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  1. Larry Eustachy put on leave

    Larry's gon get paid.
  2. I wasn't sure if the dude wanted to include NBA careers or not. But based on college careers, Fennis is up there.
  3. Those dudes were savages. I was a kid when they played. I remember watching one, or both of them, eat MSU alive one night at the Metra.
  4. I Doubt Many Care

    Are you the sped in the picture? Is this self gloss?
  5. Gus Johnson was an animal from what I am told. Theo Ratliff Larry Johnson, Greg Anthony, even Stacey Augmon....that Rebel team was loaded. Courtney Alexander was a beast for Fresno. Tony Gwynn at SDSU
  6. Fultz vs. Bennett

    Araujo was an animal in college too though, as much as it pains me to say it.
  7. Trump will not release Democrat meno

    what a bitch
  8. Patton was a genius in warfare. Trump, not so much.
  9. Amerika Uber Alles
  10. People probably died over this.

    He's saying that it's run by Catholics.
  11. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    Boise rolls
  12. Hand Those Tips Over

    I worked in the kitchen at a pizza place, waited tables for a bit, and its a shit gig. I always shared my tips with the cooks when I worked at a restaurant...it ensures you are going to get your shit out on time. Nobody else did, so even my meager tithings looked great in that situation. Nowadays I tip like a rock star. It ensures that things are going to go well, especially if I'm a repeat visitor. That's my standard practice unless it's absolute shit service that is clearly on the onus of the individual waiting. If it's clear there's some chaos in the kitchen or something, that's forgivable and I still tip something. But if the person is just a pissant working there, or I know who they are and don't like them, I'll do something like leave a quarter under an upside down glass.
  13. Bracketology Update Feb. 19

    Montana was good that year. Almost beat BC the next round. Krystowiak was/is a helluva coach.
  14. Trump takes resonsibilty for the market drop...

    Still way overvalued. Needs to come down quite a bit more. Seems like the collective effervescent is wearing off. But the party would never end, they said.