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  1. I like the no call, but I have seen much less called targeting.
  2. Congrats to the Aggies, your team exceeded all expectations this yeas and continued to improve throughout the year. Great finish to a great season.
  3. I don't know if either makes sense for Big 12, but distance wouldn't be much of a factor in differentiating between the two, as the time difference in flights not significant, and adding another time zone is probably considered a plus.
  4. My guess is that if their fans were honest, of course they would prefer the Pac. Would make a hell of a lot more geographical sense for them, and would you rather go on road trips to Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix or Lubbock, Waco, Stillwater, Ames and Lawrence? Culturally, they are not a fit, but I am sure they would love the opportunity to proselytize to the heathens in the Pac.
  5. Congrats to the Aggies on a great season and greatly exceeding all expectations. Well done.
  6. His comments open the University up to litigation every time a female student does not get accepted to a major in favor of a male student. They materially harm the University.
  7. I agree that many of the anti vaxxers were the granola moms perpetuating the debunked link between vaccination and autism. However, they never got into the mainstream, and overwhelmingly the left leaders and media denounced the anti vaxxer movement, while far too many on the right have embraced it, while in a pandemic no less.
  8. The father of one of my son's friends died of covid on Wednesday. He was in his late 50's, very overweight and had other health issues in the past, yet refused to be vaccinated. It is tragic, he leaves behind 15 and 18 year old sons, their Mother had passed away several years ago. The crowd he runs with argued against vaccination due to the politics, but also were using the argument that getting the vaccination would be showing a lack of faith in God. I am deeply saddened for his kids.
  9. To answer initial question, I doubt it. Committee will find a reason to have a team jump them in the final poll.
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