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  1. Thats exactly right. Just like Kawhai di at SDSU.
  2. She is awesome! I went to school with her.
  3. Totally agree! I'm so excited for Stafford. Goff is such a wuss , when the team needed a first down he would run out of bounds instead of diving for the 1st down. On the other hand Stafford throw a game winning TD with a separated shoulder. Who is the better leader?
  4. I completely agree! 1 SUDS 2. Hawaii 3 Boise 4. JOSER
  5. Damn! We were after him hard and when he didn't sign with you in December we thought we had a shot. Then Alabama and Auburn came in late. Great p/u!!!
  6. I heard that also, which one did you hear?
  7. Loving this recruiting class! When all is said and done we will have the #1 recruiting class in the 2021 MW, GUARANTEED!!
  8. Hey idiot, black face has been used to denigrate Blacks for over 100 years. You should have paid attention in school!
  9. You two idiots will never get systemic racism. I’m surprised you weren’t in DC
  10. I hear that Petersen wants Choate and it’s a done deal. Have you heard the same?
  11. Carr is tougher! Who cares about the Raiders. Let’s go Rams!!!
  12. You only back in when you lose. Rams won, I hope Goff can’t play. He sucks and will never win a super bowl!
  13. Don’t be surprised if something similar to this happens. Apparently ESPN is willing to renegotiate the AAC contract with a Western wing that includes all sports. CBS/FOX may guarantee the current deal even if Boise leaves to keep from losing any other teams. This is a fluid situation. So Ibanez is correct movement is going to happen, we just don’t know how it will look. Another thing to keep an eye on is the playoffs going to 8. If the AAC pulls off a western wing then they would have a legitimate claim at a guaranteed playoff spot for the league champ. Six league champs plus two wild cards.
  14. Hearing Fresno/ SDSU make up is going to happen, probably on December 19
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