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  1. Joe from WY

    Unindicted co-conspirator

    Well, the most famous "unindicted co-conspirator" of recent memory just got a ride on a sweet ass funeral train and the stock markets shut down in his honor, so maybe there's something to being in that position.
  2. Joe from WY

    Ammon Bundy Rebukes Trump's Immigration Policy

    Like I really give a +++++ what some welfare farmers think. I didn't when I was a kid, and I certainly don't now.
  3. Joe from WY

    Arguing outside of MWCboard

    People say they want to fight me on here. In real life, people do want to fight me.
  4. Joe from WY

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    Last season there were these dudes smoking weed in the upper part of the Swamp's student section at the Tennessee game , and security became privy to it. Soon, the cops and security were headed up that way, and the perpetrators, there was like 2 of them, started leaping out of the top , row to row, in the middle of people even, to escape. They made it into one of the tunnels and disappeared into the crowd inside escaping the heat. And years ago at a College of the Redwoods game, there was a group of like 5 of us who were totally smashed at the game. There was maybe 100 people at the game, and we started berating the ref for the hell of it. Eventually I yelled out "Get off your knees ref, you're blowing the game." He walked over and told me to go +++++ myself. I always laughed about that. Same season up there, CCSF came up to play and they were #1 in the country. CR's old Community Stadium sat on the edge of the woods. Anyway, when the CCSF QB dropped back to pass for the first time, a deer ran out of the woods. The CCSF QB had apparently never seen such a thing, and stopped to watch it on the track. In the midst of this, he got sacked simultaneously by about 3-4 people. Still though, CCSF won big that game.
  5. Joe from WY

    Wisconsin No Longer Democracy

    I think they're commenting on your last line "you're smarter than that". Because, well, he's not. He's retarded.
  6. Joe from WY

    I bet this person is a blast at parties

    I bet you're a blast at parties.
  7. Joe from WY

    Jim Morrison

    RIP Lizard King. Death makes angels of us all and and gives us wings where we had shoulders as smooth as raven claws.
  8. Joe from WY

    Buzzcocks Pete Shelley dead at 63

    RIP legend
  9. Joe from WY

    A lot of beef!

    Yeah exactly that. hahaha.
  10. Joe from WY

    A lot of beef!

    Looking at the size of that bovine, I'd imagine it would be like having a fat girl jump on your bed and then, having the whole platform implode as a result. Something like that anyway.
  11. Joe from WY

    Another blow for "States Rights"!

    Amazing. Hopefully it breaks the way it looks it will.
  12. Joe from WY

    Describe your team's end to the season in one word

    Yugen. Because winning 4 in a row after having been written off for dead by everyone (myself included) to become bowl eligible evokes the same feeling one gets watching the waves break at the seashore.
  13. Joe from WY

    A lot of beef!

    That's a big +++++ing cow.
  14. Joe from WY

    Why does SJSU struggle so much ?

    I think that SJSU isn't as lost in the woods as some would make them seem either. Honestly, nobody front-runs like the Bay Area. Nobody. I mean, this would mean they'd actually have to go hire someone with competence. But if they had hired Pat Hill instead of the Outside WR Coach nobody had heard of, or if they could ever lure Mac back, they'd be on a path out. But, the glass ceiling here I guess is the fact that the admin probably won't make bold moves, because SJSU's administrators, like other CSU admins, are more risk averse than actuaries.
  15. Joe from WY

    Why does SJSU struggle so much ?

    I guess I don't get why people on here howl for them to drop football. It's a dumb idea. Plus it's just shitty. Nobody deserves to lose their team. But I do concede it could become an inevitability given a perfect storm in the administration, as I saw happen with my beloved Lumberjacks. And I'll never give them a dime, despite their consistent begging.