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  1. Why so sensitive, Kellyanne? And isn't one of your stories that Eddie Vedder was a college roommate? If so, that means this 7 year old sister is imaginary, another Kellyanne Convert lie, or your pops deserves major props.
  2. I'm surprised none of you asked PH for his expert opinion on this subject. Oops...never mind....my mistake....I thought you wrote peckerwood.
  3. Yep, good post. I don't know what he can or can't throw either, but based on his HS #'s I suspect he threw hard with not a lot of control. Looks like put a lot of runners on base by walk and HBP. And averaging just over 1 K per inning at that level, while supposedly throwing at 90+ mph is good but not exceptional IMO .I don't know how he can have improved on anything in his skillset by not pitching for 10 years. Closers that put put runners on base aren't closers very long. Especially at his age when you have plenty of youngsters that throw in the 90's. Plus, I've never understood a
  4. I'm doubtful MLB teams would be stepping all over each other to sign a 29 year old who hasn't pitched a competitive game in over a decade.Those factors and these HS stats don't say MLB potential to me. http://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/colin-kaepernick/dOQ1zPTlEeKZ5AAmVebBJg/gendersport/baseball-stats.htm Doesn't matter how hard you throw, if it's straight it's going to get hit in pro baseball. The scout who persuaded the Cubs to use a pick on Kaep never even saw him play baseball, only football at Nevada.
  5. You seem upset. The only embarrassing thing is your lack of reading comprehension and apparently your memory. bigd's link was from December, 2016 and he is correct that Muss has said the right coach speak comments all season long. However, Mr Falsefacts, we have been debating your comments regarding an interview a few days after Muss originally took the job. Your story keeps moving around in the finest convert tradition. Amazing thing is you are now using quotes from the 2016-17 season to back up your alternative facts about that original interview. Easy fix to this. Post the li
  6. Oh,no question about that. Muss has said all the right things. I was calling out convert for his use of the original Radtke interview to back up his made up facts for over a year now. He has changed his story so many times he doesn't know what he has said. The kids, the wife, you name it, he has changed it. And like always, he never has a link to back it up. It doesn't really matter. I just like to chime in once in awhile to get convert's panties in a bunch. It's too easy to get him rustled, and I know I shouldn't target the handicapped, but it is fun reading his manifestos every now
  7. Beep...Beep....Beep....don't hit anything while you are backing up. LOL It's ok convert. You made up some NC facts, got called on it, and changed the story. Stay true to yourself. BTW, no one can remember all the stuff you make up but doesn't take a detective to remember some of the stuff we already sparred about. It's just fun (or I guess a hoot in your world) to jump in once in awhile to set you off. You go, girl!!!
  8. LOL is right. I'm sure you heard the original interview. That's where the truth ends. What's interesting is how you keep spewing "statements" Muss supposedly made to support your claims, yet provide no link (The long standing convert method). It's almost beyond belief that a new coach would say he would stay until his daughter was out of school...especially when said daughter was of preschool age. Not sure why he didn't just sign a 12 year contract. Oh yeah, it's even more interesting you were claiming last year (using the same interview as your source) that Muss said he wo
  9. Another year or two? Nah....I read somewhere that Muss said he would stay until his daughter was through school. That should guarantee we have him for another 12 years or so. We should be set for a good long time. Just too bad we don't have a link to that famous Muss/Radke interview.
  10. Sure...you aren't triggered at all. LOL. Good story though, especially the spin about Moch. I know you have to respond, so when you do, please explain what kind of pee contest games you do play. No pictures please.
  11. LOL. That was way too easy, Mr Triggered. To be fair, maybe I was just surprised such a well informed and die hard Nevada fan such as yourself didn't question that Dontay Moch was on that roster. I probably would have then checked another source to verify, but that's just me.
  12. Over 13K posts....and the majority just as incorrect as this one.
  13. I think most Nevada fans agree. Line is down to 9 in a couple of books but mostly 8 and 8.5's now. Wouldn't surprise me to see it get down to 7 by kickoff.
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