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  1. NevadaFan

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    I’ve read that Reagan is credited with being the toughest on guns. And ironically his legislation while gov of Cali — was in response to Black Panther protestors opening carrying.
  2. NevadaFan

    Petty, vindictive and authoritarian.

  3. NevadaFan

    Petty, vindictive and authoritarian.

    The postal service has been losing money for decades. While I think Trump’s a moron for calling out Amazon — it is a valid point. At what point does the US stop throwing good money after bad? I don’t have any clue as to that answer. I also would guess that if the post office were to go public it would impact his small town political base to the core because hundreds of subsidized post offices around the country would close and thousands would lose their jobs.
  4. That’s part of the issue. Like I said, I could care less about this but the No Little Girl message is an angle that’s pretty powerful as is the messaging from former prostitutes. And Hof opens his mouth wat too much.
  5. NevadaFan

    Coming water crisis

    He works for Gannett. That’s my point. Relax dude. Christ.
  6. NevadaFan

    Coming water crisis

    Sammy Roth writes about energy and water for The Desert Sun. He can be reached at sammy.roth@desertsun.com , (760) 778-4622and @Sammy_Roth .
  7. How many do you think are in SLC?
  8. https://www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/643279?keywords=wyoming-industries-strongest&year=2015&month=05&date=07&id=643279&aliaspath=%2FManage%2FArticles%2FTemplate-Features
  9. I’d bet a large percentage of the people working in Elko are from Wyoming/Montana.
  10. The bar has been lowered because the swamp has been drained?!?
  11. What’s your music jumping shark line? I can’t stand that rock is basically on its death bed. Is it me or does every single top 40 hip hop song sound like the other 39? I try to listen and not be that old Dad. I suck at it but I try.
  12. “But Hof, fed up he says with high taxes and big government, is running for the state Assembly from a southern Nevada district. The anti-brothel campaign, he says, is an attempt by the establishment to keep him out of the legislature. "I'm a rebel. I'm the guy that's going to fight with them. We're not going to raise taxes. We're going to repeal the Commerce tax that these RINOs (Republicans in name only) put through. I'm not a part of the team." "He's not our target," insists Guinasso. "Our target is really the industry and the harm that it's been doing to women, but he's really helped us put a face on the problem and that's a circumstance of his making, not ours.” - - - I’m a rebel! LOL IMO. Hof wants people to think of him as a do-gooder that’s generating millions of tax dollars for the county. Problem is, he’s always been thought of as a greasy businessman, used car salesmen pimp who people sorta accepted because it is a legal business. Now, women are coming out saying “I was forced to ‘perform’ for this guy, he didn’t pay, he’s my boss.” Also, the “No Little Girl” ads resonate with women. I honestly don’t care one way or the other, but if I lived there I would vote to get rid of them simply because they don’t need them. More Cali folk means more problems for the way it was mindset.