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  1. Thank you to @mugtang. See you around. Good luck and goodnight.
  2. Move them to Canada and call them to the Vancouver Eh's
  3. The A's in Las Vegas would draw even more attention away from UNLV.
  4. The more you look at this, they really need to stay in Oakland... Why doesn't some ultra rich guy from Apple or Google buy the A's, and build a nice stadium?
  5. Wow... Looks like they really only Las Vegas or Portland is in play.... I guess they could also do Vancouver Canada. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/vancouver-generating-buzz-as-oakland-as-contemplate-move
  6. Generally I agree that SLC probably can't / won't support MLB at this time.... The statistic depicts the average attendance at Major League Baseball games from 2009 to 2020. In the 2019 season, the average attendance at the games in Major League Baseball was 28,317
  7. I would think that they would want to put any MLB team right by the Las Vegas Strip. Summerlin is probably too far away to attract tourists.
  8. I would probably agree with you about Las Vegas, but I suspect that they would get a lot of Las Vegas "road trip" fans from the opposing teams, which would help their attendance. Plus, the tourists might go. At least that's what I've heard benefits the Las Vegas Gold Knights so much. Portland, I'm not sure that they care about Sports that much anymore. Portland dumped their Triple A baseball not too long ago. Maybe Nike (out of Beaverton) could make it happen? What about the Athletics moving to San Jose?
  9. ^^^ this guy gets upset that I have to cite a rag like the NY Post to find something providing a critical analysis of the sacred Critical Race Theory... Umm... Did you think I would find a critical source on MSNBC or something? Maybe Mother Jones? Also....take note. He doesn't address the content of the article, just the source. (Attack the source, not the arguments). And this Graduate Student calls me lazy?!?!
  10. My bad... I was thinking Brothers, or maybe Burns.... Got them mixed up. Forgive my Idahoan ignorance.
  11. Honestly, it is much, much more fun to make this argument to the left (on this board), since this is mostly a board of group think, where people share the same exact political beliefs. Poor Bob----It's usually Bob vs the Quorum of the 10 Democrats on here. Its fun to play devil's advocate, and poke the groupthink. But, yes, to answer your question, the Right Wingers definitely mislabel and caricature the left. I've seen it in my own family. Someone says they are going to march to commemorate the right of women to vote (Liberals), and the Right Winger in the family posts a rant on
  12. All I'm doing is showing why the redneck in Sisters, Oregon is going to excitedly vote Trump in 2023, which will bafle the liberal guy in Bend, Oregon. Both sides playing a game of labels.
  13. A lot of Liberals have a complete blind spot for who are the Trump voters. The blue collar voter used to be Democrats!!! Now they are Trump / Republicans. Why? Do you think it might be because of Liberals and culture? How they label these common folks?? Deplorables??? White privileged??
  14. Why do people vote for Trump? Because they like tax cuts for the rich, tariffs, or his policy ideas? Nope. They (half the country) voted for him because they absolutely hate liberalism, Woke'ism, and all it represents. Don't underestimate the power of their hatred of liberalism. They resent things like canceling Dr. Seuess, etc. (a dumb thing to cancel). They resent things like "white privilege", or being told they are systemic racists (most people aren't rich and live paycheck to paycheck, including many white people). They resent liberals mocking them. They are the rednec
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