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  1. Because he won't answer legitimate questions?
  2. Did you try opening in an incognito window?
  3. Mano

    Lean on me.

    We lost another great. RIP
  4. Here are a few I have been using
  5. Loved the Curley Neal/Meadowlark Lemon Globetrotters. They were the show when I was growing up, and in my opinion have not been matched. RIP.
  6. The Kansas City Chiefs, however, are only in Missouri.
  7. I am hoping the steepness of the curve right now in the US is because we are finally ramping up testing. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will start to see the benefits of social distancing reflected in the curve.
  8. Sounds like Trump is going to be lifting many restrictions within a few weeks regardless of what his medical experts say.
  9. I noticed that too. Not surprised, I hope he is not fired for speaking the truth.