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  1. Whenever realignment comes up there are always reporters throwing up click bait articles. Many include information provided by 'unnamed sources', which is code for, "I'm just speculating and throwing out bullshit, but thanks for clicking on the article."
  2. I will dutifully wear my mask where required or asked to. But to those people who think I'm smiling at them from behind my mask, I'm not. I'm mouthing the words, "phuck you."
  3. If you forward this information to the former governor of NV, and current president of The University of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, you might get an honorary PhD, just for being a graduate level, wiseass.
  4. If ESPN is breaking the rules, yes. If not, it looks to me to be an act of desperation. Wouldn't you think that by now the talking is pretty much over? Once TX & OK sent the letter, I'm guessing they already have a deal in place, waiting to be signed.
  5. If ESPN is acting within their rights, the letter is a toothless threat.
  6. Isn't their contract going to be renegotiated anyway when the conference membership changes?
  7. No. And I think the minimum number of programs for a conference is 8. If they don't lose any other teams, they don't really have to make additions to the conference. If they want to add programs, they don't have to hurry.
  8. Yeah, maybe. Do they add value to the ACC? I honestly don't know. I agree the moves made by TX & OU doesn't really change anything for ND. They can get a scheduling agreement with anyone they want. IIRC, the BIG isn't really an option for them because they signed an agreement that states if they join a conference prior to 2036(?) it has to be the ACC. Like you, I see no reason for ND to make a move.
  9. If the ACC wanted WVU, wouldn't they already have them? I'm not buying into the notion that TX & OU moving on results in the BIG, ACC & PAC suddenly feeling the need to expand.
  10. Even if the B12 is reduced to 6 teams, they are still in a position to back fill with any GO5 schools of their choosing. Even in a depleted, weakened condition, the B12 is still a stronger and more desirable conference than the AAC or MW.
  11. Unnamed sources are generally garbage. The people who know don't talk. The people who talk, don't know.
  12. The Big wishes they hadn't of panicked. This wave of expansion won't be anything like the last one. It probably won't even touch the MW. We don't have the equivalent of TCU and Utah. I'm not sure Kansas is going anywhere either. If the BIG wanted them they would already have them.
  13. Football drives the bus. Vegas has FB in name only. All they have is a large city, full of transplants, with no connection to the school. If Vegas were in the Sun Belt right now, they couldn't get an invite to the MW or AAC. The bring nothing to the table. They aren't even the most popular program in vegas.
  14. We would still have the dead weight that is UNLV. Maybe they can move to the Big Sky.
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