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  1. Miami, Ohio Bonus points for having both Miami teams? @NorCalCoug you are up. @Uncle Juan on deck @SJSUMFA2013 in the hole
  2. Took awhile but looks like we are caught up. @trl87 still has about 26 hours for 2 picks. Hopefully before that. @broncsrock still up after those.
  3. Arkansas State. @Rocket up @BestintheWest on deck
  4. Doesn't ULL go by Louisiana now?
  5. @4UNLV that was quick. 2013 snaked me on LT. I was going to pick the Bulldogs and show you these river pics with Stella. Guess I can't now.
  6. Well, that would have been better than the SJ threat. Tried to post a couple of pics of the river for you but couldn't get it to work in the PM. Will sneak them in here and tag you if I get the team I'm looking at.
  7. Nope. Gone already. @SJSUMFA2013 is up now. @NorCalCoug and @sean327 need to repick.
  8. I'm back and a big thanks to @4UNLV for getting my pick in. She is the best. Meanwhile... @NorCalCoug UAB was picked in the 3rd round. @sean327 still up.
  9. Yes, Miss st. was gone. @madmartigan needs to pick 2. I will be gone for a few days. @4UNLV will be making my pick.
  10. Doesn't matter to me but shouldn't @trl87 get 24 hours per pick? Everyone else does and I think that is how the other groups are doing it. It already came up earlier for @trl87and @Wapitipoke34.
  11. "Don't let ph12345 go to Montana" I said. "What could go wrong" you said.
  12. But this unnamed scientist shared this top secret info with your parents? Makes perfect sense. keep doubling down, you big dummy.