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  1. Lol. Thanks for the monday morning laugh. The little fella checks in the middle of the night to see no one responded...so he just quotes himself. Guess you couldn't find anything from March or April?
  2. June? Can't even imagine how @Nevada Convert stumbled across that in a 100 + page thread. Lol. I saw a poll that showed 100% of people thought the boy was becoming more unhinged by the day.
  3. Nothing more ridiculous than when contard accuses others of lying. Just a bonus when the dumbass shows his bigotry with some contard "humor". The boy is a bigot and a racist and has been showing it for years.
  4. Shocker but once again you are talking out your ass in regards to Minden. Please give a better breakdown of the city to support your claim. I'll wait.
  5. Disagree. Pockets of that...yes. Mostly? Not even close IMO. Spent a lot of time in the area the last 10 years or so and I'd say far more red neck than well to do.
  6. Lol. 3 of the replies (so far) are yours. Guessing at least half of the views are yours as well.
  7. But...but...but....Child...how do you explain your own baby photo you keep posting? Aren't you a big boy, Mr Clueless?
  8. @PokeTransplant yep...the punching bag known as contard doesn't care about you at all. P.S. I'm sure he is still working on that list he promised. LOl. Convert mini-meltdown in 3...2...1...
  9. Next time could you translate in English? I'm not fluent in Rambling Contard. How many posts would you have a day of you DID care about all the things you claim not to care about?
  10. And here you are taking the time to write all this nonsense...again. just imagine if you did care. Lol. You are definitely feeling some stress little fella. What's funny is I know you lie. Everyone else that reads your fiction here knows you lie. YOU know you lie. Yet you just can't stop yourself. As always, thanks for the laugh.
  11. Got a question contard. How would you prove these "friends" are real? As wacked out as you are I'm guessing you have a hundred or so email accounts already available to carry out your master plan. Dork.
  12. Yes it is. Remember a couple of months ago I called you out on another convert lie to the tune of a $1000 donation bet to the Pack athletic fund? You disappeared again. I can dig it up and bump it if you want to deny it.
  13. Sounds like a convert "real" story. Could you link your friend's FB page so we could verify its true?
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