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  1. No, and you have to trade in your truck for a Subaru and start listening to hip hop. And you need to start wearing skinny jeans.
  2. Below is a detailed list of Obama's greatest accomplishments while serving for 8 years as POTUS. .
  3. I didn't forget. I just didn't want to rub it in.
  4. Apparently, not even liberals want to screw liberals.
  5. I don't think that attitude is limited to one side or the other. People just get fed up with all the premadonna, bullshit, the women getting beat up, etc. They just quit watching altogether or just become less interested and watch less. Have you ever seen anything that suggests conservatives or liberals are more or less likely to be sports fans? I have not. Perhaps I'm wrong, but sports seems to be kind of immune to political leanings.
  6. How many of us would still employed if we walked off the job as an expression social justice protest? Not many, if any at all. But there have been cases of people getting fired for what they said on Face Book.
  7. Just in case you have forgotten, you're also an authoritarian and a moron.
  8. Yes but all the social justice awareness that will come from their brave sacrifice will expedite racial harmony and put an end to police brutality. Either that, or even more people will just stop watching the NBA even after they do come back.
  9. It's a great cause to support. But if you jump on the 'bad cop bandwagon' before you even know what actually happened, you lose credibility every single time you do it. The agenda driven types don't really seem to give a shit about the facts. They make up their minds after the first report and when the facts come to light, they don't back off. It's hard to respect people like that, no matter how numerous or well known they may be.
  10. White silence. Overall white apathy.
  11. Your default posistion is to cast blame before you know the facts. All you need is white cop, black man shot, to declare racism. The merits of the overall agenda you claim to support isn't an excuse for the level of intellectual laziness you consistently practice.
  12. To the issue of "reasonable fear" being enough, it really is. It's not all that dissimilar than the standard for self defense. You don't have to wait for someone to attack you if you have a reasonable fear an attack is imenient. If Jacob was disobeying orders given by LE, moved to his car and reached for a knife, the cop will probably walk.
  13. Do you have a point to make or do you just get pissed off when your new, "look at this shit" turns out differently than what you thought it would? If a white cop shoots a black man, it has to be racism, right? Why wait to learn the facts when you have a narrative that supports your agenda?
  14. As it turns out, Jacob had a knife on the floor of his car. https://www.foxnews.com/us/blake-had-knife-in-car-when-kenosha-cop-shot-him-wisconsin-doj8
  15. It's possible the cop walks. He just has to show he had a reasonable fear that Jacob was getting into his car to retrieve a weapon. Supposedly, a yell to "put down the knife" was heard but we still haven't heard if a knife was ever found. Jacob also has a history of violence and a pending rape charge. He could have been known to the cops as a violent offender. I'm taking a 'wait and see' approach on this one.
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