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  1. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa...wait... does gf mean something different for you?
  2. Wait...didn't you offer to post this list? Then double downed after being called out numerous and again said you would provide it? Then you slink away again. Seems like a familiar tactic for you...#3 in the contard playbook? you are a bigger pussy than any of the cats you have kidnapped. Child.
  3. Lol. Sure convert...that's why you are forever single. I'm guessing even your entire posse of kidnapped feral cats are all males.
  4. Looks like the stress is getting to you. Nice mini-meltdown last night. Good read with breakfast.
  5. Lol @Nevada Convert Shocked you found that pic. Can't imagine what you were searching for.
  6. So you keep saying...as you keep responding. So no link to your made up story? BTW...speaking of old material...do you ever read what you write before you hit send? I still can't figure out why you are so infatuated with my family. Very creepy.
  7. That's all you got cupcake? Guess that means no link to your made up story?
  8. You just wait your turn Mr 1/2. As soon as @Nevada Convert gets around to schooling @happycamper on his bookmarked The Wall debate he will get around to educating you about feral cats.
  9. You find that link to the similar story...you know, the one that caused you to call B.S. on the OP
  10. I'm sure @Nevada Convert will still post the other "similar" story. It would be shocking to think he made it up.
  11. Lol. Looks like @Nevada Convert has buried another promise to deliver in his dreaded vault of bookmarked threads.
  12. Sure. Clocks not working in your bunker?
  13. I've heard she is pissed he posted her personal information on Facebook. perhaps @Nevada Convert could confirm.
  14. Yep, you hardly ever respond. Lol. Are you saying you tell the truth on this board? You could still go back and accept the $1000 donation bet I challenged you on and we could settle the question? Didn't think so. Thanks for the morning laugh 💩💩💩💩💩
  15. Lol but you are dumb as a doorknob. You really should read your work before you hit send cupcake. Trying to bullshit who? No one else here cares. While it's easy pickings it is sport for me to make fun of you. Copy and paste? Me? You've literally wrote this same post dozens of times over the years...and yes...you do respond all the time. Part of the fun. You never answered...what's your post count now Mr Forum is my life?
  16. And cupcake comes through again. Jr High level smack talk...at best. About family too...yet he cries when he outs his sister on Facebook and then get made fun. Lol.I Let's analyze who the stalker really is. I'm responding to a notification from YOU while browsing the board. YOU came back in the middle of the night (again) and seached for a thread that died 2 days ago. Should we compare post counts Mr. 24/7?
  17. You never fail to deliver. Convert and coffee in the morning. Delicious. You came back to this thread 5 hours later for this? It would be scary to know how much of your time you spend on message boards. One would think you could tell when you're being ridiculed since your life revolves around the internet forum world.
  18. No emojis? I was trying to communicate in convertese. 😆😂😂😸😸😸💩👌
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