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  1. You get no water from the north. Utah and ranchers squashed that plan.
  2. Yes. Such a vast collection of conferences in the west to choose from. Even a Vegas fan can do this math.
  3. You think AFA can fly wherever, whenever for no $$? I don’t buy that.
  4. What is the point of adding schools from Texas? Why can’t people do simple math? This is a net loss for all schools MWC.
  5. Oh god. $15 per pop. And the beer selection doesn’t suck. My wife wasn’t pleased.
  6. Oakland is so dumb. This is the sports team they need to keep. Football is a pain in the ass, played on Sunday, etc. But 81 games per year is an amazing thing for a downtown if done right. See China Basin in SF, see Lodo in Denver. This would be huge for Vegas… assuming Vegas puts it in downtown and not some dirt lot in Hendo or a back lot at a casino.
  7. Hockey ticket prices are obscene. I couldn’t afford them when I lived in Denver and the Avs were winning Stanley cups.
  8. The Giants have been just the opposite. Very fan friendly this year. I’ve been to three games this season at Oracle — and one spring training game in Scottsdale. Ironically, the three games I’ve been to at Oracle were the best tickets I’ve ever had and the price was amazing (for Giants tickets in SF anyway). And the game in Scottsdale was the most I’ve ever paid for a baseball game ticket, period. And I lived in Denver in the 90s and used to go to games all the time. We spent over $200 per ticket in AZ because of covid for a preseason game!
  9. I thought Vegas’ basketball tradition is cheating? Who knew.
  10. Well Vegas has that going for it! It’s hard for fires to start on miles of parking lots.
  11. Nice. I watched pieces of the game but in SF this weekend and missed most of it.
  12. Did Dom Peterson play? I thought he was an NFL-level talent two years ago and now I’m not sure he’s even playing?
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