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  1. BYU will need the MWC's help if BYU is going to fill the schedule this year. Tom Holmoe better start answering Wyoming's phone calls.
  2. @hickaggie Glad to have you back!!! You are the best USU fan on here. #Mantua
  3. Those are Polynesian Tattoos Ross is Tongan.
  4. @robe has a track record. He's consistently the smartest BYU fan on here.
  5. Thanks for clarifying. That's messed up if this disgruntled player (and a former player) are trying to get Patterson fired, by playing a FALSE racism card. Patterson is old school, but has generally been a class act.
  6. This seems odd. Coach Patterson does not seem like a racist. I'm not sure I believe this player. @RSF What is the truth on this. Is Gary Patterson really at risk of getting fired?
  7. Just thinking out loud.... between the AAC, SunBelt, CUSA, MWC, and the other Indys (Liberty, UConn) , BYU should be able to get the 6 more games it needs. Here is what BYU currently has scheduled. 10/02 - Utah State 10/16 - Houston 10/24 - at Northern Illinois 11/06 - at Boise State 11/14 - San Diego State 11/21 - North Alabama Ideally BYU can schedule 1 or 2 AAC or BIG12 games (not sure how likely. for the MWC, these schools really need games: Colorado State Hawaii UNLV
  8. Calling on Wyoming to immediately schedule BYU for the 2020 season.
  9. BYU about to get bombarded by calls from the MWC. @robe @JoeBlo
  10. 6 feet tall. Approximately 200 pounds 60 years old. Had grey, long dreadlocks style hair.
  11. https://www.sltrib.com/sports/utah-utes/2020/08/02/pac-players-threaten/ Utes football players join Pac-12 boycott if demands for racial justice, pay and COVID-19 safety are not met At least 20 University of Utah football players, including some projected starters, tweeted Sunday morning in support of a movement by Pac-12 players to boycott games if the league does not meet a series of demands. The list, which includes items regarding safety, compensation and racial justice, was published Sunday morning on The Players’ Tribune and is signed by “Players of the Pac-12.” It is unknown whether any Utes were involved in drafting the document, but junior linebacker Devin Lloyd, an All-Pac-12 honorable mention pick last season, tweeted his support for what has been dubbed on Twitter as the #WeAreUnited movement. Much-hyped four-star freshman Clark Phillips III, a likely starter at cornerback, All-Pac-12 offensive lineman Nick Ford, and South Carolina graduate transfer quarterback Jake Bentley were among the 20 who tweeted before noon Sunday.
  12. You know it. Mormon Potatoes. Ice Cream. Owning the most land in Florida. https://www.reuters.com/article/usa-florida-mormons/mormon-church-set-to-become-floridas-largest-private-landowner-idUSL2N0IT2AZ20131108 That's how we roll.