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  1. HA! You kidding? A Ute "Fan" starting more BYU threads on the MWC Board. This is great! The more BYU Chat, the better, IMO.
  2. We are seeing it play out in this thread... Expand BYU enrollment, please. We don't need more damaged BYU obsessed posters like this guy ^^^
  3. Washington never had an open game to play. They've been preparing for Utah this week, because everyone knows ASU was never going to play. Half ASU's team has COVID. BYU is avoiding a Thursday cancellation and some wasted money. Hopefully BYU can find 1 or 2 additional opponents. But Kudos to Tom for finding as many games as he has. Some schools out west have barely played any.
  4. Shocking, totally unexpected:
  5. Supposedly a modern art piece that the artist secretly set up, to make a "statement" of some sort. Looks like a possible Star Trek Episode.
  6. If that's the criteria, I agree. No way BYU can finish top 4. Just enjoy it for what it is.
  7. Pass on the PAC12. They are the worst P5 Conference, and are recently relegated to arguing with the AAC fans about who has the better conference. PAC12 or AAC? @Did I hear a WOOSH? Besydes... Washington will be playing Utah this Saturday. ASU can't play this Saturday.
  8. I mean, you tried for years to "own" San Jose State fans, and never seemed to catch on that you completely failed and always looked dumb doing it. Weird San Jose State obsession. So makes sense that you are blind to Del Scorcho looking dumb too.
  9. ^^^ This poster has BYU Derangement Syndrome.
  10. ^^^ Too many "Ute Fans" like this guy. Expand BYU enrollment now so we don't get more cases like this. We need an additional 10,000 students.
  11. Washington is playing Utah this weekend. They aren't even available.
  12. If John David and Tom can get this done...it gives both schools scheduling flexibility for December. Hmmm...
  13. ^^^ He's the best in the business. @Fowl
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