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  1. Looks like Ian struck a nerve with the bitter little fella.
  2. My first thought was I was not surprised that was your first thought.
  3. She was warned several times the stairs could be dangerous if you were pushed from behind. Didn't listen.
  4. Pretty sure it's not the only closet he needs to come out of. He would be happier and not be such a bitter little fella.
  5. So you would take the advice of a dumb shit like contard over that of a medical professional? I'm not surprised.
  6. If you mean what I think you are trying to express...they certainly did.
  7. Interesting perspective coming from you @ashnel. Brandon Wimberley says hi.
  8. Just Aunt Jean's nametag? No link to her Facebook page?
  9. It was starting to look like contard had hacked into your account.
  10. ummmm....great post? LOL at Miss Direction.
  11. LOL. Did that really make any sense to you as you typed it? Interesting that with all your misdirection you never responded to the quotes. Same ole connie.
  12. Lol. Yes, misdirection. Called it. I see you still have your infatuation with male genitalia. I wonder what that's all about? LOL.
  13. LOL. Original post of the thread was pretty clear. Convert with misdirection in 3...2...1...
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