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  1. No, “global warming by ass... it’s snowing in Texas” comments?!? Low hanging fruit.
  2. You’d have to ask an actual climate scientist. I suspect it’s because you don’t know the difference between climate and weather... but that’s just me.
  3. Smart. Understands the facts but plays his base like a banjo. 😂
  4. Science can put a rover on Mars that sends back all kinds of data but tell a climate denier that the overwhelmingly majority of scientists in the world believe global warming is man caused and well, Trump republicans come out en masse.
  5. Of course there is. I just hope Florida is underwater before they figure out OANN and Newsmax probably isn’t the best place to turn for actual news.
  6. I’m less worried about Russians than thousands of hick fundamentalists who think that their deep state stupidity is a license to overthrow our government.
  7. How about that pillow guy? He seems like a ‘Merican conservative the OANN/Newsmax/Fox News Trump crowd would support?
  8. This is why I thought Trump’s border wall was more symbolic than sensical and he knew it. On that point, who cares if someone stays longer? Make it easy to self report and pay $$ and stay a bit longer. I did agree with Trump’s take that you commit a crime if you’re here on a visa and it’s hard for you to stay in the US. I think all people should be afforded due process but at the same time if you commit a serious crime you’re gonzo.
  9. Nevada takes 3/4 games from cal poly. Nevada’s schedule is stacked this season.
  10. Rush and Kaepernick mishmash. USA Today
  11. The article I mention didn’t have a single quote from a Nevada AD or any coaching staff — it was on Nevada Sports Net. Who knows how the logistics of all of this works? Why would Nevada cancel a home series against any team in conference especially after it soundly beat Vegas and Boise at home?
  12. Nevada is ready to play and has practiced since Thursday if I correctly understood Murray’s article. Not sure how COVID impacted Nevada, but it’s playing well at Lawlor. Hope this happens.
  13. So does this mean Idahoan’s on both sides of the aisle are for green projects in their state? That’s a pretty expensive project.
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