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  1. This is how I felt when Saint Pete left Boise St., I hate UW and him being there doesn't change that.
  2. Interesting, not bad but not incredible. I think the Memphis AD was thinking 10ish a year per school right? Nice raise though.
  3. No he shouldn't, but he shouldn't get an extension for twenty wins either. Rice is mediocre, if the three's are falling we have a chance, if they aren't we'll probably lose. That's been every season for awhile and he just kicked the best recruit from last year off the team. We are stagnant and only new blood will change that.
  4. This about sums up the end to the last three years at Boise St.
  5. Typical Boise St. basketball, getting worse as the season wears on. This year we were pretty terrible to begin with so March will be extra crappy this year. I'm about done with Rice and his staff at this point. You mix the end of the last two years with this whole season you get a steamy pile of shit. Recruiting is lame, we collapse in March, we're hardly ever athletic, and defense is meh pretty much every year as well. If you can't win games when they count(March) what's the point?
  6. Yep. Weak recruiting is really starting to catch up and we still have little athleticism. Add in lazy defense and piss poor free throw shooting and you get the steamy turd we all now see.
  7. I thought our WR's were very good considering how many injuries there were. I'm not sure he's OC or HC material but he's very good with the wide receivers.
  8. Other than Avalos this is out best assistant coach. I hope we don't lose him.
  9. I'm stoked!! I wish both teams were healthier but it is the end of the season and attrition really starts to take it's toll.
  10. I never said I wanted Harsin fired. That's just silly. I wouldn't be upset at all if someone hired him away though, his teams are sloppy and lack discipline. He is however an excellent recruiter.
  11. I know this really splits Boise St. fans down the middle but I'm really hoping this is the year someone hires him away. I know you should be careful what you wish for but I think we can do better.
  12. Harsin the recruiter is better than we've ever had. Harsin the coach? He's alright, but I wouldn't be hurt if he got poached eventually.
  13. I'm with you all the way. Chet was pretty awesome. His role in True Lies was great as well. RIP Bill.