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  1. Found a link where you can get Disney+ for like $4.72/m if you pay for 3 years up front: https://founders.disneyplus.com/sign-up?redemptionCode=PARKSPASS3YEARS
  2. Makes sense, given Gilligan's role in the X-files. I believe that is where he first teamed up with Cranston.
  3. Todd is dealt with in last episode of BB.
  4. Leaving the day after Trump criticizes him publicly on twitter.
  5. This is like asking "Do I have to have sex with my hot wife if I want children". Watch Breaking Bad, it is one of the best things ever to appear on television.
  6. Surprisingly, narcissists are bad at this.
  7. Won't matter, they will simply move on to next talking point. Just like his birther movement, which propelled his presidential campaign. Demand birth certificate. Produce birth certificate, they want long form. Produce long form. How do we know this is valid? They just need to proceed with lawful investigation, and take it where it leads. Why does anyone who is charged cooperate in their trial? Because they are compelled to by law.
  8. Just thinking that if it saves the country of having to go through impeachment trial, and the inevitable scorched earth Trump would leave behind, similar to why historians look back favorably at Ford's pardon of Nixon. However, pretty sure it never happens, as Senate likely never convicts regardless of evidence and Trump would burn country to the ground before admitting wrongdoing.
  9. No one has brought forth any credible evidence of any wrongdoing, just innuendo. Why is Trump specifically pushing this narrative against his political adversary with no credible proof, why is he the one trying to get a foreign government in on the investigation without involving FBI, why were these conversations deemed to warrant the special encrypted server?
  10. I don't know, but they may deem it to be worth preventing any further damage to the country.
  11. If I were asked greatest song of rock and roll era, it would vary with my mood, but would often be this:
  12. I don't think Trump would ever agree to this, unless it included an NDA over the agreement with him admitting no guilt over anything, and saying he was resigning by choice and not because he did anything wrong ( still unlikely ).