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  1. Re Abbey Road, I haven't been a big fan of that album for years. "Something" strikes me as maudlin, "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" is McCartney schmaltz and the rest of the album was overproduced.

    Which reminds me of this. I never much liked the band Toto but they were pretty big in the late seventies, at least in California. "Rosanna" and "Africa" are very good pop rock tunes and unless they've taken it down, there is still a photo of the band in the office of Grant HS in North Hollywood where they all met. For a couple years the son and nephew of Toto's Porcaro brothers worked at the Starbucks I frequent. He's a great "kid" (meaning he's younger than 35) and we used to talk the hell out of rock when Chris had the time to do so. However, his father Jeff likely died of complications from years of cocaine abuse rather than simply a negative reaction to an insecticide he applied to some trees in the gated community of Hidden Hills in which he lived and about a year ago as was reported in the media. (Word is that Jeff tooted so much coke that he had to have plastic surgery on his septum. Not knocking him because if I had the musical talent he had, that could have been me.) Then a couple years ago Chris' brother died of a heroin overdose after years of struggling with his sobriety. I could empathize with the difficulty Chris had struggling with substance abuse in his family since I've had a couple family members die after years of substance abuse.

    Because Chris told me he loved his dad but the guy never had time for his kids, I didn't tell him I thought his dad's band was overproduced as well.

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