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  1. I think Air Force will get a football-only invite and probably accept. They've been expressing their displeasure with this conference over the last month.
  2. Grizzly bears are +++++ing scary. If you ever camp in or near grizzly country, the risk is never far from your mind. A few grizzly maulings or killings would certainly make Yosemite a more exciting place to visit, I guess.
  3. I haven't heard. I know Harsin doesn't discuss injuries unless they're season-ending. I'm guessing he might still be dealing with a sore hip? Ribs? Menses? I don't know.
  4. After Wyo. misses the kick in overtime: Boise trying to run an offense without Bachmeier:
  5. Yeah, I went 2-6 last week. Feels bad, man.
  6. I agree. The only problem is that there's still a lot of Republicans that would have no problem legislating their religious beliefs into law. It makes it tough for a liberty-minded Republican to win a primary.
  7. The thing that is most disturbing is that with the veteran leadership on the O-Line, they can't seem to keep the quarterback's jersey clean. I'd like the coaches to look at what's going on, particularly on the right side.
  8. I hope Boise is ready to make a statement. With Chambers down there's blood in the water, and if Boise wants to move up the polls they've got to play a complete, dominant game. We'll see.
  9. This stuff always makes news for about two weeks and then goes away after everyone gets used to the time shift. I'm fine with the status quo. I appreciate the later sunsets in the spring/summer, and like the "extra" hour of sleep in the fall/winter.
  10. BYU fans after beating both Boise and Utah State:
  11. San Jose fans watch Love put up over 400 yards passing, but the Spartans still lose: Air Force stopping Army:
  12. CV147

    Rank ‘Em

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  13. He +++++ing looked like Peyton Manning out there for half the game, throwing perfect, back-shoulder passes to covered receivers.