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  1. #1Stunner

    Sorry guys

    #BYUbeatBoise #StayWoke
  2. #1Stunner

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    Utah obviously doesn't have as much diversity as California, but I'm telling you, that whoever told you that there are huge racial tension in Utah doesn't know what they are talking about. And the Mormons aren't out to get the Jews----probably the opposite. Is there racism like all places? Yes.... Is it a big problem? No. Utah is the West. Like all Western States, there isn't really a huge race problem. It's not like the KKK is running around.
  3. #1Stunner

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    Your friend's story is odd. He was afraid (with no basis) that that people would be prejudiced against someone with a Jewish last name in Utah, and not do business with them? He must have mistaken Utah with some other place.... Remember, a lot of people in Utah have lived in foreign countries (the recipe to intolerance is being exposed to different cultures). Tons of Mormons (like @Jack Bauer ) speak Spanish, and have lived in foreign countries. I wouldn't be surprised if @AndroidAggie and @madmartigan speak Spanish as well. Because of that, they aren't afraid of foreign cultures. And moreover, they actually understand and enjoy foreign cultures. They also respect people believing differently from them... I don't think there is nearly as much racial and cultural segregation in Utah as in California. Mexicans in Utah don't all just live in one place. Is there racisim and intolerance in Utah like in all places---yes. But it isn't the huge deal that you seem to be inferring. This vibe that non-Mormons in Utah are all afraid of not getting hired, which you are suggesting exists, does not exist. Maybe the bad thing in Utah is that people hire their friends----more nepotism than anything.
  4. This is a separate football deal, apart from the one we already have scheduled. Sometimes these things fall through, though. And it could be nothing.... So who knows. But there is a rumor out there, and coming from multiple BYU sources. Could possibly be that Mexico game that the SDSU AD wants, but not sure.
  5. BYU fans would outnumber SDSU fans 2 to 1 at a Tijuana game. And the BYU fans at the game would almost all be from Tijuana. Itd be a BYU home game. This Tijuana game will be historic. Probably national news in both the US and Mexico. I could see it broadcast OTA on Telemundo.
  6. I'd forgotten about the Tijuana game. Let's get it done!!! There are thousands of BYU and SDSU fans living in Tijuana that want this game!!!!
  7. #1Stunner

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    Too much identity politics. I don't see Utah really trending liberal, and that doesn't really have that much to do with the Mormon population or race. The Hispanic population in Utah is probably majority Republican.
  8. #1Stunner

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    Yes, demographics are changing in California, but are they really changing in places like Utah, Idaho, etc, etc? Remember, those smaller states have the exact same political power as California, when it comes the the Senate. And Orrin Hatch is retiring....and will be replaced by Mitt Romney (an old white guy).
  9. Friends, I'm hearing rumors of another BYU vs SDSU series being negotiated. Also independently confirmed today by another BYU poster. Might depend on what the new MWC TV deal looks like, and if Hair Thompson gets the MWC to go exclusively with STADIUM and FACEBOOK for the next TV deal. You heard it here first!!
  10. I'll give them credit for those Neutral site games. Playing Georgia at the Atlanta Falcons stadium is basically a road game. Also, I give Boise a lot of credit. They have scheduled BYU home and home for the entire time we've been Indy. It's appreciated. I wish we had a similar deal with Hawaii.
  11. Most of those "neutral" games for BSU were actually road games, at NFL stadiums near the team they were playing.
  12. #1Stunner

    A New Low In Cable “News” Channels

    What? Seriously, what??? Are you talking about Connie Chung?
  13. #1Stunner

    A New Low In Cable “News” Channels

    It was pretty good until about 5 years ago. Then CNN went full "Fox News", because they couldn't compete. Not sure if it is paying off for them or not.