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  1. The Big West needs to add San Jose State for the gym floor, alone.
  2. https://nypost.com/2015/04/12/mindy-kalings-brother-explains-why-he-pretended-to-be-black/ Why I faked being black for med school
  3. Jill is accomplished, but I think her resume is probably below Kim Kardashian West. Kim Kardashian West has started and owns a billion dollar Cosmetics company, and also broke the internet once.
  4. I already did. Every US Senator has a voting record. Every Vice President has an administrative record. Both guys have given speeches on various wars while in office. We of course can actually check on how Joe Biden and Donald Trump voted / took action on certain wars. WAR!!!!
  5. I have to give Las Vegas's Mayor, Carolyn Goodman credit. She was publicly bashed and belitted by the news, including that twat Anderson Cooper, who claimed she was going to get everyone in Las Vegas killed. Complete hysteria and hyperbole by CNN, at the expensive of people's livelihoods. But, she took one of the team, and argued that Las Vegas could open back up if people took reasonable safety measures, like wearing masks. That has now happened. Of course, Anderson Cooper has completely ignored that fact and moved on to the next Donald Trump-related story.
  6. At the Job of "First Lady", and representing America. I'll admit...HAWWWWT looks is also a factor (Michelle Obama had great arms). Any of the four could be our First Lady for the next 4 years (Donald Trump has 2 First Ladies)
  7. Beg your pardon? Don't we also have "hard data" on Joe Biden (a former US Senator and Vice President)? Kanye, I'm not as sure.
  8. Do you think Trump will win Nevada? Not sure if the redneck vote will push him to victory or not. Pahrump and Minden are key for Trump, IMO.
  9. I struggled with deciding this one. Lots of quality choices. Age and hair color played a factor in my decision, as it will in the Presidential Election.
  10. You might have a point on that... But the Poll is: "Who is the bigger Warmonger".
  11. Joe Biden is running away with this poll, though... I mean, the guy loves war. I can't think of a war that Joe Biden ever opposed. He also was a strong supporter of starting more wars. (Might be those Rambo movies from the 1980s, I really don't know....)
  12. Sean, I have a related Warmonger poll. Both guys have issues when it comes to our troops.
  13. Not a terrible take. You might be right.
  14. The question wasn't whether both are racists. The question is who between the two is the BIGGER racist.
  15. I really couldn't stand the guy. Seemed like he'd do anything to get elected. Then I found myself feeling sorry for him. Remember when Trump called his wife ugly (unfairly posted an unflattering picture), and accused his dad of being in league with Castro, and part of the group that assassinated JFK? No worse feeling than feeling sympathetic toward Ted Cruz.
  16. The beard somehow changed my view of Ted Cruz, and I'm not sure how. He was a major asshole back in 2016... then he grew the beard, and I now view him as just sort of an asshole.
  17. Agree 100%. Plus, it is disturbing just how much social media is encouraging narcissim. Are people living for, and enjoying the moment, or are they trying to create a story board with their camera and video, to get likes on social media? It is trending worse... Only food that I ever found worth sharing on social media was HODAD's, and that is self-explanatory (those Burgers are a religious experience).
  18. Princeton might be fined and punished by the Government if they confirm these admissions of Racism. Violation of Title VI and the Civil Rights Act.
  19. EXCLUSIVE: Education Department opens investigation into Princeton University after president deems racism 'embedded' in the school https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/exclusive-education-department-opens-investigation-into-princeton-university-after-president-deems-racism-embedded-in-the-school The Department of Education has informed Princeton University that it is under investigation following the school president's declaration that racism was "embedded" in the institution. President Christopher L. Eisgruber published an open letter earlier this month claiming th
  20. Still odd that @sactowndog went full CCP, and tagged a bunch of individuals that he deemed need a "Struggle Session", to admit their guilt, and publicly disavow Trump, and switch to Biden. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Struggle_session Not voting for Trump or Biden.... Voting for Kanye. Kanye is the candidate most closely aligned with BYU fans. He is religious, and pro-life. He is an entrepreneur. He is a family man. He dislikes Taylor Swift and her music. And, if he starts wearing a BYU hat around, I predict that he could win the Mormon vo
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