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  1. If your siblings are anything like you they're probably not getting made fun of just for wearing a mask.
  2. Of course, but the fact that it's blowing past the expectations as to far as how far it's going to go is worrisome. Nobody here has said we're becoming Zimbabwe overnight, and saying that based off of a single data point would be foolish. That said, it'd be similarly foolish to be on the "nothing to see here" side so firmly as some are on here.
  3. The Producer Price Index spiked too. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/13/producer-prices-april-2021.html
  4. Eating out is where it's hugely noticeable, you're right. Like that's crazy how that's spiked in recent times. But even things like used cars are surging, and other asset classes like art have gone batshit crazy.
  5. Pretty much. The influencers he follows on Twitter tell him that everything is OK, so we're idiots for believing otherwise, apparently.
  6. lmao. you should have just stopped here. Because yeah, it's great for wage earners and people on social security when their money doesn't go near as far as it did. JFC. The drugs must be good for you and your poolboy @Majidown there based on your posts here.
  7. It's not just construction costs. Prices are spiking across the board. It's pretty worrisome. That said, I'll wait for you to go find a graph off of twitter to post without context to tell me why I'm wrong though.
  8. Air is great and so is the Moon Safari album. Agreed.
  9. Chang was just in the right place at the right time. Brennan was, IMO, the GOAT UH QB. Rolovich was great in his day too, though.
  10. Maynard is kind of a Junkbot if we're being honest. Pretty fitting IMO.
  11. Dude was the Barry Bonds of the MWCBoard. I miss him too.
  12. The best thing possible would be if someone went and stole his gas, dumped it on him, and lit him on fire. People that gouge like that are total scum.
  13. No, the whole of the story is he brought a knife to a gun fight and then got pissed and acted like a toddler when he realized that wasn't going to work.
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