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  1. CSewe and AFA; Hawaii would be #2 if the game was played annually.
  2. Honestly, you probably know more about Civil Litigation than I do. I can tell you how to set up a Cayman Shell Corporation, and how to pay zero taxes (legally), but I know jack shit about these sorts of issue. That said, @IanforHeisman, if you want, I have friends who are either a) insurance litigators, or b) about to become insurance litigators, and I also know some experts in that field. So I an ask them about this. It wouldn't be a problem.
  3. On top of being filled with bums, and every park turned into a tent city, it's just +++++ing boring anymore. The influx of Midwestern tech people largely killed its soul.
  4. I love it. Great move. I thought the libs were pro-illegal? Doesn't seem like it reading this thread.
  5. I'd laugh my ass off if BSU hired the Banana Slug lady. Oh shit. I assumed her/its gender. What am I thinking?!
  6. It's the likes of people that celebrate his arrest who enabled the surveillance state we now reside in.
  7. Assange is a political prisoner and I fully support his ongoing battle with the imperial state. Future generations will rightfully look back on him as a hero. Free Assange.
  8. DeCuire would be a great hire for UNR IMO. A true home run.
  9. Wreck 'em Tech.