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  1. Nevada RPI Moves Up to #9

    Isn’t it calculated differently these days?
  2. Rember the days of UNLV, SDSU, and UNM?

    No it was built for basketball. Other than an occasional concert or grad ceremony that’s all it’s used for. That brings up an interesting point though. I thought the end of Taco Bell was off with the huge tunnel taking up seating. Viejas always looks too dark to me. On tv it reminds me of Coors at Colorado. And finally the Pit which is one of the best venues in basketball but never seems that rowdy on TV? Which i know it is... to each their own I guess.
  3. Rember the days of UNLV, SDSU, and UNM?

    “Before Nevada could get there.” Ah yes. No way Nevada could have competed against the Cal State Bus League. Oh wait, it basically leveled that conference in football when it did join. Fresno was the only team worth a crap and it was already gone. Nevada did well in baseball and fine in basketball in that conference as well. The Big Sky was better than the Big West in football from top to bottom.
  4. Hey Boise...

    Not long after Wyoming changed its mascot.
  5. Nevada @ Boise State

    I thought so too. But the camera angle is chitty. That’s why I want to see video.
  6. Nevada @ Boise State

    Is there video of Caleb posterizing Hutchison out there yet? I want to see if it’s Burton-dunk-montage worthy.
  7. Hey Boise...

    I thought he played awesome.
  8. Hey Boise...

    WTF do YOU know about class?
  9. Nevada @ Boise State

    I’m sure Boise didn’t think twice when beating the chit out of Nevada in football. I think they’ll survive. The concern is noted.
  10. Bittersweet victory tonight, emphasis on bitter

    I’ll wait a few days before crying. Premature sobbing when Caleb went down.
  11. Nevada @ Boise State

    Boise owned the glass. Nevada wasn’t great on FT line. Felt like it was Boise’s game to lose. Caleb is the difference.
  12. Hey Boise...

    It’s a troll trifecta. The best and brightest are out in force.
  13. Nevada @ Boise State

    Caleb is an f’ing man. That dunk was nasty.
  14. Hey Boise...

    Two of the classiest posters on the board monitoring.... class! Ohhhh the irony of it all! 😂