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  1. Hey, just like @Nevada Convert and others keep saying....no insurrection here. Just some slow motion pushing with no weapons involved. Basically just some patriotic tourists happy to be there.
  2. This year? Don't underestimate yourself.
  3. Has stunner been reincarnated as a UNLV fan?
  4. Been sparring with contard the magnificent for a long time. I would bet real $$$ that not only is he gay but he is in serious denial of being gay.
  5. Well...it was funny because it's true. Hopefully someday you can come to embrace your sexuality. Hiding who you really are seems to be taking a toll on you.
  6. You know that analyzing the hotness of females is not really your area of expertise, contard. You seem much more comfortable giving a blow by blow description of a penis.
  7. This has to be a case of you master trolling the board. Even the magnificent contard can't be this stupid.
  8. Ummm....great response? Please point out anything incorrect that I posted. I'll wait. BTW...Have you ever asked your shrink to diagnose your infatuation with all things related to male body parts?
  9. Hmmm....I thought the original time you told this story you had the reaction the second time you had to take the 1st Moderna dose? To recap: Due to your own health issues you study medical issues extensively. You deal directly with you doctor frequently. You don't think much of pharmacists. You have had Covid twice. You were fully vaccinated with Moderna despite knowing there are serious side effects not being reported to the public. You were called back to have the first Moderna dose a second time...AND...you did it without finding out why it was neede
  10. No argument he is bad at this. But he has been the same clown at least since he started posting on S & B years ago. His 24/7 posting plus sheer volume really tells me he has no other social life.
  11. Because you have a life. I seriously doubt he has much of anything outside of message boards.
  12. This thread is classic contard. It's just amazing how he can double and triple down on stupid.
  13. Not going to lie...too much fun not to engage with the big dope. Like I've said before, i enjoy reading this forum on a mostly daily basis. I just don't have the time to really interact with those of you that do. I've been clowning on @Nevada Convertfor over a decade...doubt that's going to change anytime soon.
  14. Expect a surge of posts by the magnificent contard. He is going to be empowered by the "Leaving Kansas" thread where multiple posters expressed thoughts he was being unfairly picked on.
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