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  1. Really, UCONN isn’t the only team to leave. THe AAC/Old Big East has collected 100’s of millions in exit fees.
  2. Didn’t know what school he was from. But the facts remains the same. As far as the MW, I say SanDiego Fresno, Boise are trying the hardest. UNLV is building the facilities, just have to find the right coaches.
  3. This from a school in a league that has had more revenue from schools leaving your conference than TV revenue.
  4. Actually this would make a lot of sense if all 3 conferences were guaranteed a spot for the CFP for their league champs.
  5. I knew CalSpartan wasn’t being honest, that’s why I asked for a link. That makes more sense, thanks for posting. Just over 400,000 a year, every little bit helps.
  6. That’s. Funny since the Save Mart deal is one largest n the country.
  7. You should get your facts straight. We have 3 years of infrastructure that has to be done first, all payed for by the state. Plus turf being replaced as we speak.
  8. Don’t know but there has been talks between both schools about moves to secure there future away from this conference. Whatever happens they will have an exit strategy.
  9. Fresno and San Diego will be gone before her term of terror ends
  10. Such an eloquent response. I’m only asking because you use to pen some thought provoking posts but lately they have been rudderless and the troll derby hasn’t begun.