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  1. Mug said he strictly shops at Scheels. Gets his wolfpack gear in Sparks.
  2. I don't think that's correct. She's more liberal than Biden: https://www.politico.com/2020-election/candidates-views-on-the-issues/tulsi-gabbard/
  3. Problem is, Nevada appears to abandoned their tradition for this:
  4. Nevada should embrace Top Hat Wolf, and somehow make a new mascot / logo with that. It's a lot more fun, and could look really cool. The current "thing" just isn't impressive.
  5. We could have elected a Hawaiian this election (which would have been historic---a woman of color). Now we have Trump and Biden. YIKES!!!!!!
  6. I agree it was a legitimate target for protest, and should be the center of the protest. And it can be very demonstrative and disruptive. I think Hong Kong protesters tried to shut their city down to make a point. But for Minneapolis, I would discourage anyone from vandalizing it, or setting fire to it, or causing harm to police officers. Because the risk if you get caught, is you will be charged with a very high level felony. Arson, Burglary, Robbery, Larceny, are not low level crimes. I supposed if you get convicted and get a 20 year jail sentence, the Governor or President could pardon you, but that is really gambling. Quoting MLK is not a defense to committing a felony.
  7. I don't disagree with you that the cops were outrageous, and should be charged with murder. But committing felonies in response???.... some of these people might end up being cell-mates with the cops who did this. Imagine that.... I don't think the court is going to ignore felonies, because they felt sympathetic that some people were mad. Arson, Robbery, Burglary. Larceny. Those are all felony crimes, I believe. These young people, caught up in the moment, are risking 20 year prison sentences.
  8. Anyone who gets caught doing that will be charged with a felony. Arson. Those people risk going to prison for a long, long time. Most look like young people. Who wants to go to prison for 20 years, for acting foolish in your 20s?. It is very foolish, it is not a good idea, nor is it justified. There are better ways to protest and be heard than committing felonies, and risking long prison sentences.
  9. There is justification for protests and civil disobedience. (look at Hong Kong, most recently). There isn't justification for destroying innocent people's property, or causing them harm. It seems like some of the people are being opportunistic to steal and vandalize.
  10. I kind of disagree with your last statement. Simply because in the rush to point the finger at someone, the rioting mob could accidentally misidentify someone, and that person (if they have been misidentified) could have their life and family's life be placed in jeopardy. People need to let things play out, and not make assumptions on who this is---I am not saying you are doing this. But thinking about the Atlanta Olympics guy (but with a mob doling out justice), this can get bad...