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  1. Then you might as well cancel the whole year athletically. No football $$$'s no athletic department.
  2. Telling a girl she's hot is sexual assault these days.
  3. I don't have much sympathy for these kids. Do the crime, do the time. I would also add all of the medical bills and lost wages from not being able work on as restitution. Selfish idiots.
  4. What a tragedy, my heart goes out to all the families affected. It's easy to focus on Kobe and his daughter and I get it, but there's a lot of pain right now in a lot of families. To many young people with bright futures died yesterday. To many husbands, wives, and sisters aren't coming home ever again. You all are in my thoughts.
  5. Going indy would be monumentally stupid. No access to NY6 and good luck getting MWC teams to play us. No thanks,
  6. Well this was a long time just to promote from within. I wonder if he struck out on a few other candidates before going back?
  7. July? No, before spring ball.
  8. Neither is losing to Boise St. We aren't very good this year either.
  9. The hatred of Liberty is purely political. If one school deserves to be kicked out of every association on earth it's Penn St.
  10. Espn crews never even talk about the game they are calling. All they talk about is the SEC or The Big Ten. I'm glad they went with Fox.
  11. 1. Fire the o-line coach and Riddle the TE coach. 2. Fire the S & C coach and bring in someone who will toughen up the lines. We got pushed around in the Vegas Bowl. QB play was bad but lets not kid ourselves, we got worked up front on both sides of the ball. 3. Get more aggressive on offense and defense. I saw a lot of zone coverage that Eason picked apart on third downs. 4. Quit talking about getting the TE's involved more and do it. 5. This can't be stressed enough, fire the o - line coach, he's terrible.
  12. I doubt it will matter but I'll be happy if I am. We aren't physical and we rely way too much on the three point shot. When we're hot we can beat anybody, when we aren't(which is far more likely) we can lose to anybody. I think the program is stagnating, but that's just what I see.
  13. Leon's shine has disappeared. He'll be good enough to not lose his job but not good enough to get hired away. Perpetually average.