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  1. IMO, it's the only reason to add. By virtue of geography and SMU already being there, the AAC has the upper hand in TX. We get our choice of leftovers should they add TX schools. I'm not really sure if that matters in regards to added value. I hope we wait to see what the PAC does when their media deal is close to ending. If they stay at 12, the B12 probably will too. CUSA schools passed over by the AAC will still be available. We have no reason to hurry.
  2. Wasn't Larry battered & fried a few weeks ago?
  3. I don't know much about it either. I agree this appears to be more of a rape issue more than it is a trans issue. As far as I can tell, most of the "hostility" arises from people who don't want their daughters sharing a restroom with men.
  4. An old meme/joke: A man follows a girl into the bathroom. He self identifies as a woman. The father of the girl kicks in the man's teeth. He self identifies as the tooth fairy.
  5. Me too. They also have some of the best fans on this board. I like being in a conference with Wyoming.
  6. The speculation I read is their FB stays in the AAC. I am assuming that is because they don't really have a better option.
  7. The only way I see SMU moving to the MW is if we get a big raise and the AAC gets a big pay cut. Even then, they won't come alone. I pretty much agree with your assessment of our potential candidates. The only thing I question is how adding a team in TX that very few people in TX care about, is going to help our recruiting in TX? I don't get the Tulane talk either. Great school, but way too far away.
  8. I can see why. Although it is the 23rd largest city in the USA. I suppose we could do worse if we had to add anyone, which we do not.
  9. From what I've been reading, it sounds like Temple is worried. They are kind of isolated away from the rest of the conference. Travel costs are really hurting them. There has been suggestions that they move their oly sports to the A-10. I think that would be a good move for them.
  10. From the post I quoted, yes. Did it actually happen?
  11. I don't either. Unless things change and SMU is looking to join the MW with some other programs, they don't really help us at all.
  12. I like UTEP but they are kind isolated, it really isn't getting into TX. They are more like eastern New Mexico. If we do expand with a bloc of TX schools, they would likely be in the mix, IMO. They are the 23rd most populous city in the USA.
  13. I guess in terms of facilities, those two would be the best (or least horrible) programs. But neither of them really helps us. The only program that does help, IMO, is SMU and they want to stay in an eastern based conference. IMO, the only chance we'd have is if we could offer them more money after the new media deal, expand to 16, and create an eastern pod or division.
  14. Who got banned for quoting the Bible?
  15. I have read Rice is unwilling to increase their athletic budget and aren't really interested in moving up.
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