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  1. crimsoncuda


    So you're saying they pulled a "Boise"?
  2. crimsoncuda

    UNLV’s McCoy declares

    He got out before Vegas sunk into obscurity...again.
  3. crimsoncuda

    Musselman to Xavier?

    Desperation is a stinky cologne.
  4. crimsoncuda

    Utah State Fires Duryea

    I hope so. Fox’s style would fit perfectly with USU.
  5. crimsoncuda

    #1 Nevada vs #8 UNLV

    I think that might actually benefit us as we can't afford to have players in foul trouble.
  6. crimsoncuda

    #1 Nevada vs #8 UNLV

    Haha these refs are clowns
  7. crimsoncuda

    #1 Nevada vs #8 UNLV

    UNLV hasn't checked out for this game. Also, we're down to about 4 healthy players....that makes a huge difference.
  8. crimsoncuda

    #1 Nevada vs #8 UNLV

    I'm proud of you 2k. You've really matured since the "Haha this is great!" days.
  9. crimsoncuda

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    I'm sure this has been brought up somewhere in this thread but does the addition of Gonzaga and BYU (maybe?) re-open negotiations with our crappy TV deal?
  10. crimsoncuda

    OT:. Reno = great place!

    I grew up in Reno and was raised a Pack fan. Moved to California when I was 18 but always followed Nevada. I ended up going the juco route (6 different jucos throughout California/Florida to be exact) until I finally settled on SDSU. I already had a wife and kid and lived off campus by the time I went to SDSU so I didn’t really experience the whole “life defining” college experience like some here. I will say that I did and will always root for SDSU except when they play Nevada. But I consider both Reno and San Diego my home.
  11. crimsoncuda

    MWC Awards Announced

    I've seen plenty Nevada fans acknowledge that the COTY and POTY awards could've been a toss up and neither choice would be wrong. Surprising that only Donkey fans are crying about this...
  12. crimsoncuda

    Reggie Theus has been fired

    Oh I can't WAIT to see what Rebel Robert predicts THIS time....
  13. crimsoncuda

    MWC Awards Announced

    I think it's pretty obvious why Caleb won POY. C. Martin is top 5 in just about every category!
  14. crimsoncuda

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    860+ posts and 44 pages long. Surely someone has some info on whether Gonzaga is in or out?
  15. crimsoncuda

    A starting five of all walk-ons versus SJSU

    Only 2 or 3 7's in the bunch. SJSU is in worse shape than I thought.