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  1. All it’s going to take to roll through this chitty conference! Signed, SDSU Easy Vegas and Utard fans... it was a joke! I’ll bash a Murray article in another thread so you can feel better about your teams!
  2. He was hired April 12. It’s been exactly one week since he was hired. Lots to decide in such a short window.
  3. https://m.sfgate.com/local/article/paddle-boarder-missing-poplar-beach-search-rescue-13779353.php
  4. Play road games and get exposed. That’s the problem.
  5. “Thomas decided it was a better situation for him.” It was a better situation.. especially since Muss told his dad to start looking. 😂
  6. That coach has NO balls. That’s why they are always on the bubble.
  7. No. He’d go to a starting 5 meeting and there would be hundreds of boosters who actually care about the program. Not go to an event that’s burying Vegas sports and act like people give two chits.
  8. Drive who away? The remaining 3k Vegas fans who give a chit? Just admit you don’t like Alford because like Muss he won MWC titles. while Vegas was talking about 1992, its great recruits and “amazing” facilities. You literally have had an opinion about every step in this process for a reason. Alford wouldn’t mean jack chit if he didn’t. And you think Whataburger is your man than awesome. I think the guy was gifted a really good player in a shitty league. And in true Vegas fashion your AD f’ed up the hire and overpaid him. I’m surprised there’s not more whining about the BOR just because. But who cares what I think? I don’t see the need to follow you vegas turds around thinking I’m going to change your mind offering the same dogchit opinion over, and over, and over. We’ll see how this turns out soon enough. Opinions and arseholes...
  9. People hate winners. They don’t have an opinion about average.
  10. How about you google flagship and start from there. Jesus I didn’t make up the definition. Just because Vegas is bigger doesn’t mean jack chit.
  11. Or your imagination is running wild on a message board.
  12. That’s not a slight. That’s a fact. Bastard offspring can sit in the corner.
  13. It was 70? I must have missed it. I’m freegin sick of snow. And I’m never sick of snow.