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  1. MWC town Colorado Springs. https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/09/us/colorado-springs-shooting/index.html WTF is wrong with people?
  2. I have friends with opposing views. I let them know I am fine not talking politics, and I actively try not to bring them up. But, I also let them know if they say things I disagree with or think are false, I am going to speak up. It has mostly sorted itself out from there.
  3. Well, Cochran died 16 years ago, but sure, go ahead and play the race card.
  4. If you are going to try and use numbers to prove a point, use accurate numbers. You are claiming .03% mortality for people who get the disease. This is wildly inaccurate, as this would mean 1 in 3300 people who get the virus die, whereas in reality more than 1 in 600 of the total population in the USA have died of Covid over the past year. You can debate whether or not you think that is acceptable, but you are using false data and throwing a hissy fit when it is pointed out.
  5. Downside of taking a loss worse than upside of a win. If a team like Clemson or Alabama think they will take at most one loss in conference and can still get to playoff, they won't risk OOC game that is a potential loss. If the only way they get in is by winning conference, not much of a downside to playing big OOC game.
  6. If it is just conference champs, losing an OOC game doesn't effect chances at getting in playoffs, and can help programs identify where they need to improve for conference season.
  7. Six might be ok if it was the P5 conference winners + best G5 conference winner ( could go straight up 6 highest rated conference winners or a playin for the last spot ). If it were just conference winners, schools might be more willing to play big OOC games.
  8. Pretty much any time humans try to fuq with an ecological system there are unintended consequences that are worse than the original problem.
  9. I have been trying to eat more healthy and very rarely eat burgers any more, but there are a couple of places nearby that have great grilled fish tacos that I get almost every week ( Lonestar and Real taquerias ).
  10. We have a few bars here that you go to for the burgers ( Lucky 13, Proper, Cotton Bottom among others ).
  11. This is what I am talking about. I can see arguing bang for the buck, sunce they are relatively cheap, but never had a better fast food burger? You need to get out more. There are several fast food places here in Utah that are better, and I have been to several in other states that were better as well.
  12. Like I said, they are fine, but local fast food places are much better, with competitively priced menu. I think a good version of McDonald's is pretty accurate, but a lot of people seem to rate it much higher.
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