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  1. What makes you think the House will stay in the dems control? If Trump wins, there is a good chance the House flips. Which, IMO, is the most desirable outcome.
  2. And he foolishly attempts to link and belittle a very positive black employment statistic with illegal immigrants. He seems to believe he's actually making some point.other than to reinforce the widely held perception that he's a phucking moron.
  3. In the world of Orange, if you are white, conservative, and former military, you have to be a racist. The guy is dumber than a bag of hair.
  4. It doesn't matter where she's from. If you're going to quote someone, be accurate, don't paraphrase. It's dishonest. For a guy who sees a conservative, racist behind every bush, you sure are forgiving of left wing racists.
  5. Nothing she said was racist? I guess that would explain her apology. Have you even looked at what she said? Or perhaps, like many libshits, anti-Semitism is a completely acceptable form of racism to you. And Trump never said, "Go back to Africa." If you insist on being a dumb ass, at least be an honest dumbass.
  6. You're really scrapping the bottom of the barrel with that request. Am I right @youngrebelfan40 ? Who, btw, will soon have to change his name to "AlmostMiddleAgedRebelfan40." I hear he's already going bald, has a pot belly, and is needing Viagra. Totally agree on your "we are all the same race" comment. If more people got their DNA checked, more of us would see the truth in that statement. How would you like to be a fly on the wall when some tattooed, neo-Nazi, skinhead, racist, white power, MF'er opens up his DNA report and learns he's 9% Jewish, 3% African, 1% Native American, and is remotely related to Genghis Kahn?
  7. I asked you to google it. If you had done so, you would be aware of her statements, apologies, denials, etc. Would you please try that second sentence again. I am not fluent in gibberish.
  8. WTF? Knock it off. You're just trying to deflect, and doing a poor job of it. You know the difference. If you don't, try google.
  9. You really are pushing the boundaries of stupid. At first, I thought you were just another crazy, left wing, troll. But I have come to realize you actually believe the shit you spew.
  10. Anti-Semitism = anti-jewish. Anti-Semitism is the preferred term. As far as her remarks, google it. There are plenty. I am actually surprised you hadn't heard of them and had to ask. She and her buddies are a problem for the dems. Trump is doing a good job of linking all progressives to that group of wacko's. Thanks to that little group, the GOP might flip the house.