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  1. Joe from WY

    Travel by plane

    Even still. That's a shitload of traffic over one area.
  2. Joe from WY

    Travel by plane

    Hope it works out better than his car company.
  3. Joe from WY

    Sigh ............

    Damn. Certainly the convenience of the MWCBoard evolving into a one-stop party shop of hookers in the Nevada desert, fetish sites, mail-order brides, extremist politics, and expert societal/athletic analysis by @Nevada Convert / @renoskier (or whatever he's calling himself these days) was incredibly nice. And it was red-blooded American...after all, I think it was Patrick Henry who once uttered the legendary phrase, "give me convenience or give me death..." Oh well. It's a loss to be sure. But I'll live. I'll just have to go back to Publix and meet yet more divorced housewives who'll let me insert full-sized cucumbers into their anuses (or is it ani?) to salve the sorrow; I'll pour a little of my Colt .45 out tonight in honor of the passing.
  4. Shit its been going on since Bretton Woods.
  5. How is this any different than any other time since 1974, when real wages peaked?
  6. Joe from WY

    Plane hijacked at Seattle airport

    The video of him getting chased by F15s is pretty cool. That said, What a +++++ing tool.
  7. Joe from WY

    Democratic Socialism - No way to pay for it

    Who pays for the trips abroad?
  8. Joe from WY

    Democratic Socialism - No way to pay for it

    I'm on Komrade @Akkula's side of this kerfuffle. He has 27 master's degrees after all.
  9. Joe from WY

    Travel by plane

    whats really remarkable is that it runs largely crash free on 1950s era ATC.
  10. Joe from WY

    This is disturbing

    Yeah. But those are more or less assorted trash who grew up in the same trailer park as FubuKid. They're all in the same social circles. Shame on us for thinking we could make them into proper people.
  11. Joe from WY

    This is disturbing

    If some bitch wants to roll off in his muffler less, lowered late 90s Civic, or Yugo in Russia's case I suppose, all the power to them. Not worth it. They'll be welfare queens in mere months.
  12. Joe from WY

    This is disturbing

    Russia is the geopolitical equivalent of a white kid wearing Fubu and thinking he can walk around acting like a gangster now.
  13. Joe from WY

    Broncos and Ducks schedule a 2 for 1 (football)

    But not this time.
  14. Joe from WY

    Broncos and Ducks schedule a 2 for 1 (football)

    Pokes had a 1-1 with the Ducks.