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  1. Thanks. I took the whole "reel" of photos these were from whilist extremely, god-level inebriated, so it's cool to see that some of them actually worked out. I took about 150ish pics that night...some of them wound up pretty good...others were definitely the product of said unholy inebriation. That said, I like your idea with the lighting on that last pic, and I may try to +++++ around with the lighting on it, but I may leave it as is too. Something to look into either way, I suppose.
  2. Must've been 1995...and the collonades of both those places look sort of similar, so that could explain the similarity in your memories...also, where your aunt lives...that's a cool part of town. It really is an outstanding location.
  3. No. I know where you're talking about though as they do sort of look similar....you're thinking of the Music Concourse or whatever they call that amphitheater in Golden Gate Park. The pic here is from the Palace of Fine Arts on the way into the Presidio late, late last night.
  4. Outstanding pics. Yeah, you hit a few of my favorite spots there. Patrick's Point is incredible and Trinidad is pretty outrageous. Lodging's a problem because all the AirBnBs and the like are filled with Bay Area people still riding out the pandemic. It's a cool spot though. Samoa Beach is awesome too. Lots of strange memories on that one. I heard the skywalk was rad too. But I honestly haven't been to that zoo in probably over 15 years. And Ferndale is a bizarre little town...i still know the bartenders at that one dive on the main drag there. Glad you had a good time. It's really a
  5. How long were you up there for? Next time you go let me know and I'll point you toward some places. I'm glad you had a good time though. There's a reason I lived up there for years. The people are half crazy but the landscapes are insanely beautiful and serene. Did you check out any of the beaches?
  6. I didn't take it but I ended up on TV at the Giants-A's game last night. Wearing the Lebowski sweater at the 32 second mark...
  7. That's all SF. The first 3 are taken off the side of the USF campus, the 4th pic is looking toward Golden Gate Park in the Inner Sunset, and the last one is at the gates of Kezar Stadium.
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