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  1. Why wouldn't Navy want Air Force in the AAC. Air Force would be huge for the AAC. They have a decent fan following.
  2. It could certainly happen. AAC has to be loving this mess Hair created. What was he thinking, trying to get a TV deal done, when the conference doesn't even agree on what Boise's rights are? Hair should have set the rights and expectations years ago.
  3. Aren't you the guy that has gone on for years saying how much you love the MWC, and how great it is? Where can Boise possibly go besides the MWC?
  4. I think you might be right. Seemed really odd that Boise would have willingly dropped their relationship with ESPN... The longer this goes, the more likely it is that Air Force panics and bolts to the AAC. Howdy Doody already had made statements bashing the MWC, and Air Force is a national school, so they could easily join the AAC. If that happens, all hell will break loose. Fox will lower the TV contract.
  5. Does this mean that Boise actually still preferred staying with ESPN?
  6. Good analysis. The MWC / Hair have some gall to try and "vote out" an iron clad contract, that they agreed to. And I think you are probably right. They tried to move on it because they thought they could bully Boise's new female President into not fighting or challenging it.
  7. The link no longer works. Hair needs to have an emergency conference call. This is turning out to be a disaster. If Air Force gets an itchy trigger finger and panics and jumps to the AAC, we might be looking at an implosion.
  8. This is turning out to be a disaster. Only Hair Thompson, the University of Wyoming, and the Mountain West Conference could mess something up this bad.
  9. Thank you! This is amazing news!!! @BroncoOrange
  10. If Boise and BYU partner together (as Indies or AAC), the long-desired and hoped for Idaho Falls basketball series between the two is basically a go. Idaho Falls Events Center 2022.