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  1. UNM to reduce sponsored sports?

    You have to have 6 men's sports to compete at D1, I believe every school in the MW has more women's team than mens.
  2. UNM to reduce sponsored sports?

    Fresno has 20, 8 men 12 women.
  3. Grand Canyon University

    The more I look into it GCU would be a perfect add once they gain Non Profit status. Their facilities are amazing, and basketball is on the rise and they fit perfectly in the MW geography.
  4. Fresno State Basketball Head Coach Finalists

    Yep, He nailed the Press Conference. Really engaging personality.Cant wait to see what recruits he brings in.
  5. Fresno State Basketball Head Coach Finalists

    Here we go, the three finalists all assistant coaches: 1.Gottleib - Oregon State 2. Hutson - SDSU 3. Johnson - Marquette
  6. Fresno Coaching Update

    Yes that is true. Would be a good get.
  7. Will Gonzaga join the MWC?

  8. Fresno Coaching Update

    Justin Hutson seems to be the front runner. Steve Fischer has already talked to our president and AD.
  9. Rodney Terry throws shade at Fresno

    And he new before he decided to leave that Gonzaga is coming for sure. Thats all you need to know.
  10. Late addition for Fresno State....

    Freaking Awesome!! Tedford is building something special.
  11. 10th Coach

    Which schools will be adding the 10th coach for football? I know Fresno State is.
  12. 2017-2018 coaching carousel

    His grandchildren are in Fresno, both sons have had jobs at Fresno state before Jeff arrived. He isn't going anywhere.
  13. Exactly, I have a suspicion that future of our programs are tied together. Either way both schools will be going to a better conference together.
  14. UC San Diego to join Big West

    Does this mean Bakersfield will be invited along with SJSU?
  15. Boise vs. Fresno v1.0 Game Day Thread

    Not so fast, I have it on good authority that Fresno will give the assistants big raises. Apparently the staff is committed to build this program and stay for a few years. None of the staff are social climbers,they want to learn from Coach Tedford and will wait for the right fit. The President and athletic department are making a serious push for the next round of realignment.