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  1. Seriously?! One of the most vocal and divisive posters on the MWCBoard — who spent much of the last few years throwing smack with brutal opinions on EVERYTHING and uses words like “clownraped” — gets upset over that?! Is this the messageboard version of Punked? MEOW! With that, I am stepping away from the MWCBoard! Until next Monday. Gone skiing!
  2. Are trump folk turning soft? Are the leading trump humpers retreating? Are the faux Mormons not being fake anymore?! What is happening?!
  3. How many more positions outside the “standard” appointments will Biden have to fill since Trump filled them with only people that agree with him and nationalism? Several hundred?
  4. Actually no, I don’t know. I think the media is biased but I certainly don’t think it’s fake. I implicitly trust peer reviewed content from universities and science. So I’m curious... Where do people who don’t look for information.
  5. Oh chit. This is backwards day. 😂😂😂
  6. Listen snowflake. People who live in Dick Lick, Idaho have no clue what it means to be black or to live in a city like Portland, either. So it works both ways. Trump was into non-stop bashing of city folk as the problem. I’m advocating that Biden treat the hillbilly just like trump treated the city folk! And yes. I’m fing around. It’s fun to act like a douche on this board.
  7. Serious question. Not directed at you but in general. How can a Trump supporter look up information? Universities lie, science isn’t real. What source is considered not fake?
  8. Party of the working man! That’s why the pennies he threw at the “working man”, his signature tax cut, sunset and don’t for those who actually make money? Why are small town folk so stupid?
  9. Yeah. Can hardly wait for Biden’s line of MAGA hats.
  10. Bingo! And what rights have we been stripped of? Don’t feed me the guns and religion load of chit.
  11. +++++ chumps from small town America. They think someone is out to take their guns and have for the last 40 years when no one gives two chits about guns and small towns. They think fossil fuels and coal is the future! They think closing the best universities in the world is the answer. They think manufacturing is coming back when work ethic in small town America has turned to chit. I’d bet a full 1/3 of these workers are on workers comp! They can’t comprehend that capitalism at its best sheds the stupid worker and replaces it with a machine. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about the st
  12. Why should we suddenly worry about empathy?
  13. Are you taking lessons on logic from convert?
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