to do nothing. Government needs to shrink, not become an increasing part of our everyday lives the way both progressives and social conservatives want.
  4. So it's a library book. At first glance I thought it was assigned, and thought she had a point, but if it's just a library book really it's no big deal. There are worse things to read than sexual content. At least sexual content can describe a mutually loving experience, while gratuitous violence is nothing of that sort and yet I'd bet any school library contains tons of violent books.
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