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  1. Mano

    Restaurants in SLC

    The Red Iguana for Mexican food would be my number 1 recommendation. If you want any specific types of foods or price ranges, I can point you to my favorites.
  2. Mano

    Stunner's wet dream

    I have no idea why Utah is traveling to Wyoming, maybe Kyle or Dr. Hill are tight with someone in their organization. I wouldn't mind cycling through USU and BYU every other year, but honestly, the USU game has never really had huge interest through my lifetime, no one really dislikes them, if Ute fans pay attention to the Aggies, they generally are rooting for them.
  3. The right loves free stuff.
  4. Not really, if it was well spent they would not have had to defend the deal in court. I doubt Cohen has any sway over US district judge.
  5. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-06-12/at-t-cleared-by-judge-to-buy-time-warner-create-media-giant
  6. That may be why the subsidies were initially created, but it is not the reason that the vast majority of them remain.
  7. Mano

    Trump vs Kim game thread

    So, I am unclear, what exactly is the US getting in return for ceasing military exercises?
  8. My understanding was the MWC channel contract would have precluded BYU from keeping tier 3 rights. I don't know if they could have reworked or not, but losing BYU was certainly a blow. Doing an unequal deal with Boise, while not doing it for BYU, who would have been more valuable, was a mistake.
  9. The founding members had come out of a 16 team debacle, no way they would have gone for another. If it wasn't for P5 conferences poaching Utah and TCU, MWC would likely have stood pat and been fine.
  10. This one really bummed me out. In a divisive time like this, Bourdain traveled around the world and showed how much in common we have with one another, and how if we break bread and share a drink together, people can generally get along. He will be missed, RIP.
  11. I am sure that is how NK thinks.
  12. Nah, SEC is top heavy, Pac more balanced. Pac would fare better with lower as opposed to top teams in each league.
  13. Mano


    "We should beware of the demagogues who are willing to declare a trade war against our friends, weakening our economy, our national security, and the entire free world, all while cynically waving the American flag,” Ronald Reagan You really should study this. I don't agree with a whole lot from Reagan, but this seems pretty self evident. Do you understand that insisting that the US gets every benefit for every industry in every agreement or we declare a trade war is what is meant by cynically waving the American flag?
  14. Of course it will be, but it would still be a fun game at a great destination that you could actually get fan bases excited to travel to. I don't think you will get fans of P5 schools to be excited about traveling to Boise in December in the same way.