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  1. My OG post was in jest you bugger-eating moron!? It happens to be the 100th anniversary of the Suffrage movement and I thought it was interesting. It’s no ones fault that YOU lack emotional intelligence and have no ability to put posts into context ... BUT YOUR OWN!
  2. Oh. I’m not responding for him per se. I’m just pointing out my own opinion on the situation...
  3. Many dems like the poor numbers. It validates their disdain. It’s called politics.
  4. Wait? Unemployment numbers are fake!? Signed, Trumptard
  5. Hey Convert, how about you read? Some of the suffrage protests were violent. So YES, people did go violent on women. I posted it because it’s ironic. No one on this board thinks twice about women’s voting rights. Not that long ago, it was a movement. People act like demonstrations in this county are new when clearly they are not. When I say some aspects of the country are broken, you say I’m unpatriotic and hate America. America is a better place because women were unpatriotic 100 years ago. And why didn’t I “back my boy up?“ What the f does that even mean? You’re saying the guy who supports civil rights is on the wrong side side of history? You don’t like him because he scares you. Clearly you feel compelled to “support” the racist diatribe that Trumptard spews every time he tweets? Is that why you’re constantly making a fool of yourself on this board? I hate to break it to you Convert, Kap doesn’t need my support. You unwittingly support his cause every time you open your ignorant mouth.
  6. Maybe this Nevada boy/McQueen grad can help save Boise State Baseball? Fingers crossed. https://twitter.com/WillHallKTVB/status/1280293365163200519?s=20
  7. Interested to know how many on this board would have been boxing women in the streets over their right to vote? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.history.com/.amp/news/7-things-you-might-not-know-about-the-womens-suffrage-movement
  8. History is pretty interesting. Here in the US we might forget the civil war less we idolize men responsible for the deaths of slaves and 10s of thousands of innocent soldiers mired in a war inspired by treasonous racists. In Germany, they have done everything they can to wipe out nazi symbolism. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/world/article29557972.html
  9. Acting like an idiot on social media is not a good idea. Why is this breaking news for some?
  10. Economic conditions fluctuate for the uneducated. Some might be in good shape one month and screwed the next. I sense you think there’s a huge demand for millions of unskilled workers of color to pull up stakes and find a new home easily? It’s hard to pull up stakes and find housing if you have money. I’m too lazy to read this thread but that seems really simple.
  11. I’d bet 85 percent of people in the US don’t have $5k in savings. Period. This thread is so bizarre to me. I know more than a few families who haven’t relocated because they are tied to the places in which they live. Hell, I can’t understand why someone would spend $3,500 on an apartment in Cal when they could own a damn mansion in most other states in the west coast for that money. But they do. Thousands, and thousands of them.
  12. Reno trivia: Number of casinos on Virginia Street in what used to be the heart of gaming here? The number is 2. The Row (cheating as it’s really 3 but marketed as 1) and owned by the most powerful casino company in the world, and Cal Neva. The number of casinos in Reno/Sparks: sands, peppermill, nugget, Atlantis, the row, GSR.. and cal neva. That’s it, other than a few small locals casinos. Downtown is so weird right now. Developers are tearing down everything — which was needed. Downtown has been a mess for so long and it’s in super weird transition.