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  1. No worries. Just talked to @Nevada Convert. Apparently we have a 5* QB from Alabama coming in to save the day.
  2. It's amazing how you can distinguish between a bullshit story and a valid one. Almost like there is a line in the middle to help you out. Keep up the good work little fella.
  3. In his mind he was all grown up when he wore dress shorts to court. He's a confused little fella.
  4. How very convert of you to call a 100 year old woman that lived through the Hitler years stupid. Do you have magic dress shorts that allow you to travel back in time ? That would explain a lot.
  5. Ahhh....now I understand why you have season tickets.
  6. @Nevada Convert you seem upset little fella. What triggered this latest early morning posting rampage? 😾😾😾🙈🙈🎃👍😡😡😡
  7. Lol. Guess contard wasn't making fun of himself a couple days ago. He actually has zero self awareness. I don't care who wins now, watching convert have a looney tunes meltdown might be worth it.
  8. So many words from someone who doesn't care. Do tell how you are so well versed on alternative lifestyles.
  9. Things are so bad for convert he is digging up breaking news from 2016. Lol.
  10. That doesn't look like something a staunch moderate would write. Mug... converts been hacked.
  11. Good call. I'm going to check out the other polls you posted after the debate and then set @Del Scorcho straight.
  12. Why all the anger cupcake? You're a moderate who leans ever so slightly to the right. Right? Why do you care who claims to be GOP? No skin off a true moderate's back. Amirite?
  13. So you keep saying... Meanwhile you respond to a post I made to someone else w/o tagging you. Yep you don't read my posts much at all. Lol.
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