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  1. SJSU can take their spot in the Big West.
  2. That’s like putting a $5000 stereo system in a $900 car.
  3. 49 mo for Hulu, Hulu Live, ESPN+ and Disney+ Not a bad deal
  4. Typical Padres. Act like you been there, wait NM.
  5. There should be a league rule that you can’t play NAIA, D2 or D1 RPI above 250
  6. I went with Hulu Live package for 59.99 a month with includes regular Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ ( my daughter is in second grade). It includes CBS sports and all the Fox channels. Also if your an insider of Sports247 for your message board you get CBS All Access for free. I stream through Apple TV and live in NYC(Manhattan)
  7. Coming from the whitest D1 school in America !
  8. Congratulations Rebels, great pickup.
  9. That’s a great commitment, Fresno was recruiting him for awhile but then went in a different direction.
  10. Hoser thanks for Courtney Morgan!!! He is the best player personnel hire we have had. Also USU/TexasTech for Julius Brown.
  11. I hope those predictions are correct! He is a beast, can play anywhere on the line.
  12. Of course you don’t, that’s the problem.SMH
  13. This would make more sense.
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