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  1. Probably gone because they were targeted by the space lasers.
  2. Yeah, when I saw that this morning immediately reminded me of the golden calf in the Ten Commandments movie
  3. Yeah, Trump is famous for letting grievances go.
  4. IANAL, but you may want to look up the WARN laws, both federal and for the state in which you work. Quickly glancing over them, it appears that 60 day notice is required federally for mass layoff, not the 90 I stated above.
  5. Did they give 90 day notice before shutting down? I worked.for a software studio of a little more than 200 people that was shut down by parent company, and they were required to either give 90 days notice or 90 days severance. This was in 2005, so I suppose the laws could have changed since then.
  6. Pretty sure they are required by law to give 90 days severance for a layoff of that size.
  7. This is precisely why people are so comfortable dancing on Rush's grave. He seemed to take great pleasure in doing it to others. I personally still find it distasteful, but I certainly understand why many are doing so, and find it very disingenuous when Rush's supporters wag their fingers at those who do, when they had no problem with Rush's actions.
  8. You mean, like if someone said things like this, others may not speak well of them when they die? Quote: “Just another dead doper. And a dirt bag.” — On the occasion of Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia’s death. Quote: “Kurt Cobain died of a drug-induced suicide, I just — he was a worthless shred of human debris.”
  9. I develop software, and I don't think much of my actual job is "bullshit", but I do have blocks of time where I am just waiting, either pulling code and content from the server or waiting for build to compile.
  10. Loved how Rick Wilson got eviscerated here:
  11. Everyone in the USA who wants a vaccination will likely have gotten one by the end of summer. Hopefully the pandemic largely dies out by then. The problem is that unless the rest of the world is also vaccinated, this thing will continue to mutate and we will eventually get hit by another strain that is resistant to the vaccine. I also don't know how long the vaccination immunity lasts, so until we get a herd immunity worldwide either through vaccination or having the disease, we could keep having reinfections.
  12. Yes, and what it gauges is not necessarily intelligence.
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