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  1. The reaction from Democrats in Washington to the Post article is hilariously stupid. They say that Biden is "sharp" basically telling the nation to disbelieve their own eyes. Biden and Trump both should step away for the good of the country.
  2. An influx of federal pandemic money is why. Their surplus was borrowed and added to the national debt to be paid for by future generations.
  3. https://monthlyreview.org/2023/11/01/actual-u-s-military-spending-reached-1-53-trillion-in-2022-more-than-twice-acknowledged-level-new-estimates-based-on-u-s-national-accounts/
  4. Warheads in what condition? If I were a Russian I'd be worried the nuke would explode on the launching pad.
  5. Fear of Russia is absurd. Its economy is literally the same size as Canada, hardly a juggernaut. As an example, Russia's entire economy in 2022 was $2.2 trillion. U.S. spending on just defense on that same year was $1.5 trillion.
  6. 5,000 tickets available for Boise fans. It'll be a hot ticket, I think. Looking at this year's Northern Illinois @ ND game prices, it looks like the average ticket runs around $100-$200. *Edit- The Louisville @ ND prices are $300 plus each with just a few left. Yikes. Maybe Boise prices will be somewhere between Louisville and Northern Illinois?
  7. I will agree that it does help millions of immigrants every year, and that the U.S. has the highest immigrant population in the world. It's a great thing. To use the cliche', our diversity is our strength. Yet, I believe that immigration could be doubled. There are many jobs left unfilled. We have a big shortfall in many skilled and unskilled positions. We also need to increase the contributions if Social Security is going to remain solvent. As-is, the immigration population is contributing like 99% of the population growth in this country, as our birth-rate is barely above the replacement. As global birth rate falls, having a large population would be in our interest, to help take care of the elderly, and to continue economic growth. https://publicintegrity.org/inequality-poverty-opportunity/immigration/new-data-shows-why-the-u-s-needs-more-immigrants/
  8. Constitutions normally don't grant rights. They protect against infringement of rights. In actuality you are born with all possible rights, including the right to vote, but your government can deny that right (hopefully through due process of law) or affirm that right.
  9. This won't do anything but increase illegal crossings. What this country needs is immigration reform, but that won't come because Congress doesn't want to solve problems—unless it absolutely can't be avoided—because it's hard to campaign on an issue that's resolved. People who hate on so-called "illegals" and say they are for "legal" immigration don't understand just how hard it is to legally emigrate to the U.S. Our immigration system sucks and doesn't help anyone.
  10. People are enamored with victimhood. Conservatives will cry about a supposed "war on Christianity" and "respect for the flag" but at the same time act in opposition to Christ's teachings, and then mutilate the flag with the "thin blue line" bullshit. Progressives do the same thing. They continually expand what is offensive or unjust to them because it makes them feel indignant, yet they will turn a blind eye to offenses given or injustice if it doesn't fit their narrative.
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