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  1. Late addition for Fresno State....

    Freaking Awesome!! Tedford is building something special.
  2. 10th Coach

    Which schools will be adding the 10th coach for football? I know Fresno State is.
  3. 2017-2018 coaching carousel

    His grandchildren are in Fresno, both sons have had jobs at Fresno state before Jeff arrived. He isn't going anywhere.
  4. Exactly, I have a suspicion that future of our programs are tied together. Either way both schools will be going to a better conference together.
  5. UC San Diego to join Big West

    Does this mean Bakersfield will be invited along with SJSU?
  6. Boise vs. Fresno v1.0 Game Day Thread

    Not so fast, I have it on good authority that Fresno will give the assistants big raises. Apparently the staff is committed to build this program and stay for a few years. None of the staff are social climbers,they want to learn from Coach Tedford and will wait for the right fit. The President and athletic department are making a serious push for the next round of realignment.
  7. Death of a partner

    My thoughts and pryers are with you and your family, especially your two children.
  8. San Jose wasn’t a rival until SDSU left for the WAC, our biggest rival is SDSU and HAWAII is the second. Boise has moved ahead of SJSU as our third most important rivalry. The last two games every year should be Hawaii second and SDSU should be last.
  9. I second it, we should play SDSU the last game in every sport,
  10. BYU at Fresno State

    There was water damage a couple of weeks ago.
  11. BYU at Fresno State

    What a bunch of Cheapshot Basrards😡
  12. Battle for the Oil Can

    Tedford won't forget that.
  13. Battle for the Oil Can

    Kind of horseshit Rocky accepting that Penalty for an untimed play.
  14. Battle for the Oil Can

    TBH it's all coaching, down to the GA's. The AD(boosters) gave him a much larger staff and recruiting budget.
  15. Battle for the Oil Can

    We have 41 new players on this roster.