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  1. 1IvyDog

    Announced attendance vs. tickets scanned

    Paid tickets are a better indication of health of a programs. BIS include freebies and players families , which mask programs that have no community support.
  2. 1IvyDog

    Boise State Baseball Update

    Fresno and San Diego
  3. 1IvyDog

    Reno Gazette's top 40 MWC players

    It’s a crime that Muti isn’t listed.
  4. 1IvyDog

    2017 MWC NFL Salary by school

    The numbers are wrong. Carr is the second highest paid QB and Davante just signed a new contract
  5. 1IvyDog

    Fresno St. lands Utah transfer Chris Seeley

    Hutson is paying huge dividends on the recruiting front!🏀
  6. 1IvyDog


    Positive, it ends when the current TV contract ends and a new one is negotiated.
  7. 1IvyDog


    It ends with the current TV contract
  8. 1IvyDog

    Fresno St

    Yes, it’s his older brother
  9. 1IvyDog

    Fresno St

  10. 1IvyDog

    UNM to reduce sponsored sports?

    That's not true. NOW inquired at gender equity at the UC schools first. The reason they got a free ride is they had a plan in place achieve equity over time. The CSU system was dragging their feet and didn't have clue on how to achieve this so they were slammed. It's their own fault.
  11. 1IvyDog

    SJSU Facilities Improvements

    Wow! Literally just a field, there is actually no room for a stadium, maybe a few bleachers. Why did they put the field on such a small place? Also why turf instead of grass?
  12. 1IvyDog

    UNM to reduce sponsored sports?

    You have to have 6 men's sports to compete at D1, I believe every school in the MW has more women's team than mens.
  13. 1IvyDog

    UNM to reduce sponsored sports?

    Fresno has 20, 8 men 12 women.
  14. 1IvyDog

    Grand Canyon University

    The more I look into it GCU would be a perfect add once they gain Non Profit status. Their facilities are amazing, and basketball is on the rise and they fit perfectly in the MW geography.
  15. 1IvyDog

    Fresno State Basketball Head Coach Finalists

    Yep, He nailed the Press Conference. Really engaging personality.Cant wait to see what recruits he brings in.