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  1. She looks like another run of the mill, shitlib, to me. Minimum wage:Supports $15/hour federal minimum wage Electoral college: Supports eliminating the electoral college Climate change:Supports the Green New Deal Overseas deployments: Bring the troops home Health care: Favors Medicare for All, but would accept Medicare for some Positions compiled by Politico.
  2. You may call me Aslowhiteguy. Just be certain to bow you're head when you speak my name.
  3. I lost a lot of respect for him once he became majority leader. He changed. He got mean and dirty. Or more likely, I had bought in to his act and he was just waiting for his moment. And honestly, I don't think MM is good at his job. He's not terrible, but not good. I have never forgave him for his idiotic comment once Obama was elected. The dumbass publicly said, " Our number one priority is to make sure Obama is a one term president." Or something close to that. You can think that, you can say it privately to your colleagues, but you don't announce it to the public. His job is to work with the president, no matter which party is in power. He basically announced he was going full tribal.
  4. It's one thing for a bunch of message board guys to speak disrespectfully about elected officials. Our system encourages us to question and criticize our leaders. Unfortunately, our leaders no longer respect one another. And the ugliness isn't limited to just the campaigns. If they refuse to respect those on the other side, we sure as Hell won't respect them either. They are the ones who have to come together and say "enough is enough." They need to lead by example. They need to remind us all what respectful disagreements look like. They don't have those anymore. They just go tribal. People leaving the two parties in masse and perhaps the formation of a strong, 3rd party might do the trick, or it might not. The only certainty is the current state of things is not going to self correct.
  5. I have met Harry. IMO, he never showed his true colors until Obama was elected. Before that, Harry was actually good for Nevada. He even got republican votes. Lots of them. As you will recall, our district has never failed to elect a republican representative. Yet Harry won in our district.
  6. That's how I feel too. And there is no chance of compromise with most of those issues. The libshits have their "no comprise" issues too. Some are just the opposite side of the views you posted. Where do we go from here?
  7. Who's going to start the trend towards civility? It's not going to be Trump, Pelosi or any of the "mainstream" politicians. Tribalism is the new mainstream. It's all "gotcha politics" nowadays. When the party not occupying the White House expends most of it's energy trying to defame, discredit, accuse or impeach the sitting president, or one of his cabinet members, it just widens the divide. And it doesn't matter which party is in power. Neither side can claim the highroad in regards to tribal politics, and their tactics are very similar.
  8. It has to start with our leadership and the banner has to be picked up by the media and they have to run with it. It ain't gonna happen via social media. Perhaps one of the problems is much our news, especially cable news, is largely driven by tribal divisions. It's good for business.
  9. Obama was the most corrupt president sine Nixon. Obama was only civil to those who shared his views. He is the only president, whom after he won the election, publicly stated he was going to reward his friends and punish his enemies. There is nothing civil about that. That was pure tribalism. And it was foolish too. He showed his true colors right off the bat.
  10. IMO, that is no longer true. The two sides are just too far apart. We used to play between the 40 yard lines. Now it's the 20 yard lines, at best. There just isn't much in the way of common ground anymore. How is a committed capitalist going find common ground with someone like AOC? The objective of either side is not to make things better for everyone, it's to attack and discredit the other side, even if they have a good plan. A dim simply cannot support a position held by Trump and escape attacks from their own party. The same was true with repubs when Obama was in office. If you weren't a supporter of the Tea Party, you were a Rino. There is no compromise, you are either with us or against us. You must tow the party line or face the consequences. Civility has to start at the top. We haven't had a president who placed a high value on civil discussions and finding common ground since Bush 1. And it will not happen with leadership like Pelosi and Trump and their ilk who thrive on hyperbolic statements, insults and manipulation of the facts. And there is no one running who will change that. And if there is, they won't make it out of the primaries.
  11. The sad thing is, I'm as guilty of tribalism as anyone. The only thing I've done to combat that is to change my registration to non-partisan. I am hopeful that if more people do that, the leadership of both parties may take notice and at least try to return to sanity. I just don't see the current situation improving. And I don't have a better idea than a viable, 3rd party.
  12. I don't either. The closest we've ever gotten was with Ross Perot. If it happens, it will have to be a combination of moderate repubs and what passes for conservative dems these days. One person can't do it for any longer than an election cycle. A 3rd party may not be the answer anyway. I'm just one of those guys who believes the growing tribalism is basically destroying the two party system and there is no longer much in the way of centrist/moderate candidates on either side.
  13. She should become an independent. She's too conservative for the dims & too liberal for the GOP. We need a viable 3rd party. People like her could make that happen.
  14. Gabbard & Beto would have been better off skipping the debate. Especially Gabbard.
  15. And they also remember the name of every girl you've dated since high school, and every mistake you've made since saying the words, "I do."