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  1. PackNation

    Operation Red Sea

    anyone notice how much longer and uninteresting convert's ramblings have become since his sister blocked him on facebook?
  2. PackNation

    Oh Laura Ingram and Fox

    what convert meant: I will now disappear from this thread as happy has kicked my ass yet again.
  3. PackNation

    ******Trump Approval Rating Back To 50%!!!******

    I've told you middle of the night posting is not your friend. another lonely night at the convert compound?
  4. PackNation

    ******Trump Approval Rating Back To 50%!!!******

    it's cute how hard you try.
  5. PackNation


    Don't want to click on the ad but I bet the "models" are creeps and convert decked out in matching dress shorts.
  6. PackNation

    Movie: Eye In the Sky

    Lol. how can one person get beat up so much. master troll??? Nah...punching bag. keep those manifestos coming, convert.
  7. PackNation

    Movie: Eye In the Sky

    That's it? Lol. One trick pony. nothing like a side order of convert tears to go with the morning coffee.
  8. PackNation

    Movie: Eye In the Sky

    Wow. You post like ph12345 jacked up on steroids.
  9. PackNation

    UNLV is Still The Flagship MW BBall Program

    Maybe. I watch a lot of Sooner games. Texas....nope. Is it a real network if no one watches?
  10. PackNation

    Back to Back Dreams

    Great story. Is she still tied up in your basement?
  11. PackNation

    The Vandal Guys Ought to Be Happy

    Wait....why did you threaten to kill someone who doesn't exist? And why would BC ban you for threatening a sock? Was this before or after your entire family was KIA?
  12. PackNation

    Hawaii makes 2.4 million on its TV deal

    2.4 Million dollars or 2.4 Million chickens?
  13. PackNation

    Is BYU ok with the status quo?

    I think that ship has sailed, Cincy. It appears NMSU has far surpassed BYU at this point. Maybe BYU and San Joser? Program quality appears about the same. Plus Stunner has told us BYU has severe attendance issues so there is another connector with Joser.
  14. PackNation

    UNLV to Join P5

    LOL. Just. Too. Easy. BTW...I only mentioned you....who is stalking who? Great story though.
  15. What is.... "A phrase never said about ph12345?"