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  1. https://apnews.com/article/michigan-consider-certifying-joe-biden-4ee6fbfd69f9a2a4daf9be449c6fe31d Michigan certifies for Biden.
  2. Seems like all the picks are very competent people for the positions they are being placed in. What a novel concept.
  3. I believe the playoffs are their only automatic selection, but NY6 bowls with an at large opening are free to invite them.
  4. Don't know the details, just seemed like it would be mutually beneficial game for both programs. I posted before I saw all the back and forth finger pointing, I thought it was going to happen. Good luck.
  5. Looks like BYU has an opportunity if they want it.
  6. Sorry you are hurting, sucks when there is nothing you can do nut wait to heal. At least not like Drew Brees who has ELEVEN broken ribs.
  7. So, social security and medicare are welfare now? Seems that I have had money taken out of my paychecks for these going on 40 years now, odd form of welfare.
  8. Pretty sure my selection of bourbon is quite adequate but not what most of my family drinks. https://www.mwcboard.com/?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=find&content_class=forums_Topic&content_id=86736&content_commentid=2753399
  9. Bourbon is my drink of choice, but I feel that if I went that route I would be the only one drinking it.
  10. I used the Appleton Estate rum and Courvoisier VSOP cognac.
  11. I have made a few times. Used a recipe from the internet for the nog. Used a mix of Rum and Brandy ( this article states that is the tastiest mix ) . Was told the longer in advance you make it, and the longer you let it sit the better. The stuff I made like 3 months in advance was pretty good ( eggnog with alcohol sitting in refrigerator ). Good luck.
  12. Seeing as Utah has yet to play a game, I kind of doubt they will be in a position to play an OOC game, but who knows?
  13. I would like to see BYU get a decent P5 on the schedule, then if they beat them should be pretty easy to send them to a NY6. The way games are being cancelled, I think they could swing it with their 3 open dates.
  14. Mano


    Wow, 5 pages on a junior congressman in one day. She must really have some people triggered.
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