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  1. It’s the best on the planet because its been a priority since WW2 and because it spends way more than any other country. By a huge margin. The boogeyman is coming to get us as you know. But you can’t argue this point. Because if you do your anti-military. It’s like defund the police. Maybe the dumbest slogan ever. But look at what every city in this country spends a chunk of its budget on. Hint: It’s not parks and recreation.
  2. Another article on the same subject; https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.yahoo.com/amphtml/gen-milley-critical-race-theory-white-rage-gaetz-hearing-195835890.html I’m not even sure what woke means? There’s a different definitions for it depending on the context.
  3. Nevada’s September games are typically 7pm and then the October and later games 1 or 3pm. So, I’m not sure this is any different than it was regularly scheduled to be???
  4. Says you, Libtard!! I was so angry, I had my truck lifted, mounted 7 flags on the hitch of varying interest (2Q, 2 Trump, 2 US, 1 Don’t Tread on Me - of course!) strapped myself with every gun I own, grew a beard and an enormous beer belly, and drove to carson city where I stood in the plaza and stared at people passing by and made jokes about Bidum in a marvelous display of FREEEDOOMMMM!
  5. No one wants to be the face of that stupidity other than Trump, who wears it like a glove?
  6. Nice looking bike!? What brand is that? XC / 27.5 / 140mm fork? but with downhill pedals? Do you ride super technical climbs??
  7. You’re probably right. Blacks and Hispanics don’t want to bother with things like having enough discretionary income to join something like this. It’s all a huge misunderstanding.
  8. And 75 percent of Canada is already vaccinated. Apparently they can read up there. Who knew?
  9. 22ks for MSU pitching staff. And they only won 2-1.
  10. Go listen to Rush. Then you’ll understand.. in between his name calling, I think that’s his argument.
  11. This is your point? “You have it all wrong . The Romney , MCCain , Boehner , Paul Ryan types caved and folded at every opportunity they could like a cheap lawn chair at a weight watchers meeting.” Your the one using Rush to defend your position. I simply said that those people were leaders in the GOP before it went sideways under Trump. And the reason that you don’t like then isn’t because these guys vote against conservative legislation it’s because Trump told you they’re bad and his boy Rush simply parroted that position. If Trump doesn’t like someone, than you can’t like them either.
  12. Then why are you telling me to listen to his shows?! Could Rush he feeding you fact or his version of it?
  13. Tell me all about the legislation that Rush wrote and the good he did for this country. Rush was an entertainer. Not a politician. Not a journalist. It’s amazing to me that people don’t understand this?
  14. This take is everything that is wrong with politics on both sides of the aisle. Without compromise you don’t have democracy.
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