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  1. I'll say this. The 2024 nominee won't be Trump it'll be Desantis. I've been telling this to people for months now.
  2. Big Sky back in the day had some great teams and talent. Dye was a great coach.
  3. Trump did say that shit. Then he got elected and sold them huge quantities of weapons.
  4. I only put the laugh emoji because it's like..."how?" How did the sheriff/AG think trying to cover this up was a good idea? the sheriff had to be in on the cover up too because based on what we now know, it's clear he was in on trying to help "disappear" this problem, by conducting no tests, giving the dude a car, saying he didn't see anything, etc.,...I mean if you look at the pic in that link...if the dude's body was in that spot, there's no way they didn't see it. Makes you wonder if they went and dropped a rock on the dude's head to put him out of his misery or something else equally depr
  5. He is the governor. The Montana GOP loves carpetbaggers and for whatever reason won big in the statewide elections this year. Part of it is, I suppose, that the Montana Democratic Party has a litany of problems, and the other big part is that, well, let's face it, the state is mostly hillbillies. So, until the Montana Democratic party gets its shit together and recalibrates itself (which could be done...the state has had many successful democratic politicians after all), the Treasure State will probably become a sort of Brownback-era Kansas but with mountains. Hicks gon' Hick, you kn
  6. I'll go talk to some Hedge Fund people to give you a valuation and then lead a hostile takeover.
  7. The discussion isn't about organic chemistry. The discussion is about Middle East and in particular Syria policy. To answer your other question, no, it isn't a good thing. But you're glossing over details and making it seem as if the conditions are similar in every country. Turkey has an identity. It's mostly Turks and its mostly in Anatolia. Places like Syria and Iraq and Libya aren't that. They're lines drawn up in the sand, make believe places. So, for some place like Turkey to function, at least the appearance of a democracy can and has been the norm since Ataturk with a few hiccups h
  8. You're the neocon. You shouldn't be mocking other's intelligence.
  9. getting involved in the first place, arming and funding jihadis, and trying to topple a legitimate regime that provides stability in the region.
  10. Nothing says foreign policy expert like Idaho school teacher after all.
  11. They moved it in town now but that place is amaze balls, yes. Great food.
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