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  1. Aslowhiteguy

    WTF Wolfpack Weak Sauce OOC

    Cody actually out performed Caleb in the Combine. I remain hopeful they both return. If they do, we could have 3 future NBA draft picks & 2 euro ballers in our starting 5. We'd have a couple more future pros on the bench too. Hard to believe.
  2. Aslowhiteguy

    What is Behind the Shootings in Chicago?

    A tried and true tactic of the lunatic left: When you're on the losing side of any issue, deflect and cry racism as loud and as often as you can.
  3. Aslowhiteguy

    What is Behind the Shootings in Chicago?

    Yes, it's best to not speak of it. Keep the focus on those damn Russians.
  4. Aslowhiteguy

    What is Behind the Shootings in Chicago?

    In other words, Chicago gang violence is a topic liberal/progressive types try to avoid. They only want to talk about gun related issues they can blame on the NRA or LE.
  5. The Zags not leaving was a stunningly, bold prediction. No one here got "really upset" and even the optimistic had their doubts all along.
  6. Maybe next year there could be a 'Stunner Division' for those who seem to be continually trolling for votes. Stunner could not be nominated because that would be cyber bullying and Mug gave him a special, Snowflake exemption.
  7. Aslowhiteguy

    2018 NBA Draft Combine

    I think they'll do fine overseas. In the right system, either or both could be bench/role players, but that's probably their ceiling. No matter when or how it goes, they're going to get paid to play basketball. Glad to see Hutch is likely to go in the 1st. I hope he proves me wrong and sticks.
  8. Those are the people with missing teeth and fingers.
  9. That's true, unless you're talking this century.
  10. Elko was once voted the best small city to live in. Go figure.
  11. Well, you do have to pay extra for that.
  12. Aslowhiteguy

    Menzies Hyping

    The bright kids in that class will go to college in Reno.