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  1. Material? This is me making fun of you for going off the rails you crazy bastard!! 😂😂
  2. I agree. How you treat the sportswriters should carry zero weight but obviously it does. Bonds always had a chip over how his father was treated. To this day he can’t let it go.
  3. Certain kinds of PEDs weren’t banned substances if I remember the logic so players used a loophole to justify their behavior.
  4. Did anyone watch the documentary on the 86 Mets? They did all different kinds of drugs. Check it out. There were some strange people on that club. Fun doc to watch.
  5. “Letting the ball get deep” is a relic of the past. Tatis has the best exit velo and it has NOTHING to do with muscle mass. That dude was born to play baseball just like Bonds.
  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fancy-stats/wp/2017/01/17/if-barry-bonds-ended-his-career-before-steroid-use-hed-be-a-clear-hall-of-famer/ Bonds numbers are unreal. If 100 represents a HOF caliber player Bonds rating is 340.
  7. I don’t claim to know what roids do for performance. I know they help people generate muscle mass more quickly. But in baseball teams are going to identify your weakness and exploit it. You can’t hit a fastball, you’re going to see fastballs. Can’t hit a curveball, you’re going to see a ton of them. The biggest, strongest players aren’t necessarily the best. And, it wasn’t a handful of players using them. It was a pretty good percentage. So there’s that.
  8. Do you know what an anecdote is? Jesus H. There’s a reason Bond won 7 MVPs. He’s not in because he’s a dick. And what about all of the baseball executives who turned a blind eye and are already IN the HOF? Bud Selig anyone.
  9. Nevada wins that game last year. This year? It’s just not smart or tough enough.
  10. Exactly. The recruiting process used to happen once, maybe twice in a career. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but the players who are surrounded by a good support system will be fine. And all of the rest won’t. This new system will chew them up.
  11. It’s all about the $$. It’s turned into a crazy industry were a coach can tell you exactly what you want to hear about your son, and then you transfer to chase a dream, losing all sight of why you’re college in the first place. Everything in the US has a price tag I guess.
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