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  1. So, once the Pac 12 falls apart, which schools would you offer a MWC membership to?
  2. So, how's everything going in here?
  3. Mano


    It is a shame that the conversation has turned from police brutality and systemic racism to statues. Monuments to the confederacy should not be on public lands, but the other issues are much more important and pressing.
  4. I have stayed at the Luxor, it sucks. It needs to either be gutted or torn down given the value of the real estate it is sitting on.
  5. Jo would get traction by being a conservative option that is not Trump, as I believe there are still many in the GOP who privately do not approve of what is going on. It is a moot point, she would not win regardless of the path taken, just may have made a little more noise, and gotten the message out there more. My preference would have been for her to make a primary challenge, and once that was over run as an independent ( GOP voters would have been more likely to vote for her in that case ), but either way, she would be unlikely to be polling high enough to be invited to debates.
  6. He didn't win, but neither will Jo. I would have preferred if he had never ran as Democrat, but would wager any amount that many more people are aware of who he is and his agenda than will ever be aware of Jo's.
  7. A similar statement certainly could have been made for Bernie and the Democrats. The only reason for either to run in a party they do not choose to identify with is that it is a more viable path to victory.
  8. Sure, but think of the awesome memorials we would build for them to teach history.
  9. Ok, I added another choice for those like you.
  10. I have been hearing speculation that a vaccine may not be that effective in this country because many would refuse to take it, so I thought a poll here might be interesting. Keeping votes anonymous to try and promote honest answers.
  11. You don't think it would get much worse if it were announced that Chauvin is getting off?
  12. True, but Chauvin being found innocent or getting off would throw gasoline on the fire, would likely spark massive riots.
  13. Reading comprehension fail on your part. The number .0004% kept being thrown around, which was obviously wrong, as .04% of the entire US population has died. I merely explained how the numbers work to someone throwing that figure around. And for the dividing by 2, I explained that IF the actual number of people infected were twice the number that tested positive, that would be how to calculate the number. If you have some sort of data that indicates the actual number of people infected is higher or lower, feel free to contribute. And don't worry, I do not get offended by someone like you calling me names.
  14. It's just math, I showed my work. If you have relevant data supporting your assertion please share .
  15. Umm, who was it that allowed him to serve again in government? And does the POTUS understand why they are saying Bolton failed in his duty?