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  1. Of course they should. The teachers would also have to be willing and well trained. It's probably not practical in many or most areas. If it's a viable option in some schools, and the parents want it, why not? It would suck to be a PTA member and even have to discuss it.
  2. If they did after beto made his idiot move, they deserve a pass.
  3. Maybe not. What's the GOP equivalent of what that POS did?
  4. I'd still rather have people with guns engage a shooter than unarmed citizens.
  5. Me either. Although I did something about people saving him a seat. If true, no doubt he had company. Surely there were some beto supporters there as well. None of that matters, IMO. That was a pathetic, self serving, display that violated the rules common decency. I hope this kills his political career.
  6. Yeah, Beto plucked up in his messaging. He made a total ass of himself yesterday. Hopefully, once emotions die down a bit our Legislatures can actually get something done.
  7. Perhaps. But when Beto O'Rourke, Diane Feinstein and other politicians publicly state they are coming for your guns, what do you expect?
  8. Here comes the run on guns, ammo and mags.
  9. In hindsight, so many of them could have been prevented. It's sickening and it's not getting any better.
  10. It would be almost the same answer. I don't have a viable solution to offer. I honestly don't recall hearing something that would actually work. With the young shooters, a common thread is a troubled home life and people either missing, or ignoring the warning signs. I don't know how to even begin to fix that. One thing I have seen is the notion of creating laws that only allow private citizens to own revolvers, bolt action rifles, and double barrel shotguns. That would satisfy my wants and needs in regards to firearms, but others would loudly object. Even if that came to fruition, there is simply no phucking way to deal with the 200 million+ guns already in private hands. If they were going to do that, they should have done it a hundred years ago. It's too late now. Americans are buying about 20 million guns per year. That's just the guns being purchased in stores and doesn't include private sales. That number will jump if there ever is an actual, credible, threat to remove some guns from public sales.
  11. No, I have not. Just a bunch a nonsensical bullshit that would do nothing to help even if it passed. Perhaps I missed something. What have you heard that would actually keep guns out of the hands of guys like Ramos and would make it through the legislature? Gun control is a political football that both sides use to rally up the base. They seldom get serious about it and actually try to work together to find a workable solution. Their priority is getting votes.
  12. And others searching for the shooter. The cops outside were there for crowd control. The last thing they needed was a bunch of panicked parents rushing through the doors. That's just one version of the story. I hope it's the correct one.
  13. I'd have zero problems with a babysitter who legally carries. Not sure why you would either.
  14. That one man the Mavs have is pretty phucking good. I honestly don't know how he does it. He doesn't look fast, quick or particularly athletic, by NBA standards. But he pretty much makes a fool out of anyone who tries to guard him. And the guy is only 23. How'd you like to be his agent?
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