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  1. You're a rebel fan now? Not your best move...but better than your current situation.
  2. Might want to rethink your line of smack there, creeps. Re-read it slowly...and then try and think. You can do it.
  3. That's it? Probably time for you to head back to the Joser board.
  4. Wow. How the he'll did you live this long without drowning in a rainstorm?
  5. This was not the best effort by creeps.
  6. Made a couple of calls...the girls at all the brothels will go on strike if he is relocated up here. I don't think we can make it work.
  7. It's been agreed on by both sides but the South won't sign off unless we take you. The North respectfully declines.
  8. Years apart but you're 2 for 2. Guessing this one feels better. Good win, Rebels.
  9. Hmmm......you start a thread that this is a 1 bid league and then you post this? Weird.
  10. You only need 1 more to ruin ph12345's entire weekend.
  11. Lol. Did you have that response bookmarked?
  12. You really are delusional. And don't sell yourself short....it's not just the left on this board that know you are a dumbass.
  13. He has it bookmarked. I just hope he doesn't run out of bookmarks.
  14. I think most Nevada hope so.
  15. That would hurt the quality of football in your conference.
  16. Looks like just a matter of time until BYU is #4 in the state of Utah.
  17. Unconfirmed reports that there may be another person involved. Photos show a white male wearing a MAGA hat, tee shirt with the logo: "I have these threads bookmarked", and wearing spiffy dress shorts. No name released yet but he has been identified by tracking his sister's Facebook page.
  18. Ok. So you like stupid. But you wouldn't cut his head off for a win?
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