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  1. Pretty sure at least Magic and Kareem were there before West.
  2. Can you remove this mug? I have no interest in looking at individual responses, but I think the overall result would be interesting. Edit: just looked, it doesn't appear that I can see who responded how, unless different than how you normally do it in public polls.
  3. There was some discussion on another thread as to the demographics on this board, so I thought a poll would be in order. I have chosen not to make names public so more people can participate and keep facts about themselves semi-private ( I would imagine Mug could look if he chose to ).
  4. Perhaps, if you believe these results, which I kind of don't. People have already stated that they either don't answer pollsters, or don't honestly answer. I would think that would be amplified in a poll like this board has, where it is possible for someone ( you ) to see who they voted for. As for the third party choice, I think there are a bunch of posters from states where they know that it is a foregone conclusion which side wins their state, so if they want to make a protest vote because they don't like their parties candidate, no biggie. Most MWC states are not in play. I would imagine those in hotly contested states would be less apt to throw away their vote.
  5. I think Magic, Kareem and James Worthy may have had something to do with it.
  6. I bought my Chevy Equinox in 2008, have put close to 150k miles on it with no issues.
  7. Mano

    Trumps tweets

    This is a tweet from the official White House site, and retweeted on Trumps feed.
  8. Nah, he is a west coast kid. Could see him going to the Clippers though.
  9. First of all, not all the "Dems" on this board are on differing sides of the two arguments. Also, you don't seem to acknowledge that there are "Reps" on this board are doing the same thing.
  10. My fault, I know following a conversation and what is said is more than I should expect from you.
  11. The board idiot chimes in. You think there is nothing inaccurate about referring to men and women are different species? You will have to share with us what they teach you in biology at BYU.