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  1. crimsoncuda


    So you're saying they pulled a "Boise"?
  2. crimsoncuda

    UNLV’s McCoy declares

    He got out before Vegas sunk into obscurity...again.
  3. crimsoncuda

    Musselman to Xavier?

    Desperation is a stinky cologne.
  4. crimsoncuda

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    I'm sure this has been brought up somewhere in this thread but does the addition of Gonzaga and BYU (maybe?) re-open negotiations with our crappy TV deal?
  5. crimsoncuda

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    860+ posts and 44 pages long. Surely someone has some info on whether Gonzaga is in or out?
  6. crimsoncuda

    Cam Oliver

    Pack fans? I see 1 guy. I'm waiting on an actual news source that says he hired an agent. We all know he's entering his name.
  7. crimsoncuda

    Cam Oliver

    Source - Ben Parker Cal Rivals reporter?
  8. crimsoncuda

    Nothing happens without SDSU's needs being met

    I hate the fact SDSU is in this predicament. I did mention 2-3 years ago this would be the case once the Chargers leave - of course I was ridiculed and told I didn't know anything. Well, the measures for Qualcomm and SDSU stadium/offsite housing didn't pass. I knew that area would be too valuable and that developers would get their way. Unfortunately there wasn't a lot of forward thinking 10+ years ago. Now, I think Soccer City is SDSU's best bet. There's still some leverage to get the soccer stadium AND accommodate the SDSU football team. Let's see if the decision makers are forward thinking enough.
  9. crimsoncuda

    Another name added to UNLV AD search

    Sounds like a solid hire. Who else is on the list?
  10. crimsoncuda


    There's no state income tax in NV. What is he selling? Property tax is higher in CA than NV based on the higher property value. What is he selling again? Tell me more..
  11. crimsoncuda


  12. crimsoncuda

    Doug Gottlieb Reporting...

    Muss is projected to make around $1M this year at Nevada and Knuth has said he wants to keep him happy and is willing to restructure the contract to allow a higher base salary as soon as after this season. That could mean around $1.5M with base, incentives, and percentage of attendance as soon as next year. Sure, there'll be flashier jobs that can offer more money but I've never got the impression that's what drives Coach Muss.
  13. lol the misery of Vegas fans is permeated in this thread - I love it!
  14. crimsoncuda

    Sad news. This is coastie's son posting.

    My condolences to you and your family Troy. Your Dad was a class act and one of my favorite posters. He'll be missed for sure.