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  1. https://themw.com/news/2019/10/15/utah-state-picked-to-win-2019-20-mountain-west-mens-basketball-regular-season.aspx
  2. What kind of person joins these organizations in the first place? You’d have to be a complete nerd without a damn friend on the planet to spend your time worrying about this chit at that age.
  3. But you are optimistic in your coaches ability based on this?
  4. It’s gimmicky... think blue turf. But still crap.
  5. I can’t pick against SDSU but Utah and Boise should be good. Nevada is a complete mystery but I cannot wait to see what this team looks like under Alford.
  6. Lehi. “Silicon Slopes” aka, Thanksgiving Point, aka most boring place on the planet.
  7. God awful Utah beer. I try to drink it in their airport. I can expense it and it still tastes like crap.
  8. I think this Utah team has a chance to actually win a big game outside of conference play... that’s all I got.
  9. The picture of the black hole was pretty impressive too. And no, I’m not talking about Dre’s mom!
  10. “No apparent consequence” for... people who aren’t identified ... and for some tagging that may or may not have already been in a staircase at the temp dorm. Where do I sign! This is in general why I think the Orangetard will win re-election.
  11. A Bronco is a horse that identifies as a donkey. It’s very confusing... but not that there’s anything wrong with that!
  12. Look! The Dave Rice whisperer is back!
  13. It’s not a hard concept. 😳