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  1. They would have already jumped if they could have met the conditions set by the AAC.
  2. That would be my choice as well. The GOP has to do what they can to minimize the damage over the next two years. In '22 the GOP will regain the House & Senate. Then we will see if he can work with the other side like Clinton and Bush at least tried to do.
  3. As it turns out, none of those bears had any legit sources either.
  4. It's just a matter of time. They may wait until after the '22 elections when the GOP will likely have the House & Senate.
  5. If Vegas had a FB coach like that, they'd make a statue of him.
  6. That looks rather feminine. The "Neons," sounds kind of lame. If you're going for the 'Dumb blonde' kind of thing, it's perfect.
  7. Supposedly, they are changing the name too.
  8. It's all about the optics. You have to be PC or you're a racist. There is no middle ground.
  9. The WAC was the only place that could take BSU's oly sports if they move FB to the AAC. With the WAC now playing FB, that option is off the table. If they can't get their olys into the BW, their FB can't go anywhere.
  10. Yeah. My memory is the press largely ignored that kind of stuff until Gary Hart denied accusations and challenged the Miami Herald to provide evidence. After that, it became fair game. Do you recall anything earlier than that event?
  11. The press ignored those type of things back then. Gary Hart kind of ruined that for all of them. Clinton was less discrete than his predecessors. He was also predatory.
  12. He didn't start out that way. He moved to the center/right after the first midterm election. He got the message. One of the few who truly did listen to the voters. Overall, he was a good prez. Too bad he had zipper problems.
  13. We can all disagree about rich people, tuition and furry animals; But we all agree that Boise sucks and we all want them gone, right?
  14. That shark looks like a great white. Vegas is so racist.
  15. BSU has a rough road ahead. Who knows how things will end up? The tournament bid is very much up for grabs. I'm hoping for at least one at large as well. We have some good teams this year. As usual, SDSU. will be in the mix. So will USU. It's nice to see Boise right there with them. It doesn't happen often.
  16. All of that may be true. But according to my eyeballs, this is the best Boise team I've seen in quite a while. I'd love to see you guys win some games in March. This team has a chance to do it.
  17. I'm pretty sure he understands what a regional university is. I'm not sure you do.
  18. But not enough to help make the move happen. All BSU needs is a place to put your oly's. Did the WAC turn them down too?
  19. I like BYU. Always have. When have you ever heard me bad mouth them unless I was messing with you?
  20. It was the most exciting thing to happen in Logan for decades. I hope our young team can hang with the Aggies. A split is almost too much to hope for.
  21. BSU doesn't have a lap dog, or any other kind of dog. They can't afford to feed one. BSU got into the BE/AAC because SDSU agreed to go. BSU got their oly's into the BW because SDSU made it happen. Even when BSU FB was good, they weren't good enough to make the move by themselves. BSU cannot do anything unless SDSU allows it to happen. BSU is SDSU's bitch. They can do nothing without help from SDSU or BYU. Not even a lateral move to another G5. In a few months, they may be looking for a new HC for men's basketball.
  22. That was a long time ago. BSU had good football then and SDSU thought a move could benefit them. Now, SDSU has zero reason to move to another G5. BSU's football is no longer good and not one MW school is interested in forming some idiotic, 'AAC West' division that would be doomed to fail from the onset. Has the WAC turned down BSU's oly's too?
  23. So in other words, you've got nothing. You don't move unless SDSU allows it. BSU has no leverage. It's the other way around.
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