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  1. Response from the #1Stunner

    OK. That'll do. Goodnight, and Good Luck!
  2. Response from the #1Stunner

    I think that podcast is already taken, by that Steve Aztec guy. Besides, if I did a non-BYU podcast, it would be about USU. Cause I like the Aggies, and they are under-served.
  3. Donald Trump. What a douche. (but that guy is money....never provides and end of things to post about) Dollar Bills!!!
  4. Response from the #1Stunner

    I am going to start a Radio Show to discuss the Aztecs. Will you support it by listening to the show?
  5. Response from the #1Stunner

    I'll answer questions for the next little bit: Ask away. Also, I may make the #1Stunner Account open source, available to all (you'd be able to read @Jack Bauer board messages to me, complaining about Utes).
  6. Response from the #1Stunner

    Brethren, As some of you know, with the board having become less popular, and now mainly just the purview of divorced, single men, who post about Trump (board died when @hickaggie left in protest), and with the recent passing of @roswellcoug, I don't post here any more. Yes, I have looked at the board, on occasion, but don't plan to return. At least not until a neutral site basketball game between Boise and BYU is announced at the pending Idaho Falls Auditorium Arena (but that is neither here, nor there). That said, I was contacted by one of you yesterday on my private, real email (don't know how you got it), asking if I'm running a sock known as Gabe H. Cuod, or any other socks. The answer is definitive NO. Sorry, I am not Cuod. And yes, I am bothered that one of you emailed me somehow. That said, I did bother to look and see who @Gabe H. Cuodis. It took all of 2 minutes, and I'm personally insulted that you guys thought this was me, and that none of you called the real Cuod out. Since when do I ever argue that the ACC > MWC??? Since when do I post homemade memes??? Since when do I argue for a CUSA merger with the MWC? I am a man of principle and argue for the WCC, and for AFA to immediately join the WCC along with the U of Denver. Now, What everyone wants to know (which is already public knowledge if you simply google it): @Gabe H. Cuod = @FormerFrog And since this turd is ruining the hallowed name of #1Stunner on this board, he can be found here (which also took me all of 2 minutes to find on twitter):
  7. bad tv year for BYU

    Lily what? Stick to the Queen's English, please. I'm not nearly as smart as you, and when you use fancy words like that, I have no idea what idea you are trying to communicate. That's my only humble request.
  8. bad tv year for BYU

    Where? Wyoming? So many short people in that State....
  9. bad tv year for BYU

    BIG12, as it currently is formed, SUCKS. I have no interest in joining the BIG12. Terrible driving destinations. It would be terrible to have to play some of those schools in football every year. I'm all in favor of scheduling them often as an Indy, though (wouldn't mean playing the same teams every year). BYU already has a $60M+ athletics budget as an Indy, so it is already P5 size anyway. Already has P5 facilities. Has a $1.6B Endowment. Actually competes for National Championships in Men's and Women's sports (something in-state Utah has never done). So, the only downside of Indy is scheduling more P5 opponents, and some more money (but not a huge budget increase for BYU). Big Whoop. More money is not going to change the caliber of BYU's recruits. We recruit Mormons. BYU's future schedules are getting more loaded with P5 games anyway. And BYU wouldn't be able to compete in a P5 conference in basketball. So, better to build the WCC and stay Indy for now. The Big12 has too many mediocre schools outside of Texas and OK.
  10. bad tv year for BYU

    We've heard this "tough guy" talk from Utah before. They "hardly every think about BYU anymore", and "will never play BYU in football and basketball again". That will show BYU!!! They do it for like one year, until their rich boosters get mad and make Doctor Hill, Phd schedule BYU again. The only Ute fans that think that Utah is never going to schedule BYU ever again are the Ute fans with no money. It's like they forgot that Mormon power players live in Utah and will make a call to Utah's AD, at the request of BYU donors. HINT: Jon Huntsman runs with the same circle as BYU's donors.
  11. bad tv year for BYU

    Ute Fans: "We hardly think about BYU anymore." ....sees a BYU thread, and runs over to start posting about BYU. BYU and and UTAH fans have something in common. Both fanbases spend a lot of time thinking about BYU athletics. This is why BYU is always such a big deal in Utah. Ute fans love watching BYU as much as BYU fans do. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2712570-ranking-every-state-by-their-college-football-teams FBS Programs: 3 (Utah, BYU, Utah State) 2016 Record: 21-17 Bowl Percentage Last 4 Years: 83.3 Similar to Kentucky, Utah has two good schools to watch and one less appealing option. BYU is the cream of the crop with 12 straight bowl games and at least eight wins in six consecutive years. Moreover, as an independent program, the Cougars do their damage against a wide range of competition. Last year, they faced opponents from four of the five power conferences, giving the viewers in Utah a chance to see teams from all over the country. That wasn't factored into their score, but it's a nice perk to consider. The Utah Utes have also been solid lately, winning at least nine games in each of the past three seasons. They slipped into a bit of a nadir after transitioning from the Mountain West to the Pac-12, but it didn't take long for them to become a legitimate contender in a power conference. They have been ranked in the final AP Top 25 in three straight years. But after a brief surge to the top of the Mountain West standings, it has been a trying couple of years for Utah State. The Aggies won 10 games in 2014 before going 9-16 the past two seasons. Maybe they'll bounce back a bit this year, but they're at least temporarily the reason Utah isn't a top-five state for CFB purposes.
  12. bad tv year for BYU

    Karma's a bitch, right? #safteyfirst #80K #hardlythinkaboutBYU Try to screw over the largest fanbase of the most popular University in Utah, and guys in power, like Greg Hughes, will push back. Who didn't see this pushback coming? Maybe Dave Rose secretly called Greg Hughes (tin foil hat). If you think an accounting audit of a tax payer funded public institution is a moral violation of "higher standards", then I don't know what to tell you. The reality is Greg Hughes's constituants (Utah taxpayers) have a say in how the University of Utah is run and held accountable. If you don't like it, then transition to being a private school.
  13. BYU vs NMSU

    Great point. Idaho = BYU property.
  14. bad tv year for BYU

    It's surprising that there wasn't a high level audit in place a lot sooner. I disagree with the idea that auditing State institutions is an abuse of power. The State should be auditing all State institutions, to see how they are spending their money, including Utah. The State of Utah is famous for embezzlement and white collar crime....audits can uncover this stuff.
  15. bad tv year for BYU

    Once again, Hughes had an easy way to make this about the State of Utah (not BYU). He simply focused on the fact that Utah is running out, scheduling out-of-state schools in basketball and football, and not scheduling Weber State and USU (those are his words, not mine). The focus is "why is Utah giving an out-of-state school $1M for a football game, and not Weber State?" Or....why is Utah scheduling a home and home with Northern Illinois, and not USU? He used this as the basis for an audit, arguing that State funds should not be used to benefit out of state schools. If Utah had simply scheduled USU and Weber occasionally, he wouldn't have a leg to stand on. You are seeing Utah now running to schedule a basketball event in Salt Lake because of it.