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  1. Who is the one triggered here? I post a casual observation and you lose your shit. You appear to be just another triggered, TDS, dumbphuck who can't back up his bullshit.
  2. Qanon is nothing but an annoying, but harmless, group of right wing, nut job, message board posters. They are no more or less crazy or dangerous than some of the TDS nut jobs who post on this board. This board even has a bat shit crazy, TDS, dumbshit, who is a moderator.
  3. Nor should you. What's there to apologize for?
  4. Liberal ideas are so good, they need to be mandatory. Facts, or even common sense, are not relevant. It's only the agenda that matters. Most of these SJW's barking for reparations, not only don't have a clue, they really don't give a shit. They just bang the drum in a "look at me fashion, just to show off their progressiveness.
  5. Let's say every one of those groups, plus blacks who have "slave blood," received some sort of reparations payment. What problems go away afterwards? Does racism suddenly come to a screeching stop? Reparations would accomplish nothing other than giving a warm fuzzy to self important, white, shitlibs who could then claim some SJW victory without actually having to do something. We'd have to return to Obama levels of phucktardary before an idea like that would gain any traction. And even then it would only have appeal to the AOC type of low IQ, socialist, shitlib.
  6. Time will tell. You think higher of him than I do. I think he's good, but I just don't see him developing the kind of base that could challenge the GOP or the dims.
  7. Even if they get a guy like that, they still need a reasonable, coherent and consistent message that will resonate over multiple age groups. I've been saying for years the only chance we have to combat the hyper-partisan, tribalism, coming from both sides, is a viable 3rd party. If the libertarian's could ever get their shit together, they could be that party. Sadly, they have a long way to go in that regard. As things stand right now, the only thing two libertarians can agree upon, is the third one is wrong.
  8. He's just trying to build an early lead for next year's troll derby.
  9. . They'll blame him for anything that fits the narrative. Sheeple like Akula don't really need facts. Any accusation will have them marching in lockstep and bleating the chorus spoon fed to them by their puppet masters. They are nothing but useful idiots in service to the lunatic left.
  10. What grade will you be in once the schools open up again?
  11. I didn't know there was another kind. Have you actually seen one of them?
  12. Our honest leader is probably telling the truth. That coup attempt was too amateurish to have had our SOF involved. Those former SF guys should have done their homework. Venezuelan history includes many failed coups and the reason is the citizens over there are extremely mistrusting and cynical about authority figures. No matter who they are or where they come from. Even former SF operators, who are quite skilled in building and training ground level, local, insurgent forces, can't get them motivated to the point of willingly risking their own lives to overthrow the gov't and create a better county. The last leader who actually got them to to make a stand and fight, was Simon Bolivar. In those days, Venezuela was part of Gran Colombia.
  13. The list would vary based upon whether or not I have to talk to her after I've finished.
  14. I don't really have a Mt Rushmore, but those old reruns of Taxi, the ones with Reverend Jim, still crack me up. Especially the episode where Jim takes his drivers license test. Some old Cheers reruns are still funny to me as well.