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  1. I think that's now 'Plan B.' The current focus is trying to woo UNLV & NDSU into joining. It's an all out blitz.
  2. Doesn't it generally take vegas 10-12 years to win 6 games?
  3. Really? I always thought it would just be a matter of time. Wasn't there talk of the Rays moving there like 10 years ago? And weren't there rumors of the Kings moving there as well? ETA: IIRC, when people were saying Vegas would never get a pro team it was because of the gambling issue. Then gambling spread and it was no longer an issue.
  4. That would be a good place to put your football, once they get that FCS thing going. I'd imagine your BB team could finish in the top half, most seasons, as well. Do you think they would take UNLV? Or will they aim higher when they add programs?
  5. I think they should dump the p12 network and get a good ESPN or Fox Sports deal. The PAC doesn't really have enough rabid fans to support a 'pay to view' type of network. Causal PAC fans, like myself, end up watching other conference games because the PAC network just isn't worth paying for, even if it's not expensive.
  6. Taxi (The Rev Jim episodes) Cheers Barney Miller Seinfeld Going way back to the old, black & whites (I used to love old, reruns) F-Troop Machale's Navy Sgt Bilko
  7. Just put him on ignore. It will be almost like he's not even here.
  8. @mugtang Thank you for all you've done to keep this board going. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors. @Jeffkills Congrats on your purchase of the board. You are the person I hoped would buy it. I am certain you will do a great job with the board and I truly hope this investment works out well for you.
  9. You should tune in again. If for no other reason than to watch Steph Curry.
  10. Sacramento would be a great choice.
  11. Portland too. They should go to vegas.
  12. If I had a vote in the matter, I'd take Vegas over Portland. Although, I'd rather see Oakland get a new stadium.
  13. Portland? You crazy phuckers would just tear down the stadium.
  14. That's probably true. I'd vote for Trump over Kamala. I'd also vote for you over Kamala.
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