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  1. Just repeating what I have been hearing on radio and reading in papers. Radio personality said this morning he had knowledge of this weeks ago, and was saddened by it. https://www.sltrib.com/sports/2019/03/26/monson-dave-rose-is-gone/ https://www.sltrib.com/sports/byu-cougars/2019/03/26/is-byu-basketball-coach/
  2. They are presenting it as being his decision, but the talk seems to be that he was forced to step down.
  3. Got free tickets to an early screening of Shazam! , considering whether or not to go.
  4. Apparently my state has cracked down on cigar deliveries from places like Thompson, so will have to pay more for inferior product in the future. Utah state government really sucks.
  5. Sure, but you don't have a great poker tournament unless you win money. You don't have a great college basketball season unless you win in the NCAA tournament.
  6. Greatness in college basketball only measured by NCAA tournament success. Every sweet 16 MWC team > every round of 32 loser > every round of 64 loser > every play in game loser.
  7. You can like or dislike his politics, but criticism for being a POW is pretty disgusting.
  8. Point me to any thread where I have a meltdown, or quote something I have said that is a meltdown. I will wait.
  9. Again, who is emotionally crippled? Perhaps the guy who can't directly address discussions at hand, but instead feels the need to name call? Trump is the POTUS, what he says matters.
  10. Who exactly is having a meltdown? Are we not supposed to discuss what the POTUS says? Try contributing to the discussion instead of your usual "You have TDS" narrative and memes for any criticism of the POTUS.
  11. We were discussing a particular tweet that Trump made, and you keep trying to change the subject to the media or Congress. That is deflecting. Feel free to start a thread about any particular bad thing the media or Congress did ( they both do plenty of bad shit ), and we can discuss that there. Do you disagree that these Trumps tweets are divisive?
  12. The media did not send out these tweets. Is there anything the POTUS can do that you will not give a pass for or deflect?
  13. The problem with other states doing this is they basically become irrelevant in the election. The "swing" states that are so important and control so much right now would usually go around 50-50, so the candidates would not need to pander to those states special interests the way they do now. In short, I don't think this is going to happen.