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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/08/11/us/garland-trump-statement-doj
  2. Yeah, don't arm government employees, except maybe public school teachers ( you never know when a bear might break into a class ).
  3. Mano


    Wordle 413 4/6
  4. I was thinking about this, and not many names were jumping out at me. Can't be tainted by Trump or too far left for the GOP to work with. The one that came to my mind was maybe Condoleezza Rice? Seems like a sane Republican, intelligent and competent and the left would have a hard time hating a black woman President. Any other ideas?
  5. Mano


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  6. Glad they found him guilty, but $4M is a slap on the wrist. He was pulling in $800k a day at the height of this. I hope this is is the first of many rulings against him that will eventually leave him penniless. Taking a weeks worth of earnings is not going to teach him a lesson.
  7. Mano


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  8. Loved listening to Vin call a game. Grew up listening to him and Joe Garagiola call the game of the week on Saturday afternoons. He will be missed. RIP
  9. Those who keep clamoring for the church guiding the government reminds me of a Kurt Vonnegut speech from his book Palm Sunday. Always struck a chord with me, I think those who read it will appreciate it. https://www.penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/184340/palm-sunday-by-kurt-vonnegut/9780385334266/excerpt
  10. The bill passed because of Jon Stewart's public shaming of those who voted against it ( no additional amendments were added ). The man is a national treasure.
  11. CNN started out pretty much down the center back in the Desert Storm days. Response to Fox and in general and Trump in particular has pushed them into a lot more opinion based programming, which are generally left. Still less biased than Fox, and way less than the batshit crazy stuff like OAN, but unfortunate. I subscribe to the NYT and sometimes read WaPo, and they are pretty good for news. Subscribe to the local paper ( sltrib ) but they have been getting squeezed out.
  12. I think before Trump the bumper stickers, tshirts and other swag was more evenly distributed, maybe even more common for the left. Since Trump the memorabilia market for the MAGA crowd seems has turned into a huge industry, and they far outnumber things I see for liberal causes.
  13. For some, anyplace where the majority doesn't follow the same politics they ascribe to are shitholes. Teams n shit overrides what they can see with their own eyes.
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