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  1. Lol. Got your back, convert. I bumped the 2010 Troll Derby thread in Coastie's Corner. You do realize that thread and all the other beatings you took back then are available for all to see. Punching Bag.
  2. Bump for revisionist history convert.
  3. And now it's hilarious that convert claims he was trolling the entire forum back then.
  4. There is something never written, said or thought before.
  5. Are you sure about JM? I heard he was leaning toward a career making films.
  6. Blues, convert and Poke call bullshit.
  7. I think the GSR is operating it now. They did not renew the lease of the previous owner when it ended after 25 years last summer.
  8. Yeah but remember how he nailed it with the QB transfer from Alabama? And you have to admit, he is unparalleled when it comes to analyzing long snappers. 3...2...1...
  9. When you are dazzling everyone in that many threads it's hard to keep the years straight.
  10. Ahhh....Thanks for the convert translation. If only I spent as much time here as he claims I would have realized it was poor forum etiquette to post pics out of season. My apologies to convert......truly the master troll.
  11. Wut? simple point on board posts & time Did you f that up? But again, good job on cutting back. Coming back in the middle of the night for a couple more hours just screams self control.
  12. Lol. Ok, you got 15 more minutes from me. That makes about an hour for the week. You?
  13. Oh...was that in your Master Troll heyday? Punching bag then...Punching bag now.
  14. Pretty sure this is one of the multi-paragraph, meandering messes P-Doc so accurately described. Seriously, I'm glad you are cutting down on your time spent here. Looks like I only was able to provoke you enough to spend several hours on this thread. Good job. And please Mr Punching Bag, tell me more about this research project. Lol.
  15. Might want to read the entire thread. Or maybe you did. Reading comprehension has never been your friend.