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  1. Great win for the Purple Aces. Upset of the year. Probably the biggest win they've ever had too.
  2. No shit. I have a retro Warren Moon jersey I still keep around. I love the throwbacks. Honestly wish they'd do that once a year instead of the neon green or grey uniforms.
  3. Ha. I got my retro logo one on today too.
  4. Russell Wilson will go down as the King of Seattle Football someday. Give him the MVP already. He is Black Jesus.
  5. You were spot on there too. That dude's going to get paid next year.
  6. Oscar Grant at Fruitvale. The BART cops are brutal, power hungry little rat bastards by and large.
  7. Yeah. It's crazy. I just wonder where it all ends up. It feels like what I imagine New York City in the 70s was like....obviously I wasn't alive in the 70s but I've listened to a bunch of Lou Reed albums so I kind of get the general idea. But the social fabric is decaying and nobody seems to want to do anything about it; it's like one giant collective "let's all plug our ears, close our eyes and scream really loud and pretend nothing is going on at all around us" by all the powerbrokers there, and even the citizens are seemlngly so addicted to smartphones that they've become more or less oblivious to the disaster in the streets. Even shit like this video is evidence of it. All these cops are hyper jumpy for whatever reason, especially in places like that, as a result of hearing exaggerated horror stories and increasingly things like this happen. It's a disturbing set of affairs.
  8. Nah. While in theory getting rid of the corporate tax sounds great, it would result in me not having a job and then I would have to go become a bartender or something.
  9. Warren or Sanders would win about 8-9 states and DC in a general election. Probably something like CA, Hawaii, Massachusetts, NY, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. Who knows though, I think that despite the polarization in our country at this point, both run a serious risk of being McGoverned/Mondaled in a general election. I doubt it, given the times we live in, but it's a possibility depending on how far left either of them ends up on their seemingly endless sojourn in that direction.
  10. Oh no, I totally agree. The same limousine liberal who bitch loudly about police brutality i are also the same people pushing for frivolous laws banning all sorts of things that create situations where people get caught in unfortunate predicaments. Look at the quasi-criminalization of tobacco for instance. It always boggles my mind that it's more socially acceptable to shit on the street in San Francisco than it is to smoke a cigarette, but that's the world we live in I guess.
  11. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/pensioners-aged-90-over-being-20851982 At least in England. Cot damn. I can't imagine using cocaine at 90 is good for one's health, but then again, I think the old adage does go something like "A rail a day keeps the doctor away." So maybe they are all onto something.
  12. That station is in Walnut Creek. He was probably the only black dude within about a 20 mile radius and made the local whitebread community nervous with his presence.
  13. Could be. Amazing how violent that whole thing has gotten. That said, it's pretty unbelievable that BART Cops would be wasting their limited resources on dudes like this when there's all sorts of serious crime going on systemwide throughout the day. Teenagers beat and rob old people in broad daylight and god knows what else goes on, but hey, this dude had a sandwich. He needs to feel the wrath. At least they didn't shoot him to death though. They're good for doing that at least once a year or so. So at least he has that going for him.