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  1. Forum will be down for maintenance at 11am PT

    If this board turns into a reputation contest, then this board has gone full ghey. I think I'll take a break from posting, lurk a bit and decide if I want to stick around or not. IIRC, the AAC or old BE boards had reputation points. Odd thing was, is the guys with the lousy reputations were some of the most interesting guys on the board and the high rep guys were a bunch of go with the flow, suck up , cucks. Overall, that board sucked. if you're having an ongoing popularity contest, which IMO, is juvenile and borders on full Gaytard, I won't be around much, if at all. I may see. you all around. In a week or so and if not, then this will be my " fare thee well'post. Take care guys. I wish you all well. I truly enjoyed my time here,
  2. Poll, Trump, 25% strongly support. If he shot someone

    Did you vote for one or two?
  3. Trump: We worship God in America

    At some point after they put your crazy ass in an institution
  4. So this is the person to lead us in a crisis

    We are in better hands than we were and our enemies know if they pull some shit, they are going to get more than harsh language and idle threats. I did hope he'd tone his retorrhic down a notch once the election was over. It doesn't look like that is going to happen. But the economy is doing well. And if that continues until 2020, he could win reelection especially, if the dims run someone like Liz Warren. They don't exactly have a deep bench.
  5. So this is the person to lead us in a crisis

    He's still better than what we had. All we really need him to do is get another conservative SCOTUS Justice when RBG leaves. Anything beyond that is just icing on the cake. His "big job" was to make sure Hillary didn't win. Mission accomplished on that front. No matter who won the general, they were only going to serve one term. Thankfully, we ended up with the better of the two. We also have the extra, added benefit of listening to the whining of liberals and phony conservatives, which is music to my ears.
  6. CTE Study Published

    I'm sad to say I think it will happen. And when it does, others will follow. I've also recall hearing a few years ago, that some youth soccer leagues were considering not allowing players under a certain age to use their head to strike the ball, due to brain and neck injuries. I don't know enough about soccer to have an opinion on how much a rule like that would affect the sport or the development of players.
  7. CTE Study Published

    I wonder which school district or state will become the first to ban football from its public schools?
  8. UNLV scrapped the new logo?

    It is, but still not as good as the old one
  9. Former Frog's thoughts on the MWC - 2017 edition

    2 top 25 teams and a decent BYU.
  10. Poll, Trump, 25% strongly support. If he shot someone

    He never lets us forget that in this country, lunatics get to vote.
  11. Poll, Trump, 25% strongly support. If he shot someone

    He's in denial, just like most flaming libs, some of whom call themselves "moderate" or "libertarian." Jack thinks he and his Trump fixation are both normal and reasonable.
  12. Former Frog's thoughts on the MWC - 2017 edition

    Not really. And they like the WCC, which is a better BB conference than we are.
  13. The New Division 1-A

    Please point out my errors.
  14. The New Division 1-A

    Right. We don't want to inject facts into this conversation. It's all about fantasy and absurd speculation.
  15. The New Division 1-A

    PAC network isn't getting much traction anywhere. San Deigo is a large city but it's not a sports town. They can't keep a NBA team. The NFL bailed on them, their MLB team is in the bottom third in attendance, and SDSU can't sell more than 15,000 season tickets even when they are playing well. SDSU simply is not a good candidate for expansion to the B12. They were a poor cultural fit before the brain trust in Cali banned their teams from playing in Texas. SDSU is probably a non-starter for them.