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  1. I've never advocated for firing Harsin. He's an excellent recruiter an above average coach and he cares about this city and the program. However, he holds on to under performing assistants way too long. Riddle should have been let go a long time ago, and Bedell is straight up terrible. I'm not really sold on the OC either but how can we tell with the o-line just letting defenders by with little to no resistance. It starts up front and Wyoming straight up embarrassed the o-line Saturday night. I'll take Wyomings o-line over ours right now and it's not even close. They were physical and they got good push most of the game. We won despite our o-line not because, and they will probably lose us one more game at least before this season is over. They are a glaring weakness and they are not getting better as the season goes on.
  2. I don't care what our record is, the 0-line coach is a annual fail. He's awful and he needs to be replaced.
  3. Is it too much to demand a competent o-line coach or a less than abysmal punter? How about a right guard that actually blocks defenders?
  4. He's a swinging gate as far as I'm concerned.
  5. I just don't understand what they are seeing on tape to keep throwing the kid out there? Can the backup really be that much worse? I can't figure out how to add a video from the twitters but the link shows the futility of our right guard. This is happening multiple times every game. It's maddening. https://twitter.com/justinbkay/status/1193583160228864000
  6. The O-line coach is straight up garbage. How many whiffs by the right guard are we going to watch before he changes something? My complaint with Harsin is his refusal to remove(not just reassign) under performing assistant coaches. Riddle and Bedell are just awful, fire them and bring in some fresh new ideas from outside the program and outside Harsin's coaching circle.
  7. We aren't the second best team in the conference. Maybe fourth or fifth but not second.
  8. #FireHarsin is silly but I would love for someone to hire him away. He's good for two steamy piles every year at least.
  9. I'm not so sure the Mtn. West would tell BYU no. Sure there's baggage, but who in this conference doesn't have baggage?
  10. Was he looking for sympathy? It makes his staff look stupid and unprepared.
  11. This Nebraska - Uc game got good. Tie game.
  12. So women choose to wear the most uncomfortable shoes on earth and men are supposed to wear them as well to experience how much it sucks? I can see how stupid it is just by watching someone else wear them, I don't need to wear them myself to see the folly in the choice.
  13. If the plan is to stay at 11 you won't get a waiver. If an invite is extended to someone you will probably get the waiver for the season or two you are waiting for the 12th addition.
  14. Does Boise St. shit the bed tonight as well? We'll see.
  15. Harsin the recruiter is better than we've ever had. Harsin the coach? He's alright, but I wouldn't be hurt if he got poached eventually.