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  1. Most G5 redshirt fresh aren’t even on the depth chart, at that stage. If they were Juniors, then your point makes sense.
  2. Where does it start and end? You must not be from So. Cal. I lived in Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona) and So. El Monte for ten years and I never heard anyone consider it LA anything. For us, LA was further west.
  3. “Greater LA”? What encompasses Greater LA? Are you including Rancho Cucamonga as Greater LA or does Greater LA start at Pomona? You could be referring to LA County, are you?
  4. Fresno State’s Mykal Walker will be playing on Sundays.
  5. You probably haven’t heard, but there is a new sheriff in the conference and we’re not giving up our badge anytime soon. 🥇
  6. We will be contenders soon enough. Four of our five 2019 HS recruits are nationally ranked in their weight classes. Two of them are ranked in the top 5 (#3 195lbs & #5 160lbs) and the other two are ranked #7 (157lbs) and #18 (132lbs) in their weight class. We also have a 2020 commit, who was ranked #7 nationally this year, at 113lbs. We’re on our way, and it helps having the top wrestling schools, in California, as your neighbors.
  7. Bryant got burnt a little too much for me to call him one of the best. Opponent speed was his worst enemy, but he was very good against slower receivers. JuJu was solid though. I think Free is still up in the air.
  8. Once again, Fresno and SDSU will be favored in the west. I personally favor the Aztecs slightly, because we play them in San Diego. I don’t think our D will take a step back, I think they’ll be just as good, but with a better pass rush. Our D-line will be much improved and I think two of three LBs will be better too. MLB will be a big drop, however I really believe that Walker and Mosby can be better than Bailey and Helmuth. The secondary will be the big question mark though.
  9. This wasn’t a choke. The better team won, however we played them tough.
  10. Menzies not the answer. You guys have too much talent to lose by 18.
  11. I’m pretty sure we’ll see you in the MWC game again. Where once again, the new kings of the conference won’t be denied.
  12. As long as Tedford is around, the Dogs will give Harsin nightmares.
  13. How many ranked teams will the AAC end up with?