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  1. Stros are going to fall off a bit. Lots of talent losses, plus the loss of Hinch, is going to to lead to some issues. Plus Verlander is a year older and looked like shit in the World Series. Plus, in the division, Oakland is primed for a breakout year and Anaheim added a bunch of talent. Even still, they're probably a playoff team because that lineup is still stacked, though if their pitching all goes to hell, it might result in quite a drop off. The idea of stripping the title from them is ludicrous, though. They won it for better or worse. Trying to strip them of it is like trying to say Barry Bonds didn't hit 73 Home Runs in 2001 because he was juiced.
  2. Most Reservations I've visited bear an uncanny resemblance to the greater Ulaan Baator area in Mongolia, to be fair.
  3. Matt Miller is going back to Boise https://www.montanasports.com/sports/big-sky-conference/montana-state-bobcats/montana-state-bobcats-offensive-coordinator-matt-miller-to-take-position-at-boise-state?fbclid=IwAR0C1WdgCVmYWB4NLF1IbTcRoVKvjyTPBJciugxdCCYWTanTn2nHbgER5F4
  4. Damn. Here I would have thought Syria, Yemen, or El Salvador would have been the top 3 places to raise a child.
  5. Judging by Harsin's playcalling in the Las Vegas Bowl, I'd consider him a half-baked potato.
  6. They were huge in England. Marc Bolan's untimely death killed their chances of finding similar stardom in the US, though. "Electric Warrior" was a monster album for what it's worth. Glad they finally got in.
  7. LSU is going to make Clemson their pass around girl tonight. 49-21 Bayou Bengals
  8. Some people just want something to complain about it seems like. I don't see anything egregious at all with this new arrangement.
  9. I agree 100%. It was a hell of a season. I figured they'd go 9-7 and they wildly exceeded my expectations. The future is bright. I'd honestly try to draft some defensive stud in the 1st Round and get OL in later rounds, but that's me. Someone like CJ Henderson would be a great addition to the Seattle defense IMO.
  10. Ready For Love was originally released on "All The Young Dudes". MTH did it way better IMO than the later version Bad Company made famous.
  11. I'd honestly love to see either Tim Miles or Travis Decuire hired as the next head coach.
  12. Mott The Hoople >>>>>>>> Bad Company