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  1. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/16/politics/joe-lieberman-israel-omar-tlaib-cnntv/index.html
  2. Mano


    Sanders, Warren and Harris are all within the poll's margin of error of each other. I am hoping whoever comes out defeats Trump, but I just don't think a self proclaimed Democratic Socialist is going to play well in the general election, he will be labeled as a communist, and far too many of the voting public will not care to understand the difference.
  3. Special ordered a case ( 3 bottles ) of the Michter's 10 year old bourbon. Although a little spendy, it was +++++ing delicious. 0
  4. Mano


    Loved the cars, especially first 2 albumns. Saw them live in the early 80's and was pretty disappointed, they just came out, and played their set with no audience interaction. Great studio band though.
  5. If you like biking, I believe they have some tours on Maui that will drive you to the top of Maui in a van with bikes ( > 10k ft. ) and then you can coast down on bike. Whether you do the bike or not the drive to the top of Maui is worth it. On Oauhu, make sure and see north shore and get some shaved ice.
  6. Most all the adults are gone. Trump will eventually be left unchecked with nothing but yes men and lackeys.
  7. Seems they were much more popular in my area, they played them a lot on the modern music stations when I was younger. I really liked them back in the day, a lot of their popular songs were more mellow ( Wendy, Joey and the cover of Cohen's Everybody Knows).
  8. Most people are really stupid.
  9. I recall people saying this about DirecTV and Pac12 network.
  10. Copied this link from Pac 12 board. The poster helped run campaigns against David Duke in Louisiana for Senate and Governor, and what he learned and believes campaign strategy should be. While Trumps racist remarks and history have not been as overt as Dukes, I agree that this election will swing on turnout and bringing out voters that did not participate in 2016 much moreso than trying to flip Trump voters. Click to view entire Twitter thread, I found it interesting.
  11. I haven't seen any of them, my kids haven't wanted to go and neither have I. Give us some new content instead of rehashes.
  12. I used to listen to this album a lot when I was in college. Still seems relevant.
  13. Do you have to now state reasons for not eating at Chick Filet, and if it is because you think the owner is an asshole due to stance against lgbtq you face prosecution?
  14. States and areas do not vote, people do. You seem to want people similar to you to have their votes given more weight than others.
  15. Need to ask if the country is better off than it was. My answer is a resounding hell no.