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  1. That’s foolish if you ask me. He should at least entertain offers to get a serious bump in pay and a long contract. He starts losing and fans are going to have very short memories even there.
  2. But seriously, WAC-off football is pretty good. Nice throw.
  3. Nevada was 13/23. Meeks and Milling were 6/9. But in other news they weren’t highly recruited. 😂
  4. Did I just see Sani-huts behind bleachers in that shot? I had no idea the Taj Mahal of college football would stoop so low!
  5. Fing Kustra! Or however you spell that clowns name!
  6. Hmmm. While this is a stupid law... and it is stupid — there have been stupid laws written in this country for generations. Much more punitive and cruel than this.
  7. This team is just fun to watch. Share the ball and shoot the chit out of the 3.
  8. He wasn’t going to replace Polian. He was a finalist to replace Polian along with Andy Ludwig. I’ve read that Arroyo was also in the mix. He wasn’t offered the Cal OC gig until weeks after he didn’t get the Nevada job. It could be argued that’s a better job I guess but then again getting a HC position is hard as hell.
  9. It’s too early to say IMO. I’m surprised at how low USU is in these metrics but it’s only early December.
  10. You have way too much time vested in Star Wars.
  11. You’re walking a fine line here Convert. I’d bet the vast majority of people who MWCBoard “pop-diagnosis” you every time they read one of your posts. 😳
  12. They don’t have that kind of cash. They are spending like a drunk sailer in an attempt to prove what?