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  1. Lol but you are dumb as a doorknob. You really should read your work before you hit send cupcake. Trying to bullshit who? No one else here cares. While it's easy pickings it is sport for me to make fun of you. Copy and paste? Me? You've literally wrote this same post dozens of times over the years...and yes...you do respond all the time. Part of the fun. You never answered...what's your post count now Mr Forum is my life?
  2. And cupcake comes through again. Jr High level smack talk...at best. About family too...yet he cries when he outs his sister on Facebook and then get made fun. Lol.I Let's analyze who the stalker really is. I'm responding to a notification from YOU while browsing the board. YOU came back in the middle of the night (again) and seached for a thread that died 2 days ago. Should we compare post counts Mr. 24/7?
  3. You never fail to deliver. Convert and coffee in the morning. Delicious. You came back to this thread 5 hours later for this? It would be scary to know how much of your time you spend on message boards. One would think you could tell when you're being ridiculed since your life revolves around the internet forum world.
  4. No emojis? I was trying to communicate in convertese. 😆😂😂😸😸😸💩👌
  5. What's to search, cupcake? You have described yourself as a slightly right leaning moderate. You actually are a far right nut job. Try and keep up.
  6. Exactly. Kind of like how a far right nut job like you defines himself as a moderate leaning slightly to the right.
  7. Lol. Need to step up your game, little sister. It's amazing you are so bad at this considering message boards are your life. Maybe your Jr High level smack is considered top shelf on your favorite white supremacist forum? Emojis on that site are probably spectacular.
  8. Point out my "whining & anger", cupcake. Lol. Is that what you call it when someone is making fun of you being a knucklehead? And I'm not judging you on your questionable taste in dress shorts...you be you. This post of yours really did bring out your feminine side. Are you finally coming to grips with your sexuality? Good for you if so. Work on that first and then we can revisit your racist feelings.
  9. Lol. That's it? Now get cleaned up a little before you catch the bus to the unemployment office.
  10. @Nevada Convert you've finally done it. Your compassion for the senseless death of this man without injecting your own slightly right leaning moderate political beliefs has convinced me you aren't a racist. Not really...still pretty sure you are.
  11. The government sent the info to @Nevada Convert at his underground bunker in Kansas. As soon as he has a chance to verify the material it will be released to the masses. Hopefully soon. He does have his library of bookmarked topics to wade thru but maybe he will bump this to the front of the line.
  12. Ah...the # 1 defense in the contard playbook. So you were trolling everyone because so many were defending the Jesse character? Sounds good....except "ripping" Jesse was the main focus of your original post in this thread. A thread you started, you big dope. Thanks for the morning laugh, cupcake.
  13. Well done, @Warbow. looks like you sent contard on a middle of the night meltdown with this thread. Good thing he is a fair minded moderate and not a Trump nut hugger or he would have really went off the rails. Hope the pics cheer you up, convert.