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  1. No_dogs_down

    LSU Snaps UCF's 25 Game Winning Streak

    How many ranked teams will the AAC end up with?
  2. No_dogs_down

    Will Pack Go Undefeated?

    The lose will occur on 1/12.
  3. No_dogs_down

    NFL Draft declarations

    Bell needs another year, he still needs to work on his cover skills. He’s good against the run though.
  4. No_dogs_down

    Rumors of AAC Having GOR or Uneven Revenue Sharing

    Finish this season with 3 ranked teams and duplicate it again next year, then I can see us earning 4mil each.
  5. No_dogs_down

    Matt Wells To Texas Tech?

    I’d include Maryland too.
  6. No_dogs_down

    MWC Championship Game - Fresno St at Boise St

    Haynes, starting DT hasn’t played in the last two games. He was playing hurt before that, but should be good to go for the championship game. Atkins, the other starting DT, has played very little in the last two games too.
  7. No_dogs_down

    Wooden Legacy - Fresno State vs Miami (FL)

    Did we watch the same game? Miami committed some bad fouls too. A dunk was the difference in the game. Fresno played a great game, unfortunately someone forgot to blockout. This team will be a force in the MWC.
  8. No_dogs_down

    Coaches Poll is in....

    Don’t forget the 63 points and 700 yds that you gave up.
  9. No_dogs_down

    Rank ‘Em

    1. Fresno/Utah St. 2. Boise St./San Diego St/Nevada Everyone else......
  10. No_dogs_down

    MWC Early Lines...week 9

    The Wolfpack, at home, will be a real test for the Aztecs. I hope your team gets the W, because it’d be good for the conference to have 3 one loss teams for a few more games.
  11. No_dogs_down

    New Year's 6 Article with Fresno and USU

    SDSU deserves to be in the discussion.
  12. No_dogs_down

    Rank em

    If we (Bulldogs, Aztecs and Aggies) can all get to 8-1 in the next 3 weeks, I think at least 2 of us will be ranked. I can see a lot of teams ahead of us losing another game by then.
  13. No_dogs_down

    Top MWC signees

    They may not.