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  1. teappotts

    Boise St basketball is doo doo.

    Yep. Weak recruiting is really starting to catch up and we still have little athleticism. Add in lazy defense and piss poor free throw shooting and you get the steamy turd we all now see.
  2. teappotts

    2018-19 Coaching Carousel

    I thought our WR's were very good considering how many injuries there were. I'm not sure he's OC or HC material but he's very good with the wide receivers.
  3. teappotts

    2018-19 Coaching Carousel

    Other than Avalos this is out best assistant coach. I hope we don't lose him.
  4. teappotts

    Boise #22 Fresno #25

    I'm stoked!! I wish both teams were healthier but it is the end of the season and attrition really starts to take it's toll.
  5. teappotts

    Wells or Harsin off to Colorado?

    I never said I wanted Harsin fired. That's just silly. I wouldn't be upset at all if someone hired him away though, his teams are sloppy and lack discipline. He is however an excellent recruiter.
  6. teappotts

    Wells or Harsin off to Colorado?

    I know this really splits Boise St. fans down the middle but I'm really hoping this is the year someone hires him away. I know you should be careful what you wish for but I think we can do better.
  7. teappotts

    TONIGHT !!!!

    Does Boise St. shit the bed tonight as well? We'll see.
  8. teappotts

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    Harsin the recruiter is better than we've ever had. Harsin the coach? He's alright, but I wouldn't be hurt if he got poached eventually.
  9. teappotts

    OT: Bill Paxton

    I'm with you all the way. Chet was pretty awesome. His role in True Lies was great as well. RIP Bill.
  10. teappotts

    Boise @Nevada

    No doubt. How is this game not on something other than espn3?
  11. teappotts

    First place!

    Brick Duncan is single handily keeping every opponent in every game for Boise St. I'm amazed he's still shooting he's so cold.
  12. teappotts

    Super Bowl Thread

    This is what I'm trying to figure out as well. Why even pass in that situation? A field goal basically puts the game out of reach.
  13. teappotts

    4**** prospect Roberto Gittens

    That doesn't sound very encouraging at all.
  14. teappotts

    Fire Dave Rice

    I would love to sit in on the part about flagrant fouling away from the ball.Real nuts and bolts coaching.
  15. teappotts

    Fire Noodle

    How is Krebs the highest paid AD in the conference?