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  1. Is it Mumme? Read and heard the same thing about Rolo when he was the O.C. Maybe it's Mumme, maybe he is doing what he is told. Roll sure isn't running the same offense he did while at Nevada.
  2. No truth to the rumor 4UNLV was "helped" down a flight of stairs while visiting Reno. She still has full immunity in Northern Nevada.
  3. Well Mr 24/7, it took almost 20K posts but you finally wrote something funny.
  4. Middle of the night manifesto. Unraveling right before our eyes.
  5. That can't be convert. Doesn't fit his profile. I've read numerous times he is a moderate who leans just a hair to the right.
  6. Lol. Look at the time stamp. convert searching around at 1:29 am to find a week old post he wasn't involved in. You just can't help following me around, cupcake. In your head 24/7 without trying. That's at least the 2nd time you have posted those "lines" so I'm pretty sure they are convert originals. Do they ever work in the alternative lifestyle bars you frequent?
  7. Mmmmmm....morning coffee with a dash of convert tears....delicious. You seem to be unraveling a bit. You don't need to check here every couple of hours. Take a break, get some sleep. Spend some quality time with...well, I guess yourself.
  8. Lol. Thanks for proving my point. It must suck to be you. 24/7 message board warrior.
  9. Lol. Same lame convert. You respond minutes after I post and I'm obsessing? You been sitting by the keyboard all day just waiting for a response? Of course you have.
  10. Wow, that was a quick response, even for you. Pulling another all nighter on the board? Anyway, are you stupid? Don't answer that, it was rhetorical. I didn't post the original quote, you dope. I replied to two quotes you posted...and I quoted both. I clearly stated my opinion you were talking out of your ass again. Have a great message board day, convert. I see I just got another reply. Have to check that out later. Get some sleep, cupcake.
  11. Oh cupcake, your words are so hurtful. My viewpoint is you have no life outside the message board world. I base this on the sheer amount of time you spend on this board along with the quanity (not quality) of posts and the length of your mini-manifesto incoherent ramblings. Have you reached 20k yet?
  12. Consistent? Which is it. You saw the improvement in the field during the 2018 season...or go knew it 9 months before the season started? If you didn't make so much shit up you could keep better track of your lies, you big dummy.
  13. Does convert disappear from the thread now or double down with more lies?
  14. This. Ph12345's success rate went from zero to 100% using this tactic.
  15. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT win for the Spartans. My pick for best MWC non conference win this year. But don't get crazy....creeps is allowed nowhere near a Chuck E Cheese since The Incident.