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  1. Wow. Convert crazy right there. No spin...you are an outlier nut job. Who are the moderates (like yourself of course) that like your posts? As for the original troll derby...I've linked it before and asked a simple question....if you were trolling why did you cry so much that it was rigged against you? Crickets is your response. It's still there, you probably should re-read it. The scary part of your posting is I think you really believe what you write. Not just spin to cover for your stupidity. But the hilarious thing is how you are too chickenshit to stand up for your obvious convictions. As much as you love Trump you always backtrack and claim to be trolling when you get called out. Man up for once, cupcake.
  2. Wait, aren't you the one who constantly references ma!e genitalia? You seem to have a strong attraction toward other guy's junk. I wonder why that is? It's 2020, cupcake. It's ok to come out, no one here will judge you. Maybe start wearing some better dress shorts on the way to your appointments at the unemployment office... might help you catch a keeper.
  3. Hmmm..... Where was I wrong? Are you admitting you aren't a moderate or that you really do adore Trump? Definitely not the goo on the chin comment...it's there.
  4. Yes, I have read from an unimpeachable source on this board that you are a moderate who leans ever so slightly to the right. Plus, I can tell from your always well thought out posts you don't even really like Trump. Now go wipe that goo off your chin.
  5. Storytime with @Nevada Convert. Lol. But...no emojis again? Definitely upset. Guessing you were getting your Sunday best washed?
  6. Lol. Convert going off the rails on another middle of the night posting spree. Try not to get so upset, cupcake. And do to have an English translation for: Wow, I bin Don't most people your age have wives? So easy.
  7. Why are you always so infatuated with my wife? Have you lost interest in your husband?
  8. Then you probably should wear goggles.
  9. That's obvious based on your last couple of hires.
  10. No...there is your poor reading comprehension again. I was replying to you.
  11. Don't be like that, little fella. I was complimenting you. Not many can have such a strong post in the wee hours of the morning. And then come back just as strong a couple of minutes later? Epic posting!!!
  12. Lol. Didn't you predict they would cover the +7? Take a peek at your Jan. 1 post.
  13. Guess I'm missing it. Alford listed what he considered the top 3 in conference. He also mentioned teams Nevada has already played. Where did he name a 2nd tier? Looks like he put everyone else in the 4-11 group...including Nevada and UNLV.
  14. Two of your better posts @Nevada Convert. Probably should have stopped there.
  15. Trump attempts to run for a 3rd term but is denied. @Nevada Convert is devastated. Advancements in a secluded cryogenic lab pave the way for a surprise return by a former world leader. @Nevada Convert is elated.
  16. Quick response time as usual. Master troll on a roll. Lol.
  17. Um...that would have been you, knucklehead. And 3 consecutive posts at that. @Old_SD_Dude correctly compared your board contribution to shit. I responded to @Old_SD_Dude. Not sure why the graph got you so excited you went on a mini-posting spree. Although I do have my suspicions. Got to give it to you convert, you do an excellent job of trolling yourself.
  18. See...when convert keeps it brief, he can make sense.
  19. Reading comprehension is not your friend, is it? Why so much anger? No Xmas card from Eddie again this year? Edit: Never mind...I see why you are upset. Cleaners didn't get your dress shorts done in time for yesterday's shift at the mall. Hang in there, little buddy.
  20. Your tears are delicious, conny. No emojis, though? You are unraveling again. Hang in there. I know the post holidays are tough for you since the whole sister's Facebook debacle. The family lift the restraining order yet?
  21. Lol. Mattered enough to you for an early morning semi-rant. Keep the laughs coming, cupcake. BTW...no one thinks what you wrote in your 2nd paragraph.
  22. Dammit, looks like you bastards went and made convert feel inadequate again. no great challenge to do so...but keep it up anyway. Watching him unravel is always amusing.
  23. Current line at William Hill and Pregame is USU up to -3