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  1. I don't really have the energy to deal with the leftist bullshit from this board. I point out hypocrisy and now I'm a republican. OK. Yeah you're right. The leftist denial of the legitimacy of the presidency under republicans was not significant or damaging LOL +++++ this and +++++ you
  2. Nice try. You can voluntarily opt out of a corporation. Try that with the government.
  3. The lack of awareness is amazing. Remember how George W. Bush "stole" the election via the Supreme Court? Remember how Trump "colluded" with Russia to "steal" the election? It's both parties that are doing this. Phuck the RNC, but here's a link: https://gop.com/research/over-150-examples-of-democrats-denying-election-results-rsr/
  4. Me and the missus were talking just the other day about the controversy over Cleopatra being cast as black. We wondered why no Hollywood creative has taken up a saga based in Nubia, which has a rich black history, and even conquered Egypt, ruling it for 100 years. There's so much raw historical material that could be made into great, new stories, of diverse backgrounds, but instead the easier thing to do is make Cleopatra black.
  5. Representation is fine. I'm fine with it and I enjoy watching shows with gay and other minority groups in shows. I just don't like when representation is done ham-handed, like a show is just trying to check a diversity box. I'd prefer it if a creator developed a gay or person of color character from the ground up rather than recasting a role as a POC or LGBT, but then again Hollywood ran out of creative ideas 20 years ago.
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