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  1. NevadaFan

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    What is happening! Is that real?
  2. NevadaFan


    I’m not sure why this was posted as I’m too lazy to read but I think the USF comparison with Vegas is a poor one because USF found incredible success after it’s national titles for many years and did it with multiple coaches into the early 80s. And USF has a weird “U of Houston” element because some of the legends who played there are locals that went virtually unrecruited much like players on the Phi Slamma Jamma teams. I also think if Nevada and SDSU can have success than Vegas can (obviously). IMO it boils down to one variable: a coach. Vegas had that with Tark and kept him because of the circumstances I beat to death — and because he was a perfect fit for that city. All the bullchit about spending more money/time on this and that is a smokescreen for coaches who can’t win.
  3. NevadaFan

    Nevada @ 7 in latest AP Poll

    I was just looking at the parallels between SDSU and Nevada in college basketball reference. Pretty interesting... SDSU has been ranked in the AP at some point a total of five seasons, and this will be Nevada’s fifth season ranked as well. SDSU has finished the season ranked in the AP poll three times and it looks like this will be Nevada’s third time — barring a collapse. And the highest that website shows SDSU being ranked is 4th and Nevada was 5th a couple of weeks ago.
  4. NevadaFan

    Nevada @ 7 in latest AP Poll

    Does anyone else see Boise State on that list? That’s weird.
  5. NevadaFan


    More qwelish logic.
  6. NevadaFan


    You’re trying to start a debate about who is the better coach between Marvin and Muss based on a single game? Qwelish logic knows no bounds! 😂
  7. NevadaFan

    Preston Williams... One and Done.

    Pervis Wilkinson
  8. NevadaFan

    Tedford Finalist for National COY Award

    Well deserved.
  9. NevadaFan

    Critiquing The Worst College Football Stadiums

    I went to Logan once in the early 90s for a game as a college student. The Poe-Poe made us dump our beer out in the parking lot. Never made it into the stadium. Awesome!
  10. NevadaFan

    Menzies Isn’t Afraid of Scheduling Big

    I’d like to see the scheduling agreements for those events. I’d bet they’re heavily subsidized by the casinos and espn/tv. I agree that’s a huge advantage Vegas has over most programs as an “event” destination.
  11. NevadaFan

    Menzies Isn’t Afraid of Scheduling Big

    If I remember correctly. Plus he couldn’t get his hair gel to activate in that heat.
  12. NevadaFan

    Critiquing The Worst College Football Stadiums

    Mackay’s never going to be confused with CSUs new stadium. But the setting is cool, and it’s on campus. The tailgating used to be freegin awesome until new buildings got in the way. It does its job. It seats 20k fans and serves beer.
  13. NevadaFan

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Here's the breakdown for Vegas. Nevada sales tax for car rentals is 8.1%. Plus an airport concession recovery fee of 10%. Plus a Clark County rental tax of 2%. Plus a state government surcharge of 10% Plus a consumer facility fee of $3.75 per day.
  14. NevadaFan

    Menzies Isn’t Afraid of Scheduling Big

    Well... You’ve sold me! Marvin for president!