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  1. Obama's first term, he was preoccupied with the great recession. He did a stimulus deal to prevent a great depression (I think on infrastructure and roads), and gave the US auto industry loans ( which they paid back, I believe). He also did "cash for clunkers", as another stimulus idea. Finally, the terrible ACA. Pulled the US out of Iraq. His second term, he did nothing at all, mostly made appearances, trying to act like a celebrity....basically ensuring Trump would win the Midwest. Told unemployed people to go back to Community College (learn to code), and essentially called all police officers racist.
  2. I guess you could say the same thing about Democrat voters... People, for whatever reason, won't vote 3rd party.
  3. Hopefully CNN doesn't try to silence certain candidates again. Ridiculous that they cut the microphones of some, and then allowed others to speak unabated.. Also....what's the over / under that one of the participants will be called a racist during the second debate.
  4. Looks like Berkeley has also banned natural gas from new homes and restaurants. Only electric heating and cooking from now on.... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-07-17/california-s-berkeley-bans-natural-gas-in-new-buildings
  5. I'm undecided on if this bill is a big deal or not... Can someone give a specific example of the harm this bill could cause? What a business like CFA might do that would harm an individual? Not just a general statement that it would harm the LGBTQ...but a specific example. Is this the sort of bill where a cake shop could refuse to bake a cake for an LGBTQ wedding, and their would be no recourse if they did? Thanks.
  6. Doesn't look good when they keep capturing shipping vessels. This sort of stuff might spark a more localized war between Iran and some other middle eastern country.
  7. The funniest thing I've seen is the AAC fans trying to argue that they are on par with the PAC12 now.
  8. John David is one of the smartest guys out there. He's negotiating the MWC deal right now, and so he has insight on what ESPN is doing.
  9. Let's analyze your response, since it takes classic "Orange" form. 1. First part. Response. 2. Second part. Misrepresent what I've said. End post with a personal attack and insult. LOL! Friend....sending lots of hugs out to Sisters, Oregon.
  10. These Berkeley stories are not limited to wacky Berkeley, but become national headlines of the lunacy of Democrats (Bill Maher's points). Of course, the Republican media will continue to spread these stories far and wide. (Democrats change "manhole cover" language because they say it is an offensive term!). We'll watch you make fun of it here now.... ......and then be completely perplexed in two years from now about why Donald Trump got reelected. ("It must be racism....or the electoral college!!!!") I'm not a Bill Maher fan. But I think he has a huge point on this, that goes over most Democrats' heads. A lot of Democrats can't understand Maher's point.
  11. Are we changing the topic now? You don't want to talk about the problem of Democrats being "Politically Correct" anymore, and if it has an effect on elections? I mean, your first response was it a "needless" discussion, and to blow it off, right? Personally, I think it's more of an issue that Democrats can actually control, and help themselves win elections (i.e., not chasing after needless political correctness), rather than your call to do drastic things like eliminate the electoral college. But....whatever. Rage on, Friend.
  12. AAC deal is for an average of $7M per year ($5M Net). This was reported by SDSU AD John David. UConn got upset about this (especially since it is a 12 year deal). Now apparently Cincy's upset as well.