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  1. So they filed a complaint in civil court but it's not a lawsuit? What?
  2. It would probably be ready by then. https://www.eastidahonews.com/2020/01/construction-on-the-mountain-america-center-could-begin-in-march/
  3. I agree with this to an extent. It appears that Boise might not have standing. However, the allegation is breach of contract, so if one party breaks a contract wouldn't there be liability regardless?
  4. Wouldn't the MWC have to deny the $1.8 million first before Boise can claim to be an injured party and therefore have standing to bring the case? I don't think it's clear the conference has done that, from my skimming of the suit. It looks to me like there was a vote as to how the conference should proceed over the next six years.
  5. Chiefs are due a Super Bowl win. So I'm pulling for them.
  6. Southern food is overrated (except Cajun). Give me Tex-Mex, anything Mexican over Southern food. I realized last week that most of my at-home lunch food is Mexican. The restaurant here I go to most is Mexican. Tonight for dinner I had taquitos. LOL
  7. I moved from Idaho to Kentucky and everyone here has not eaten chili without noodles. It is strange.
  8. So workers are doing better under Trump than Obama but not as good as the year 2000. From your article. And all this crap about Wall Street doing well is actually good news for everyone that has investments, including most people's retirement plans. The only people who aren't winning with Wall Street are those who have put nothing away in any investment. I don't know what to say about those people except they better start.
  9. Boise doesn't think it has leverage. It had leverage and has leverage.
  10. I think it was a manufacturing error. Or somebody in the assembly line thought it was funny.
  11. CV147

    The Royals

    I think without the royal family, the average Brit would be incredibly bored. The royals and soccer are all they have, and soccer is boring enough.
  12. I've been following NOAA's CPC forecasts for the last seven years. They have far and away the most accurate long-term forecasts, based on actual results. I eagerly await their winter forecast every October. Farmer's Almanac and Old Farmer's Almanac, among other companies, can't hold a candle to the accuracy of NOAA. Also, it seems to me that the older you get the more likely you are to believe the world is warming. Just ask anyone who is 80 years old or older what the winters were like back when they were kids. They'll almost unanimously tell you about snow drifts up to their roofs and horrible blizzards. It seems like our "bad" winters now are more like what was a normal winter for those elderly folks.
  13. I don't see collusion the world's scientists to blame for any adjustment. It wouldn't make sense for places like Russia to go along with a NOAA plot. They believe in global warming, but Putin is skeptical of manmade causes. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jan/05/russia-announces-plan-to-use-the-advantages-of-climate-change Plus there's all sorts of shit now being found in the melting permafrost in Russia. It seems to me that the further you go north, the more believe in global warming, which makes sense as those most affected by the warming are in the normally cooler regions of the earth. For instance, Alaska had record heat in the spring of 2019. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/record-breaking-heat-alaska-wreaks-havoc-communities-and-ecosystems-180972317/ Here in the continental U.S. arctic air can be displaced and move downward due to an influx of warmer air into the polar oscillation, which creates instability. The downward plunging arctic air (polar vortex) skews monthly averages and makes it seem like it's a normal, or even cooler than normal winter for the northern hemisphere. But that is experienced in only half of the hemisphere, from 0 degrees to around 49 degrees latitude. This is why a global view is more rational than just looking at your weather forecast. Take for instance this three month forecast for the U.S., which was generated Jan. 16. You see that things look pretty normal for the contiguous 48, but then look at Alaska.