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  1. Norvell the ACE

    He announced at the Poly Bowl. I don’t really follow recruiting but saw a tweet from a local sports guy.
  2. Norvell the ACE

    Taua to Nevada. Good week for Pack.
  3. Getting Close

    Now this is a quality post. Why no love for it?!? 😂
  4. Boise State @ Nevada

    Fair enough. Pack is coming!
  5. Boise State @ Nevada

    I’m pretty sure Nevada fans do too. It’s those colored glasses and all.
  6. Boise State @ Nevada

    Great game. Two evenly matched teams throwing blows. The game in Boise should be electric. Btw, I thought nevada would shred that 2-3 zone. Boise rebounds out of it great.
  7. Boise State @ Nevada

    8. But they called 3. 😬
  8. New Mexico at UNLV

    No it did. It’s fact. IF is the key word in your argument.
  9. New Mexico at UNLV

    That was me. That approach is dying.
  10. New Mexico at UNLV

    You say lots of chit that rarely makes sense. Rice’s approach left Vegas in ruins. There are no guarantees.
  11. New Mexico at UNLV

    Muss comes in late signs HS players Oliver and Drew. Both potential 4 year starters. Next class signs Ramsey and Hall. Ramsey highly recruited but doesn’t pan, and Hall is a solid role player. Nevada loses Oliver to draft. He has verbals for two bigs next year and had it not lost Wooten to Oregon than that’s another solid four year player. The Pack on the radar of two great HS players to close out this recruiting cycle. Point being, he has been very selective with his HS recruiting only because his evaluation of transfers has been money. Hell, even the ones who leave here like Leland King are solid. Vegas’ largely HS roster took a huge hit because of various issues and attrition to draft. These days, chit happens. I like that Muss plays to win every game, gives two chits about his bench, and is overly competitive. The results speak for themselves. And I like Rice. He’s done a nice job at Boise. But he was lucky too. If he loses Hutchison to the draft this is all moot. Hell, it also lost a starting PG to Cal for no good reason other than that’s how it works these days. IMO at this level just win. I’ll take two MWC titles in Muss’ three seasons. Chances are slim Nevada will retain him for many more seasons or even after this one. Would I trade a bunch of solid seasons for two MWC titles and NCAA appearances? No. That’s how it works these days. Only a handful of programs are safe. Just win now because there are no guarantees anymore. It’s all about the $$$.
  12. Slugging Rats in the Sewer

    Bastard child!
  13. Northern Nevada Schools

    Why would the north break up a great 10 team setup to fix the south? This entire week as been about the south shuffling the chairs on the Gorman titanic. Northern Schools were given one option. Join the 5A as a block or don’t. It didn’t come to fruition so there’s no vote. I’d prefer the north do this; add Lassen and Bishop which as been discussed for years. Great 12 team league. When Hug goes bye-bye in a few years it will be replaced by Wildcreek HS and one of the two major weak links gets the support it needs to be successful.
  14. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Notice how you Vegas fans get personal when you don’t like an opinion?