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  1. But unlike Johnson, Ford ran for reelection. Wasn't the criteria former VP's who ran for prez?
  2. Aslowhiteguy

    Confederate monuments

    Maybe you should tune up your sarcasm meter.
  3. Aslowhiteguy

    Confederate monuments

    We need to remove any and all images of Eisenhower from public property.
  4. Aslowhiteguy

    MA SC: Drug Users Can be Jailed for Relapsing

    Yeah, but the addict still has the responsibly to get clean. Once they are in the system, either for drugs, a DUI, or both, they are often ordered by a court to be tested for drugs and/or alcohol for sometimes, a lengthy time period. If they test dirty, they get what's called an Order to Show Cause, which is a hearing before a judge to explain the positive test. At that point, the judge has to do something. That something can range from just an increase in testing frequency and a warning, right up to jail time. Other options include rehab, or house arrest. It's really up to the addict. If they don't want to get better, they won't. If that's the case, they will have another positive test or not show up for a test. At that point, the judge doesn't have a lot of options, especially if he or she even suspects the offender may be getting behind the wheel. How would you like to be the judge who didn't put a repeat offender in jail and that guy plows into a car full of kids? It happens way too often. And there aren't many places you can put an addict whom you have reason to believe may present a danger to society or himself. Sometimes jail is the only real option. Whether or not you think it's fair, if you're ordered by a court not to do drugs/alcohol, and you do, you have committed a crime and you will face the consequences.
  5. Maybe overall but from Nixon on we've had Mondale, Bush, Gore and now maybe the gaff master himself. Should we include Ford with that group too?
  6. Aslowhiteguy

    Confederate monuments

    We should just remove all statues of white men. Even if they weren't racist, they knew people who were and still did nothing. We can then go about preparing to pay reporations as some of our lunatic fringe, board members have suggested.
  7. Whose dream ticket is that? When Kasich pledged to support the GOP candidate and then backed out, his integrity and credibility took a big hit. I liked Kasich right up to the point of him proving himself to be untrustworthy. All the guy had to do was keep his mouth shut. Even Jeb was able to do that. As far as I'm concerned, Kasich shot himself in the foot. I will never vote for him. He's just another sleazy, phony, politician who can't be trusted to keep his promises.
  8. How should the USA be punished for our meddling in the elections of other nations?
  9. Assimilation isn't even done well in France and the UK. Their immigrants just form what is essentially a miniature country within a country. They don't embrace the host nation's cultures and norms. They pretty much stay isolated in their own community and are largely ignored. It's generally not much of a problem until they get too big. And by then, it's kind of too late. Its a shame Europe had to learn this lesson the hard way and are now kind of phucked.
  10. I had forgotten about that mosque in Germany. The Austrian' s are understandably concerned about foreign funded religions, which is just PC speak for Muslims. And like the rest of Europe, they don't assimilate immigrants very well. Assimilation is kind of an American thing.
  11. That little quiz was probably conducted at UNLV.
  12. A reality star who was much more qualified than the community organizer who preceded him. It would be funny if Biden ran. It would also dann near assure a second term for Trump. It would be Biden's 3rd try, right?
  13. Aslowhiteguy

    Democratic Socialists of America

    The "stupid leftist students" learn that shit from stupid, leftists professors, many of whom are just guys who went to school and never left. Losers with a PhD.
  14. Aslowhiteguy

    Democratic Socialists of America

    I wonder if he's a distant relative of the Clinton crime family.
  15. Aslowhiteguy

    Go Blue

    Me too. I figured you got arrested while in an old pickup, with an underage, truck stop, hooker and a bottle of little blue pills.