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  1. Gotta remember the Taliban/Al-Qaeda thing was more or less a marriage of convenience. It was really nothing more than that.
  2. Very interesting numbers on this Zogby poll. Poll breakdown seems neutral too at 36% Dem, 36^ GOP, and 28% Indy. https://zogbyanalytics.com/news/896-a-majority-of-voters-give-trump-thumbs-up-again-while-trudeau-lags-behind-at-43-job-approval-trump-s-support-with-his-base-has-increased-drastically-nearly-half-of-hispanics-approve-of-trump
  3. Also there's some great irony in @Nevada Convert telling me to "quit thinking like an American" on the issue. LMAO. For someone who couldn't find Israel on a map, he sure talks a big game when he gets triggered. Pretty funny that his Likud-ish talking points are almost exclusively an American view outside of right wing greater Israel, of course.
  4. The Zionists started the violence against the Palestinians. They bombed the King David Hotel, and invented the car bomb.
  5. I was honestly thinking the same thing while reading the article.
  6. Did you vote for Likud in the last election?
  7. Sunlight cures all problems. Let them in and let them make asses of themselves. When did you become a member of the Likud Party anyway?
  8. We should. As industrious and intelligent as they collectively are, they'd be a huge net positive addition to our country.
  9. I don't hate Israel. I hate what the Zionists have done to the Palestinian People.
  10. That would have been a perfect spot. Could have given the Zionists all of Western Tooele/Box Elder Counties.
  11. I'm sure he did. I'm sure me and your former co-worker could commiserate for hours about the subject.
  12. That statement is still 100% true. Yo lo mismo, chico. 100% agreed.
  13. Hopefully this becomes reality. Hopefully he has a full withdrawal from Syria and Iraq planned next.
  14. Joe from WY


    I don't understand how CU was a "far right" decision. If anything, all it did was reinforce the age-old concept of corporate personhood.