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  1. Think of it like this... If Hair Thompson negotiates a similar 12 year deal, for $2M less per school, per year, over the life of the 12 year deal, the 11 team MWC will make $264M less than the AAC.
  2. The ABC, ESPN, and CBS exposure will help somewhat.
  3. It will be interesting to see how big BYU's, Boises's and the MWC's TV deals end up. This might be an opportunity for the AAC to poach a couple Western schools.
  4. This should solidify UConn in the conference. Only bad thing about the new deal is ESPN+. It might hurt the conference exposure, and limit viewership to existing fans. Boxing killed itself to getting new fans in the younger generation when it switched to a pay per view model.
  5. Wasn't that a deal for when the Big East had W. Virginia, Rutgers, Louisville, and the Catholic Schools? Deal went down in value after they left.
  6. True..... But.... When is the Big East contract up for renewal?
  7. The schools owning their tier 3 rights has been a great thing for the WCC. It'd be great for the MWC as well (better than the MWC Network). MWC Network can still stream all games out of market. AFA, WYO, CSU, and maybe even Denver can package sell their rights together, to Altitude. Great idea.
  8. Your spin is that the AAC just signed a new 12 year deal roughly equivalent to what BYU signed 7 years ago, so that this somehow means something about BYU? Also....nice to see you backing away from your nonsense assertion that ESPN already passed on signing a new deal with the AAC, BYU and Boise.... Reality Check: Congrats to the AAC. Expect BYU to announce a new deal with ESPN in June, at its media day. That ESPN just gave the AAC a big raise is great news for BYU.
  9. The WCC already signed a new deal with ESPN last week. Tier 3 rights in the WCC are still owned by the individual schools. Now all BYU has to sign is another ESPN deal for football. And it will be locked in for the next, whatever years....
  10. I guess "beautiful" is relative... Some people like living in Stockton and Fresno. More power to them.
  11. You still mad that USD got an NIT bid, and Fresno got passed over? Maybe next year.
  12. SJSU should join the WAC. It's their only really option. The Big West and the Big Sky are already too big, and have no desire to expand further for basketball. And honestly, the WAC is turning out to be a decent basketball conference. SJSU and its athletes would have more fun in the WAC. SJSU could then either kill football, or join the Big Sky as a football only member.
  13. I'm hearing word that Dave Rose has purchased a house in Las Vegas.