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  1. Most USU fans are excited to watch BYU football games. It's why everyone calls USU "BYU Jr.". USU fans obssess about BYU. Only way to fix this obssession phenomenon with USU fans is for BYU to expand enrollment from 30,000 to something more like 60,000. Sure, USU enrollment would drop, but people would be happy.
  2. Ha... That would be funny. With the way Boise fans support their team, I could also see them scheduling a few neutral games in Las Vegas. A Boise vs SEC game in Las Vegas might be fun.
  3. Fair point. BYU will just have to schedule neutral site games in Las Vegas at UNLV's new Raider Stadium. We play Arizona in Las Vegas in 2021. Holmoe hinted that more Las Vegas games are on the way.
  4. We wouldn't mind playing Texas (easy win for BYU). But Texas Christian always kicks our ass.... too much speed in Fort Worth!!! BYU plays Baylor in a few years.. Luckily, Baylor is no longer allowed to cheat, so we might have chance against them!
  5. Please accept this post as a public request for a 10 game football series between UNLV and BYU. Come on UNLV.... you won't regret it! I promise that BYU will bring 10,000 fans to a UNLV home game (which would be quadruple UNLV's normal home attendance). Do we have a deal UNLV!?!?!
  6. Can you please relay this message to the PAC12... Better yet, the BIG12 (which still plays quality football).
  7. No offense, but I think you might be dealing with a raging BYU Boner (its happened to a lot of us, including almost every USU fan). I fail to see your point. How is BYU scheduling Boise and USU in football somehow "BYU acting like it is a member of the MWC"? BYU also has games against the PAC12, SEC, Big Ten....does that mean BYU is "acting like a member of those conferences", and unfairly "reaping benefits" that belong to their conference members? Simply because it scheduled some football games? I guess you are similarly upset that Notre Dame has annual games scheduled against USC and Stanford. Don't USC and Stanford realize they are being victimized by Notre Dame!?! Give it a rest. It's a 4 hour football game, once a year. Any school can schedule whoever they want. Just enjoy the game. A sold out stadium with interested fans is a lot more fun than an empty one
  8. How did you come to the faulty conclusion that BYU and Boise negotiating with each other, and mutually agreeing to schedule each other in a football game, somehow amounts to BYU "exploiting" or victimizing Boise? You really think BYU has that much power over Boise?? Why? You need to drop the victim analysis. These are simply two schools that wanted to schedule each other. It brings a lot of money in for BOTH schools---not just BYU. It's a fun game for fans. ESPN loves it. And both sides are fully aware of the other (BYU is an Indy, Boise in the MWC). I realize that BYU is the most popular, most discussed, most watched, most tweeted, most exciting, and most followed school in the MWC. But, it is probably not going to rejoin anytime soon---Wyoming said no. So, because of Wyoming's stance, the MWC schools will need to schedule BYU OOC, and frequently on MWC rivalry weekend.
  9. But the thing is, Boise and BYU are already providing the networks (ESPN) with marketable games in September. Both schools play a lot of P5s in September and are on national TV. That's why, currently, it made more sense to play in October or November.
  10. Very interesting news. Don't know what to think of it. Maybe a best of the rest plan hatching with Boise, BYU and ESPN, after the next realignment?
  11. USU games - Stadium TV / Facebook BYU games - ESPN Boise games - ESPN
  12. That's cool that you shared your personal fantasy about BYU.... but I don't think BYU will ever get that close of ties with USU----the Trucking Degree USU offers doesn't really fit. Even Boise dropped that. Only USU does that now. https://www.usu.edu/degrees/index.cfm?id=229
  13. Now that the new 10 year deal is done with Boise... Let's not hold back. I want a minimum 6 year, home and home deal with Wyoming (10 years would be too cold at that elevation).
  14. Assuming what? Boise's Indy TV contract with ESPN pretty much assures that Boise will be good for a long time.