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  1. PackNation

    Nevada @ Hawaii

    Ok. So you like stupid. But you wouldn't cut his head off for a win?
  2. PackNation

    MLB Playoffs

    He is a dick. Has always been a dick. That being said.....he and Baez are why I won my fantasy league. But he is the worst.
  3. PackNation

    Nevada @ Hawaii

    Sorry kalua. Cutting the head off a chicken is not going to help you this week. Might i suggest decapitating nevadaconvert? Gives you a skull for your collection...and no great loss to anyone else.
  4. PackNation


    I really don't think you can blame her for barfing.
  5. PackNation

    A Glimpse For UNLV Fans Into The Future

    If course they aren't wood. Wouldn't want you to get splinters when you, ummm...trip and fall down the stairs. we aren't barbarians
  6. PackNation

    Fire Sanchez

    More expert analysis?
  7. PackNation

    Fire Sanchez

    You would be the expert on that.
  8. PackNation

    Question for Mugtang

    A spreadsheet?
  9. PackNation

    Alex Jones caught watching tranny porn

    Gave you a week, unrconvert...and no response. Shocker. I guess you bookmarked it to get ready for the 2019 season.
  10. PackNation

    New York Times Flat Out Busted on Anonymous Sources

    You just made unrconvert disappear from the discussion.
  11. LOL. What does this response have to do with my post? Punching bag with very limited reading comprehension. Better get going...don't want to be late for your "I'm too white meeting".
  12. Too much white? I hope Kap's "Black Panther Buddies" don't find a picture of the Kaepernick family. Inner convert showing.
  13. Wait...by "debate", do you mean you are going to bookmark it and return at a later date (meaning never) with your argument? BTW...what grown man says super silly? Never mind, it could only be you.
  14. PackNation

    Alex Jones caught watching tranny porn

    LOL. Where did I post anyone needed to go back 11 years? Reading comprehension has never been your friend. How about this, convert? We each pick 3 pro and 3 college games each week against the spread. At the end of the year loser leaves the board forever. And hey...how about we put up $500 each to make it interesting? Should be an easy win for you, right?