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  1. Let me be clear. I have no problem with pro teams in general. Utah benefits a lot from the Jazz. But the Jazz, like the Golden Knights, built their own arena. It was only tax money for the land, and stuff. That's fine. But, I think the jury is out on if it was a great thing for Nevada to give BILLIONS to the Raiders. For what? 8 home games per year? Maybe Nevada is unique, in that it is the host of so many tournaments and events. So a major venue was needed to be able to host events. That could help bring events. But regardless. You can dis on Mormons a
  2. Yes, I've noticed this for a while. Compare Nevada to Utah. Both States have a similar sized population. Nevada has basically ONLY 2 schools. Look at how Nevada spends its money: UNR - 21,000 students, UNLV - 31,000 students Both schools are underfunded. They should both be higher academically too. Lots of Nevadans attend out of State for undergrad and graduate school, because both schools are lacking... The State won't fund these 2 flagships. Instead, Nevada throws billions at an NFL stadium, millions at a hockey venue, and other dumb projects.
  3. BEETLEJUICE @BSUTOP25 I'm not surprised you can't read.
  4. The new effort to stop speech they don't like. We apparently new NEW, ADDITIONAL laws? I guess the ones one books aren't strong enough? What new crimes do we need to create?
  5. Nevada is honestly a moronic State. They throw money to the PRIVATE OWNED Raiders with a tax payer funded Stadium. But then they don't invest in UNLV or the Universities in Nevada.... Henderson builds a stupid AAA Hockey arena for a PRIVATE OWNED team.. Why aren't they investing in actual State owned things, like UNLV and UNR.???
  6. Close the loophole!!! MEDIA: Google / Apple, we demand that you ban all podcasts from Republicans. Banning opinions we don't like is a matter of National Security on the War against Terrorism.
  7. Honestly, besides not being on campus (a big deal) Sam Boyd is not a bad college venue. UNLV playing at the Raiders Stadium is going to be a lot like Tulane playing at the New Orleans Saints stadium. It was terrible. Tulane is just now recovering.
  8. Big Tech (which Democrats are cheering on) is censoring Republicans.....we all see it. (Quick.... think of a Whataboutism about Republicans doing worse....) It is sad that the Democrats (who used to be for free expression and speech) are now cheerleading censorship because they think it helps them politically. The board is now loaded with Democrats who are cheering on Big Tech stopping view points (Dove'ish Ron Paul is dangerous...thank you for banning him Big Tech) "We cannot risk letting unpopular people persuade people with opinions we don't like...." --- D
  9. LOGIC: We shouldn't regulate the tailpipe emissions of car companies, because....they are private companies. They should be allowed to set their terms of service. If you don't like a car polluting, then go to a different car company. We shouldn't regulate chemical companies and industry....they are private companies. They should be allowed to set their terms of service. If you are unhappy that they are putting chemicals in your food, then buy different food.
  10. That is ridiculous. I agree. You have every reason to be annoyed. UNLV football atmosphere is bad enough, but this almost guarantees poor student support. Don't they realize that these football games are supposed to be fun and engage the students? Students will need binoculars to be involved. Your AD is a moron.
  11. Can you clarify. Where are they going to put the Student section if that endzone is closed?
  12. Why are the Palestinians and Palestinian journalists bitching about being silenced and censored by Facebook....... The Palestinians got what they paid for (those cheap bastards). If the Palestinians don't like that they have been silenced by Facebook, then they can start their own Facebook. It's a private company. Silence the Palestinians---they don't deserve an unpopular voice. /Sarcasm We cannot regulate private companies (Democrats 2021--- #NoMoreRegulations)
  13. We are a better society when we allow people to say things that we disagree with. (excluding, of course, obvious crimes) But certain segments of power don't want people with opposing views to express themselves, at the risk that they might be persuasive. What if a clown like Donald Trump gains a following!?!?!?!?! What if (God help us), a guy like Ron Paul says something that gains a following!!!!??? So... It is better to couch their speech that we disagree with as "National Security" and "Dangerous" and "Violence".....that way we can exclude them and prevent their speec
  14. "But you get what you pay for...." "so do not cry when your speech becomes a bad business decision." (i.e., nothing we can do about it....just sit back and let it happen)
  15. It's basically just another person trying to figure out a way to justify the speech suppression by Big Tech that we are currently seeing. You know... Democrats trying to explain why censorship is a good thing.
  16. It's not too late to save your grandkids!!! Hopefully they will befriend a local BYU fan amongst the kids in the neighborhood!!!
  17. Wish I had asked you for financial advice 5 years ago!!!
  18. Your Daughter sounds amazing! You are a lucky woman to have such an amazing, probably highly intelligent daughter!! We are are proud to include 4UNLV Jr. in our BYU ranks! More and more BYU fans keep emerging. This is great.
  19. This isn't good. Seems like we are getting very little snow this year. I'm hearing reports that Wyoming almost feels like San Diego. Colorado below average. Utah looking at snowpack shortfall. Californians might be relegated to flushing their toilets once a week again. Dead lawns in El Cajon. https://www.ksl.com/?nid=149&sid=134181 https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/main/co/snow/ https://www.sfchronicle.com/environment/article/Dismal-California-snowpack-is-bad-sign-for-water-15834768.php
  20. @4UNLV is a closet BYU fan. I need to get her a BYU shirt.
  21. @RebelRobert is rough around the edges, and probably bad with money, but he's my third favorite UNLV fan. He called Las Vegas / UNLV getting an NFL stadium over 10 years ago. Guy is a legend. Only Rebels fans ahead of him in the rankings are: 1. @Rebels18. Financial genius. Singlehandedly got Dave Rice fired (he's the most powerful, influential UNLV fan I've ever encountered) 2. @Yellow Evan. Guy is amazing UNLV fan. A true Rebel.
  22. MWC backfills by adding 1. UTEP 2. NM State
  23. WCC backfills by adding 1. Seattle 2. School of Mines @OrediggerPoke 3. Cal Baptist
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