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  1. Hilarious. Middle of the night drunk posting is not your friend, cupcake. Did you think your first rant was so convertesque you tried to repost it 12 minutes later? And then...again.
  2. Lol. All those words...and nothing. Didn't answer either question with your gibberish. And it took you that long? Why do you keep bringing up family? Weird. Are you circling back around to the bet I offered and you ignored? You're soft.
  3. That's it? All the hours you spend here and all the posts you've made and this is still the best you can do? Lol. I hope you do better on your favorite political board. You know, the one for slightly right leaning moderates who love polls. 2 follow up questions...how many "best people" appointments has Trump made that are no longer serving? And why do you automatically assume everyone who thinks you are a buffoon is a lefty?
  4. Convert...our nation's symbol of class. I forget, who named Sessions AG?
  5. Possibly the most ironic statement ever posted on this board.
  6. Are you sure it wasn't just a STD you got from your mail order "bride", Pierre?
  7. One trick pony. How about that bet? You obviously have no idea about kids, but don't worry about mine. I can always have more if need be. What's your sister up to these days?
  8. Lol. Same old reply...and yet...here you were responding yet again shortly after I posted. So no on the bet? You are soooooo soft.
  9. Too easy. Did you ever respond to the donation bet I offered you? I probably missed it. It wouldn't be like you to make shit up then vanish from a thread.
  10. Wait...you're seriously trying to tell us you almost married a female? C'mon cupcake, troll derby is over.
  11. I guess I was mislead by the "police cartel" comment and then the statement he probably didn't know who the hell they were.
  12. Not a creeper. Not at all. Did her restraining order expire?
  13. Seriously? High speed chase. He tries to hijack another vehicle. With a shotgun. You choose to believe the PD did not identify themselves. You're right...damn that Police cartel. Although I wonder...what if that was your wife in the car he attempted to hijack?
  14. That's what you saw?