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  1. Mano

    Name the best movie death or kill

  2. Going to the Holiday Bowl with wife and 2 kids ( 11 and 14 ). Will be there for 3 days. Any suggestions on stuff to do and places to eat? We have been once before, and went to Sea World, zoo and Mission Beach. I assume it will be too cold for beach, correct? Suggestions appreciated, Thanks.
  3. Mano

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    Then there was the time a BYU fan thought they would attack a Utah cheerleader that was holding a Utah flag:
  4. Mano

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    This was pretty amusing:
  5. Mano

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    You must not know that many BYU fans. Back in the 80's when they actually had some good teams they were completely insufferable.
  6. Mano

    Anti-Animal Language

    Sad that the nuts seem to be in charge, as there are many reasonable things that they can push for that sane people would get behind.
  7. Mano

    Christmas songs

    Not Christmas but...
  8. Mano

    Christmas songs

  9. Mano

    Matt Wells To Texas Tech?

    Wells is ok, but my guess is that USU gets Jay Hill out of Weber State, who IMHO is a better HBC, so the Aggies will be fine. Hoping they go this route rather than trying to get one of Utah's coaches.
  10. Mano

    BYU blows 27-7 lead

    Typical response when called out on your bullshit, oh I was trolling you. Yes, very easy to believe that you are spewing that hatedul crap.
  11. Mano

    BYU blows 27-7 lead

    Sorry, he wasn't good enough to come to Utah, but he is definitely one of BYU's best players. If he continues to develop, maybe Utah will take him off your hands in a a couple of years, and you can go back to a true blue guy like Mangum, I'm sure that will work out much better for you. You won't cheer for your own teams QB because he used to be a Utah fan growing up, yeah can't understand how I confused that for hate.
  12. Mano

    BYU blows 27-7 lead

    What a dumbass. So, you think KWhitt, one of the most competitive humans on the planet, takes it easy on BYU because he doesn't hate your coach? Don't think so. I have a sports hate for BYU. I think many of their fans ( like you ) are idiots. I do not hate high school kids that root for BYU, and I would not cut off my nose to spite my face. Utah has several kids from Utah county that likely cheered for BYU growing up, but they are integral parts of the team now. I don't know if you have ever played sports, but just because you are playing against folks you do not hate off the field does not mean you are less competitive on the field. If anything, most play even harder against friends and family. As for Rivals, that has lessened as Utah has passed BYU by. I feel sorry for you guys, you have my pity.
  13. Mano

    BYU blows 27-7 lead

    I am not trying to justify anything, so don't bother coming to my defense. So, you want to further restrict your recruiting pool by eliminating high school players who root for Utah? Good luck with that. I am sure fans like you make the kids want to come to BYU.
  14. They went indy in 2010, so here are 8 years before and since. BYU recruiting rankings 2002-2018 according to 247 sports : 2002 - 37 2003 - 61 2004 - 51 2005 - 61 2006 - 65 2007 - 43 2008 - 45 2009 - 55 2010 - 33 2011 - 69 2012 - 71 2013 - 66 2014 - 64 2015 - 65 2016 - 49 2017 - 66 2018 - 78
  15. Mano

    BYU blows 27-7 lead

    Speaking of BYU, has something happened to @Jack Bauer ? I haven't seen him around for quite some time, hope he is ok.