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  1. Mississippi is a diverse state. And they are every bit as racist as Las Vegas. Besides, the 'diversity' you speak of is due to the large percentage of Hispanics enrolled at UNLV. Your school made the decision to embrace Confederate symbolism. And they refuse to distance themselves from their racist heritage by refusing to change the last connection to the history of overt and blatant racism. UNLV alums should be ashamed. But they are not. Like every other bigot, they just make excuses and rationalizations.
  2. Bullshit. You were ragging on him before he was even inaugurated. Don't try to pretend you somehow grew into your current state of hatred based on what he's done in office. You'd be spewing the same shit no matter which republican won the election and no matter what they had done in office, good or bad. If Trump was a D you'd be singing his praises.
  3. Actually, if you look it up, you will see that you don't even make the top 100. Besides, no one said UNLV wasn't diverse. As UNLV has proven, you can be diverse and still be racist. It happens in lots of places.
  4. It's a racist nickname given to them by a racist school. Las Vegas is a racist city. There is just no denying it. Even the name of their hockey team has a connection to racism. The name, Las Vegas Golden Knights, was inspired by the Golden Circle Knighthood of the Ku Klux Klan. They didn't even have the decency to just name themselves the Knights. Instead, they had to give a nod to the K.K.K. Typical Vegas. The UNLV racists can deny it all they want, but the facts speak for themselves. UNLV & Ole Miss are the last of the racist, large college holdouts. But they won't be able to hold out forever. A name change is coming, whether they like it or not. The only question is when will it happen? I would be ashamed if I were an alum of that racist institution. But you are clearly not ashamed. Instead you, and those like you, just rationalize the racism and tell people they've got it all wrong when history, and the fact that you people refuse to change that racist name, tell a completely different story. UNLV has a long history of being blatantly racist. I am glad they are finally being called out for it. It is long overdue.
  5. If that were true, she would have already done away with the school's racist nickname.
  6. Is that the room where you guys hold your Klan meetings?
  7. The penalty you receive may shock you. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=electricafied+trump+sign&docid=607988745488040000&mid=F007BA21ACE3907F92FDF007BA21ACE3907F92FD&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  8. The legalities aren't what we're talking about. And I was asking a question, not making an argument. It is apparently not legal in Idaho for a medically created girl to compete with girls who were born girls. Cali has a problem with that.
  9. They don't have to dominate anything. They just have to beat out a natural born girl to get a spot on a team. Is switching from a boy to a girl, any less of an unfair advantage than a boy using PED's to gain an advantage over other boys?
  10. It's not racist, but you clearly have some sort of phobia that I don't know the name of. You need to get woke.
  11. It doesn't really matter that you dropped all blatant, confederate imagery. You still call yourselves "Rebels." Until you change that name, your school will have to defend the name. No school should have to do that. High schools all over the country are dropping that name. Ole Miss dropped the name from their Esports. You have former players like Reggie T calling for a change. It's just a matter of time before you are called something else. The only question is whether or not you do it before the fall term. Even Eskimo Pies is changing their name. The writing is on the wall.
  12. It's just the Esports. Not the entire U. For now anyway. Personally, all Rebel bashing aside, I think you guys have done enough to correct your past errors. But it's probably not enough. If you want corporate sponsors, you must be PC.
  13. Ole Miss is dropping the Rebel name. https://thedmonline.com/ole-miss-esports-becomes-first-university-team-to-drop-rebels/ UNLV won't be far behind.
  14. It may be PC, BS, but you guys haven't " cut all ties" until you dump the Rebel name. If UNLV would have just adopted the Rebel name and not embraced confederate symbolism, you wouldn't have a problem. You could just leave things alone and hope it just blows over; but it might not. You risk negative PR stemming from mini-protests and other BS. And you know it's just a matter of time before those " REBELS" chants are met with, "RACISTS." By removing the statue & mascot, the school has backed off the claim that 'Hey Reb' isn't racist. The only thing left to tear down is the name.
  15. Keep the Rebel name and make this guy the new mascot. https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/member-of-the-ku-klux-klan-salutes-during-american-nazi-news-photo/72324608