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  1. Should just change the title of this thread to "Self-Righteous Indignation"
  2. The reasoning man who rejects the superstitions of simpletons necessarily becomes their enemy; he must expect as much and be prepared to laugh at the consequences.
  3. That’s pretty rich considering Governor Pritzker refused to close down bars in Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day—on March 14th, 45 days after Trump declared a national Heath Emergency and long after people started dying in America. Like Cuomo with the Chinese New Year, Pritzker wasn’t worried about COVID-19 until it became a political liability and also just like Cuomo, Pritzker’s reaction has been to blame it on someone who does not run the state he was elected to run and hope that his constituents aren’t up to speed on federalism and the role of a Governor within it.
  4. The cops here don't give a flying +++++ about anything right now. It's great.
  5. Plebe. Everyone knows the best beaches are in Ocala.
  6. I feel the same way. I always liked Willie Brown more...Gavin's emblematic of the crew of Fun Police who laid siege to the City's weirdness; I don't hate him as much as Kamala but it's close. Still, I agree, given the bizarre circumstances, he's really done a pretty good job all things considered. Always has been strange to me that he's Nancy Pelosi's nephew too. The SF Democratic Machine is really really incestuous.
  7. The Cuomo thing has been getting kicked around but in a brokered convention, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Gavin emerge as the nominee. I was thinking about that yesterday while watching one of his press conferences.
  8. Sure looks that way. We've been long overdue. Let it rain.
  9. Mysfit will probably accuse Mug of being a "collaborator"