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  1. They do death counts during flu season. Especially in those areas hit hardest. And the flu is estimated to kill roughly 35k per year in the US. Couple 35k with the roughly 100k that will die from Covid in the next four months and we’re looking at about 350k deaths this year from flu.
  2. 😂😂😂 https://apple.news/AZywVqEKkQNCOjlTIh_yYsw
  3. Watching Back to the Future? Pegging our 501s? Listening to Run DMC? Waiting for Tark to commit another recruiting violation?
  4. I read his blog. I have all the info I need.
  5. Hey. Give credit where it’s due. He’s not 40, which is a milestone for a Vegas student body president.
  6. Touché. Our baby Hitler made an ass of himself at one rally. Wheras yours is a gift that keeps on giving!
  7. Oh Vegas is just lucky it didn’t lose its student body president over this decision! I wonder if Joshua knows what butt hurt means? If I’m looking at the same CV as everyone else, one quick control-F finds Mr. Sandoval has no experience in the educational sector at all, let alone experience at the university,” UNLV student body President Joshua Padilla said. “So, if you need someone to look at a CVs and then build a qualified team below them that's going to do the actual meeting of a university, I would like to throw my hat in the bin because I think I can do that. The last time I che
  8. A Nevada kid leading our university. Ironically I think he’ll be the first??
  9. RebelConvert talking recruiting rankings. Well there’s a shocker.
  10. There’s an entire dog and pony show paid for by the military before every NFL game. Army and Navy were stacked in the 40s as a recruiting tool for the war. Segregated schools became more progressive when they realized they needed black players to win games. There are dozens of other examples. Politics have been intertwined with college sports for as long as they’ve been played. Answer me this. Where are blacks without entertainment and sports? They are underrepresented in most every meaningful profession in this country but the whites want them to remain quiet in the one segment of our so
  11. This thread was written 4 years ago when the NFL was going to go broke because Kap kneeled. And it didn’t age well.
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