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  1. You are a credit to SJS. That is why no Spartan fans take you seriously. By the way you never post on the site, why is that? Oh I know, everyone there thinks you are a tool. Anthony is Fales and you are too stupid to admit it. You are a non person and insults mean nothing to me. Anyone with no constructive criticism will usually post insults. You are the definition of stoooopid with your asinine posts. Love and kisses xoxoxooxo
  2. Jon

    Patrick Ewing Hired as Head Coach

    Dont forget your name is Anthony Rocca who used to go to SJS
  3. No but he fears getting butt fu....ed by Anthony Cincy and all the other monikers Anthony uses here, Remember Anthony, and be sure to ask for a reach around when you slip your wanger in his rear end. This is how you will get a staph infection.
  4. Sorry all of you Anthony fans I am my own creation and no one else I remember Anthony from the good old days when he had his own site and was kicked off the SJS site for his numerous monikers and his constant anti SJS posts which sound the same as on this site, If he looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck well he must be Anthonhy
  5. Cincy you and Fales are one and the same Why do you keep talking to yourself and answering yourself? Pretty schitzo if you ask me, You are one crazy sum of a bitch. You would be pretty fun on a date only if you could get one I bet you have not been with a woman in years physically or emotionally. Remember these words, FREE MENTAL HEALTH CLINIC JUST ROUND THE COURNER, It is free for you and you would still get a discount.
  6. Like coverage for your sex life, nothing, It must be sad to be so unattractive to anyone or anything when was the last time you had a date? Do you go out at all or do you stay in and read the SJS post to give you ideas. What a sad pathetic life you lead. Do you stay up nights crying yourself to sleep.. No social life, no dating, no sex life, no one likes me. Oh well at least I have my hand to give me pleasure at least
  7. Anthony, no body cares for your stupid posts either. You and your other monikers are the joke of this site, The only people who responds to your inane posts are yourself and your numerous monikers, I do also just to remind you that you are the biggest ass here. You troll SJS sites and pick out what you think are negative posts and post them here. I bet there is no one here that takes you seriously. Remember look up free mental health clinic and try on line dating without your picture.
  8. Jon

    SJSU has Yet to Win a Single MWC Tournament Game

    Anthony is the only person who can have a 4 way conversation with himself. Hello Fales, well hello Cincy well hello whomever, How are you doing? Fine I am fine so we all muust be fine, It must be fun jerking off with one hand from 4 people, I guess each finger represents each person, Fales is the forefinger,Cincy is the ring finger and on and on, Very confusing but I have to hand it to Anthony if he can keep all of his fingers straight, no pun intended,
  9. Jon

    SJSU has Yet to Win a Single MWC Tournament Game

    Anthony used to sell real estate in Soquel but who knows what he is doing. Obviously he has not enough time to work since he spends all of his time posting here. Oh by the wayCincy you too are Anthony So denying it does not help. By the way, that was a wonderful picture of you that was posted. like I said before it makes no difference to me if the rest of you dont believe me or Anthony denying it, He knows its true and so do I.
  10. Jon

    SJSU has Yet to Win a Single MWC Tournament Game

    Babigos is another joke, no one will talk to him on the SJS site, no one reads his site, and he never posts on the SJS site. He burned bridges by insulting SJS fans. Yes Cincy, Fales and probably Rogue are all Anthony along with Fresno fans that support his idiot posts. I think most posters here are smart enough to see through Anthonys posts. So beware. watch out for all posters who support Anthony , they are probably Anthony, He probably posts under other schools also. He had about 15 different names before being kicked off of the SJS site.
  11. Jon

    SJSU gets huge upgrade with new DL coach!

    Thats right Anthony Rocca, Cincy and about 4-5 other monikers you use. No one and I mean no one takes your posts seriously.
  12. Jon

    SJSU has Yet to Win a Single MWC Tournament Game

    One more thing, Anthony is known for using numerous monikers so when one sees Fresno fans agreeing with him or posing like him ie Cincy etc, it is probably Anthony. He used numerous monikers when he was with SJS. So posters beware of Anthony and his friends, They are all one and the same person Anthony
  13. Jon

    SJSU has Yet to Win a Single MWC Tournament Game

    I also have been trying to tell the truth about Anthony, Fales. His obsessive behavior should take notice to all of the posters here. Take all of his posts with a grain of salt.. To hold a grudge all of these years is the true definition of crazy. He sounds like a guy who obsesses about his old girlfriend and follows her all day to see who she is dating, He definitely needs professional help,
  14. Jon

    Fresno State Hires New Coach

    Try your left hand instead of your right hand, maybe you will have less stress.
  15. Jon

    SJSU's History in the MWC

    Just to let you know Fales, ie Anthony Rocca used to have a SJS website and wanted a job with the school. The AD turned him down and as a result he has had a major woody against SJS. He used to post under numerous monikers and was thrown off the site He is a joke and this this is why he has this obsessive behavior which borders on wacky no not borders it is wacky. The guy needs a blow job or sex to take his mind off of SJS. Any volunteers to relieve Anthony of his frustrations, I am afraid he will go postal before long,