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  1. In the Vegas games I've seen this season, Diong appears to be the player who has improved the most.
  2. ...“I’m trying to stay present.....”https://t.co/MI60GUKQr7 Do they teach English at Rebel High?
  3. Cuomo has a body count. That's what will get him.
  4. They didn't lock Hillary up. Trump has nothing to worry about. Bidumb is the guy who needs to worry. He's as dirty as a Clinton. If the GOP gets the House & Senate in '22, Bidumb will find himself under investigation.
  5. I can't blame you for being afraid to play Nevada. I'm sure your players are even more frightened than the fans. All kidding aside, COVID F'd everything up. You are right that it's not fair. But they are doing the best they can to appease the networks and the fans. I'd imagine the CSU/NV games will draw some interest. I'm glad we are playing, but I see your point too.
  6. When he was running against Hilary, I believed whomever won would only serve serve a single term. Despite his flaws, I still think he was a much better choice than Bidumb. But I'm not surprised or all that disappointed that he lost. Trump essentially killed off both the Clinton & Bush political dynasties. He also got us three good SCOTUS justices. He fought back against the media and proved a non-politician can become POTUS. I will be forever grateful for the good things he did, even if I don't vote for him again.
  7. They think so too. Personally, I think the novelty wore off shortly after they made the move to D1. There aren't any big programs who have done that and the NFL has a rule against it. Boise is the biggest name to have cartoon turf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_college_football_venues_with_non-traditional_field_colors
  8. If that was the plan they should have stuck with Dave or Marv. They definitely overpaid for TJ. I'm guessing they thought he was a good coach and overlooked the fact that he inherited Mike Daum, who is largely responsible for the success TJ had in SD.
  9. Who cares about Boise's uniform colors? The guy they should go after is whomever thought a blue field was a good idea.
  10. Yes it is. But if the best the dims can do is try to reelect Bidumb, Trump is the better choice and he'd probably win. I'm hoping we have better choices on both sides.
  11. I too liked how Trump would take on the media. Labeling some media as "Fake news," was awesome. Especially when Jake Tapper when on his little rant about it and almost cried.
  12. I'm not seeing Bryce on the mock drafts I've looked at. This one has both rounds and a long list of guys on the bubble. Where's Bryce? https://nbadraftroom.com/p/2021-nba-mock-draft/
  13. Would you vote for him again? I had no problems with his polices or his vision for America. But his ego, the way he treats people, and his general demeanor are a problem for me.
  14. Yeah, so what? I don't think he'll make it. I've been consistent in saying that all along. That doesn't mean I hope he doesn't get a chance. And I acknowledged that I hope I'm wrong about his chances. I recall you saying, "Saved" when I posted the message you quoted. I got a chuckle out of that. It's like you took it personally. You really are an idiot.
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