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  1. If you could choose a top candidate from the MWC to join the AAC, who would you choose? Maybe Wyoming?
  2. Yeah, the AAC keeps dreaming of adding BYU, but it won't ever happen. I agree that CSU or AFA are your only options in the MWC. Boise won't give up their special treatment, ESPN deal. SDSU is too far away. That leaves CSU and Air Force. Air Force is probably the most likely... But they'd need to put their basketball and other sports in a different conference.
  3. You have to have 12 full members, though. BYU has refused the AAC's requests to join. So, you are going to need to add a 12th school. Is the MWC the top target? Maybe AFA? If not, you'll need to look at CUSA or the MAC. Maybe Marshall? They have stated that they'd love to be in the AAC.
  4. BYU went independent. The AAC has only 2 years to add a 12th school now. Who do you think it is going to add? (won't be BYU...BYU loves being Independent).
  5. Looks like the AAC will not get a 2nd waiver, and will desperately be looking to add a MWC school (BYU is out of the question). FROM THE AAC BOARD REGARDING AN INTERVIEW BY ARESCO: https://t.co/NChh5x7FdN?amp=1 summary of important part-- - unlikely to get a 2nd waiver...must push for legislation to stay at 11, will pursue if no one worthy is available - waiver was to buy time to research (for addition or pushing legislation).. really doesn't want to add a poor team tortora says he loves division and sad its gone.. - aresco said he loved divisions aswell, so did members... says "it might come back" , it was the preference "aac not looking, but alert" says geography doesnt matter if its a football only addition (the fact he is talking about football only shows where our mind is)..{he brought this up himself} i got the vibe we want to go to 12 but it has to be a good team and they have to want to join, will not lobby.. (i think we want to go byu/mwc)
  6. Thanks. Hopefully the MWC gets a decent paying contract, or else Boise might start lifting its skirt, and flirting with the AAC again.
  7. OK, but then the "P6" argument makes no sense... Every other P5 conference tries to argue it is on par with the other P5 conferences. For example, the PAC12 fans argue that they are in as good of a conference as the ACC or BIG12. BIG10 argues it is as strong as the SEC. (obviously, the SEC is the best in football, but I am talking combined football and basketball). Now, what you are telling me is that the AAC fans don't make this argument, and concede that the AAC is far below the PAC12 or any other P5 conference in combined football and basketball. That means the AAC is G5, not a power conference, right? If that's true, why the P6 signs at your games?
  8. Question for the AAC fans: @Did I hear a WOOSH?, @Tulsa Guy @UofMTigers Are you guys (and all of the AAC fans) seriously arguing that the AAC has surpassed the PAC12 in national prestige, in football and basketball? Why? And why are the AAC fans fixated on the PAC12 for some reason? My understanding is that the PAC12 and AAC both have poor fan attendance (Stanford is getting like 2,000 fans out per football game), but isn't the PAC12 still a lot higher than the AAC? Oregon and Utah football are both ranked higher than any AAC team. And Arizona basketball (thanks to cheating) is ranked higher than any AAC team. So why are you guys fixated on the PAC12?
  9. Disagree. Boise is the best G5 school in the Country. They are the only G5 school to whom ESPN is willing to give a separate TV contract. No other G5 football program is close to Boise's dominance. Right now the AAC is desperate to find a 12th team. The AAC commissioner even traveled to Utah and appeared on BYUtv and all of the local radio stations, all but begging BYU to join. Why did Aresco feel the need to appear on BYUtv only 1 week after UConn left?!? He was desperate! BYU turned the AAC down (again). that leaves Boise. I don't think Boise will accept the AAC's overtures unless they sweeten the deal. Right now, the AAC has an attendance problem, so I don't see it happening. The AAC has 11 teams, and only got a 2 year waiver. They will try and add Boise over the next 2 years...if they can't, they will have to settle for a CUSA school!!!
  10. Will Stadium be showing the FCS playoff games?
  11. The AAC has been pretty clear that they want a 12th team (and possibly 2 more after that). They believe that if they can somehow add the biggest G5 prize out there---Boise State---that they will have achieved their dream of P6 status. So far Boise has resisted their flirtations, and stayed loyal to the MWC, and their Mountain Division rivals. But it will be interesting to see what the new MWC TV deal pays out and if it causes Boise to have a wandering eye. Really odd that the MWC, Boise, and BYU TV deals haven't been announced yet.
  12. I agree completely. The Democrats' problem is not Republicans stealing black votes. It's Black voters not voting at all and staying home on election night, unless it is a black candidate. Which helps Trump, given the razor thin margins in some States.
  13. Good game Aztecs. SDSU dominated the boards. 43-27. Took over the game at the end. BYU will be playing a lot of small ball this year. A team like SDSU is too good on the boards. We get Yoeli Childs back in time for UNLV and USU, which should help!
  14. I stand by my statement. Democrats need at the very least a Black VP, or they will lose again. That chick from Georgia is the best option. She really wants the VP job. Problem is she's never held a major office, I don't think.