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  1. This says that Memphis State's athletics budget is $42M. You are correct. Memphis spends a lot on basketball. Do you all rent your arena? https://ope.ed.gov/athletics/#/institution/details
  2. Memphis has recruited amazing talent.... But how is their basketball budget? I know that most of the AAC have relatively tiny basketball budgets....but if Memphis can get boosters on board, they could get it up to the Big East level.
  3. That's the GROSS payout. What about the NET? Sure....Aresco has promised that it will be all volunteers , students and interns that run the AAC TV production. Said he's going to have schools do the next 12 years as low budget as possible. But you can understand why people have their doubts. And if the next MWC deal is a NET payout of $5M per year, it will essentially be the same as the AAC. Especially since the cost of living is cheaper out west.
  4. Been saying this for years. The key to SJSU athletics emerging is embracing China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan. Basically, developed Asia. They need to start by pursuing basketball. Hire a head coach with extensive ties to China. Get a Chinese or Korean company to build a new basketball arena. Their President and AD are both incompetent. They should probably hire a School President from Asia too.
  5. We'll see. Doubtful. But you guys still haven't explained the low fan attendance in the AAC. It's too small to consider the AAC as "big time".
  6. Why are you too ashamed to post the AAC basketball budgets compared to the Big East?
  7. The new AAC deal is NET $5M per year.... The AAC Commissioner claims he can get it back up to $7M by having volunteers, students and interns run the TV production. Said he's going to have schools do the next 12 years as low budget as possible. You seem to be a true believer. I guess we'll see if he can deliver. Maybe they can film on a cell phone? Some new phones have nice cameras.
  8. Compare the Big East Basketball budgets to the AAC basketball budgets and get back to me. The Big East doesn't need to fund G5 football like the AAC. The AAC has a new ESPN contract to fund all sports.
  9. Yes... You AAC fans are all trying to delude yourselves into thinking you are above the MWC. But you all have small fanbases. The AAC schools' average attendance is slightly smaller than the MWC. I mean, congratulations on getting a new 12 year NET $5M TV deal (BYU got a $5M "football only" deal 9 years ago).... but it doesn't change the fact. The AAC = MWC.
  10. The basketball budgets of the Big East are much larger than the AAC. The AAC has to use most of their TV money to fund their G5 football programs. Big East doesn't do this (hence their basketball budgets being larger). I mean, what's the average basketball and football attendance in the AAC? Like 6,000 for basketball and 25,000 for football? If that's not G5, I don't know what is. Not sure why the AAC fans are trying to delude themselves into thinking they are an elite basketball and football Conference.
  11. Not sure why so many AAC fans are trying so hard to convince the MWC board the AAC is better than the MWC. But....sorry. the AAC and MWC are like identical twins. I mean, the AAC was worse fan attendance than the MWC. But the schools in the AAC are identical caliber to the MWC.
  12. Big East, yes. No one else views the A10 or AAC as big time Conferences. Solid Conferences, but not Power Conferences.
  13. There's a brand new Costco in Fort Collins.