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  1. What exactly did Muss do in Logan that has your panties in such a bunch?
  2. Because it's Vegas, ph!!! Sometimes I wonder about your claims of a magnificent IQ.
  3. You're missing the obvious, ph. Miller gets out of Arizona ahead of the feds...and takes the step up to coach UNLV. Menzies replaces Muss and quickly returns Nevada to mediocrity. It's a win-win for you.
  4. You seem wound up a little too tight, tick-tock.
  5. Wild Bill still at USU? On the 15 year graduation plan?
  6. Edge to the fire extinguishers. They outnumbered the fans.
  7. You're not a good sock. Step it up next time...ummm, falcon?
  8. Not sure if you should be used for dishonesty but definitely for poor sockery.
  9. And this prompted you to join now why??? With so many MWC connections and all.
  10. Lol. Air Force fan who joined 8 hours ago to post about USU/Nevada and just so happens to have all sorts of connections with aggie hoops.
  11. Lol. So you keep saying. Your continued use of emojis is outstanding. Most adults don't have the capability you do in that arena. Any particular sites you learned that craft?
  12. Yet you keep trying, PB. Looks like you are trying to change the topic. We were discussing your obsession with children.