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  1. Walk the Left Bank...and visit Morrison's grave at Pere Lachaise.
  2. The US has been increasingly adversarial toward the Russians since Trump came into office, even if Orange Julius Caesar has a bromance with Putin. That said, I just can't see the Russians behind it. Honestly, I was smoking and thinking about it outside, and I honestly think that there are realistically two, maybe three potential culprits behind this...Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Israel. And here's why: (this is going to be lengthy so I apologize in advance) For one, we can exclude most of the neighboring countries right off the bat. None of the GCC countries outside of Saudi Arabia want a war with Iran. Iran is the UAE's biggest trading partner, and even if UAE has shown imperialist ambitions as of late in the region (support of Gen. Haftar in Libya, funding Syrian jihadis), they have too many business dealings with Iran to want to risk a collapse in that department. Oman has no problems with anybody and is considered the "Switzerland of the Gulf", Yemen is in shambles and if the Houthis can't get rockets into Saudi Arabia's mainland reliably from their desert hideouts, they probably aren't pulling off bombing a ship across the peninsula. Kuwait only exists to make money for a small group of people, Bahrain is useless militarily as evidenced by their need to call in the Saudis to put down the uprising in 2011, and Qatar, given how Saudi has isolated them, is sure as hell not going to do KSA's bidding and spark a war with Iran, with whom Qatar has grown closer to since the GCC Embargo was instituted. Further, beyond the Gulf, Iraq is a mess and in no position to carry out some wildly complex plot on foreign soil, same for Syria, and Lebanon may or may not be a country on any given day depending on what time and who you ask. And even notable countries in the region with good/effective intelligence services, such as Pakistan and the ISI, aren't going to have any interest in sparking a war between the two either. The other three countries though have a real interest in trying to get something fired up between the US and Iran. Saudi Arabia is mortal enemies with Iran. They used to be friends with each other until the Ayatollah came back in 1979, but since, things have turned incredibly hostile. As Saudi is Wahhabbi, they view the Shi'a (Iran is a majority Shi'a country, one of the few on Earth) as worse than infidels, and in fact, the "arch enemies of Islam". Add in that there is a very real ongoing Cold War in the region between Iran and Saudi Arabia (see Yemen, Syria), and this would seem like a logical extension of that conflict. What a better way to get rid of your mortal enemy than to provoke the most powerful country in the world into starting a war with them. Israel's reasoning is similar. Iran and Israel had great relations until 1979 as well. It should be noted that there has always been a clandestine alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia, as their interests in the region often align with one another. They also have an interest in toppling the Iranian regime. Another wrinkle in all this is Netanyahu's current and ongoing political crisis. A war with iran that Israel could be a part of would probably fire up people to vote for him in the upcoming elections. Finally, Turkey could also be behind it. Erdogan has no love lost toward the Iranians and may want to drag the US into a conflict owing to the numerous problems the US has caused him in recent years. This is the least likely of the three, but still, I'd consider it a possibility. They're capable of doing it at least. I just can't believe that the Iranians would bomb a Japanese tanker when PM Abe's(a hawkish personality in his own right) visit toTehran. I also don't think Putin has any real interest in causing anymore turmoil in that region, as they have enough problems there as it is. Maybe, I guess. But I don't see it.
  3. They have to raise the retirement age to 70 (at least, maybe 75...people are living longer after all). Probably raise the maximum cap on SS tax somewhat too. They've got to do something though. it's a time bomb.
  4. The Far Left has embraced anti-Semitism. Look at Linda Sarsour and the Women's March's embrace of the Nation of Islam (and even the Fruit of Islam) as another example. Tliam doesn't strike me as an anti-Semite. But Omar's "Jews cast spells on people" schtick definitely suggests she's in that corner.
  5. I don't think so. It's certainly possible, but I can't see how/why he would want to get involved, especially if his involvement were ever exposed, as that could spell doom for him should this mushroom into something crazy. I'd be willing to bet lots of money it was the Saudis. Maybe the UAE, I guess, but probably the Saudis b/c the UAE is too big of a trade partner with Iran to want a war with them and the Saudis hate Iran more than Israel does.
  6. I'd look at a used BMW X3. My buddy's wife just got one of those and they're +++++ing great. They handle like a 3 series almost, but are also spacious and are totally up to par on the technology side of things. Plus they're solidly built, and can last a long time, provided there's no neglect in the maintenance. Of course, my buddy (her husband) has a Jeep Wrangler which is a great little outfit as well. Sorry to hear about your wreck @mysfit, hope you're OK. Concussions are not fun at all.
  7. The right wingers will usually at least have a conversation with you. You might find out about 30 seconds in they're total crackpots, but they're generally fairly civil. I'm not talking about the Far Right Nazi types, I mean the average, angry white guy run-of-the-mill Trump supporter. The leftists on the other hand, go from zero to total conniption in what seems like a flip of a switch. As soon as they find out you're not totally on board with their movement, they start throwing the screams out. What can I say though. The right wingers around here (in Gainesville, not the MWCBoard) all think I'm a Communist, and all the left-wingers think I'm a Nazi. I can't win.
  8. My bad. You're good, it's just lately I'm often accused of being on "Team Trump" on here by some, so I feel like I'm constantly having to set the record straight.
  9. I'm not defending Trump here. I thought it was a stupid, wildly risky +++++ing move when he did it, if you dig up the thread from here on the incident I railed against it and trashed him in it. I was and still am critical of any involvement in that country by the US, because it's pointless and will waste money and get American kids killed in some sort of hamster-ridden shithole full of retards and crazy people. All I was saying was, the war there was already started and we were already involved. Just like Obama ending up with Iraq/Afghanistan in his lap. He didn't start those either, so it's unfair to attribute them to him.
  10. We were already in Syria before Trump's bombing of an airstrip. Much more heavily involved. And we have the last administration to thank for that.
  11. Check out the linked OPCW report from above. In it, one of the people concludes that it couldn't have been dropped by helicopters and had to have been blown up inside a building somewhere in Douma. I'm not saying Assad is some nice guy....he's a prick and the Mukhbarat beat the shit out of me one night so I have no real love lost for any arm of the regime, honestly they can all kill each other for all I care..but I don't l like seeing people get railroaded, in particular, when said railroading can lead us to getting involved in yet another unwinnable war...that said, that whole thing was rank with suspicion from the get-go, not uniike this recent "Iranian attack", and given the Saudis were master of puppets of the Syrian Jihadis who orchestrated the gas attack, it isn't a far cry to suggest they were the "masterminds" behind this latest "Iranian" attack.
  12. Saddam had WMDs too, according to many of the same people you are now hiding behind in your little appeal to authority. Also, the link I posted was a copy of an actual leaked OPCW report, not spin from a news outlet.
  13. #1 has been largely debunked as more information came out that suggests the whole thing was very well staged. http://syriapropagandamedia.org/working-papers/assessment-by-the-engineering-sub-team-of-the-opcw-fact-finding-mission-investigating-the-alleged-chemical-attack-in-douma-in-april-2018 The British also said Saddam had WMDs, so... #2: Syria, Libya, Niger, Yemen, etc.