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  1. If she fails, it’s the regent’s fault!
  2. This is what lawyers do when they want to collect dirt on a coach to fire them for cause to get out of a fat contract…
  3. I think it gives the coaches an out. And he should miss at least two games.
  4. You don’t need amazing facilities to attract recruits. You just need money. Back to the future.
  5. And he’s gonna make Indiana pay for it! **Cue banjo music.
  6. Aka, the Mormon hoedown!
  7. As far as Norvel is concerned he’d be a fool to not take the money and run. I liked him. But that’s how it works. $$$ makes our world go round.
  8. Hey. We do look the same. Dashing. Not like you Boise uglies. :) Sherfield is talented. The guy showed ZERO ability to lead. I think he’ll be a good player at OU because he’ll be one of the guys. Not THE guy.
  9. I once fought with La Tech fans about Paul Milsap’s ability to shoot the ball in the NBA on the old WAC board…. That didn’t turn out so well for me. Roddy reminds me of a more athletic version of him.
  10. Dementia = replying to the same post twice cause you’re flustered?
  11. Maybe he could take up answering posts with memes?
  12. That kid’s a gamer. I think both could find a home in the nba.
  13. And people wonder why this board has generally turned into dogshit?!
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