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  1. Mano

    hawaii @ byu

    Saw this posted elsewhere, in poll around half think BYU beats USU with Wilson. Not going to wade through that cesspool for quotes, but I am sure they are there. https://www.cougarboard.com/board/message.html?id=20587485
  2. Sad that this is what you got out of his commentary.
  3. Mano

    Mangum benched

    Sure, but QB and HC are always going to be the scapegoats. Fans in this state are passionate, but very fickle, and are quick to throw guys under the bus.
  4. Mano

    Mangum benched

    How is Sitake any different than the Bronco hire? People may not personally like Bronco, but by any objective measure, he was successful in his run there. I never really understood why your fanbase never embraced him ( even though he was super easy to hate and mock from opposing fan bases ) given the success he had. I think fans just suffer from unrealistic expectations ( Utah's fanbase also suffers from this, as evidenced by folks calling for KWhitt's head ). I doubt they ever offered him, and if so I am sure the $ was not what he is getting at Navy. Lavell was always willing to accept less than market value, and while he was there young assistants were also willing to be there for less money because of the opportunity to learn an innovative system. BYU needs to start paying market value if they expect to get top flight coaches. If you are unwilling to run the option, there is no reason to even talk to him. I am sure it did not excite your fanbase, because they long for the glory years and thought that Ty would deliver that ( many I talked to thought Sitake would just be Detmer's mentor, and Ty would take over after a few successful years ). I think BYU has some limitations in recruiting that are somewhat similar to the service academies, and the option would be a way of minimizing that as it does for them, but I don't think your fans would go for it.
  5. Mano

    Mangum benched

    This is blatantly false. You may not be blaming Mangum, but there are a large number of vocal fans that certainly are.
  6. Mano

    Man in the High Castle

    To me, I find the character fascinating, but can't see him as likeable in any way. With every decision he has made since being on the losing side of the war, he has become more and more of a monster. Reminds me of th he chatacter arc for Walter White in Breaking Bad.
  7. Mano

    Man in the High Castle

    I liked it, hoping cliffhanger ending means we get another season.
  8. Mano

    hawaii @ byu

    An HD truck?
  9. Do most of your fans think that the BOT are actively plotting against the athletic program because they attended Utah? This seems bizarre.
  10. I think he would have gone to BYU if they were willing to match the money, but they always seem to expect a discount from members.
  11. Pretty sure they never officially offered him. The rumor was that they were unwilling to pay him what he wanted ( that is another issue with BYU getting coaches, they are cheap ) and were not excited about running the option.
  12. Mano

    USU vs BYU Friday Night Game

    Hey guys. How's everything going in here?
  13. Issue is that the HC has to be an LDS member in good standing, and that severely limits the pool. If they were willing to shell out the money and run the option, they could get Ken Neuimatalolo, but can't really think of any other name guys.
  14. Mano

    The week delay actually helped Kav

    Which arguments would that refer to? I commented exactly once before in any of the Kavanaugh confirmation threads, feel free to look up my "arguments" and criticize them.