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  1. The kids are anchors. I thought that was obvious.
  2. The cause is that they have to sneak. People coming into this country seeking work shouldn't have to sneak in, when so many businesses and farms are looking for workers.
  3. No, it was in Idaho Falls 2006. It was crazy that they came to the Civic Auditorium.
  4. Saw him in concert with Bone Thugs N Harmony and Tech N9ne. It was hype as +++++. RIP DMX
  5. Neat-o. That monkey's got Pong skills for sure.
  6. After the vaccine yesterday, I woke up with sweat dripping down my head and slight chills. Today I feel a bit sore in my arm, and am a little tired, but that's it. So the second shot reaction wasn't as big of a deal as I was worried about.
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