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  1. Anybody Ever Go Hog Hunting?

    Just look up hogging on google.
  2. President Shithole

    We are talking about changing policy on legal immigration. Also, the immigrant groups I named before were scapegoated in the past, just as you seem to be scapegoating them for issues in Vegas. I suppose they caused the sub prime loan crisis?
  3. New California?

    California is much more populous than Utah, no shit. It doesn't change the fact that people who are radically different culturally live here, and it is generally split between the Urban areas and rural/small town areas. Your 90% white/mormon stat pretty much proves my point, as that is not SLC. For the most part the rest of the state (outside a couple of other Urban centers) is Ultra conservative, white, Mormon and the State Legislature is dominated by the GOP. Yet, in SLC, they have had all Democrat mayors since 1976, it is much more diverse, much lower % LDS, the current mayor is a woman (who happens to be a lesbian), etc. Salt Lake is by far the densest population block in the state, and gets sliced up into different voting districts to maintain the GOP control over all the congressional districts. Overall in the US, the GOP representation greatly outweighs their vote % ( California is overrepresented by the Dems ). I am not discounting that there major cultural differences in California, and your viewpoint is likely under represented, but you seem to think it only effects or matters to those in your situation or locale. Try taking a step back, and realize that this shit happens on both sides.
  4. New California?

    But you have a grasp of the politics where I live? Must be tough being this tone deaf.
  5. New California?

    I can tell the difference between the Salt Lake City metro area ( quite liberal ) and rural Utah. Sorry you can't imagine that those on the other side could have similar issues with what you are facing. I am sure your plan to split California into 2 or more states, with the one you inhabit being to your liking will be successful, what could go wrong?
  6. New California?

    Because it doesn't effect you?
  7. New California?

    This will happen right after Alaska secedes from the US.
  8. President Shithole

    My dad told me of people spewing this type of bullshit back in the 40's when they came over. Same claims with the Scottish, Germans, the Irish, the Italians, Eastern Europeans,Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese and pretty much every ethnic group that has immigrated en mass to the US in the past, that they are coming to take the "real American's" jobs, and will do nothing but leach off the system. Yet, somehow, the country always seems to get stronger, the immigrants succeed and meld in. Unemployment is at historic lows, this is not the time that we need to ditch our ideals and stop doing what has made our country the shining beacon around the world.
  9. President Shithole

    Just seems that used to reflect this countries ideals, and worked out pretty well. A lot o people now seem to favor the "we got ours, everyone else can go +++++ themselves" motto.
  10. Trump face palm #putbignumberhere....

  11. Arpaio to help Drain the Swamp

    It is all about turnout. A lot of people who found Trump unpalatable did not care for Hillary either, and simply did not bother to come out and vote. Barring a train wreck of an opponent, I would think that Arpaio running would lead to a strong Latino turnout.
  12. Oprah 2020

    Any chance Trump gets primaried in 2020? Kaisich seemed like the sanest choice of all of them last go around.